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Hey all I am back again with a new story and a new concept!! 

This time i am inspired by two movies the Vow and 50 first dates.. But again it will have its own charm.. Hope you all will like it.. 


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                                          Starting over again Heart

Chapter 1

Mahirpaced around the hospital waiting room with a smile stretched across his face.He could barely contain the emotional cocktail from flooding down the surfaceof his skin. Mahir had anxiously waited for this day for the past five weeks.He had been impatient at first, but impatience is only good when it is theshortest way to an end; and as the days turned into weeks, patience wasotherwise better.

Thephone call had come while he was getting ready for work. Mahir got Meera and  Dhruv readyas quickly as one parent iscapable of dressing and feeding two children under the age of fourand droppedthem off at his parent's house before rushing to the hospital. The doctor hadonly informed him of a change in Bela's status; he needed more details beforehe could bring in the children. 

He was startled from his momentary daze as Dr. Rehanentered the waiting room.

"Goodmorning Mr. Sehgal."

"Isit true? Is she really awake?

"Yes,she is fully conscious."

"Isshe okay? Can I see her?" Mahir tried to not sound desperate, but theadjective had been describing all his actions latelydesperately driving,desperately speaking, desperately living... He hadn't heard her sweet voice inover a month. He had kissed her lifeless lips, but it wasn'tthe same. He yearned for a response, and for that he felt needyperhaps evenselfish.

"Well,we are still running a few tests to pinpoint the exact extent of herinjury." Mahir only nodded, biting his lower lip. "As of now herphysical and speech abilities are intact, but..." the doctor paused, unsureof how to deliver his next sentence, "her cognitive processes are still inquestion."

Mahir'sheart tightened in his chest as the doctor continued to explain thetechnicality of his wife's condition. Words like hippocampusfrontal lobe,and cognitive apparatus echoed in the distance ofhis mind. He felt his body tremble and his knees begin give out from under him.Mahir found himself involuntarily leaning against the cold, white wall of thewaiting room for support.


Fiveweeks earlier

Itwas just another Monday, like any other Monday in the Seghal household. Mahir andBela lay in bed entangled in their sheets, waiting to hear the pitter-patter ofsmall feet entering their bedroom. Mahir always joked about how useless alarmsclocks were when you have a four and a two year old around the house. Theysavored those few minutesthe calm before the storm every morning.

Itwasn't long before Mahir and Bela heard their four-year-old daughter comingdown the hall. The little girl with tousled, light brown curls came rushinginto their bedroom like a lightning bolt. "Mamma! Pappa!" She stoppedabruptly, noticing her parents still "asleep." A mischievous grinadorned her face as she tipped-toed closer to the bed. She approached Mahir'sbedside, poked him through the sheets, and quickly ducked down, concealing hergiggles.

"Bela?Bela? Wake up! Did you just poke me?"Mahir asked incredulously.

"Ithink you were dreaming, Mahir!" Bela said, watching Meera crawl to herside of the bed. "Let's go back to sleep!" Mahir and Bela shiftedaround the bed exaggeratedly, pulling the covers tighter around them. Meera waiteduntil they settled before standing up, poking Bela , and ducking down once more.This time Meera could barely keep her giggles from escaping between herfingers.

"Mahir,wake up! I felt someone poke me!"

"Really?I think we have a poking-monster situation here!"

"Ohno!" Bela could barely contain herself, "Not thepoking-monster!"

"Butyou know who is stronger than the poking monster?" Mahir said, locating Meera'ssmall figure curled next to Bela's nightstand. "The tickle-monster!"Mahirpulled her into bed and began tickling her nonstop. Her giggles filled theroom, brushing off any sleep still left in them. It wasn't long before Dhruv alsostumbled into the room dragging his blanket. His floppy, sleep-tousled hair andthe lazy grin he wore on his face was adorable and unmistakably familiar. Bela gotout of bed and scooped Dhruv up, bringing him to take part in the tickle-festcurrently taking place.

"Okay,"Bela said exhaling audibly, "Who wants to help me make somepancakes?"

Meerawaved her hand frantically in the air shouting, "Me, me, me." Dhruv imitatedhis sister's hand movements, parroting 'me' as well.

"Youwanna make pancakes, Dhruv?"

"Panscakes!" Dhruv replied excitedly.

"Yeah,c'mon buddy," she said lifting him up, "Let's go make a mess," Belasaid winking at Mahir.

Mahirgot up stretching his long limbs as he made his way to the bathroom. The chilledbathroom air penetrated his skin calling forth all goose bumps. Savingmoney by shutting off the heat in early spring was definitely not worth it,he mentally noted. When he finished showering he returned to the bedroom andproceeded to dress for work. Mahir hurriedly pulled on his pants, smelling thefresh brewed coffee, before rushing downstairs. He was greeted by a blissfulMeera, , with pancake batter smudged across her pink pajamas.

"PappaI made pancakes!"

"That'sgreat Meera," He lowered his hand for a high-five and Meera gladly slappedit. "They look yummy!"

"Uh-hum..."Meera hummed. Mahir lifted her up, kissing her rosy cheeks, before putting herin her chair next to Dhruv.

Mahirwalked up to Bela and wrapped his arms around her waist, planting a kiss on herforehead. "Good morning."

"Goodmorning sweetie," she said, breathing in his fresh-showered scent."Breakfast is now served!" Bela carried the plate of oddly shapedpancakes and the syrup to the table. The Seghal clan devoured the plate ofpancakes before realizing they were on the verge of being lateyet again.

"Ok,"Mahir said placing the dishes in the sink, "Go shower while I get thesetwo dressed."

"Soundsgood." Bela said walking towards the bathroom.

Mahirscooped up his children, one in each arm, eliciting a fit of giggles from bothas he carried them up the stairs. Bela had already laid out their clothes; Mahirjust had to get the kids dressed, which was rarely an easy task. But today itwas accomplished without any mishaps, unlike the time Dhruv found itappropriate to keep removing his clothesthe terrible two's.

"Ready?"Bela called from their bedroom.

"Almost,"Mahir said entering the bedroom. "Here," he said lifting Dhruv toBela, "He is all set, I'll get Meera!" Mahir sped down the hallwayfinding Meera in her underwear distracted with her dolls. "Meera ... c'monyou have to get dressed. You can bring your dolls to grandma's okay?"

"Okay..."Meera said with a sigh. She lifted her arms in the air and Mahir slid the dressover her head. He then situated the sweater over her small arms quickly buttoningitmissing one, or maybe two, buttons.

"Putyour shoes on and I will be right back to check on you."

"Uh-hum..."Meera hummed, grabbing a pair of white keds from the closet. Mahir returned tohis bedroom, grabbing his suit jacket and his messenger bag before returning toget Meera. He stopped and leaned by the doorframe, listening to his daughterattempt to tie her shoelaces. "The squiwel runs 'round the tree... Jumpsin the hole under the tree... And leeeaves." She said pulling both sidesof the laces, but for her disappointment it came undone. "Ugh!" Sheexhaled frustrated. Bela had suggested they stick with the velcro shoes a bitlonger, but Mahir insisted on teaching her how to tie shoelaces.

"Here,"Mahir said bending down to tie her shoes. "Remember that before thesquirrel jumps under, this hand," Mahir said pointing to her right hand,"Holds the tree, okay?"

"Okay...I almost did it daddy!"

"Iknow sweetie. Now let's go before mom and dad are late for work." Mahir scoopedher up and carried her downstairs where Bela waited with Dhruv and two smallbook bags in hand. Like all Mondays, they took separate cars because Bela hadher classes across town. Like all Mondays,  Bela dropped the kids off at Mahir's parent'shouse in the morning and he picked them up in the evening. But today was not aregular Mondayas Mahir would soon discover.

Atfive o'clock Mahir and Bela parted their ways, kissing good-bye andrepeating 'I love yous' before leaving the Seghal company-parking lot. She turned left towards the highway and he turned right towardshis parent's house. He picked up the kids, carrying a sleepy Dhruv on hisshoulder while clutching Meera's hand towards to car. At home he made dinnergrilled cheese, a Monday special. At seven he gave the kids a bath and dressedthem for bed. They watched The Lion Kinga Monday classicbefore both driftedoff to Hakuna Matata.

Mahirhesitated bringing them upstairs because he knew how much Bela loved tuckingthem in. So, he waited. He grabbed his phone, seeing the red light flashinga textmessage from Bela: Be home shortly to tuck my babies in. Hesmiled, but frowned at the time sentthirty minutes earlier. Traffic isinevitablehe thought. So, he waited. The cheesy song still played in thebackground, "It means no worries for the rest of your days..." Therewere no worries and with that thought in mind, he also drifted off to sleep.

Mahirwas awakened an hour later by the buzzing of his cell phone still housed in hishand. The person on the other line mumbled something about a collision and thedriver in critical condition. The name Bela  Sharma was repeated several times, as wellas hospital and head trauma. At that momenteverything became blurryuncertain. Mahir remembered vaguely scooping hischildren from the couch and placing them in their car seats before drivingfrantically through the streets of Mumbai.

Thewaiting though, was very vivid in his mind. Thoughts from the abyss of his soulplagued him. The 'what ifs' emptied all the strength he supposed hehad. Mahir sat in the small hospital waiting room motionless, inconsolable. Meerawas curled into a ball on the adjacent seat, while Dhruv , in his Nemo pajamas,nestled over his chest. Mahir began stroking Meera's curls, sensing thefamiliar texture under his fingertips, and that was when the tears rolledeffortlessly down his cheeks.

Itwas nearing dawn when Dr. Rehan finally entered the waiting room. The nurseshad kept them updated, but everything they said was never certain. Mahir'smother Sumitra had taken the kids home, and his brother, Yuvi, was now at hisside. Bela's parents were the first to agglomerate by the door, waiting forpromising words. Mahir, numbed by the situation, followed closely behind. Thedoctor explained that Bela had survivedsurvived a head on collision with adrunk driver, survived a blunt force trauma to the head, and survived a twelvehour surgery that basically placed her back together. She survived with threebroken ribs, a punctured lung, a fractured leg, and countless scrapes, cuts,and bruises. The doctor also mentioned something about brain swelling, but Mahirwas goneliterally unconsciousafter the word survived escapedthe doctor's mouth.

Mahirwoke up the next day in a room with white sheets and white walls, an IV on hisleft arm, and a heart monitor plug on his index finger. Recovery from metalexhaustion was simple, but recuperating from almost losing his everything wasgoing to be a long, arduous process. Luckily how ironicMahir had two smallbeings that reminded him that he couldn't throw in the towel just yet. Mahir visitedher every daymorning and night. He would run his hand through her hair andwhisper softly into her ears. Meera tied her shoes today, well almost...Dhruv'sstill resisting potty-training...They miss you so much... I can't' do it alone... youhave to wake up ... I love you so much... Please wake up...

Withinthe next few weeks Bela's condition had stabilized and her injuries werehealing accordingly. Mahir had to re-invent a routine for himself and hischildren, as well as deal with questionswhere is mommy?or demandsIwhat mommy!everyday. Dhruv was too small to understand and mostly parrotedhis sister. But Meera was an entire different ballgame. Simple explanationslike 'mommy is sick' didn't cut it. Mahir had to physically bring Meeraagainsthis better judgmentto the hospital and have her see Bela engulfed by numeroustubes and wires in the ICU. It was shockinghe knew it. Meera slept with himthat entire week.

Mahirknew all that was left to do was hope, pray, implore, and plead for the best.



Mahiraccompanied the doctor to the ICU. He warned him about Bela's current cognitivestate, at which Mahir nodded in agreement, but his heart was pounding too fastfor him to understand the reality of her condition. He carefully walked intothe room and stood in the corner. Bela looked frail and confused with theuproar of all the hospital personals surrounding her. The bruises on her facehad healed nicely and only faint scars were visible. However, her gaze wasblankempty. He waited patiently as the doctors finished with the tests beforehe approached her with love deep in his eyes.

"I'vemissed you so much!" He said reaching for her hand, which she rapidlyretracted.

"DoI know you?" she replied.

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Sarah it's too good. Working on something right now. So I will give a proper review tomorrow. But at first glance? It made me smile, it made me laugh, it made me cry!!! 

More to come in a few hours. 

So I am BACK!! And so are you. With a BRAND new story. 


Okay now onto the review. 

Mahir's state of mind was aptly described in the first few paragraphs. His struggle to manage the kids, himself in the absence of his wife was touching. His excitement to finally meet his wife was almost palpable. 

The scene with the kids was so beautiful. Mahir and Bella pretending to be asleep and then catching hold of Meera was just so cute. And Dhruv!! How cute and adorable he is!! You gave us Meera and Dhruv!! I love you for that. Hug

OMG!! Bella is such a cool mom, Let's go make a mess!! Cry I wish someone said that to me. 

One point. Central heating is not common in Mumbai and neither is it required. The lowest temperatures here is 16 in worst cases. And that rarely happens. Spring is a non existent concept here. It goes from chilled to hot in matter of days, There is so such thing as transition. Like till a couple of days ago we were sleeping without fans and last night was hot enough to sleep without a blanket with fan on. So that is something that doesn't go with the city. 

The family bonding scenes, Mahir helping Bella with the kids, his bonding with Meera and Dhruv was just adorable. I could imagine the family, Mahir helping his daughter while Bella waited with their son. That scene set the right tone for the next events. You established really well the way they both were dependent on each other for the morning chores. How it was teamwork that made the family function properly. These cheerful scenes were actually quite painful to read because this routine got disrupted. I could imagine the pain he must have gone through when he woke up one morning and Bella was in hospital, unconscious and he had to take care of himself and  the kids. 

The pain that he went through afterwards, the agony was so perfectly described that I cried while reading it. Especially the part where he told her that he couldn't do it alone. Family is team work. No one should have to do it alone and here was Mahir all alone with two babies demanding what he could not give them. Him bringing Meera to the hospital was so painful. 

And then the last line

Do I know you?

Was so so so painful... 

I know everything will get sorted out. Even if she doesn't regain her memories, she will make new ones with them but I can't imagine what the kids will go through when their mother doesn't recognize them. I can't imagine what Bella will go through. 

This is a great beginning. Keep it up!! Thumbs Up
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Posted: 2019-02-04T14:27:43Z
This was so beautiful written!
Loved the entire family scene in between
Can't wait to read more!
Posted: 2019-02-04T14:45:36Z
Hi buddy Hug

You are back with another story. It's time to celebrate that Party.

But also you wrote a new story and you didn't even tell me Angry. Imagine the balcony GIF here!

This is amazing! I knew you could come up with another story. You are a great writer Clap

This chapter had so many emotions. I don't even know what to say. You have left me speechless.

I don't know where to start. But I will mention some of the highlights.

Behir have children and they're named Meera and Dhruv Cry.

Behir are suffering already and it's only the first chapter Sleepy. Their beautiful daily routine has been interrupted Broken Heart.

Oh Mahir! He's in so much pain. The children are so young. How will they feel when they realize their mother doesn't remember them?

I felt every emotion that you wanted to show and all the details work perfectly with this.

This time you have set the story in Mumbai. I will miss your descriptions of Italy and your Italian!

Thank you for writing another story. Make this story longer than the last one. Oh and I have commented quickly on your story this time. Update SOON LOL
Posted: 2019-02-04T14:49:26Z
Sarah this is amazing...i could see Mahir in the scene where he said he couldn't do it alone and Bella needed to come back
It's beautiful.
Posted: 2019-02-04T19:38:24Z
Finally a new ff to readWink
Its too good to readClap...all types of emotions-happySmile ,sadCry...cant wit to read the next chapter
Posted: 2019-02-04T20:32:53Z
Great story. Great start. Inspired by the vow and 50 first dates. Does it mean that Bella might never recover her memories? Please continue soon.
Posted: 2019-02-04T21:59:01Z
Loved it. The Vow is my favorite movie! 

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