Sitaara will have to save Viraaj

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Posted: 2019-01-15T21:54:44Z
Looks like the precap Vrinda wud refuse to help Raja Ratan and maybe something has happened in the past with her older Sister Vishkanaya and Ratan didn't give any heed to it so there is a back story more involving Ratan and his past with Vishkanaya , Kuldeep and RajGuru part is kinda known but Ratan has something more hidden therefore he doesn't want anyone else to know abt the Dakshin dwaar & Vishkanyas.

But if Vrinda doesn't help then Sitaara wud have to do something against Kuldeep wishes and what is that, she has to give her power in some form to Viraaj to remove the poison in hai body is that mean she will have to share the bed with him?

Something against a Woman with a Man who is not her husband or her lover and just a person whom she has to guard & who is engaged to someone else, something which Kuldeep is very against as morals are also a part of a fathers fear & a daughter whom he loves.

But Sitaara who is a promise keeper will go all out to do what she has to.

Will that bring a shock to Viraaj and also Netra and his relationship?

What will the say be .

Interesting event coming up.

Surely this show shows various human reasonings and their ways to bring amrit rightoutness & vish wrong on the forefront.

A viewer must see various angles Vishkanya's are tricky planners executers, Evil or Poisoness is again woth pondering, their strengths are tied but they use them to dig different sides of getting to freedom.

Great Episodes till now & detaling in each character is growing well which is the essence of the story telling Clap
Posted: 2019-01-16T03:07:32Z
This is disgusting can creatives show such a thing ?? 
Do they want to piss off viewers from show ?? 

Firstly how can Sitara even agree to such a thing ?? 

All these Raj guru n Raja Ratan now after asking such a favour should have to promise Kuldeep n Sitara to get her married to Viraj after this ... 

If CVs showed after this that everything comes back to normal n Even if nothing happens between Viraaj Sitara still if CVs showed no change still everyone continued with Metta Viraaj thing than its highly giving  negative impact on viewers 

That will be more disgusting :( disappointing
Posted: 2019-01-16T03:23:02Z
Saw a news piece wherein Sitara was dressed like a bride and Viraaj is in a trace aka sammohaan. He tries to get intimate with her and then wakes up and hen shouts on ehr and kicks her out! Adaa said in the interview that the only way Sitara can save viraaj is by sleeping with him, to which from this news piece it seems Sitara agreed to. She was even carrying a knife to kill herself after the job is done. I hate these kind of pathetic tracks Dead

Now that Viraaj woke up and saw her with him in bed, what will his opinion be towards her! it is time Vrinda connects with her daughter and Sitara gets to play the negative Vishkanya for a time LOL. I also saw in another news piece from the show intro time the kind of getup Sitara will have as Vishkanya. Nice look.
Posted: 2019-01-18T18:48:18Z
Then there is also a matter of Maharaj giving his promise to let Viraj married Nethra. They are even engaged to be married at this point. How could a Maharaj went against his own promise. This is really much.

And how much more are they going to sacrifice Sitara in the name of protecting Viraj itself? It's really crazy. How could the creatives even do such a thing. Creating a majboori shaadi between the two. I think there is a moment and period of bitterness between Viraj and Sitara before they both fall in love. At least Viraj will be disappointed with Sitara for agreeing to marry Viraj. Especially when he is engaged to another girl and had given his promise to do right by Nethra. 
Posted: 2019-01-18T18:49:28Z
Guys I am really confused. It is a Kshatriya dharm to keep true to their promises. It is even more true if that kshatriya is a maharaj. If a maharaj cannot keep his own words, then how does he expect his senapati to keep his own words? This is really unbelievable guys. 
Posted: 2019-01-18T22:45:28Z
All this is RajGuru's fault, he took the weakness of Kuldeep and a promise that Sitaara is sacrificed to the Raja & protection of his people especially Kuwar Viraaj.

Now Kuldeep is a senaparhi, Senapathi are Kshatriyas too.
A Senapathi can win a battle go up the later of being a King so he keeps his vachaan as a guard of the kingdom & also the kings command is his duty.

As a father he is helpless too since he has given up his daughtwr to be dutiful to the kingdom a promise kept by him is a great dignity for him, it is awful for him to see that he has to make his daughter do what she is not suppose to as a woman and consent with a man out of wedlock or loose her dignity.

This is all a part of human testing where there are such situations where one has to go thro such tests.

Ratan is desperate & after Vrinda duped him so he will want to do everything possicle to save Viraaj.

Now With RajGuru putting mooh on Viraaj the drop of tear awakens him and he himself is disgusted at what he sees Sitaara doing.

Poor girl she was doing her duty & she is also shocked that what will Viraaj think.
Posted: 2019-01-18T23:34:49Z
Vrinda should use this opportunity to release Sitara of her bondage with the Rajguru and Maharaj. 
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