?_NAAGIN 3_? : Spoiler/Promo/Speculations/Prediction/Frustation Thread(Page 2)

Posted: 2019-01-25T23:52:30Z
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Posted: 2019-01-26T00:21:17Z
Life is but a play of chance in the game of choice
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Posted: 2019-01-26T00:25:04Z
so it seems Bella will give Naagmani to Sumi but she knows Sumi couldn't touch it.

Who is this Raksa vansh? Naya vansh?
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Posted: 2019-01-26T00:26:13Z

On this episode of Naagin 3, Bela and Vikrant are looking for Vishakha and Mahir frantically. They then reach a destination where Sumi is waiting for them with her gang who are harrowing the two. Vishakha struggles to save Mahir. If the two need to be set free, Bela has to handover the naagmani to Sumi. Will Bela give it to her? Will Bela be able to save Mahir and Vishakha?

Later, Sumi safely keeps the naagmani in the security of rakshak naag. When a naagmani tries to touch it, it sizzles and falls. Sumi also tries to throw Andy, Kahi, and Mahir out of the house but Bela protests and tells Sumi that the naagmani is divine. She says that the naagmani has its own wish and it can choose to leave her too. On running to see the naagmani, Sumi realizes that it has been stolen. She is shocked!
What do you think happened here? Tune in to Naagin 3 tomorrow night at 8 pm to know more.
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Posted: 2019-01-26T00:28:19Z

Guys what's this naagmani has its own wish n it can leave her too Shocked
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Posted: 2019-01-26T01:10:50Z
Rakshak naag
Naagmani is in custody of rakshak naag 

Life is but a play of chance in the game of choice
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Posted: 2019-01-26T01:12:12Z
Naagmani is of God 
Bela crown is given by God 

She has been sent by God that's what make Bela naagrani Bela 
Life is but a play of chance in the game of choice
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Posted: 2019-01-26T01:20:29Z

Naagmani's own wish!? ShockedLOL

Till Sumi's revelation there was speculation on Purple snake

Now who can be Naagmani!?

New character? or

Naagrani Bela herself is Naagmani? 

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