Ishra OS - Jo lafzo mein nahi ho bayaan(ishra anniversary)on 14/2

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Hello friends back with new OS on ishra anniversary.  Though I was not about to write anything on it but my lovely buddy " Sri" aka " srini18" asked for it so I m here with something, hope you all like it .

Jo lafzo mein nahi ho bayaan

R- Tujhe ye to maan na padega ki duniya ka sabse romantic husband hoon main ,mujhe yaad hai kal hamari anniversary hai aur Maine planning bhi ki hai .

I- sachchi Raman aapko yaad hai 

R- ofcourse yaad hai ,apni phaasi ka din koi bhoolta hai kya .

Raman spoke with a smirk while ishita glared him and spoke " aap badloge nahi na kabhi , hamesha taunt "

R- haan to thats my forte , if I will change then you yourself will tell ,Raman you are not same but changed .

He spoke with a wink while ishita blushed listening to this . She came closer to him and asked " what had you planned ".

R- it's a surprise .

I- phir bhi bolo na it's for me na.

R- yeah ,actually it's a date .

I- date pe kal , if family has planned something .

R- no ways , tomorrow I want you with me that too alone .

I- but Raman ,what if they had planned something .

R- why will they if we had already told them that we are busy , main ek kaam karta hoon ,I will tell that I have an important meeting outside Delhi, so they will not bother anymore .

I- yeah and I had already told them about conference, so it will be a food plan .

Like this ishra started talking about their next day date while in the other hand ,all the family member mostly aaliya and ruhi were surprised seeing ishra attitude. 

A- what had happened to papa ,he is suppose to he the most romantic person .

Ru- yeah even ishima is also not excited , can you believe theh even didn't remember their anniversary.

A- sachchi ,I think it's all because of us , they are somuch stressed about us that they are not getting any time to think about themselves.

Ru- I think you are right .we should do something for them .

That's when mihika came from behind and asked " arey what you two are talking ".

Aaliya and ruhi told everything to mihika and soon all the family was sitting together, planning something nice so that ishra can enjoy their special day .

Me bhalla - we should plan a lovely party for them.

T- nahi bhallaji koi parth sharty nahi, har party mein koi na koi syaapa ho jaata hai .

S- yeah mumma is right .

M- then .

Ru- we should give them a day off .

A- that we will do but what would he special .

M- we should go for a family dinner .

A- that's a lovely plan but I want something different for amma and papa ,so that they can relax a bit .

Ru- papa ki sabse badi relaxation to ishimaa hi hai .

M- so why don't we all go for a family picnic, there akka and jeeju will get lot of time to spend with eachother .

A- what if we send them alone .

T- ishita puttar ko ye bilkul pasand nahi aayega, because I know how much they deny but they can't enjoy anywhere without us .

Mr bhalla- ye to aapne sahi kaha toshiji .

Ro- then it's done we should plan a lovely family outing for us .

T- haan tum log sab plan kar lo lekin dhyaan se ,Rohan Karan there shouldn't be any mistake.

Ru- you don't worry dadi we will be there to keep a check on them .

R- ye changa rahega puttar .

Saying so all started preparing for next day picnic . They book a big Volvo bus to a accomodate everybody as iyers too were going with them.Ruhi and aaliya did all the bookings. It was mid night ishra were still wake and talking as they know that everybody will barge on their door when the clock hands will click 12.00 in midnight but to their surprise non came ,they even checked outside their room but it was all silent, ishra then came back to their room ,wished eachother then cut the little cake which Raman has brought to celebrate in midnight and slept .

Next morning ishita got up listening to the chaos going downstairs , she went to check and got surprised seeing the hustle bustle in house.She went to toshiji and asked " mummyji what's what's going on , why everyone is getting ready in morning itself ."

Toshiji saw ishita and said " achcha his puttar tu uth gayi ,now wake Raman too and both get ready asap ".

I- but why mummyji.

T- because we are going for a family trip to Manesar to celebrate your anniversary , all the bookings has been done, tum log jaldi se jaldi tayaar ho jaao ,bus abbi aane waale hogi.

I- but mummyji ,I have a conference, Raman too has many meetings .

T- puttar this all can happen everyday but anniversary come once in a year ,so you can take time for it ,for one day .

I- you are right mummyji ,but Raman won't agree with it , you know him well .

Ishita spoke knowing that she can't deny her mother in law but Raman can make her understand,  toshiji nodded listening to this and spoke " ok I will talk to him ".

Saying so toshiji went to their room with ishita ,Raman gas just woke and was about to come down after freshening .Toshiji saw him and told everything to him ,he tried to deny her but she was not budging and adding to others member too came and started convincing ishra ,finally they had to agree . Ruhi gifted a lovely designer red saree to ishita and a lovely black pathan suit to Raman ,and insisted them to wear them . Even she took ishita to her room to make her ready while Raman too went to get ready .

Soon ishra were ready ,they were looking lovely and were complementing eachother , they finally came down , took blessings from their parents . They blessed them happily and then all went to bus to go to there destination where they were going to night stay.Though ishra were sitting side by side but were not that happy as their plan has ruined . Soon they all reached to the resort , ishita was happy with the family but at the same time she was upset too . She actually wanted to spend some lone time with Raman but alas it never happened.  She thought ,actually not thought but she knew that Raman would he super pissed and will be hell disappointed with this . Thinking so she looked at Raman but got too surprised seeing Raman happily talking with their fathers . She thought that he must be upset from inside but shielding from outside, so that their father don't know what was ishra plan or they don't get disappointed to know that they has again disturbed the couple by invading their privacy .

The whole day passed happily with the family between foods ,plays ,swimming and jokes . Though whole family enjoyed too along with ishra but their was a disappointment on ishita's heart that Raman's special surprised is ruined and they cannot spent their anniversary alone .it was night ,Raman was in their room while ishita was with the girls ,ruhi, pihu and aaliya as pihu wanted to spend sometimes with ishita . It was about 11.00 PM in night when ruhi and aaliya made pihu understand that they are sleepy . Ishira bid bye to the girls and walked towards her room , she knows that Raman must be pissed off and she has to work a lot to woo him down ,though she knew that the gift she has brought for him will calm him but still she was not that happy which she would had been when they were on date alone . Lost in her thoughts ishita reached to their room and tried to enter but found that the door was closed ,knowing so she knocked the door and it opened .

She entered the room and found it beautifully decorated with flowers and scented candles . The room has dim light and filled with a sweet aroma , her eyes widened in surprise and she grinned happily from ear to ear . She walked in room and saw happy anniversary was written in the floor with rose petals . She looked at Raman who has just completed lighting the candles and was admiring her being amused .That's when she heard the sound was sahnaai(music instrument used in marraige).
She turned her face towards the plasma TV which was in their room and saw herself walking towards the mandap as bride . She was super surprised to see that it was their marraige video playing.

She turned towards Raman and looked at him with happy tears while he walked to her and husked in her ear " happy anniversary ishita ".

I- Raman ye sab ...

R- my surprise was this only .

I- matlab ..

He kissed her temple and spoke stopping the video there itself, " matlab ye ki I knew it very well that our family members will surely do something like this and also know that we can't deny them . So I planned our date in our room itself ,no matter where as this is the time we will be always together and non cant disturb us at this time . So maam this is your special anniversary date with your only husband Raman bhalla . We two are going to enjoy our night by watching our marraige video and reminiscing our love story in eachother arms along with lots and lots of romance . ".

Ishita couldn't form words was just smiling when he ask " how is it ".

I- perfect se bhi perfect,  only me and you,and non can disturb us anymore .

R- yeah ,but before that I got a gift for you .

I- even I too got a gift for you .

R- pahle tu de .

I- nahi pahle aap .

R- no I want to see your gift first ,last time Christmas pe tune bahut bakwaas gift diya tha. Is baar agar aisa gift diya hai na to main tujhe nahi chodoonga.( I will not leave you )

I- you know what ,mujhe chutna hi nahi hai .
( I don't even want to be left ).

R- show me .

I- ok ,its more than one ,so keep patience.

R- ok .

Saying so she opened her bag and passed him three boxes, nicely wrapped .He started opening it , tearing the wrappers while ishita looked at him with weird expression,  he saw her and asked" what ".

I- Raman aaram se , you are tearing it like small kid .

R- haan to what's the need to wrap it in paper , you can give only box to the person .

I- kuch bhi .

Raman opened first box and found a trophy that was best husband trophy , he smiled seeing it and said " I m not that , when did I became best husband ".

Ishita sidehugged him and said " you are indeed best husband , I know you are not perfect ,neither I m but together we are best, ishita ka Raman ,Raman ki ishita ,haina best Jodi. "

Raman smiled listening to this while she wrapped her arms around him and said " I have done a lot and lot of mistake but you never stopped loving me ,rather everytime your love increased , so you are not only best but bested husband for me ,not for anyone else ".

Raman giggled and spoke " jallu kahin ki ".

I- hoon main jallu to ..

R- let's see the other one ,this big one I will open at last .

I- as you wish .

He opened it and found a beautiful gold bracelet in which his name was written with small diamond , he saw it and recalled the day when she gave him the gold bracelet last time . His eyes got moist recalling that incident and said " no ishita I m not best husband ,you remember I behave like a devil that day . "

I- I remember that very nicely and also I feel sorry for that . I was spending my time with mani without noticing that I was hurting you . Not you but I was behaving like a idiot person , anyone would had been in your place would had been jealous of person with whom your partner is spending more time than you. So forget that ,waise bhi you that bracelet had become old so this new one which has lovely memory to cherish .

R- actually ,now you tie it .

I- jo hukm mere aaka .

Saying so ishita happily tied the bracelet around his wrist then Raman opened the last one or was a bunch of two three dairies, he looked at him with questioning look . She looked deep into his eyes and spoke " you know Raman ,I m very lovable person ,I love to give happiness to people,I love a lot of people in my life  , my parents ,your parents ,our siblings  , our friends ,our kids and many more but in all these I love you most ,sabse jyada ,apne se bhi jyada and we had hurt eachother many times in life,  sometimes it was me ,while sometimes it's you, so basically this is our life ,or say my POV at these point of our life . If you will go through it you will go through my each and every feeling at those times,I know I m not vocal like you in expressing my love and feelings for you but you will come to know about my love towards you after reading this ,you can it's me in these dairies . Hope you will go through it ."

R- why not ,I will he happy to know you better.  Though I will not undo it but will come to know at what points of time I had hurt you and will try to love you more and more .

He pulled her in tight hug then ishita asked " where is my gift . Raman pulled himself from her and spoke " tune to bahut saare gift de diye I didn't had brought that much ".

I- you had already given me much , you have only given this beautiful date to me .

Raman smiled and passed a box to her ,she made faces and spoke " another necklace Raman ,you know I have many , you have to give me varieties, hamesha ek necklace le kar aa jaate ho ."

Raman made a dirty face and spoke " ho gaya tera ,now open it '.

Ishira opened it making faces and got confused seeing the gold jewellery with diamond brooch . She looked at it and asked " what's this ".

Raman took it in his hand and spoke ' hamesha duffer hi rahegi, this is waistband ,one of the most sensual jewelry , come I will tie it for you."

Ishita blushed and spoke " seriously Raman , you brought a waistband for me at this age , we are growing older Raman, our daughters are married ,we even had a grandchild also".

R- so ,has supreme court has passed some ruling that elder people cannot do romance ,if it's so I hadn't read it .

Ishira laughed listening to this while Raman started tying the band around her waist ,she felt his breath around her stomach and moaned closing her eyes ,he smiled fully and smirked seekng his effect on her . He tied it nicely and spoke in her ears ," see I still have that effect on you ".

Ishita opened her eyes and spoke elbowing him
" besharam "( shameless).

R- I know that ,tell something new . See it how beautiful it is looking around you.

Ishita looked down and blushed , while Raman pecked her temple and spoke " I love you a lot madrasan, thankyou somuch in coming to my life ".

Ishita higged him tightly and spoke " I love you too Raman ,you made my life colourful. "

After a while he parted then spoke " now much of gifts session ,now its time to enjoy our date."

I- yeah .

Atfirst a bit of celebration with cheers drink ,saying so he opened the champagne bottle and poured the fruit drink in two glasses ,both had it ,looking into eachother eyes . Then Raman played song and both danced happily .

Dil se sun piya yeh dil ki daastan
Jo lafzon mein nahi ho bayan x (2)

Ab jaisa bhi rasta
Tootega na vasta
Na rahega fasla darmiyan

Naino ne baandhi kaisi dor re
Naino ne baandhi kaisi dor re
Ho munnsif hi mera, mera chor re

Dil pe chale na koyi zor re
Haan dil pe chale na koyi zor re
Ho khicha chala jaaye teri ore re

Ho aaja tera daras dikha de maahi
Mujhe mera aks dikha de maahi
Tujhse judi hain sab kahaaniyan x (2)

Chaahe 100 gardishein ho
Par koyi bair nahi
Hum duniya se ladd lenge
Par tere baghair nahi

Dil se sun piya yeh dil ki daastan
Jo lafzon mein nahi ho bayan

Humsafar humraaz tu
Jism main aur saans tu
Rehna mere paas tu yoon sada

Naino ne baandhi kaisi dor re
Haan naino ne baandhi kaisi dor re
Ho munnsif hi mera, mera chor re

Dil pe chale na koyi zor re
Haan dil pe chale na koyi zor re
Ho khincha Chala aaye teri ore re.

They danced beautifully hanging in eachother then climbed the bed and settled ,cocooning into eachother while Raman played their first marraige video . They saw themselves on screen and then themselves and spoke holding there hands tightly " we had come a long way from there to here ".

R- true .

Saying so they again got engrossed in watching their marraige video along with their talking sessions and recalling their past .

That's all for this ,I cam only manage to write this is such small span ,hope you all like it .

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awesome os
loved it
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thanks for the pm
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Nice  os
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Awesome os Di
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Originally posted by -Kavya_P-

Awesome os Di

Thanks for pm Di
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Originally posted by -Kavya_P-

Thanks for pm Di

Sorry for the late reply Di

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