OS: Is my husband crazy, obsessive and possessive?

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Posted: 5 years ago
Is my husband crazy, obsessive and possessive?

Part 1...page 1 (this post)  In progress will continue in a few.

Vidhita, sat at by the corner of the temple.  From where she was sitting - she had a full view of the altar.  She glanced at the Lord pleadingly - and silently began to whisper "Help me, dear Lord".

As she sat praying - her mind began to wander...

She thought of their first meeting.  Of how he had held her.  Cared for her.  Carried her in his arms into her home (nah... Maasa's home).  He had held her in front of all.  And she ... she had relished that feeling of leaning against his strong body.  Even now, thinking of it, made her heart beat faster.  She yearned for him to hold her.  She wanted to soak in the aroma of his after shave... though sometimes she wondered why he splashed any - when he had a beard and mustache!!  The thought of him ... his tenderness ... made her blush.  She bit her lower lip and lowered her eyes.  The ringing of the temple bell awoke her from her reverie.  Immediately she folded her hands and glanced at the altar.

(To be continued ... when I get a respite from my chores)
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Posted: 5 years ago
A first for us!
Do continue soon