Bori and Unabridged Editions.Some major differences

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Posted: 2019-01-28T08:32:05Z

I would highlight the main facts that Critical Edition Of Bori differed from Unabridged Editions Gita Press,KMG,Southern Edition..

1.Bori deleted na Aham varayami Sutam..I wont marry a Suta said by Draupadi that found place only in 4 or 5 manuscripts out of 1000 above they referred. Point to be noted Gita press Pandit Ramnarayan and Nilakantha chaturdhar in Bhava Dipa clarified in Foot notes that Karna failed to hit target.South version elaborately narrated how Karna failed.

2. There was no one year rule specified in Bori regarding Draupadi s time period as the wife of each Pandava.

Before Narada they formed the rule..that if any brother happens to see Draupadi being with another one,he should go on pilgrimage for 12 years.

So one year with one brother was not mentioned in Bori but present in other versions.

3. During the Dice hall humiliation of Draupadi,Krishna was not mentioned as the saviour in Bori.

It was said that when Dussasana pulled her garment,many similar garments appeared and seeing that wonderful sight a huge uproar happened in Sabha.Yes Draupadi was covered with garments but Krishna's reference was not there.

Unabridged versions mentioned Krishna who through Dharma provided Draupadi with many garments.

3. Urvasi's curse was not there in Bori..but it was present in Unabridged versions.

As per Unabridged versions Urvasi curses Arjuna when he refuses to accept her wish..Indra converts it into a one year occurrence so that Arjuna can utilise it in incognito.

But Bori said Arjuna willingly became Brihannala taking the garb of eunuch.

Arjuna says he will become Brihannala ..his bow marks on his shoulders can not be hidden otherwise. He will wear the ear rings and will tie up his hair on his head..So here Arjuna chooses the disguise to hide his very famous personality not due to any curse.

4. Karna's Digvijaya was not there in Bori.Unabridged Editions got that after Ghoshayatra.

5. Arjuna's Durga Stuti which he did on Krishna's suggestion before the Kurukshetra war did not find place in Bori. As per Unabridged versions it was so powerful and yield fruits.

6. On 14 th day as per Bori Krishna did not hide the Sun with his yoga to enable Arjuna kill Jayadhratha. Arjuna succeeded in killing Jayadhratha before Sunset.

Here Krishna observing the Sun going down,hastily alerted Arjuna to cut the head of wicked Jayadhratha as the Sun is going to set...

Then he proceeded to tell Vriddhakshatra's boon and asked Arjuna to throw the head on his lap.

There is no hiding of Bori.

Unabridged Editions said Krishna hid the Sun through Yoga.

Yes. still there were instances in Bori that differ with Unabridged Editions, but I presented some important facts. These differences are factual ..result of years of hard work done by Bori team.

Bori Critical Edition Of Mahabharata Sanskrit version Adi Parva ch.204

Sabha Parva ch.61

Virata Parva ch.2

Drona Parva ch.121

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