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Very Simple Characterization:

Maan Singh Khurana: 26 years old rough and tough business tycoon. Married to Geet Handa 

Geet Handa: 21 years old innocent bublee girl. Married to Maan Singh khurana. A BA Student and yet to give her final year exams.

Savithri Devi: Daadi of Maan

Prem: 23 years old...younger brother of Maan. presently doing his Masters Degree in Canada.

Anvesha, urf Annie: 19 years old...Adorable sister of Maan and Prem
Currently doing her graduation in Business Management in Canada.
Prem and Annie yet to meet Geet but they are held up in Canada due to their education and project submissions.

Nakul & Shanti (Nakul Kaka & Shantima): Husband & Wife..loyally serving Khurana Family for Ages.
Mohinder & Rano Handa: Geet's parents. 
Daarji: Geet's Dadaji
Rajni urf Rajji: Geet's younger sister.
Geet's cousins: Nandini, Tejinder (Tej), Titoo
Geet's close friends: Ridhima, Muskan,

More characters to be introduced at a later stage.
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Sorry dearies...I had to divide this part into 2 and hence the interview scene will be in next part. I am half way thro and shall post the next part in 2-3 days. Will check my editing and spelling mistakes one by one..


He is really moved with her gestures...Especially recalling his behaviour when she touched him for the very first time...why my touch effects you so much GEET? Why? his emotions that are deeply packed within are threatening to burst out. Also, those lies that she was telling just to hide her inner turmoil and his image. Those lies are her simple wishes. He slightly strengthens his grip...and further whispers to her... I promise all your lies will be transformed into reality...I will make it happen. Its my promise...AND ..AND..Thank you for the birthday gift...I am eagerly waiting to get it from you... He smiles looking at her...again she smiles as if deep within her she is listening.. He keeps looking at her with lot of admiration and wonder when and how he drifted into a deep sleep with his grip on her hand.

The night slowly progresses towards early morning...Geet is still in her sound sleep. While Maan still has the gentle hold on Geet's hand.. Geet has moved a bit close to him and her right hand palm is resting on his chest.. Maan wakes up with morning brightness spread across the terrace and a warm feel on his chest..he looks at Geet and her palm resting on his chest is sending shivers down his spine...reminding him last time she did that to him and in denial to accept that he was effected by her touch, he behaved rude with her..He flutters his lashes and a lone tear rolls down his eyes looking at her sleeping peacefully by feeling him..He is really overwhelmed with her love that's buried deep within her..does he really deserve it? He sighs..and fills his eyes with the beautiful sight of his sleeping beauty glowing even more in the brightness of early morning... Like Geet said, he wants to begin and end his day with HER.. holding her protectively in his embrace...suddenly he hears his name been called out loudly and it was none other than Titu..He slowly frees himself from her without disturbing her.

M: Shh...slowly. Your Di will wake up.

T: Jiju..Daarji, Rajinder uncle and Mohinder uncle wanted to meet you. Please come down to the room adjacent to the hall.

Maan was wondering why he has been called and that too early in the morning. He looks at Geet and didnt want to disturb her sleep at any cost. He decides to meet the elderly men and come back to the terrace. He makes a slow move and walks down to meet them and he has been received with a warm welcome by all men. Maan touches their feet and takes their blessings...

D: Jeethe Raho Puttar. We are really blessed to have YOU as our Daamad.

Maan receives a hug by Daarji, Mohinder and Tayaji.

M: I am equally blessed to be a part of this family.

Mohi: Sahi kaha aap ne Maan beta...you are now a part of this family and hence you have equal rights

Tayaji: We have something to hand over you in this regard

Maan looks at all the men around questioningly..and just then, Daarji hands over a set of documents to him..

D: Puttar, I had got a huge land for my grand children long time back and at the time of Tejinder's wedding, this land into 4 portions I.e my four grand children equally and one portion of it belongs to geet..and hence belongs to you now.

M: Daarji, why are you giving this to me? This has to be given to Geet.

D: Beta, you are Daamad (Son-in-law) of this family and anything for Geet, it will be passed thro you only. Now her lifeline is connected with yours.

M: Par..

D: Beta, yours and Geet's wedding happened all of a sudden and under challenging circumstances. And at that point of time we couldn't do or give anything special...That's why I wanted to handover this to you now as this is your first visit here after that marriage.

Maan was really lost in his thoughts. Last one year, he has been living inbetween so many assumptions about Geet and her family...and last two days, he has been really moved with the humbleness and respect that this family holds for him.

M: I understand your sentiments but please dont be formal.

Mohi: I know, you people might already be having acres of land in your family name..but this piece of land is in prime location here and best investment resource in your construction industry.

M: Papaji, aap hamen sharminda kar rahe hain! This is your hard earned money and in my opinion, no investment can be considered big or small..

All three men are really moved with simplicity and understanding nature of Maan.

Mohi: That's really kind of you beta...Ab dhekho, hamara zamana tho gaya...now, our children have grown up and each one of them have their own family responsibilities...and that's why we had saved this property in our children's name. Now, you please dont say NO.

Maan takes a sigh and takes the property papers.

Maan ST: Now, what to do? I will discuss with Geet and will go by her decision what she wants to do with this piece of land.

Taya Ji: Ab jo main dene jaraha hoon, woh aur bhi kimthi hain...

He hands over a CD

Taya Ji: Its a CD of yesterday's functions...I had requested photographer to get me this as early as possible and he has got it to me within sometime the function got over. This is your copy.

Maan's joy knew no bounds...he is really so glad to get these as he doesnt have any photo or videos of him and Geet together. Maan is really moved with Tayaji's kind gestures and true love that he possess towards him and Geet. He is completely different from his wife Manjit.

M: You are right Tayaji..This is more a precious gift what you have given me.

Getting back to terrace, Geet is all lost in her beautiful dream...as if Maan has been sleeping next to her holding her hands and she too could feel her hold on his chest. His presence next to her is giving her such a warmth and comfort. She is pushed out of her dream when her mobile alaram rings...she puts it off and wakes up to the harsh reality of life. She has been sleeping all alone in the terrace. She has been deceived by her dreams once again like its been happening since last one year. All these days she would laugh it out saying it to be silly dreams but today, she feels low that once again her dream has won in making fun of her... She looks at both her hand as she could feel him thro her palm...she looks around and Maan is no where to be seen.

G ST: Tu bhi na Geet...ek dum jhalli ho gayi ho...why on earth you need to get such dreams...he who cannot stand you for few seconds will come over here and sleep next to you and that too holding your hand and you resting your palm on his...she couldnt even complete her sentence...C'mon...grow up... Nothing has changed between you both and it will never change...and mentally prepare yourself for the interview. Arre Haan...INTERVIEW!!!!..now how will I go back to my room..I mean his room?? She looks up cutely. Hey babaji...just help me...when ever I get into that room, please make sure he is not there.

She starts folding the sheets hurriedly...just then, Simran runs towards her...she really looks tensed.

S: Geet...did you see Pappu any where?

Simran is in her early stage of her pregnancy and she is going hyper with all small things.. She is feeling a bit giddy and holds on to her head. ...Geet holds her and makes her sit in the bed and gives her water.

S: I had left him in the terrace yesterday with Nandini and Preetho. Now, I am not finding both of them and also not finding my Pappu anywhere.

G ST: Oh yah...Nandini and Preetho...poor girls..I already drifted into a deep sleep by the time they came back to terrace and they seemed to have woke up earlier than me.

G: Bhabhi...relax... why are you taking unnecessary tension in this condition? your Pappu is sleeping in Rajji's room.

S: Kya?

G: Haan Bhabi...The night was getting chiller here. We all girls were waiting for you but you didnt show up.

Now, Simran's cheeks is getting red with a strange mix of shyness and embarrassment. ...she wanted to spend her time with these girls but her husband didnt leave her... She is stealing her glances away from Geet...Geet kind of notices it but she doesnt take it seriously

G: By then, Pappu already slept and I asked Rajji to take Pappu with her and to take him to your room in the morning. Guess Rajji hasnt woken up yet.

S: Oh...shukr hain... Thank you my dear for taking this wise decision on time. she looks up and thanks god by folding her palms.

Geet notices some red, blue and purplish marks in Simran's neck and shoulder

G: Bhabhi...what happened to you?

Geet points out at the marks. Geet really asks this innocently and has been always wondering that why Simran bhabi has these marks on her exposed skin many a times and she never got any straight answer from Simran. But now, Geet is married and Simran is talking openly to her whilst cautiously adjusting her duppatta to cover these marks..

S: Woh kal raat...tumhare Tej veerji ne...she blushes and then suddenly gives stern look to Geet...Simran is really wondering if Geet is that innocent or she is trying to bully by asking these questions. By the way, I could understand when you were asking me the same question when I got married into this family 3 years back. Now that you are married, you must be knowing the reasons...hain na?

Geet is really wondering what Tej veerji does to her that she has these marks regularly and what it has to do with being married? Although Geet has been married and over a period of time, she has started feeling for Maan but she doesnt really know or rather never got to explore the physical relationship between husband and wife and her thoughts about Maan has not got that advanced... she has a way long to go.

S: Chaddo..let me get my Pappu.

She slowly moves down with a confused mind with all what Simran told her. Just then, Preetho passes by her carrying a cup of tea..

G: Hey Preetho...kaisi hain re tu?

Preetho smiles back weakly. Yesterday's scene are repeating in front of her. How Maan cornered her and Nandini and made to feel so small. Ofcourse Geet doesnt know all this...all she remembers that Preetho and Nandini left from there one after another and she assumed that they would have come back when she fell asleep. She wants to apologise to Nandini and Preetho for she slept before they came.

G: Woh preetho...kal raat (Yesterday night)..

Preetho litterally shivers... Yesterday night Preetho was all teasing Geet and now Preetho is feeling so low and what if Geet takes her turn to pin point at her? Already she had her dose from Maan on the previous night.

G: Preetho...what happened? Why are you shivering like this? Tabyat tho teek hain na?

Geet is really wondering what's upto preetho and moves closer to her. She notices that even Preetho has some marks on her neckline and slightly swolen lips

P: Woh di..woh..Lucky ji is waiting for me...I mean... for a cup of tea...Will talk later...

Preetho almost vanishes from the scene and Geet is again lost as all these things are so new to her. How would she ever know as she had no one who would tell her all these things... But yes, one thing that came to her mind is how much Tej Veerji & Simran bhabi, Lucky Veerji & Preetho love each other to the level where they are inseparable for even one night. Geet's heart shrinks thinking that she could feel this only in her dreams and every morning she is woken up with the emptiness and loneliness around.

Geet wants to prepare cup of tea for herself that really helps her to kick start her day. Also wondering if Maan would have woken up by now? Geet slowly moves towards the kitchen. Rano was alreay there and Seeing Geet, Rano comes close to her and kisses on her forehead...Rano has been busy with her morning chores...especially arranging for the breakfast for the entire family. She hands over a cup of tea to Geet.

Rano: Puttar, Ye lo chai... but I dont know how to make coffee for Daamadji. So, Please help yourself regarding this.

Geet almost missed on his morning coffee...she leaves her tea aside and starts to prepare coffee for him.

Rano: Maan puttar is still with Daarji

Geet: Daarji?

Rano: Haan...I thought you knew it. He has been called by Daarji and your papa and Tayaji has also joined them. All men are having some important discussions and once he is done, he will be back to his room.

Geet wonders why he has been called. Hopefully, there's no other shocking surprise like the function yesterday.

G: Kya baat hain maa?

R: Kya patha...its all between four men now. What ever may be but I am happy to see Maan Puttar to mingle so well with them as well as the rest of the family.

Geet smiles weakly and utters just a hmm.. his behavior and gestures are giving her yet another shock.

R: Hmm...now, have your tea fast and take a hot mug of coffee for Daamadji. Its getting time for Breakfast.

Geet simply wants to avoid this morning breakfast session...she can sense what is coming for the day, she will be asked to have BF with Maan which Maan would definitely not prefer...and then she has to pass by Manjeet and her gang who will again drag them into unwanted talks...peeping into their personal life and baby and stuff...huh..It was ok if it was only ME...now, It will make it more difficult for me when Maan is dragged into these talks...end of the day, he will hell me responsible to put him into such a situation.

Geet prepares a hot mug of black Coffee and takes it to his room. She knocks the door and when there's no response, she slowly peeps inside and not finds him. She looks up and thanks her babaji and places his coffee on the side table. After that she quickly picks her dress and moves to Rajji's room to freshen up and get ready as Maan is expected back to this room any moment.

Maan straight away get into terrace to get back to Geet and didnt find her..and he slowly moves back..Right at that time, Titu passes by him

M: Titoo...did you see Geet anywhere?

Titoo laughs at him once again...and Maan gets annoyed

Titoo: Jiju...you always ask about di when she is in her room only.

M: What?

Titoo: Haan...I just saw her getting into her room just few minutes back. She was carrying a coffee mug.

He again rushes there...but didnt find her..and then, he turns to see a hot mug of black coffee kept in the side table..

GEET...He calls out for her name and searches for her in the Bathroom and balcony but didnt find her.

Like Titoo had said, she did come over here...but wonder where she went now.

He secures the CD in his laptop bag and takes a long sigh and sits down near the table where his hot mug of coffee is kept. He lies back on the revolving chair and looks at the ceiling and sipping his coffee. He could make out from the taste of it that she made it all by herself and placed it here. He really wonders how she takes care of him even amidst their cold relationship. COLD yes..that's what their relationship has become and he is responsible for it. All what she spoke to her cousins and her reaction in her deep sleep when he was holding on to her flashes in front of him. He smiles remembering her smiling with his one touch and next moment, his eyes gets teary thinking how much she loves him and how much she would have longed and missed him in spite of being deeply hurt with his behavior.

At this point of time, Maan's mobile rings. It was call from Aadi

Adi: G..Good Morning Sir..

Maan: Good Morning Aadi

Adi: Sir, two of our engineers will be visiting that Gurudwara sight today to take measurements and to oversee new construction and reconstruction. And the "Langar (Place where food is served for the devotees and visitors) needs to be completely demolished and remade as it has very old kitchen with outdated equipments.

Maan: Do what ever it takes...there should be no compromise on the quality and this should happen as quick as possible. And even I will be visiting very frequently to check the progress on this.

Adi: S..Sure sir. Stay rest assured. And...also reminding you about the interview.

Maan completely forgot about it..and takes a sigh..

M: Sure..I will be there.

Maan cuts the call and an idea strikes him to take Geet to his office at Business Centre where the interview is going to happen. He smiles within..but wondering if she will agree to come.

Few minutes passes by..Geet moves slowly into her room and looks around and takes a sigh not finding Maan around she smartly locks the door from inside so that She collects her bag and arranges things to carry with her...mainly copies of her education certificates and so on..and while closing her cupboard,she happen to halt seeing her own image in the small mirror inside the wardrobe...She touches and feels the sacred chain on her neck and her hair partition whilst looking at that mirror..she recalls those promises which she took during wedding..especially not to hide anything from her husband and today she is hiding about something that's so important in her life...this job interview and being second round, there's good possibility she will get this job...she is getting restless as if she is doing something wrong..there is a sudden strange conflict within her...

She so much wants to tell him about this interview with all her excitement. As per her he has every right to know everything about her..her excitement fades and her restlessness subsides remembering his behavior when she wanted to share some of her achievements...mainly her second year exam results. No...No GEET...Now, why would he care if you are going for college or interview? He never ever took that interest to know about her. That's what has been hurting her more..So far as she is away from him he is the happiest person. So, let him be happy...at least I could give this happiness to him. Hain na babaji?

Ofcourse it is easy to be said than done. Her restless mind gets another sweet torture..

Her mind time machine knocks her. She checks the wall clock it shows 8 15 AM. This used to be the right time by when she needs to get ready and move to that secret corner in KM to get his morning glimpse...these are the only sweet memories of her husband that she was blessed with..She is still lost looking at her mirror and just then she hears the bathroom door opens... and in the mirror it gives an optical illusion of Maan standing next to her...initially she shrugs it off thinking that she is day dreaming but she is pushed into reality with the closing noise of the Bathroom door. Hey Babaji..he was in bathroom...ab main kya karoon? she slowly turns to look at Maan who is just out of shower and his upper body still wet and he is all busy wiping his hair with a white turkey towel.

Her eyes glued to him and she is gaping at him cutely with a slightly open mouth. She couldn't help admiring him. And just then his vision got to the direction where Geet was there. He too rubs his eyes thinking he is hallucinating...his Geet is there right in front of him and she is looking at him without even a blink of an eye. She was all lost in him as if she is lost in some other world.. and she hits back on earth when she hears her name which was called out softly but it strikes like a thunder on her loosing senses.

Maan: GEET

Geet jerks and now her eyes are looking here and there making a restless effort of not looking back at him.. where as he is all lost in her..seeing her lost in him.

G: Ji...Main...Main...woh...apna bag lene aayi thi.

She is really heaving like anything as her heart beats faster than ever..cursing herself for gaping at him openly and shamelessly... and she manages to take her bag out of the wardrobe with her shivering hands and she walks pass him and in one move, he pins her between him and the wall nearby. This is something which he has never done to her and takes this as an act of anger...

He is not liking this coldness..once again, she is talking about moving away from him..how on earth he will make her understand how much did he miss her last night when she was away. Then, since morning, he has been waiting for her here..but she didnt show up in front of him...and now when she is here, she is again indicating to him that she is moving away.

All these days she had to hide and watch him from a distance and today, its such a big treat for her to witness him like this and that too so close. he is topless and there are millions of water droplets thats waiting to be wiped off from his hair, exposed upper part of his body... There is an inborn feeling in her which is pushing her to wipe off those droplets from his broad chest. Wondering why she is feeling this inspite of bearing all his ignorance and anger... He nears closer to her and his fresh fragrance is provoking and tickling her sences further. She closes her eyes and is controlling herself clutching on to her handbag... When his breath falls on her coller bone, She slowly opens her eyes into his... and again tries to explain him or say, defend herself...

G: Ji..woh ..main..bag..

She again tries to repeat her words and he instantly rests his right hand index finger on her lips gesturing her to keep quite... her heart beat doubles and her chest heaves feeling his long finger on her soft lips.. Both are really lost feeling each other...Her eyes have got moist and lost track on her own words and he slowly frees his fingers from her lips.. She once again scans him cutely and when her eyes met with his, she is taken back seeing it has turned red...is it because of anger? She steals her glance from him but his eyes has some magnetic pull in between this tension and she looks back at him again..

M: Why are you doing this to me?

He asked this as he is not able to take this cold behavior of hers. All what she spoke with her cousins is still fresh in his mind. Also, he is touched with the way she was seeking comfort in her deep sleep by his one touch and hold on her...and he knows that even to this minute she has these feelings for him but it seems she has wrapped them up and wants her to open up.

Where as for Geet, she is once again blown away with this question which echoed in her ears clearly.. with her past experience, she could relate this question only to his anger and his red eyes are proving it. these desires to touch him and feel him got thrown away from herself and she is back to her senses the ultimate truth hits her that he is in love with someone else and she means NOTHING to him. Her body is still stiff with a fear that what he is going to tell her now?

His both arms have strong hold on the wall as if caging her between the wall and him... She turns to look on her right and left and finds herself trapped she gives a helpless and fearfull look to him... and his eyes have got red as she is not answering his question. Where as she is only intending to move away from this room and from HIM before any more confusions engulfs her...but she is already confused with his behavior since the time he has moved to Handa Haveli.

Hey babaji...it clearly shows that he is angry on me...what did I do now? I made sure to walk into this room when he is not here...and how on earth would I know that he was in bathroom? Ya phir se Daarji ne kuch kah diya jis se ye itne naaraz hain? (Did Daarji tell him again about something that he is so angry?) Now what shall I do when these elders take their decision on me and dont even tell me about it?

Now, she has to act fast and move out of this room...and she had no other option than to push his hand with her soft touch and she makes a move towards the door.

GEET...he again calls out her name to stop her..she doesnt stop..

Geet skips her beat hearing her name taken by him...how much she wished to hear her name from his perfect M shaped lips in this last one year...at least this wish has been granted by her babaji.. and she heard him taking her name at least 2-3 times in this last 24 hours. but looking at his red eyes, she is sure he is going to outburst on her and she doesn't want to spoil her day as its very important day for her. She chooses to ignore and makes her way towards the door and just then someone knocks the door.

Geet ST: Hey babaji...now who is it knocking the door at such a wrong time...now...how will I go out?

Before even addressing to that person, Geet gives a pleading look at Maan for a brief second indicating his topless condition, Maan looks at her and a natural smirk adorned his lips witnessing this authoritative shade of her...She doesn't want anyone else to look at him in this state and she has to be. within fraction of seconds, he changed himself into a jeans and white casual shirt.

Geet knots her duppata restlessly and waits till Maan changes and she is not even sparing him a look and at the same time, She is hard bent not to move towards the door till he is done..she cutely looks from the corner of her eyes to find him in bright white casual shirt...today, he has decided to kill her with his looks...and she has decided to kill him with her cute and pleading gestures... He is so lost looking at her...she has mix of all emotions where as she steals her glance as she is still in her confused state.

Both fall back to planet earth with another knock on the door that's stronger than the previous one. Geet moves to open it and found It was Nandini.

Nandini on other hand is feeling regretful after getting a good lesson from Maan yesterday night. But she is controlling her smile to maximum when Geet and Maan have been locked inside the room and taking this long to open it..still, she is forced to maintain her composure as she is here to apologize and her head dipped down feeling sorry. Also, she was sent by Rano to call Maan and Geet to have their breakfast. Maan is still angry with Nandini and turns away his face and in meantime, both sisters start to talk..

G: Arre Nandini, Andhar Aao..

Nandini is here to ask for an apology..she gives one look to Maan and understood that he is really upset with her. But both Maan and Nandini were taken back with what Geet says further.

G: Nandini, glad you came here...I wanted to tell you something.. Woh...I am sorry..

N: Sorry? Kis liye Di?

G: Yesterday, you left to your room to finish of with some task and you were suppose to come back in some time. Hain na?

Nandini gulps and looks at Maan...and then looks back at Geet...

N: Haan di...woh...

Nandini wants to ask for forgiveness for being late back to terrace and she is taken back with guilt with what Geet tells her...

G: I am really sorry...May be you had more to talk with me...Mujhe nahin patha tha ki mujhe intezar karni bhi chahiye ya nahin..phir bhi main ne kiya. (I didnt know if I am suppose to wait or not but I still waited)

Geet pauses and looks at Maan for a brief sec and that sec was enough to explain her hidden pain..He could relate this waiting with those days in last one year and she feels she was not even permitted to wait for him and asking for forgiveness.

G: Aur Intezar karthe karthe aakhir main thak gayi thi (I was waiting and waiting and finaly I gave up as I got tired).

Now she is not even looking at Maan...her eyes got moist.

G: I really dont know how and when I slept off and didn't even know when you came to terrace and when you left in the morning...Once again really sorry dear...got too tired yesterday as it was hectic day for me.

N: Di..its ok and dont feel sorry for this...Actually, its my mistake as I got late..

G: Its better late than never...at least you never intended to leave me alone like..

Geet just stopped and she couldnt continue her talks further...and for Maan he could relate her each and every word to himself...she has been deeply hurt with his behaviour and she is not sharing or out bursting what has been bothering her mind and soul... Also, Nandini could sence that her Geet Di is hiding some emotions behind her smiling face.

G: Ok Nandini, I have to leave now..

Maan skips his heartbeats listening to this...she is again talking about LEAVING.

N: Di..are you going out?

G: Woh haan...Ridzi is going to be here. I have to meet some faculties and also spend some time in my college library. So, BYE..

Geet tells this to Nandini and also hints Maan that she will be away from him and will not bother him. She steals her glance immediately and walks away. Maan is again speechless and clinches his fist... another moment slipped from his hand where he wanted to take her along with him to his office but his plan failed.. but nothing can be done when she has to visit her college. Once again he is face to face with irony of TIME...when she was in KM, he didnt even bother to address her presence..or say, many a times he conveniently forgot about his wife's presence in the Mansion. Now, the same time is not sparing him since yesterday morning from when he got to meet his wife. And she seems to have accepted this aloofness and looks as if she is finding means and ways to stay away from him. He is not able to take it.

N: Ji...Jiju..Rano ma has asked me to call you for breakfast. Please join in the dining area.

Nandini didnt understand what's happening...she looks at Maan who seems to be a bit lost as well. Now, she is sure that something happened between them. She couldn't hold on to herself and she leaves from there and wanted to talk with Geet... And when she is out of Geet's room, she notices Geet is walking too fast... as if she is running away from someone but why would she do this? She senses something is hidden between the lines of her Geet di's happily married life and she wants to know about it.

Geet's eyes have welled up...she just wants to move out of this haveli ASAP and breath fresh air. She is really sick and tired of moulding herself as per the wishes of people around her...Maan wants her to stay away from him and she is been giving into this wish till date...people here in HP are always in look out for proof that Maan-Geet are ideal match for each other and she pretends to showcast like that...but inbetween all this, she is drifting away from her own self and wonder where will this lead to.

N: Di..pls rukiye..

Geet stops then and there when she hears Nandini calling out for her... and she wipes her tears and composes herself trying to be normal but this time she was not successful in being so.

G: Kya hua Nandini?

N: Di..woh...sorry to ask you this.. is there something which is bothering you? Aap ka aur jiju ke beech main kuch hua hai kya?

Geet really wonders what to say? What will bother her in this relationship when there's absolutely NOTHING between her and Maan...but YES...this is yet another moment where she has to mask herself..

G: Eise kyon pooch rahi ho? Sab kuch tho tik hain!!!

N: Patha nahin ..mujhe eisa laga. (Dont know but I felt so)

Geet sighs with a smile... and holds on to Nandini's hand.

G: Nandini, I really dont know what made you think like this...challo, lets go by your thoughts today and what you are assuming or feeling is right. So, let it be.

N: Di..what are you saying? I was assuming that you and jiju are best couple and I am really wondering if you and Jiju have strained relationship then I am really worried about my life after marriage.

Geet really doesnt know how to make Nandini understand...She holds Nandini's hand and drags to the nearby balcony which gives a clear veiw of outside of haveli...

G: Isnt it a pleasant day today?

Nandini doesn't understand what she trying to say...all she does is she nods for an YES.

G: But is it always like this? It sometimes rains so heavily that it almost gets flooded , sometime so cold and windy and sometimes so sunny and sometimes the weather is so extreme that you are not able to step out of home.. but just imagine if all days are just pleasant day? Is it even possible to happen OR you would like to live in such an atmosphere?

Nandini nods for a no... and Geet smiles...

G: Married life is just like that...Not all days will be special, happy, romantic, you need to face moments when there would be some differences of opinions between you both when it comes to family matters or say, spending time with each other.. especially, you as a wife and going to be elder daughter-in-law of Rahul's family...you will have face high challenges...you see, you need to adapt your life in line with your husband's and his family and above all this, you also need to give your husband enough space...and that's what I am giving your Jiju.

Geet ST: SPACE...yes...this GAP is the only thing standing strong between US.

A sad smile forms in her lips...while Nandini highly respects Geet's POV...she is still confused...it was just yesterday night where Geet was expressing her feelings how those days of separation went thro for her and at the same time, Maan gave Nandini a good lesson of life for leaving Geet alone even for sometime...and where does SPACE comes inbetween all this? Its so contradicting.

N: Di..I majorly agree with you..but I didnt understand this "SPACE thing.

G: Rehne do Nandini..please dont get too much in detail about it. you will understand few things only when you are pushed into the situation. You will find your answers coming your way one by one...at least by the fist year of your happy married life...and what ever happens, stay happy always...hmm?!!

N: I will di...promise.

Acha...Rano Ma was pushing me to call you and Jiju for breakfast...I have informed Jiju to come down... what about you? guess Ranoma doesnt know that you are going to your college today.

What to do now, Geet simply wants to avoid it for the obvious reasons and now time is also ticking. It will get very late. She must be present in the interview by 11:00 and before that, she wants to visit that Gurdwara and take blessings. She looks at her watch and its 10 minutes to 9:00 and Ridzy is expected to be here any time. AND ABOVE ALL...Maan wouldnt like to have breakfast with her.

G: Dont worry...I will talk to maa.. but I need a help from you...Just help jiju what ever he needs to have during breakfast and after he is done, please make a hot black coffee for him without sugar.

N: Sure di.. I will take care...and dont worry.

Geet walks down to face her mom... rehersing all what lies she needs to tell her and quitely escape from here.


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