AsYa & ArShi FF: A Clean Slate.[Chapter 3, Page 11, Mar 2/19]

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A Clean Slate.
Formerly Known As: "Cupcakes and Barbells"
This will be a rewrite of the aforementioned fanfiction, with a focus on both AsYa and ArShi


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Chapter 3 - Page 11

Main Characters:

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Sorelle and Co. takes a unique approach to food, mixing refined elegance with healthy, and delicious goods. The inspiration behind Sorelle and Co. comes from a trip to Italy, where the two co-owners fell in love with a cute cafe and wished they could bring it back home. At the mere age of 16, the two co-owners started baking cakes and cupcakes for events, their love for baking led them to open a bake shoppe and cafe. Sorelle means "sisters" in Italian.

BARE Fitness takes a unique approach to fitness that isn't found at other gyms. Eat. Train. Learn. They provide meal planning, support and high-intensity group training. BARE is nutrition-focused, and a transformative centre famous for dramatic fat-loss and extreme fitness performance.

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Chapter 1 - A New Beginning

November, 2016
"This is going to work". Zoya Farooqui whispered to her best friend with conviction.
"It will." Khushi Gupta answered, wrapping her arm around Zoya's shoulder as the two of them stood on the sidewalk outside a boarded up store. The wooden planks covering the windows and door were worn, and looked like they had been there for some time considering the amount of graffiti and posters that adorned them. It definitely did not elicit hope in the two women, and for a moment they regretted not putting more thought into their purchase. They had bought the place on a whim, without even seeing it in person, when they decided to move away from New York. In their defence, there weren't many options in the small town and their new motto of going with the flow deterred them from doing much research. After all, they had chosen a rather unorthodox way to decide which city they would move to - throwing darts at a map of the United States had led them to Charleston, South Carolina.  
"Our ideas might be too ambitious." Zoya murmured as she stared at the obscene graffiti. "I mean the inside looks worse than the outside." She added remembering the dark and drabby interior with hardwood floors that creaked and paint that was peeling. It was far from their idea of light and airy as it could get.
"Don't worry!  It's going to be like Kal Ho Na Ho, you know when they take that ugly cafe and turn it into a thriving restaurant, and then everyone lives happily ever after." Khushi beamed, trying to stay positive.
"Uhm, Khushi...Aman dies and Naina doesn't get her first love." Zoya said turning around to look at Khushi in disbelief as she recalled the basic plotline of the movie.
"Well yeah, but the restaurant is thriving. Khushi exclaimed before sighing. "Okay, maybe that wasn't the best example -"
"You think?" Zoya teased.
"WHATEVER. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN." Khushi yelled before changing the topic. "At least the location is nice..."
Zoya had to agree with that statement as she looked around. It was a nice street. One side of the street had multiple shops, everything from a small boutique to a convenience store, while the other side was an empty field. Far down the street she could also see a plaza which housed a Walmart. The real estate agent had told them this was a developing area, which was the reason for the great deal they had gotten on the place. Apart from the store that they now owned, everything on the street was colourful, the storefronts ranged from pinks to yellows to blues. It was truly a coastal town.
"And we have the corner store!" Khushi added with a huge smile, it was the reason they purchased it so quickly. "This would have cost us millions in New York."
"That is why we're standing on a sidewalk with palm trees, in shorts, in the middle of November, 800 miles from home." Zoya pointed out.
"You say that like it's a bad thing." Khushi murmured as she looked down the street  with a smile, the sun was shining and the traffic was almost non-existent. "Just smell the air. I don't smell garbage, sewage, weed or car fumes." Khushi beamed excitedly, she always wanted to live by the water, the air smelled so clean!
"It's not a bad's just different, and there is so much to do, Khushi!" Zoya whined, something she only did when Khushi was around, if anyone else was present Zoya would have put on an amazing act of courage and optimism.
"Breathe in. Breathe out." Khushi said as both her and Zoya inhaled, and then exhaled.
"We don't have to do any of the physical labour, we just need to spend the money and make some decisions." Khushi pointed out.
"Well, that's true." Zoya agreed grudgingly. "And Rehan was dumb enough to give us a whole lot." She smiled fondly referring to a friend who had loaned them some money for their business venture.
"Exactly! Now, how about we go back to the apartment and unpack?" Khushi asked.
"How about we get food first and explore downtown?" Zoya suggested. "Part of this move was supposed to be about relaxing and getting away from the hustle and bustle of New York."
"I still don't understand how you did so well in school when you're such a procrastinator." Khushi teased as she looped her arm through Zoya's and walked down the street to find some food.
"It's a mystery to me." Zoya laughed.
December, 2016
"Zeenat Aunty, we're fine, honestly!" Khushi said over the phone as Zoya ran around in the background yelling instructions at the workers who were putting up new drywall. They had been lucky enough to find a great contractor, who had the place completely gutted and was working on re-doing it exactly as they wished. "Everything is fine. We don't need help." She reassured Zoya's mother over the phone while glaring at Zoya, who had answered the phone and put it to Khushi's ear before she could register what was happening.
"Where is Zoya?" Zeenat asked after her daughter again, for the tenth time in the five minute conversation.
"She is busy...talking to the contractor". Khushi answered, even though Zoya was a metre away from her and mouthing thank you. "I'll have her call you back." Khushi responded before hanging up quickly and taking a deep breath in. "Hey Devi Maiyaa, that was exhausting!" Khushi groaned walking towards Zoya and passing her phone back to her. "You owe me one by the way." She yawned. The two were already tired enough as it was, overseeing the renovations for their store was a lot more work than they thought it would be, and their families weren't helping with their melodramatic blackmail.
"Let me guess: You two need to come back. Who drops out of medical school to move across the country to become a waitress in a no-name town? This girl is the reason I have grey hair already and you Khushi, who turns down such a good rishta to open up a bakery, your mom is heartbroken. You two need to come back home, your mom is so worried." Zoya said imitating her mother. "Allah Miyan, what's wrong with them? My mother is blackmailing me to move back and start medical school again even though she knows I hated it. And your mother is insistent that you marry Shyam THAT STUPID MISOGYNISTIC SLEAZEBALL!" Zoya yelled causing all the workers to look up at her curiously.
"He sent me 45 messages on Facebook. He calls me Khushi Ji." Khushi deadpanned while rolling her eyes. "I wouldn't marry him if he was the last man on Earth, I don't care that he's rich."
"I can't do this right now. Let's not talk about this." Zoya groaned before shaking her head. "Back to making important decisions stark whites, tiffany blue, and gold accents?"
"We should do warm whites if we're going gold accents, it's more homey and welcoming." Khushi suggested leaning over the table that their samples were spread out on as Zoya nodded.
"White counters?" Zoya said ticking off the relevant boxes on her paper.
"Mhmmm." Khushi agreed.
"Floors I don't think we should go too dark or too light."
"I agree, we should do these ones." Khushi said pointing to a perfect shade of brown that wasn't too light or too dark.
"Perfect sistaaa." Zoya laughed. "Oooh, before I forget, I designed the most perfect logo for our business!" She squealed before unlocking her iPad and holding it up to Khushi's face.

"IT'S PERFECT! Elegant, clean and inviting!" Khushi exclaimed as her eyes travelled over the screen. It looked like those enchanted mirrors in fairy-tales, with an ornate gold trim. And on inside of the "mirror, on a tiffany blue background, it said "SORELLE AND CO.

"I am glad we decided on using Sorelle." Zoya smiled.
"It beat sisters and co." Khushi laughed. "Plus, this obsession with baking started after our trip to Italy in high school." She smiled fondly remembering their first trip to Europe with their school. They had gotten lost in Bari, Italy a small costal town- and found the cutest bakery, with an owner that wasn't much older than them. It led to an obsession with baking, and with some practice they had taken to doing birthday cakes and cupcakes for parties by the time they were 16, it fell through when Zoya started university though.
"Thanks for including me in this crazy idea." Zoya murmured while hugging her best friend tightly.
"I couldn't do this without you, I tried once and failed miserably." Khushi replied, hugging her friend back, referring to the bakery she had opened in New York it never made a profit from the day it was opened to the day it closed. It just wasn't right.
"Well yeah, but I am a lot happier already, and I owe it all to you for realizing that I needed an intervention and letting us get a fresh start in life. I wouldn't have had the guts to do it if you weren't by my side." Zoya smiled thinking back to how depressed she was while in medical school and how anxious and lost she was after dropping out.
"I am glad you're happier." Khushi beamed pulling away from her friend. "This is what we're meant to do Zoya, I just know it."
January, 2017
"WHAT THE ACTUAL f**k?! You did ALL of that with less than a million dollars?!" Rehan exclaimed over FaceTime as Zoya showed him around the fully renovated cafe as Khushi followed her with the iPad. The renovation gave them everything they wanted, and it was even better than they thought it would be. THEY WERE IN LOVE WITH IT. They were absolutely giddy about how it turned out.
Since their store was a corner lot they had invested in getting floor-to-ceiling glass windows around most of the perimeter, which let in all the light. The dcor was elegant, with lots of creams, beiges, gold and a hint of tiffany blue here and there.

"Money surprisingly goes a long way here." Khushi laughed while turning the iPad around so Rehan could see her beaming face as she slid into a booth.
"Gupta your smile is looking a bit sadistic there. You should control it you have to find a husband in Charleston after all, can't scare them all away." Rehan teased while laughing.
"Shut up Rehan." Zoya said as she sat beside Khushi so the two of them could talk to their other best friend.
"No, seriously. I saw your mother at a wedding and she literally said I hope there are nice INDIAN boys in Charleston, that girl needs to get married. I didn't want to burst her bubble and tell her there probably aren't many." Rehan laughed.
"Oh my god." Khushi groaned throwing her head back, hitting it on the soft leather of the booth she was sitting in, her mother was obsessed with her getting married.
"Actually, it's not as bad as we expected, for some reason the population here is rather diverse." Zoya laughed. "We have seen a few South Asians around -  we just saw an Indian couple at the grocery store this morning, the lady was calling for her husband and his name was Aman. He was cute-"
"AND MARRIED, VERY MARRIED!" Khushi said while hitting Zoya's arm.
"You can still appreciate that he was good looking." Zoya defended with a shrug.
"Maybe he has a brother." Rehan teased. "I should tell your mother-"
"Don't you dare Rehan Khan! Or I will fly back home and hit you, and then fly back here for the grand opening!" Khushi yelled.
"Speaking of grand openings - I can't believe you guys are opening on Valentine's Day, it's so...cliche". Rehan said rolling his eyes.
"I think it's a smart move we'll be ready by then, we'll open on a Friday and stay busy through the weekend. We've already drummed up some interest with how inviting and elegant the place looks, and since it's new people will want to try it out on a special occasion." Zoya reasoned.
"Still clich but I am glad this is working out." Rehan said, he was genuinely amazed and proud of his two friends. He sometimes wished he had the guts to do something crazy and out there, like moving somewhere random and starting anew.
"Well sure you are, as our sole investor you'd be in big trouble if it didn't work out." Khushi teased. "I can't believe you loaned us all that money Rehan, I don't think I am ever going to stop saying thank you."
"Who else was going to be dumb enough to give money to a bankrupt women with a failed business and a med-school drop out?" He teased causing the two girls to roll their eyes. "As a great person once said, money ain't a thang if you got it."
"Wasn't that Jay-Z?" Zoya asked, a confused look on her face.
"Yeah, my brother from another mother is also from Brooklyn."
"Allah Miyan, what's wrong with you? For the last time, you're not from Brooklyn, Rehan! YOU HAD AN APARTMENT THERE FOR TWO WEEKS BEFORE YOU GOT SHIT SCARED AND MOVED. YOU'RE FROM THE MANSIONS OF MANHATTAN STOP FRONTING!" Zoya yelled rolling her eyes.
"She would totally hit you over the head if your huge head was here right now." Khushi laughed.
"That's what she said!" Rehan laughed waggling his eyebrows.
"REHAN!" Khushi groaned shaking her head.
"Okay, we're hanging up now. Byeee!" Zoya said ending the call. "Idiot."
"I miss that idiot." Khushi laughed. "I can't believe you used to have a crush on him." She teased.
"I WAS SIXTEEN HE SHOT UP SUDDENLY AND HE WAS NICE TO ME WHY WON'T YOU LET ME LIVE THIS DOWN?" Zoya yelled banging her head on the table, gently, but repeatedly.  
"That's what best friends are for." Khushi teased. "It was the moustache he grew wasn't it? Facial hair, even a couple of silky strands, worked for you even then-"
"Shut up Khushi!" Zoya groaned. "At least I didn't have a crush on a guy who never talked in Grade 7."
"He was shy-"
"I think pre-goth might be more appropriate."
"Well, he's tall, dark and handsome now-"
"Oh, so you're still interested, should I warn Shyam ji?" Zoya teased.
"So, I was thinking we need an Instagram account for the shop-"
"Oh, really?" Zoya laughed.
February, 2017
"We need to hire more people." Zoya sighed as she turned over the open sign to closed after a busy day. "I am so tired, and I can't feel my feet anymore." She complained as she walked to the counter where Khushi was taking bills out of the till. She sat on a stool and slumped over the counter, resting her head on the cold porcelain.
"I know, isn't it so exciting?!" Khushi squealed.
"I just told you that I am tired-"
"Tone down the exuberance I am too tired for a peppy Khushi." Zoya groaned.
"I know but listen - we've had more customers in ten days than I had in the 11 months I ran the bakery in New York." Khushi buzzed causing Zoya to lift herself off the counter and smile at her friend's exuberance, she was glad that this was working out, for the both of them.
To say they were busy would be an understatement, social media apparently worked wonders if you had an aesthetically pleasing shop. People seemed to drive from other cities around Charleston to take pictures Zoya was glad all that extra money they spent was paying off. She just hoped the buzz didn't fizzle out any time soon. But things were looking promising, they were even getting custom orders for birthday parties and other events. Apparently, the other bakery in town only made breads, and cakes had to be bought from the grocery store. Khushi had shuddered in disgust when she learnt that people bought grocery store cakes. 
"How about we celebrate? By getting pedicures, on me." Zoya smiled.
"Oh god yes, my feet hurt." Khushi sighed as she walked back into their office to put the money in the safe until they had time to go to the bank.
March, 2017
"Sam is also going to run our Instagram page, she took photography in high school and is really good at editing. She thinks we should start reposting customer posts with their permission as well." Khushi beamed as she got ready for bed after a long day at work.
"That's a great idea! That's one less thing for me to do." Zoya replied from her bed, thankful for their 4 new employees. Three teens that worked part time on evenings and weekends, and a 60-year-old woman who was tired of working at the grocery store bakery. She was honestly a gift to the world, she was super sweet, and came in every morning to bake, leaving the girls free to ice and decorate the cakes and cupcakes.
"Maybe we can finally get more than 4 hours of sleep." Khushi yawned. The past two months had been crazy, they severely underestimated how much work went into running a business. They often left for home past midnight after cleaning and prepping, and went back at 6am to finish baking and icing.
"Hmmm, I miss sleep." Zoya mumbled from her bed as Khushi settled into her own twin bed across the room.
"We have to get up early tomorrow though, to finish the birthday cake order. They said they'll drop by at 9am to pick it up." Khushi said yawning again as she pulled the covers over her.
"Hmmm." Zoya mumbled. "Go to sleep."
"Good night, Zoya."
"Night Khushi."
April, 2017
Zoya and Khushi opened the glass doors and stepped into their shop, the smell of freshly baked cupcakes and sugar icing assaulting their senses immediately making them feel fuzzy and warm. The cupcake display looked exactly as Zoya had left it the previous night with a fresh batch of decorated cupcakes, they all had pastel coloured frosting on them, it was sprint after all! The smell of coffee and espresso permeated the air, but the smell was overpowered by that of icing and sugar, just the way it was supposed to be!
"I just want to melt into the floor every time I walk in here." Khushi mumbled to Zoya with a smile.
"Mornin' boss ladies!" Mark quipped from behind the counter where he was setting down plates next to Sam, who was cleaning the espresso machine. Khushi was sure that Mark had a crush on the girl but was too afraid to say anything she totally lived vicariously through her employees.
"Good morning!" Zoya beamed.
"Do you guys know what's happening across the street?" Khushi asked the two teens. Zoya and Khushi had noticed a bunch of cars and construction equipment when they parked the car this morning.
"My dad said someone bought a stretch of the land, it used to belong to the grandfather of a boy I went to high school with. I am surprised he sold it actually, people have been trying to buy it for years. I don't know who bought it, or what they're building though." Sam said while looking through the glass wall across the street where there were now a bunch of machines, and men in reflective vests and hard hats.
"Looks like it's going to be pretty big looking at how much land they're excavating." Mark added following Sam's gaze.
"Do you think construction is going to deter customers?" Zoya asked Khushi, worry tinting her voice.
"I don't think so it's not like the street is super narrow, they aren't blocking anything off." Khushi reasoned.
"What do you think it is?" Zoya asked peering across the street, while tilting her head, her brow furrowed.
"I guess we'll find out." Khushi shrugged.

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Well this one is really interesting...although I do remember how the cupcake an barbell story started! I never imagined that you would rewrite it ever...but I am really glad you did! Cu your other stories rocks...specially classified love! I have read it ultimate number of times that if there is a movie made on it ( I hope with the same cast) I would know how to script it!
Well Rehaan Khan looks a new character and I find the others really adorable ( except for leads)
So yeah looking forward to the story
Keep inboxing the notifications of the story update or I wouldn't know!

Loads of love
Posted: 2019-01-26T12:11:48Z
Welcome-Back! :)
Posted: 2019-01-26T12:32:20Z
So excited! 

I just recently read your other fics so I'm really really psyched for this. Everything looks amazing. Like eeeh! 
And also, that gym looks so good! Especially the locker room. And those cupcakes! Hehehe. 

I'm also extremely excited for another Asya + Arshi fic. With lots of romance and bromance and sister love. I really hope you give us a little of Khushi Zoya bestfriendship bonding and Asad Arnav bromance. And maybe even some sweet Arnav Zoya and Asad Khushi scenes. Eeep. Sorry. I'm getting greedy. And ahead of myself. Hehehe. 

Anywho. Bottom line is that I'm really excited for this. I love your work and your such a great writer. You're one of my favorite Asya writers and another of your work is really really awesome. Welcome back! And congratulations. 
Posted: 2019-01-26T14:30:00Z
Can't wait to read the first chapter.. Glad to see you back.. Excited to read another great story from you

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