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I was feeling exhausted and totally drained out of energy after a long day at hospital. It felt so good to be back at my hostel room. I quickly freshened up and lay on my bed. Lazily scrolling through the Insta feed, I saw my bestie's post. It was her bday n she had spent her entire day being pampered by her bf. He had taken her to a beach, then shopping, movie n lastly a dinner date. As I looked at their pics, I sighed. How happy they looked together. There were pics of him holding her, kissing n pulling her cheeks, they both dancing, laughing n lastly of them walking on the sea shore hand in hand. Uff it's such a torture to look at such things n mourn over your singlehood. At times I think how amazing it would be to have someone make u feel so special n loved.Most of my friends are in a relationship, deep or name-sake whatever it may be, at least they have someone to escape to from their daily routine lives n have some moments of affection. And its on days like these that I feel more lonely and shady. I so badly want to have something like this. I want some one who will care for me, listen to me, pamper me n make me feel blissful. Why is it so hard for me to find a bf? Being single sucks. I just can't take this anymore. I want a bf! Overwhelmed with this desperation, I made up my mind and finally did what I was contemplating doing lately.

I made an online dating profile!




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Prologue n Part1:(Page1) Press enterhttps://www.indiaforum


Part2: (Page 2) Damon Salvatorehttps://www.indiaforums.com/forum/topic/5065254?pn=2

Part 3: (Page 3) Dumbstruck


Part 4: (Page 4) Stars set right


Part 5 : (Page 6) The Spotlight


Part 6 : (Page 8) The Heartbreak


Part 7: (Page 8) Midnight strikes


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Part 9: (Page 10) The blue dress


Part 10: (Page 10) Hand in Hand


Part 11: (Page 11) Talking Business


Part 12: (Page 15) The Blissful Evening


Part 13: (Page 16) The Inevitable


Part 14: (Page 18) One passionate night


Part 15: (Page 20) Morning Unrest


Part 16: (Page 23) Mr Perfect!


Part17: (page 24) Your Way!


Part 18: (Page 27) Miss Girlfriend


Part 19: (Page 30) Dreadful day


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nice.. update next part soon.
Posted: 2019-01-23T20:37:58Z
Awesome prologue
continue soon
Posted: 2019-01-24T01:00:57Z
Interesting prologue...Update next part soon dear...
Posted: 2019-01-24T01:02:03Z
Awesome prologue
Please continue soon..:)
Posted: 2019-01-24T21:49:07Z
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Chapter 1: Press Enter

        I excitedly started signing up to this popular dating app.

Should I risk putting up my real name, I thought. But then what if I found someone special and it turns serious? I don't want to start it off with faking my identity. Ahh, what the hell, I can proceed by putting just my 1st name! That would be smart. So I typed,

Name: Madhu


No  way I'm filling dis. Next,

What do you do: Medical student

Then it occurred to me that if I put this, it will definitely scare away most of the guys. Who would want to date a nerdy, boring girl. So I skipped this one too. I went through all the questions and skipped about maximum of them. I can't risk letting anything out. I looked at my profile. Now what? Should I expect a guy to approach me just by looking at my name and couple of pictures? But isn't that how it's supposed to be. It's a dating app. I'll only find some desperate losers who aren't capable of making a move in real life and so decide to sit back and try their luck here, just like me. And who knows what lies at the other end. This much looks enough .So I made my mind and clicked confirm.
         The next moment I see my mobile screen flashing an endless list of profiles of all sorts of guys. Some looked classy, some looked showy. Some were really handsome and some appeared to be trying really hard. It was like a big fat buffet in front of me. I began scrolling down, going through each of these profiles. Some were really hot, a few appeared way out of my league. Many of them had interesting bios. It was fun looking at them and judging them. I liked few profiles. But now the question is, what next? Should I just send him a Hi? Oh wait, that would make me appear desperate. Should I wait for him to approach me first? What if no one does? Ok we'll not go there, what if someone does? I hope he's a good one. But what if I don't like him? Should I reject him? Now how is that supposed to be done? And what if I do like him? How am I suppose to chat with a total stranger? What should I say? How much I should reveal?  On the other hand, what am I supposed to learn about him? How are we supposed to play this? What are the rules? Oh this is so terrifying. And just when I was freaking out thinking about all this, my phone beeped with a notification

Rishabh Kundra just sent you a Hi! Wink
So guys I'm a newbie here n its my first time trying to write something. I'm very encouraged by all the wonderful writers n their works here. I don't know how this story will turn out. I'll try my best to deliver my best. All your comments, criticism, and appreciations are welcome.  I knw a short update can be  disappointing but I promise I'lI try to make it longer next time.  Thank you for the love n support.

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Wow amazing start loved it ..
Wow Rk sent message for Madhu hehe I know he is the one for her I hope they fall in love soon & will be together forever.. Waiting for the next part.. Plz update soon :)

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