Not an observant Mother

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Posted: 2019-01-31T15:07:36Z
I just started watching the show from episode 1 and have got to the mid October episodes.
All mother's love their kids unconditionally - and so does Rajyashri Rathore but unlike most moms, Rajyashri never observed her son's personal traits through the years.

I am not saying that his deviant personality is a result of her poor nurturing.  But she has certainly strengthened it by ignoring all the red flags that her intuition would have raised.

He lies.  He hurts.  He is self-obsessed.  He is incredibly superficially charming but leaves a truly awful amount of emotional and physical destruction behind him.  These traits did not develop overnight - they were there in his youth and perhaps childhood.  Why does Rajyashri not have an inkling of their existence?  Why is his sister, Meera, unaware too?

Now (that is, until mid-October episodes), his fiance Vidhita is being conned by him.  She is so inexperienced - that she has no clue what she is getting into by marrying him.  

Yes, Pushkar has a major personality problem.  His mother has a veil over her eyes.  It is symbolic - that prior to the wedding the introductory scene of the episodes showed Pushkar pulling a veil over Vidhita's eyes and right after the marriage Vidhita is shown without a veil.  Soon, she will realize that she has married a person with a major personality disorder!!

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Posted: 2019-01-31T21:38:55Z
So, it appears that Pushkar's father was of a controlling nature and was abusive too.  Perhaps - Pushki has taken after his dad.
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Posted: 2019-01-31T23:16:07Z
Even though I have only recently started watching this show, but I do agree.

There must have been traces of his personality which Rajyashri overlooked thinking he is growing up without a father. Otherwise no one can grow up to be such a calculative & menacing person overnight.
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Posted: 2019-01-31T23:17:15Z
From where are you watching the old episodes?

I can only watch the latest episode on ZEE5 but can't watch the previous ones. Confused
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Posted: 2019-02-01T07:50:54Z
Originally posted by nushy1995

From where are you watching the old episodes?

I can only watch the latest episode on ZEE5 but can't watch the previous ones. Confused
You can watch all epis on Zee5
Just type the serial name in the search bar
You'll find them all
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Posted: 2019-02-01T07:56:56Z
Welcome to the forum :)
Pushkar has been shown as a master manipulator
And maybe since Rajshree was grieving over the betrayal she received she did not pay close attention to Pushkar's personality
Coz there was a dialogue that said "Khudke pair sambhalne se pehle Pushkar ne ghar sambhala"
That says everything
Plus I'm sure you can see how slick he is..doesnt leave a trail or gets someone else to do his work for him
And normally the ones close cant figure out if there's something odd..its always an outside party who can detect this since they have no ties or biases 

It was lovely to see your observations 
Do come over and participate in the discussions on the thread
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