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Originally posted by AnyaRSingh

I think that, kartik and naira need some time apart. Like no texting, no phone calls, no leaps...just some time to be individuals rather than kaira... 
Like i am ok with them missing each other and dream sequences...

Hence why i am so pro memory loss...this break away from kaira will be good for keesh as well they need their own plot line... 

I dont have a problem with kartik's obsession 
or his extreme love for her if u can call it that... 
what is annoying is how poorly is how these tracks are handled...

baby track ddn garner trp hence they killed the baby...
and repeated naira getting sick...for the tenth time...in like past 6 months LOL

Like can kartik just be damn happy and normal for two seconds without him crying and looking like a puppy that was kicked

Kartik's obessions ( thats wht even he admitted obessed with her) I like that about him.  But sometimes  naira has to pay for his obession, JKG track, one of the example, dadi and manish blaming naira. Directly  or Indirectly  she has to pay.

Yeah, even I think they need some space now. 
CV's should give keesh separate track instead of  mixing everything with kaira and complicating in the race of trp.

Baby track did garn decent trp in the beginning phase  but later they made everything illogical. Dropped immesenly
Naira's accident  promo got back audience again 2 weeks enjoyed pretty good trp, when they dragged this baby swap track lost the trp eventually.
Sick naira definitely brings trp LOLaudience will be  curious to  find out something will hapoen to their naira or not.. so this accidents and memory loss if it is true can grab trp audience's  attention.
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Originally posted by rose2015


When I said Edward Cullen vibes I meant his expressions and that he is so fair. (white like a vampire) LOL

But you analyzed it well. He can be controlling of Naira, manipulate things and be scary at times like a vampire. What happens is everyone is overtaken by his looks so we overlook these traits because somewhere the audience gets hypnotized(mesmerized) looking at him so they accept whatever he does and justifies it.

No matter what Naira didn't deserve to be in this situation. I do feel bad for her like I felt bad for Naksh and Keerti. For her this is the only baby she knows and has gotten attached. Imagine raising your baby and all of a sudden you find out that child is not yours. That is hard to digest.

I think there is mutual understanding between Keerti, Naksh, and Naira. They have a different relation and care for each other and wouldn't let anything bad happen to each other.

I don't want the storyline to rely on Naira being ill all the time. I think that in real life we just can't faint every time or lose our memory when there is a problem. For the writers this is the easy way out. We have to be able to deal with and sort out the issues. We need some resilience otherwise every problem will feel like climbing a mountain. We all need survival skills. Not everyone is given the option to be rich, not have to work or have constant family support with them.

Bingo!!! Very well said Clap it looks so silly . None of them have to act maturely , thats one of the problems. They are made to do incredibly stupid things ..their intelligence is compromised to show illogical drama..naira and kartik need some serious growing up..i was never in favour of the pregnancy track either. Whats the hurry ? They are NOT fit to be parents yet. 

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They don't have a story to tell. If the actors don't want to be shown as parents what can the writers do. What Karthik did is unforgiveable so the only way to move forward is to erase Naira's memory. (let's make sure she has an accident and loses her memory) How many times can they rewind and play? No woman in her right mind would forgive this behavior of Karthik's unless they had amnesia and has no recollection of all the horrible things he did.

First divorce and then remarriage. Now Karthik creates a mess so lets make sure Naira has amnesia so we can rewind their love story again and start over again. It's getting redundant. How many times do they get to rewind, start from scratch and get married again. Is that all that's left to the story. Is that the way the writers plan to keep them young forever?

Also if Naira loses her memory why does she have to fall in love with Karthik again only. Can't she fall in love with someone else. Is he the only man left in this world? Thumbs Down

If they really want to start from scratch why not with a new guy or a new life not involving Karthik. Edited by rose2015 - 2019-02-10T12:48:51Z
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Originally posted by Fari_15

The episode was really good. So glad the revelation wasn't dragged till the last 5 minutes.

That was one heck of a slap LOL, but he deserves it in my opinion. I loved how the minute Kartik looked up, he had this realization in his eyes that Keesh knew everything and it was all over. Mohsin's eyes are so expressive.

No offense to Mohena, but I didn't feel much for Keerti today because her dialogue delivery was really poor. Maybe it was only me, but the dialogues lacked that connect which would make you feel sorry for a character. Her delivery seemed really robotic. 

She was given amazing dialogues like "how could you do this your sister" or "how could you did this to ur love"..."you took away her right to see her child one last time"...but when she was saying that I couldn't connect to her own misery nor to the compassion she had for Naira...those were mere dialogues...spoken more like a speech...

Naksh was good. I liked his anger but again he could have said something like how could you put me through the same situation, having experienced it yourself minutes ago or that how he was made to stand like a guest in his own baby's naming ceremony. 
Rather they were given dialogues which revolved around Naira...

Naksh was good...his meri behen was more powerful...he was right in saying that u put me through same pain...even though I wept infront of u...that was the time I sympathized with Naksh more than Kartik...he was crying on Kartik's shoulder...he was helpless on hearing the news on his baby's death...but Kartik didn't do anything...

Shivangi was awesome in the last scene. The way she hugged the baby and just kept repeating you are my baby whilst everyone kept shouting from outside. It was like those scenes in the separation track where she would put headphones and be lost in her own thoughts, muting rest of the world.I feel so bad for Kaira. The coming week would be so emotional. The way Kartik tried to hold on to her, but she didn't let him. Also the fact that everyone was bashing him yet he was only concerned for Naira.  Shivin had very few dialogues today yet your heart goes out for Kaira, As you said, Mohsin has this ability that you just can't dislike him. Yesterday itself I was like Kartik deserves this treatment, etc, etc, and minutes before your post, I tweeted how the family should understand where he was coming from. 

Completely agree...separation phase, divorce track, brain clot track, abortion track and knowing about their  baby's death..these were all their best individual performances...

I am angry at the cvs for making Kartik stoop to this level. Now hes just a brother and a husband who has betrayed his family for his selfish reasons. What happened to the father who lost his baby girl? The family doesn't need to forgive him for his actions but they can still empathize with him, even if its just for a scene. He held his baby and minutes later the baby was declared dead. What he did is inexcusable but don't let his mistakes overshadow his loss. Can't the Goenkas do something in remembrance of that baby. Arrange a puja, make a huge donation, whatever. 

CVs needed a scapegoat to execute baby swap...the scapegoat can be anyone from Kartik or Naira...they chose Kartik to be scapegoat...as people will always sympathize with him...circumstances will make them sympathize with Naira...even more...Emotional Kaira = TRP ...the best examples are fertility track, Shubham's death track, separation. divorce, brain clot, complications in pregnancy followed by abortion track. Kartik premonitions, Naira's premonitions...

Kaira had that baby for 7 months. I hope they are given a chance to mourn for their loss together, even its just for one scene. 

I wish we have proper scene where they mourn for their baby together...I want to see few months leap before showing them being normal after the huge loss...

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