Devi Adi Sakti's names with meanings ..Thread 3

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Posted: 2 years ago
Hello friends, 
On behalf of Nehaji I am opening the new thread.

We are back with a thread for Devi's  names.

 Any name of Devi Aadi Shakti's various forms can be written 
with their meanings, understandings.

If there is a story associated with that name, please add that too. 
lets share & increase our knowledge with proper understanding of different names of various forms of Goddess Aadi Shakti . 
Posted: 2 years ago
Saraswati  She,Who is the goddess of knowledge

. Mahabhadra She Who is highly auspicious

 Mahamaya She Who is highly mystic

 Varaprada She Who bestows boons
Posted: 2 years ago

Shripada,  She Whose place is prosperous

Padmanilaya,  She Who resides on a lotus;

Padmakshi, She Who has  eyeslike the lotus;

Padmavaktraga, She Who has  a lotus like face;

Posted: 2 years ago

Shivanuja, the younger sister of Shiva;

Pustakabhrita,  Who holds book in her hand;

Jnanamudra, Sits  in a particular posture that symbolises knowledge

Rama, Who is  enticing;

Posted: 2 years ago

Para, She Who is  beyond everything;

Kamarupa, she  Who takes different forms;

Mahavidya, She Who is higher learning Goddess;

Mahapataka Nashini, She Who  destroys  extreme sins

Posted: 2 years ago

Mahashraya, the Goddess of supreme refuge;

Malini, She Who wears garlands

Mahabhoga, She Who is extremely prosperous

Mahabhuja,  She Who has  long arms;

Posted: 2 years ago

Mahabhaga, the Goddess Who is associated with great fortune

Mahotsaha, she  the Goddess of superior enthusiasm

Divyanga; the Goddess with divine limbs;

Suravandita,  Who is  admired by the other Gods;

Posted: 2 years ago

Mahakali,   Goddess of death and time;

Mahapasha, the Goddess with remarkable noose;

Mahakara, She with supreme form;

Mahankusha, the goddess with prominent stick or goad;

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