#2ROSID FF: Who is she to me? My friend or My love COMPLETED PG 28

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So guys this is the new thread of my FF WHO IS SHE TO ME? MY FRIEND OR MY LOVE and guys im soo soo happy for this new thread because this is first time
LOL ... im heartily thankful to all my readers for this...it would never have been possible for me without you guys...So thank u so much for ur constant support and hope you guys will support me like this lots of love guys...

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PART 56:



              Everyone are walking here and there doing some respective works in hall. Sujatha and meena working inside the kitchen whilst mataji cleaning pooja room. Rajendren guiding every servants who were decorating the house Hall beautifully. Guess what today? yaar don't you guys know? very bad? SHIV BHARDWAJ and OM BHARDWAJ'S HALDI yaar. Shivom getting ready for their haldi inside their respective rooms. A peaceful smile adoring their face is showing they are happy. yeah! somewhere in their heart they both missing their parents but because of their rosid and their mother's(sujatha and meena) love they came out from their painful incident. Now whole heartily they both are HAPPY. Everything is OK! but where is our hero and heroine Wink come let's search them inside their room Embarrassed


              roli sleeping peacefully under the blanket and other side of the bed is empty. God where is siddhant? let's search him inside the washroom. Got it! he doing something inside the washroom with a naughty smile on his face. After sometime, he came out from the washroom then taking steps towards his love. "Hey get up!' called sid tapping roli's shoulder. She got disturbed and snuggles more on the bed, he smiles shakes her well. Finally roli opened her eyes whilst sid went behind curtains then hides himself behind it. Roli sits on the bed with a closed eyes. without opening her eyes, she searched her beloved husband on the bed with her hands but found its empty. Roli opened her eyes and got confused because of her missing husband. "where is he?' she thought took her saree from the floor which sid was removed from her then throwed it on the floor yesterday night. This one week is really horrible for this romantic as because they both couldn't spend some intimate moments together and it's all because of shivom's marriage preparation. yes! sid only arranging and preparing everything for shivom's marriage. Morning office work and evening marriage work. It's really hard for him to handle everything. So, they couldn't find time for themselves and yesterday night they both spent some in limit passionate moment before it turned into more passionate sid slept without his knowledge upsetting her. she felt bad for a second but the very next moment scold herself for her act.

Roli got down from the bed, wrapped her saree roughly around her headed towards her washroom. she opened the door and stunned seeing her whole washroom completely filled with rose petals everywhere. she rubbed her eyes for make her vision clear. she slowly taking steps inside and watching everything with a amused look. suddenly,

someone hugged her from the behind shocking her. she startled for a second then realised her siddhant. she smiles takes her head back holding his left cheek with her left hand then gave a nice kiss on his right cheek. Sid smiled pecked her neck. "what is this pati dev?' she questioned turned on his side circled her hands around his waist. he pulled her close

"actually patni! I missed all functions of our marriage, so thought to fulfil everything' said him pointed something to roli with his index finger. she saw it a wide smile appeared on her face seeing haldi things on the side table. She felt so overwhelmed. she went near the bowl takes it on her hands inhales the turmeric smell but he came near roli moved her hairs in one side then nudges his face inside her neck inhales her lavender smell. she felt goosebumps all over her. "Thank you siddhant'   "shall we start?' asked him pulled her more close. is our roli say no to her love? definitely not right. "Hmm!' agreed roli. Sid takes her saree off from her. Her cheeks went red no matter what? but still she couldn't withstand in front of his piercing eyes.

He hugged her more from the back then takes a little bit of turmeric on his hand. He placed a tight kiss on her right cheek then applies on her cheek where he kissed her before and his left hand untied her dori. she blushed clutched her in skirt with her hands. He then moved towards her left cheek kissed her then applied turmeric there. He takes hand full of turmeric then slowly caresses her hip in the form of applying it. she gasped as sid placed his open mouth kisses on her neck and shoulder. He slowly slides her blouse down then applies turmeric on her neck and her chest line. she can't take this anymore, so roli turned and hugged him tightly with a heavy breaths. Sid smiles mischievously, he applies on her whole back pulling her close.

"Now it's your turn honey!' said him on her ears.

She pulled herself back, she smirked confusing him. Roli started unbuttoning his shirt surprising her. She moved near his right cheek rubbed it with her right cheek. Back to back surprise for him. He held her hip, pulled her on him feels her soft body.

"what is this sherni?'

"Haldi function (she paused) in our style sher!' she says on his ears seductively bites his right ear. He chuckles hugged her tightly.

Roli applying turmeric on his body caressing hers with him. They both slowly moved near the shower then opened it. The water started wetting their body whilst rosid wetting themselves with their warm kisses. Sid sucked her skin along with water. she printed her nails on his back with a continuous moan.

"I loves you more when you are in water' said him locked her pink lips with his. Sid pinned her on the wall, pressed himself on her. After a passionate kiss, they released their lips.

"I need you right now!' says him breaths heavily.

Roli opened her eyes, "but we are already getting lat...'

"please at least 15 minutes!' pleased sid with a desire filled eyes. Roli with a smile opened her arms. without wasting a second sid picked her up in his arms.

sid placed her on the bed leaned on her and they both quenched their one week thrist in 15minutes in the most passionate way.

Everyone is presented in the hall except rosid. Even brides also arrived. "wait let me call siddhant?' shiv takes his mobile but meena stopped him "arrey shiv they will come beta just wait for sometime' Said meena because she is the one who prepared haldi things and gave it to sid unknown to anyone.

Finally rosid both came down hand in hand. Roli glowing more than before and it's all because of her passionate haldi. They saw everyone in the hall waiting for them. Shivom glared at them. Meena smirked at sid whilst he felt so embarrassed. Roli with a sheepish smile went near Rinya who gave her naughty look.

Finally haldi function started with a full of masti. Everyone applied haldi on the bride and grooms face with a blessings. Sujatha saw yuvraj descending from the stairs in a formal look. "Hey yuvraj where are you going beta? today is your brother's...' "Mom please I can't accept everyone as my brother OK now please move away from my way' said him rudely upsetting everyone especially shivom yeah! everyone accepting him shivom as their own son, brother and grandson except yuvraj because after entered into the house shivom joined their family business to bhardwaj's business officially of course sid is the MD for everything this increases yuvraj's hatred on sid more. Their face turned into pale.

Sid tries to smile at them, he went near shivom took the turmeric bowl on his hand. He just poured the turmeric fully on their heads

"OH MY GOD SIDDHANT!!!' shouted them got up from their place. "my first revenge is over buddy' said sid laughed at them. Everyone joined with sid and laughed at them. "I won't leave you siddhant' shouted them started running near sid tries to catch him. "Ahh' shouted him started running outside of the house. Roli and rinya also went behind them. sid and shivom reached swimming pool sid pushed them inside the pool purposely shocking everyone. "take bath and come' he shouted from the outside, everyone burst out laughing. Roli went near rinya pushed them also in pool. who is she wife of siddhant bhardwaj right! sid gave a hifi to roli wrapped his hand around her.Edited by sarahrosid - 1 years ago
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thanks for the pm! 

superb update! nicely written 
Posted: 1 years ago
Blushing update... Eagerly waiting for next update...
Posted: 1 years ago
Lovely update baby...oh our rosid how cute and naughty they are...rosid also celebrating their haldi function was cute... congrats for this new thread baby...waiting for next part...if it is possible give any dose to that monkey...
Posted: 1 years ago
Awww so cute and romantic update loved it rosid haldi scene was so passionate what else is expected from that monkey lol loved sid teasing shivom and rosid pushing shivom and rinya in pool so funny super update loved it waiting for next eagerly update soon
Posted: 1 years ago
Blushly blushly update ...omg I never seen this much naughty Rosid saru u only can make our rosid this much naughty ... I hate that monkey part plz kill him soon
and congratulations for ur new thread
Eagerly waiting for your next update
Posted: 1 years ago
Omg so hot And romantic update blush blush update soon 

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