The Three Words

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Posted: 1 years ago
   Friends I have already posted the story before three years and stopped before some years but now thought about writing it once more before this is the first story I wrote it in  same topic in Tellyupdate but there also due some exam tension I abruptly stopped it so again I am writing once again happily .I will update longer post and hope you people will enjoy the story .As i said before I posted before so Again THE THREE WORDS from Janani.
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Posted: 1 years ago
      Jeeva sees herself dressed in a beautiful black saree with a sleeves blouse in a masaquede ball .dancing with someone happily .when she tries to go away from the person to dance with some other.He takes her away from everyone to a isolated place .She tries t o search for everyone whom she knows but finds no one there .She sees a man smiling under his face mask .She angrily aporaches him to emoves his face mask before she remove it .He takes it off from his face saying"Jeeva I miss you .I wont let you go away from me anymore" making her get so much tensed .She tries to run from him when his strong hands hold her tightly and pulls her into a tight hug not 
 giving her space to breathe and suddenly he pushes her from the cliff.
        Jeeva wakes up from bed with shock "What kind of dream is this.Is it really a dream or reality .Oh my god what is happening ?"She tries to compose herself by drinking water .Her eyes sees the wall clock showing "4.30" as time .She gets up from the bed and sees some preparation going in the hall through the window .she sees her mobile phone to find that the date is Janmasthami and smiles to herself thinking about janmasthami .she changes into yoga pants and sits doing yoga for one hour .
       One hour later ,she opens the balcony door with some difficulty ."I must put oil to this metal doors .it is very tough to open "murmurs her and stands in the cool morning weather of Kolkata.
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Posted: 1 years ago
    Madhuri Srivastava walks out of her room dressed in traditional silk saree with a box in her hand with a broad smile in her face.She sees the workers doing the decorstion work in very slow speed ."Please do the work in fastly we need to decorate the whole house before evening to celebrate the function so do it quickly .Has anyone saw Aditi or Tarun anywhere ?"asks her seeing them while one of the worker shows her the place where Aditi and Tarun are working .Jeeva sees them from her room with a smile .She walks towards Madhuri with a smile."Good Morning Aunty,What can I do for you in the preparation "asks her hugging Madhuri.She pats her with love and asks her to take rest."No need to work now,Take some rest.You reached here only in the late night after completing the work".
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Posted: 1 years ago
        "No no no ,In a family all the person should work together in case of any function,occasion so that we can share love,happiness and work among us .It will help to increase the intimacy between so I will surely help you to do the decoration but before that you must give me one cup of your handmade lemon juice so that I could refresh "says Jeeva .she hugs Madhuri with affection and begin to walk towards kitchen to see the food preparation.Madhuri thinks something in her mind hopes god to fulfill her wishes .Her daughter Aditi rushes toward her and hug her with coffee mug in her hand shouting "Mummmyyy" while her Nephew Tarun hugs her shouting"Badimaaa".She sees her son Vikram coming down dressed in a white kurta .He nod seeing her smiling ...he opens his laptop and begin to start working without having any interest in puja preparation."Aditi come here and help me in doing the work "shouts Tarun from backyard.
    After a while, Jeeva comes out of the bathroom in a pink saree and sits infront of a dressing table .she sees her reflection to start to get ready for the day."May I come in" she hears a voice from outside the door and goes to open it ."Jeeva,I know that you are quite tired after helping me yesterday with the presentation and then files but could you please help me by coming to office.Today is quite a important day because of one of our investor is coming to meet me could you help me please "asks Vikram standing so much tensed waiting for her reply.she sees him without giving any reply .atlast says "Yeah sure but I need to be home before 5 pm to be in home to celebrate the janmasthami puja so i can help you if".before completes her words .Vikram walks from there talking with someone over the phone.she closes the door to continue to get ready.
Aditi sees Jeeva going along with Vikram to office .she smiles naughtily on seeing them .she signs Tarun to see them."Hey Aditi.dont blabber something they are just good friends and Jeeva is a best employee that our Srivastava company can have but still if they have any interest i would be very much happy about them but are you sure that Vicky is out of this grief regarding Priya bhabhi's death".Aditi sees Madhuri coming with food and stops the conversation.Tarun sees his plate to concentrate on eating .Jeeva sits in the car .she sees the road with a bright smile while Vikram sees the road with so much tension.he sees her happy with so much surprise."Jeeva what is your opinion about me "asks him suddenly bringing her thoughts and eyes back to him.she closes her eyes without replying while in the same time a young man opens his eyes from his deep sleep."Oh shit.I need to get up early from tomorrow"murmurs him going inside the bathroom.

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Posted: 4 months ago

"Oh my gosh ,its getting so much late and see here I am waking up very lately ,I must not party from today so that my concentration is on business"says the man standing in front of his dressing table ,seeing his reflection with laughter .he hears his phone ringing continuously .he begin to search for his phone everywhere tensed.

      Jeeva smiles seeing Vicky curiously waiting for her answer,"What do you want me to say Vikram,you are a able administrator ,good friend etc etc ,why are suddenly asking all this question?".Vikram sees her for a moment not knowing how to talk with her and opens his laptop to concentrate on his work.she sees the busy roads of Kolkata full of people enjoying their life and preparing for janmasthami.Aditi thinks about talking to Madhuri about Vicky and Jeeva .she searches for her mother when Tarun stops her from going ."Are you sure about them,don't confuse peoples Aditi.Both of them are frown ups and let them decide .you don't run with these ideas.".Aditi angrily wale away pushing him.

     "Thank God ,you picked the call Sir,Today is a very important day for our business because you have accepted to meet Mr Vikram Srivastava in Kolkata for the dinner at his house but Sir ,are you ready for your trip . you  must take the next flight and you are very calm in this situation "his PA talked nonstop for ten minute before reminding him about his business meeting with Srivastavas.

     Jeeva sits in the office going through the accounts files  when Aditi calls her,"Hello Jeeva sis,where are you ,its getting late for Puja and  Arthi.come quickly ".Jeeva sees the time in her watch and thinks to talk with Vikram when he Storms inside the room with some files and keeps it in her table ."I need to go to pick our investor and his flight is delayed so why not you also join me,this fuel about him and His business .please go through this and this folder contains our business plans.please help me once Jeeva".says him before going to freshen up in his room.Jeeva sees the file with some dilemma and picks it to read when Madhuri knocks at the door.

     Vikram stands alone in the airport angrily thinking how his mother took jeeva to his house against his will for the janmasthami preparations when his mom calls  him   the nth time 

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