Champions VS Challengers Vs Neophytes * Score R5 individual task Pg 8

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Posted: 2 years ago

Hello, forumies,
Welcome to C h a m p i o n s  vs C h a l l e n g e r  vs N e o p h y t e C u p






This contest is all about the challenge. Its a team worm as well as individual work. Please follow the instructions provided below to know how this works.

There is going to be five tasks which need to be completed by each individual. You are free to discuss/discard/accept your presentation after you talk to your team. However, each participant needs to take part in this contest.

Each team will elect one person for each edit. You have to elect five different persons for five edits. You cannot repeat team members.

The twist in the game is each #TheNeophytes chooses his/her opponent from #TheChallengers and #TheChallengers will choose his/her opponent from #TheChampions.

After each round, the team with the lowest score gets to chose their opponent for the next task.

 Round One posted below

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Posted: 2 years ago
Round One

You have to make an animated tag. All tags should have the same theme and the same colour code.
Theme: Valentines Day
Size : 400x400
Tag 1 Text: Champions vs Challengers vs Neophytes
Tag 2 Text: Winner
Tag 3: A/S Shop Dev Team
Tag 4: Entries

Post the competitor name here i.e
Captain of Team Neophyte will post [# Neophyte: abcd challenges # Challenger: xyx]
Captain of Team Challenger will post [# Challenger: chosen by Neophyte challenges # Champion: xyx]
Date of Submission 1st Feb 2019, 23.59 IST


#TeamNeophytes :
TeamChallengers : Hrideyy.26
#Team Champions : Mishti_Dahi


#TheNeophytes = 29/Design 29/Creativity Total 58/60
#TheChampions = 22/Design 22/Creativity Total 44/60
#TheChallengers = 20/Design 19/Creativity Total 41/60
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Posted: 2 years ago

Round Two

You have to make a non animated greetings card. 
Theme: Rose Day
Size : 400x500
Since challengers scored the least in the last round they get to choose someone from their team and some from team champion. Similarly team champion will chose one candidate from team neophyte.
Post the names by 4th feb 4pm IST
Date of Submission of the card is  5th Feb 2019, 23.59 IST
PM your entries to me on time.

Time Extended till 6th Feb 2019 6pm IST


#TeamNeophytes :
TeamChallengers : Disqualified
#Team Champions :


#TheNeophytes = 20/Design 22/Creativity Total 42/60
#TheChampions = 25/Design 24/Creativity Total 49/60
#TheChallengers = Pending

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Posted: 2 years ago
Round Three

Design a flyer for valentines day party. It should have a theme apart from Vday of-course. Be innovative with the shape of the flyer. Think out of the box and avoid rectangular shape or heart shape.
Theme: Dinner and Dance
Canvas Size : 500x650
Text : As per your choice.
Non Animated.
Since #Team Champions are the winner, Captain of Team Neophyte gets to choose a member from their team and #Team Champion.
#Team Challengers will choose their volunteer since they weren't a apart of task 2 and is having a huge disadvantage.
Post the names by 8th Feb. 4pm IST. Those who have already participated cannot take part in this task.
Submission : 9th Feb 6pm IST


#TeamNeophytes :
TeamChallengers :
#Team Champions : moonglade

Additional task for Team Challengers

Design a picspam
Theme : Chocolate
6 numbers of pictures in one picspam. (each pic size : 250x140)
Text : Optional
#TeamNeophyte and #TeamChampion get to choose the member who they would want to give this task. They can discuss and post one name in this thread by 8th Feb. 4pm IST. Those who have already participated cannot take part in this task.
Submission : 9th Feb 6pm IST

#TeamChallengers : Koeli_Appy

#TheNeophytes = 25/Design 24/Creativity Total 49/60
#TheChampions = 21/Design 19/Creativity Total 40/60
#TheChallengers = 24/Design 26/Creativity Total 50/60
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Posted: 2 years ago
Round Four

You have to propose any one of the three judges of this contest.
Find out what can impress them and make a siggy.
Be innovative, be creative.
No mandate in the size of the siggy. But as per IF COC it shouldnot be more than 550x650
Theme: Propose Day.
Team Champions get to chose one candidate from their team and one from team Neophytes they also get to choose one of the three judges listed below.
Team Neophytes can chose a member from TeamChallengers. They also get to choose a judge of their liking from the remaining list.

Judges of the Contest

Name Submission : 11th Feb 4pm IST
Round Submission : 12th Feb 6pm IST

#TheNeophytes = eufara_naghm
#TheChampions =
#TheChallengers = dmegha


#TheNeophytes = 26/Design 26/Creativity Total 52/60
#TheChampions = 23/Design 22/Creativity Total 45/60
#TheChallengers = 23/Design 22/Creativity Total 45/60
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Posted: 2 years ago
Round Five

Individual Task to be performed only by members who are yet to take part.
Make 2 set of pic spams.
- Male Attire and Female Attire with accessories.
- Theme : Valentines Day Celebration in a Cave.
- Maximum Nine pics (if the size is 100x100) or 6 pics (if the size is 250x150) however there is no mandate in the size except the maximum limit which is 250pixels.
Deadline : 14th February 2019 23.59 IST

#TheNeophytes = 114/120
#TheChampions = 100/120
#TheChallengers = 106/120

Team Task
- Make a thread with 4 post in A/S Forum
- Theme is Valentines Day Celebration in a Cave
- Post One : general info
- Post Two : Decoration
- Post Three : Dressup (use round five individual submission only)
- Post Four : Food Menu

Note that write ups will be as less as possible. Everything needs to be depicted in the forum of siggies and visual edits. Text in the siggies are allowed.
No compulsion in animated or non animated stuffs.
Deadline : 16th February 2019 6pm IST

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Posted: 2 years ago
I have a query, so we would have to choose candidate from our team and one person to challenge from the other team right? So does the person who we choose have to take part in the task from the other team? 
Posted: 2 years ago
@Sam, thats correct... you have to choose one person from your team and one person from team challengers. Both  of them will compete against each other in this round along with one candidate from team champion.

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