Fallen KaiRa FF [IF-NC_Entry]

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Posted: 2019-01-15T00:06:38Z

Title: Fallen

Word count: 3106

Author: AnyaRSingh

Chosen prompt: Prompt 8

He is a superstar and so am I. Our first movie together was a blockbuster. Since we slept with each other things started to turn ugly. And then we never signed any film together. But then I have been offered a movie that I couldn't refuse because I knew that it would be a major breakthrough in my career. And Guess what he is the Male Lead of the Movie.

Summary: Once an actress with a squeaky-clean reputation, Naira Singhania has fallen from grace. She is about to lose everything, she has left. When an offer comes for a Harpal Preet movie, she must make the choice between the golden opportunity or destroying herself completely.


January 2019

The nurse in the hallway, at the hospital stared at me with wide eyes. She turned away and began telling her co-worker in hush tones about my latest so-called affair with Kiran Agarwal, a middle-aged married movie producer.

"She is a home wrecker! Do you know how many affairs she has had with so many movie actors, directors and producers" I pretended not to hear them. I was used to people talking about my personal life and judging me based on whatever the media said I was doing. It did not matter if almost all the stories were untrue, all that mattered to the media was, whether their sales did well.   

I despised hospitals, they always smelled horrible. I kept my hand over my nose and ignored the gnaw that had settled into stomach, since the nurse had phoned me an hour ago. Everything will be ok. The nurse who had called me here was probably going to tell me that my father, had just passed out drinking again. A nurse stood with her back against the front of the inquiry desk. With her phone in her hand. I had picked my father up from here many times before, but her face was unfamiliar to me. Perhaps she was a new member of staff.

"Hello, I am looking for my father his name is Naitik Singhania" I asked her politely.

"You evil bitch, I hate you for stealing Kiran Agarwal from Aashi-" She began and used her free hand backhand me across my face, then it occurred to me she was filming this. I fell to the floor, and pain enveloped my entire cheek right up to my, head as she began spewing hatred, that I could not hear because of the ringing in my ears. I never could understand why people did things like this. Luckily one of the other patients' relatives quickly held her back. This all happened so fast I could barely believe it really had happened. This was why celebrities had bodyguards, which to me was an expense I just could not afford right now.

I knew in about ten seconds once security got here her video would already be on the internet, having almost a million views. Another nurse, helped me stand up, she tried to help me, and the security asked me if I wanted to press charges, I said no. And I asked another nurse for my father. She told me to follow her and took me to the desk, where several people gathered all mumbling about the sight. All clutching their phones desperately, I stared at my reflection in the window against a nearby wall and cringed. One of the other nurses, A slightly plump kinder looking one, I had met before several times when I had come here to pick my father up, gave me a pack of ice.

"Hello Naira, I am sorry about what happened..." She greeted me.

"Nurse Pinky how are you? Uhm can you tell me where papa is?" I asked her, politely.

"I am fine my dear, your father was not admitted so we had to send him away, because his bill was not paid for the last time he was here"

"I will pay the money as soon as possible I tell her, unable to meet her eyes. After my latest scandal. I was unsure if there was anyone in the industry who would still hire me at all.

"Did papa say where he was going?" I ask her, she shook her head.

"He did not but he had money on him so I knew what it would be, He needs a rehab dear" She said to me again, it was advice she had given to me before. Advice I had tried to give my father many times before. Advice he would usually barely ever listen to. At the moment her advice was something I couldn't afford. Rehab would cost money and I needed money for the house and my father.

"I..." I did not say anything else as my eyes watered. So, did the throbbing in my head. Nurse Pinky mentioned she would give me something for the pain and excused herself. Before she could return, I left.

Unable to face the pity in her eyes. I know my father would be fine, he would not show me his face for the next month or so not after what he had stolen from me to use to fuel his excessive drinking habit. He would be fine for at least another month before the money for that too would drain out.

I hailed a taxi and asked him to take me home. My car had been repossessed just the other week, soon I wouldn't have Singhania house either. I was unable to fight the bitter tears that rolled down my cheeks, on the ride home which was the only time I would allow myself to be weak. I had to be strong for Phungi and my father. All the staff had been laid off, the garden was no longer as beautiful as it once was nor was the outside of the house. When god decided to take everything, I had he really ripped everything out of my hands. I had 15 days left before I had to pay for the mortgage. Phungi my childhood best friend, waited for me at the doorway. She was our maid's daughter, after the death of her mother, my mother had raised her as her own. Ever since Phungi and I had been inseparable. It did not matter that Phungi was a mute, somehow our souls connected on a deeper level. Having both lost my mother and watched my father descent into destruction.

Seeing my cheek Phungi's eyes hardened.

 "A crazy fan did it I tell her," and she touches my cheek, I wince I am sure there is a bruise on the side of my face. I steer her inside after closing the door.

Phungi says she wants to sue them using sign language. I shake my head.

"We don't have the money for it" I remind her, and she looks away, but then her face brightens.  And she asks me if she can hit the person who hit me. I shake my head.

"No, we don't want bad press remember we need to get a movie" Even just one movie would be enough for me to get back into the circuit as well as to earn enough money to make all these piling problems go away.  

When I hear my phone ring again, I stare at Anil Sheik's number and inwardly cringe. I know my desperation for work, had reached his disgusting ears. Because I no longer could afford to ask people not to hand out my number. Since then he had been phoning me every afternoon. I had hoped and prayed for a miracle to occur this week. Just anything so that I would not have to consider his offer. He was willing to pay me millions, for posing wearing lingerie, in one of his illustrations. He had been for years.  

"Naira my angel, I have been phoning you all afternoon, why have you not answered my calls?" Everyone in the business knew he was an utter sleaze ball. I ignored his question because I am sure before tomorrow, he would know what had happened to me at the hospital, I needed a pretty face which would only occur in time and I did not have the time for my face to heal. Every cell in my body protested against it. I did not want to do this, but my family meant more to me than anything else.

"That offer you had given me last week I was wondering if I could take it but after a few weeks?" I asked him, trying to come of casual but not desperate.

He laughed in a strange way. It sounded like he was being strangled almost.

"I have some-someone else now He stuttered on, "But I heard of a movie offer, that could be yours"

A movie?

I felt hope bud in me. Sweet fragile hope.

"Really?" I said again trying to be as normal as possible but still sounded desperate.

"Yes, you have to do a look test tomorrow..." He explained some stuff still sounding rather strange. I ignored the weird vibe I was getting and took down the number he gave me of the casting director. Harpal Preet was an amazing director and producer, I had enjoyed many of his movies. He often cast actors based on their skill. Hence his movies often did so well. I had never met him, but I remember...

I pushed my wayward mind from those thoughts and focused on what was important to me.

After getting all the details. Phungi and I began putting ice on my face to try and make the bruise on my cheek completely vanish but the next morning it only darkened. I put on a dangerous amount of concealer and headed out for the audition wearing one of my favorite outfits. Which had survived, mainly because i had saved it for auditions.

An expensive light pink dress and some designer shoes. I needed to look like an actress who was worth whatever money they would pay me. But the minute I looked outside, I noticed it was raining, it was not the kind of rain I would usually go out in. I knew the second I went out in it; my makeup would disappear and the angry bruise on my face would reappear.  

I phoned the number of the casting director and she insisted on today being the only day available for me to come in for the look test. After what had happened with Kiran, Phungi had decided to come with me. She did not think it was safe for me to go anywhere on my own.

When I arrived at the house, which was were the test was going to be held. Everything about it gave me a strange vibe. It was more like a regular house than an office in any way. I was taken by one of the many strange silent servants to the study. Where we were asked to take a seat. It was the kind of house...

Again, I forced myself to focus on what was needed of me.

Phungi signed to me that she wanted to have a milkshake after this meeting to celebrate my new job. I hugged her to my side, thankful for her positivity. My confidence was knocked down a few pegs because the angry bruise was visible on my cheek. I needed to be presentable for Harpal Preet, not broken and some random fallen from grace actress. But there is no time to ask to be excused, I know that my dress is drenched in rain and so is my hair. I look every bit a street rat and nothing like a movie star.  

"Hi, I am Harpal Preet" I recognized him from the many shows he had done. His hair was in a rough pony tail.

"Hello, I am Naira Singhania" I introduce myself.

"I have heard many things about you, Miss Singhania" He said without smiling, "Poor work ethics being a forefront, late arrivals, early pack ups, seducing any man willing-" My reputation was not something I was unused to.

He notice's Phungi's expression to his words.

"Well maybe we should talk alone about the offer" He asked one of the servants to come in. I nod and tell Phungi with my eyes I will be ok. She motions that she will wait outside nearby. And that I should scream for help if anything happens, I nod.

Once she is gone Harpal seems amused by our interaction.

He pulls out a packet of cigarettes and goes around his office rattling on the drawers until one opened. And pulled out a lighter.

He produced a document a minute later in front of me. Never ever sitting down constantly walking around the room. it was as if he was unable to be still for a minute.

"But your acting is something I have always enjoyed watching, well that is when you put your mind to it, for this role, I am offering you I was told the only way to get you to work properly was to have your name in ink before we go into further talks, and I was also advised that money would make you more complacent" He said, I looked at the contract in front of me. It already had my name on it.

His words were insulting yet the only thing I thought about was my father and Singhania house.

"How much-" He had his back to me.

"500 thousand" He said, I looked at him with wide eyes nobody paid that much money. His terms were unusual, but he was of course known for being eccentric and doing anything possible to get the best performance out of actors ever.

"What about the look test" I asked him, his lips curled as he suddenly stopped right in front of me.

"We do not need one, a friend said you would be perfect for this role"  

"Who is this someone?" I asked him, who could it be I wandered but at the same time, a part of me knew it would be someone I did not want to work with.

"Kartik Goenka" Hearing his name changed everything. I had been so careful in avoiding memories of him...



3 years ago

"We got married today" Kartik mentioned as I stood in front of my vanity room mirror slowly pulling of the heavy wedding jewelry. He was behind me, wearing a white sherwani, his dark brown eyes steadily gazing into mine. He was beautiful inside out to me. The ends of his lips were always turned upwards into a casual smile. On his left hand was the watch I had given him at his last birthday. It was easy to understand the magnitude of his stardom, because he was one of those people despite having been born into a family which consisted of several actors including his parents, he had that charm about him. I never would in a million years understand his attraction to me, but I understood this much that whatever it was, was something I wish would remain with me for as long as lived. He had this vibrancy about him that I had never ever witnessed in another person. He was just so happy always. And he kept everyone around him so happy.

"Again... this is our second wedding" I reminded him, He smiled at the thought of it. He loved having these huge wedding sequences. He said if he could he would marry me every day of his life so in every life we would always be together. Kartik hated that our managers did not want our relationship out in the open, they felt that by never saying anything we could easily avoid being plastered all over page three for our every action, losing the very essence of our relationship. Some of which I understood a bit because of the way the business worked, I did not want in anyway for Kartik's movie collections or career to suffer because of our relationship.  

So, whenever we were alone like this, Kartik asked his assistant to not allow anyone near my vanity room. This meant for as long as I wanted or mostly, he wanted we could be alone before the next shot. But for today we were done.

"So, doesn't that mean we should have a second wedding night?" I glared at him, but was unable to keep the blush from creeping onto my cheeks.

He laughed and hugged me from behind, wrapping his arms around my waist and my back came up against his warm chest, my pink blouse that was only held by a flimsy string against his chest.

"No, I have to go home early today" I tell him, and sighs resting his chin on my shoulder blade. He pouts at me adorably.

"I am sorry" I say to him, I kiss his cheek, which despite being clean shaven felt slightly prickly. Which makes him smile.  

"I need to tell you something" I tell him, he turns me around never releasing his me in his arms, his hands caressing my waist until finally settling them comfortably, and his eyes fell to the front of my blouse revealing to me, he was slightly distracted.

"What is it? Is everything ok?" He asked, lifting his gaze, as if he had forced himself to.

"I got this modelling offer" I say to him, his eyes hardened, and his arms tighten around me.

"If it is Anil Sheik, I will break his damn teeth!" He said, I shook my head with a small smile on my lips.

"I would never give him my number, it is for this make-up advert" I tell him, he smiles and loosens his hold on me.

"Good, because in this lifetime the only person you will ever wear a lingerie is for me, and since we got married on screen twice the next 14 life times, and since we will probably do more movies together, I am pretty sure we will get married many more times-" I smiled at him and he paused.

"You do things to me, inside here Naira Singhania, especially when you smile" He said, pointing to his heart.

"Stop it, I have to really go home early today" I remind him, and he pouts again, and his grip on my waist tightens.

"I won't to let you go" He said, I placed my hands on his shoulders.

"You can't hold onto me forever, It's Phungi's birthday I have to go home" I tell him smiling at him, he doesn't let me go immediately, until I half tickle him on his side and he laughs, letting me go for a second {3000 words} before dragging me back into his arms. Before pulling my back against his chest and grabbing hold of my two hands rendering me motionless.  

"Even if you make me let go of you, I will find a way to drag you back here defenseless and at my mercy, as you can see, now try to leave me! I dare you"

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Posted: 2019-01-15T10:48:46Z
wow.. please update soon
Posted: 2019-01-15T12:27:40Z
Nice plot.cant wait for next updateee
Posted: 2019-01-16T08:11:29Z
Hi Anya! This was an amazing start to the story. The way you write is so engaging. It moves at a pace that is perfect- neither too fast nor too slow. In the 1st part itself we get to see/read all about Naira's monetary problems, her alcoholic father and a glimpse into her past with Kartik. Even the r/lships built like that of Naira-Phungi feel so endearing.

I love what you're doing with prompt 8. (I am trying my hand with Prompt 3 and Kaira) :D
Looking forward to reading more.
Posted: 2019-02-19T13:08:58Z
This is the firststory i read on IF and liked it. Edited by Sense9 - 2019-02-19T13:11:37Z
Posted: 2019-02-27T22:01:03Z
Second story on kaira Tongue pls post this on Wattpad as well like the other one & update this too
Posted: 2019-03-01T06:01:05Z
please update soon
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