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Thanks a lot.I love ur detailed comments.Adi did not dance with Taani.He just imagined dancing with Zoya.It was Zoya who imagined adi dancing with Taani.

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Awesome update Clap
Loved it
Aditya imagines Zoya in the rain and dances with Taani
I don't have a good feeling about Taani. Although she seems genuine, I feel like she might be behind all the misunderstandings (I hope not).
And Zoya also imagines Adi with Taani and feels sad.
Why are you hurting both the characters so much? Cry My heart goes out to Adi...he's not living without Zoya. But Zoya doesn't even care. I really hope she realizes her mistake and repents for hurting Adi so much.
Nitya's character is confusing me. One minute she cares for Adi and the next, she creates problems between AdiYa.
There are so many suspicious people in this story that I don't even know who is the real evil one.
Oh no...please Aditya don't marry Taani. It's all a trap.
I love how you incorporate pictures in your writing. They go so well with the scenes. Star
Thanks a lot for the PM
Please update the next part soon
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Emotional update
but pictures edited well..
Clap Clap
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The seperation is painful... Aditya n zoya recalling imagining each other and bursting into tears... Ohh thats really really sad.. Nitya is disgusting she made zoya against adi and now she is repenting idiot ! I m so frustated.. Poor taani... Omg Aditya n taani to get married !!! Urghh Nityaaa... Anywayz painful episode but awesome pics loved them. Personal favourite was that AdiYa drenching in rain pic !
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Thank u so much my dear friends 4 the mindblowing comments

Bepannah pyar hai tumse...I love you intensely... Part 7

Aditya:What are you saying Bhabhi?I don't love Taani.I love only my Zoya.I can't give her place to anyone.

Nitya:But if you want to save Taani's reputation you have to marry her.Otherwise her life will be spoiled.
Aditya was stunned.
Rajveer:Since Taani is staying here even our family reputation is ruined.In order to save our family name too you need to marry Taani.

Aditya wept:But how can I marry Taani and give my Zoya's place to somebody else?
Nitya:But that Zoya herself left you Adi.What is the use of crying and spoiling Taani's life?If you want to help her as a friend you marry her.Otherwise live in the past itself and spoil all our lives.
Aditya thought for a while.He looked at Taani's tears.
Aditya:Ok...I am willing to marry Taani.
Taani was shocked.
Aditya:I am sorry Taani.I won't be able to love you like I love Zoya.I am marrying you only to solve the current problem.
Taani:I know Adi.Even i don't want to take Zoya's place in your heart. are ok with this marriage.Right?
Taani nodded:I have no other option.So yes.
Aditya walked away weeping.
Taani thought:I know how much you are hurt Adi.Wish Zoya sees your love and pain and come back to you.

Taani went to office.Adhiraj was very happy.
Adhiraj:Taani...finally after a long leave you are back.
Taani:Ya.My mind was not in peace.That's why I took leave.
Adhiraj:Good that you came.I really missed you.
Adhiraj:I mean..we all missed you.
She smiled slightly.Aditya came.
Adhiraj:Good morning Sir...

Aditya ignored it and walked off as he was lost in painful thoughts.
Adhiraj:Why Adi Sir looks more upset now?
Taani:Adhiraj...Adi and I are getting married.
Adhiraj was shocked:What?
Adhiraj stammered:Does...does...that means you both each other?
Taani:You also think like that?I thought as a good friend you will understand us.
Adhiraj:I never misunderstood both of you.But what i heard ..I mean how you both decided to get married?
Taani:Circumstance made us decide to get married.We feel that's better.
Adhiraj was shattered.

Aditya was sitting in his room and thinking of his past moment...

Flash back...

Aditya was busy with his work.
Zoya came:Aditya..listen to me.
Aditya:Zoya..I am busy.I will hear your serial story later.
Zoya:Always work.No time for me.
Zoa frowned and moved away.She bent to take a book from the table.
Aditya looked at her:Zoya...
Suddenly his eyes fell on her back which was almost bare.

Bepannah si mohabbat ki hai
Dil ne bhi yahi chanat ki hai

Zoya noticed that Aditya was gazing at her back.

Tere bina mera laage na jiyaa
Tere liye hi dhadke jiyaa

She smirked thinking:Now let me see how you can avoid me and do your work.
She put the hair which covered her back in the front.Since Zoya was wearing a backless top her milky skin got exposed to Aditya.

His eyes widened.She blushed.

Mere dil ko tere dil ki zaroorat hai
Mere dil ko tere dil ki zaroorat hai

She smirked thinking:Now Aditya has gone out of control.

His hand moved to touch her bare skin.Suddenly Zoya turned back and looked at him.
Zoya:What happened Aditya?You need something?

Aditya was embarrassed.He nodded blushing:No.
She felt like laughing.

Main tha rahguzaar, tune thama is qadar
Ab rahi na koi bhi fikrr
Main tujhme baant lu, yun khud ko humsafaar
Reh na jaye koi bhi kasar

She moved towards the cupboard.Aditya went and stood there with a naughty smile.
Adi:I was thinking of spending time with you.
Zoya:But your work?
Adi:You are more important than work.

Tere bina mera laage na jiyaa
Tere liye hi dhadke jiyaa
Mere dil ko tere dil ki zaroorat hai
Mere dil ko tere dil ki zaroorat hai

Zoya:Oh really?How are you going to spend time with me?

Adi:Like this.
He pulled her for a tight hug caressing her back.
She felt ticklish and giggled.
He too giggled.

Teri saanson mein mujhe, guzaara mil gaya
Ho gaya mujh pe tera asar
Yei mohobbat teri lage rab ki koi mehar
Khatam na ho chahtein umrabhar

Aditya moved his lips towards her sweet face.She was blushing.

Tere bina mera laage na jiyaa
Tere liye hi dhadke jiyaa
Mere dil ko tere dil ki zaroorat hai
Mere dil ko tere dil ki zaroorat hai


Aditya got up from his dream.His smile vanished from his face realizing that those sweet days have gone.He walked restlessly and got bumped into Taani.
Taani:Adi...I am Taani.

Adi:I am sorry Taani.
Taani:You were thinking of Zoya.Right?
He walked away painfully.Taani became upset.
Taani:Poor Adi is always thinking of Zoya.Wish Zoya had known how much Adi loves her and misses her.

Taani was thinking of Aditya's pain.
Taani thought:Adi will never be happy with me.So I think I need to meet Zoya for one last time and make her understand the truth.If Adi is lucky it will be his remarriage with Zoya that will be happening and not his wedding with me.

Taani went to Zoya's house.Anurag and Prerna were shocked to see her.
Taani:Please let me meet Zoya.It's urgent.I should not get delayed in talking to her. can meet her.
Image result for anurag prerna kasauti1
Prerna:She is upstairs.
Taani:Thank you.
Taani went upstairs and saw Zoya standing there.Zoya was shocked to see her.

Taani:I came here to tell you one thing.Adi and I are getting married.

Zoya was expressionless:Congrats.

Taani:Are you not at all sad?Not even one percent to hear that Adi is marrying me?
Zoya was silent.

Taani:But Adi is lifeless without you.He is breathing...but no heart beat as his heart beat is you.He is marrying me out of pressure.He is in depression because of our upcoming wedding.Because he loves only you and only with you he can lead a married life.Trust me Zoya.Adi loves only you.Like you think there is no romantic relationship between us.

There is somebody who tried to add fuel to the fire.Somebody poisoned your mind.Somebody pretended to be your well wisher and created more misunderstandings between you and Adi by portraying Adi and I as illegitimate lovers.I don't know who that fake well wisher of yours is.But that person is a bloody liar who played games between us.
Zoya stared at Taani:I know who that well wisher is.

Taani was shocked.

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Sad that Nitya n RV pressurize Adi and Taani to marry. Guess Adhiraj is in love with Taani that's why he got shattered on hearing about their wedding. Good that Taani went to see Zoya n make her realise Adi's love for her. But Zoya already know about that unknown person. Whether she know about Nitya? Can't able to see Adi like this. Eagerly waiting for next part.
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What? She knows who's the culprit?? ConfusedConfusedConfused
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This is very interesting , zoyas reaction was confusing . Update soon 
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thanks for updating! 

outstanding update! awesomely written!

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