Reason why naira will forgive kartik

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Posted: 2019-02-11T09:15:07Z
Shel deal with thinking of losing him from the accident for two seconds then itl all make sense to her and how he has been living with his fear
I was in awe at naira when she gave keerti the baby
like her logic and reasoning proved to me again she is such a kind good soul 

i just fell in love with her all over again... 

I loved how it was dragged out and she ddn just hand over the baby immediately but was i the only one wondering if the baby starved the night?

how did naira feed him??

Lol i love how they ddn show us kartik feeling sorry for himself for the first half i was like the poor thing cnt face anyone due to his guilt then they showed him do what he does always...feel sorry for himself LOL by rem how naira kept nearly dying hence this is why he did what he did

Then coming back to everyone being stone cold and all forgetting the blood cloth stuff i was kind of annoyed about that how did they all forget how sick naira is??

and her constant fainting and did they also forget kartik dealt with the death of his child as well a mothers love and a fathers love is equal i wonder why they keep showing it like ma ka haq sabse upar hai
by showing kartik not giving a shit naksh was alive and well to look after the baby and now nobody thinking bwt how kartik was alone and dealt with so much while they all wasted oxygen on the road rather than being there for him... 

I feel as fans we can all be mad about what kartik did but how dumb can his whole family be forgetting how high risk naira's pregnancy was in the first place even...

naira not getting sick at all after this or feeling sick is rather disappointing 
also curious to know what happen to nurse leela 

sort of never watch all the eps so if u no please let me no

Posted: 2019-02-11T11:19:17Z
Yrkkh cvs are funny dude. They start the track on such highs and towards the end, they just want to wrap the tracks asap. When they get good trps, they stretch the tracks and as soon as the trp drops, the track is wrapped up within couple of episodes. Not that I am complaining that this track is getting over, probably in two-three episodes. 
Kartik's accident is probably just to make the the family and Naira forgive him. What else would have convinced them otherwise...
The scene Mohsin posted about, the one which required him to be on the crane or something, still hasn't been aired yet I guess. I am curious to see what that was about. Kartik entering Kaira's room through the balcony or him contemplating suicide seem like the only viable options as of now. 

I get the family's reaction. Of course they get to be annoyed, but why is Manish getting so agressive LOL. He's leaving no chance to taunt him. I wonder if its gonna lead up to something or its just a in the moment situation. Wanted a Kartik and Manish scene so badly in this track. Kartik breaking down in front of Manish for having lost his baby, but alas, the said baby has forgotten and its all about Kartik lying and Naira having to give up Krish. 

In today's episode, not once did even mention or think about Kaira having lost their baby girl. They only sympathised with Naira because she had to give away Krish. They get to be angry on Kartik, but can't they at least remember that in less than one day he had to see his sister fight death, then doctors saying she went into coma, his wife got pre-mature labour out of nowhere, followed by a C-section, he held his baby girl, only for it to be declared dead after moments. The last thing Naira said to him before her operation was "I will die if anything happens to my baby". 
I am not defending Kartik, nor saying what he did is justifiable under any circumstances, but it wouldn't hurt for the family (not Keesh, because they were majorly wronged as well) to at least empathise with him. 

Akhil said the doctor said not to give any shock to Naira, and instead of thinking at that moment that maybe that's why Kartik committed this crime, to protect his wife, Manish goes like that's what Kartik has done now. 

Also, again, I get they are angry, but not being concerned about him not returning home all night? They saw the condition he left in, anything could have happened (and it does according to the precap). 

Anyways, going by the promo, Kaira will sort things out before the memory loss. Looking forward to that track because it looks promising according to the promo. Hope the cvs don't mess it up again like this pregnancy track. The promos for pregnancy track were cute as well, so never know what's in store. 
Posted: 2019-02-11T12:52:49Z
Karthik went for his run between vehicles in traffic as he has done in the past. LOL

I am glad that he was out of the Goenka home for the time being and it allowed for Naira to sort her thoughts alone and come to her own conclusion without his interference. There is a bond Naira shares with her maayka. That was seen today with the dialogue with Keesh and the returning of the baby to his mother. At least they cleared one issue today. There is no misunderstanding between Naira and Keesh.

Without Karthik in the scene it allowed for both families to come together as one and sort out the baby swap issue as it was a shock to them too. Family wants both daughters happiness.

Don't know what happens to Karthik with the truck but I would think next the scene moves to sorting out things between Kaira in regards to this baby swap idea. Maybe a discussion about their actual daughter would be nice as a closure to that storyline. It kind of leave the story of the nurse and Aditya hanging but it seems they are finishing this track with these holes.

I was kind of hoping Naira left with Keesh for a few days but that didn't happen.

We don't know what the future track holds but as an audience we need a break from the intense drama and for the storyline to chill for a few days before the next track.
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