RoSid FF: Revenge Thread 2

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Hi guys My revenge ff topic closed beause i didnt update for long i am so sorry from it.
i was busy in cousin marriages then i was not getting interest writtting ff and know got board exam so busy with studies still i try to update i hope u all like it bit romantic as well for treat, 

here is the link of pervious thread.

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Part 10:

Roli Open her eyes found Sid is not there.

So get up and went to wardrobe to collect dress.

Roli open door she get surprised it was big teddy bear.

She gets so happy Sid admiring her from standing at door.

Roli hugs Teddy bear and playing with it.

She turn saw Sid standing seeing her.

Sidhant Ji u brought this asked Roli playing with teddy bear.

No I don't know from where it came said Sid teasing.

Oh really said Roli with pouting.

Sid pull her nose and smile.

Roli to smile to him.

I bought for my small baby said Sid pulling her cheeks.

It so cute thank u said Roli kissing teddy bear.

Not fair thank u to me and kiss on teddy bear said Sid with pout.

Aww my Sidhant ji is jealous said Roli laughingly.

Sid pull Roli on his chest and look on her with desire.

Roli understood his intension and give teddy to him and run from there to washroom taking dress.

Sid smile on her and look at teddy.

So Mr. Teddy take care of my wife in my absence but not became kabbab mein hadi.

After a while RoSid having breakfast.

Sid feed Roli while Roli feed Sid.

After finished breakfast.

Roli taking plates from table.

Sid pull her towards him and hold her lips.

Both lost in each other.
Roli not getting breathe so she push Sid for slightly.

Be ready tonight Sid said in Roli ears.

Roli goes red and cheeks became tomato red.

Don't blush like this I can't able to control said Sid.

Roli start pushing Sid for office.

Sid went office Roli clean all house.

All day went doing works.

Roli make special foods for Sid and went to get ready for giving him surprise.

Sidhant enter in house got surprise everywhere candles.

He feeling aroma of tasty food.

Sid feels fishy he look here and their finding Roli nowhere.

He calls but his words block.

Sid saw Roli looking so beautiful in red saree her open hair driving him crazy.

He walk towards her Roli looking him with smile.

What's going on said Sid.

Surprise said Roli widening her hands.

Ahaa said Sid exploring her from head to toe.

Stop looking at me go and fresh up then we will have dinner said Roli teasing him.

Ok boss said Sid and went to fresh up.

Sid came out dining table arrange beautifully with yummy food.

Roli sign Sid to sit and sit beside him.

Roli took bite to feed Sid and Sid took bite to feed Roli both had food feeding each other.

Roli whats special today said Sid in sexy voice going near her ears.

I want to be Sidhant JI Roli said Roli with blush which make Sid crazy.

Roli about to move Sid hold her hand and pull her in his laps.

He takes out chocolate from his pocket and start feeding her.

Roli looking at him with so much love.

Some chocolate left in Roli lips.

Sidhant ji u didn't have chocolate said Roli looking at Sid.

I will have now said Sid naughtily and hold her lips.

He hold her lips passionately and sucks it.

Both were lost in it Sid bite her lower lip and then suck it.

 Both realize their lips due to lacking of breath.

Sid hug Roli tightly and kiss on her forehead.

Roli rest her head on his chest listening his heartbeats.

Shall we dance asked Sid.

Roli nodded head inside his arms.

Sid open song in mobile.

They start dancing.


Tera fitoor jab se chadh gaya re
Tera fitoor jab se chadh gaya re
Ishq jo zara sa tha woh badh gaya re
Tera fitoor jab se chadh gaya re

Tu jo mere sang chalne lage
To meri raahein dhadakne lage
Dekhun jo na ik pal main tumhein
Toh meri baahein tadapne lage

Ishq jo zara sa tha woh badh gaya re
Tera fitoor jab se chadh gaya re
Tera fitoor jab se chadh gaya re

Haathon se laqeerein yehi kehti hai
Ki zindagi jo hai meri
Tujhi mein ab rehti hai


Labon pe likhi hai mere dil ki khwaahish
Lafzon mein kaise main bataaun
Ikk tujhko hi paane ki khaatir
Sabse judaa main ho jaaun

Kal tak maine jo bhi khwaab the dekhe
Tujhme woh dikhne lage
Ishq jo zara sa tha woh badh gaya re
Tera fitoor jab se chadh gaya re
Tera fitoor jab se chadh gaya re

Saanson ke kinaare bade tanha thhe
Tu aa ke inhe chhu le bas
Yehi toh mere armaan thhe
Saari duniya se mujhe kya lena hai
Bas tujhko hi pehchaanu
Mujhko na meri ab khabar ho koi
Tujhse hi khudko main jaanu
Raatein nahi kat'ti bechain se hoke
Din bhi guzarne lage

Ishq jo zara sa tha woh badh gaya re
Tera fitoor jab se chadh gaya re
Tera fitoor jab se chadh gaya re


Sid hold Roli in arms and took her inside room.

He made her lay on bed like a beautiful flower.

Sid remove his shirt and lean towards Roli.

Roli was to shy she hug Sid tightly.

Sid kisses all over face and then he came towards neck start wetting her neck and give nice Roli hiss in pain.

Then again kiss her on bite.

He caress his hands on her back and hip making her restless.

Roli caress his hair and back to.

Slowly Sid throw Roli saree on floor that's make Roli blush which make Sid crazier.

Sid start kissing her chest line and give bites as well.

Roli start taking heavy breathes Sid kiss on her forehead and ask permission from eyes to do something better.

Roli eyes give him permission Sid cover them with blanket and start making Roli his with all meaning.

Roli moan Sid name which make Sid wild.

They spend whole night in each other arms forgetting the world. 

Posted: 1 years ago
Romantic update... Eagerly waiting for next update...
Posted: 1 years ago
Rosid teddy bear scene is very funny. Very romantic update.
Posted: 1 years ago
Congrats on the new thread! 

terrific update! nicely written! 
Posted: 1 years ago
Sid surprising roli with teddy bear. ..teasing her was cute.Sid telling the teddy bear that he has to take care of roli in his absence n not to become habab mein haddi was funny.kiss was romantic. roli dressing in red Saree n preparing food for Sid as a surprise was romantic .kiss n dance were romantic. beautiful song.consummation was passionate. perfect pics Edited by jasminerahul - 1 years ago
Posted: 1 years ago
Awww so cute romantic and passionate update loved it ari waiting for next eagerly update soon 
Posted: 1 years ago
Lovely romantic update. RoSid scenes were cute. Loved it.. update next soon..

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