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Amazing prologue! Very intriguing plot. Why do I get a feeling that it was shashi's sample and gargee wanted to tell her sister about it!? Can't wait for you to proceed with next chapters to reveal the figments!
Posted: 2019-01-17T21:49:48Z
Originally posted by Siri007

Amazing prologue! Very intriguing plot. Why do I get a feeling that it was shashi's sample and gargee wanted to tell her sister about it!? Can't wait for you to proceed with next chapters to reveal the figments!

Well, yes! Next chapters fill in the details, I suppose. But thanks for the lovely comment! Smile
Posted: 2019-01-17T23:23:39Z
awesome start.. please update soon
Posted: 2019-01-18T06:39:33Z
Interesting prologue and quite different
Posted: 2019-01-27T04:41:48Z
Quite interesting 
Posted: 2019-01-27T06:19:53Z
This one seems quite interesting.. Can't wait to read more  
Posted: 2019-01-27T22:46:50Z
The prologue was so intriguing! I loved that your Khushi is educated and is pursuing such unique interesting majors. Your story is so new and fresh. I hope you continue with this, and I can't wait to read more! Good luck! 
Posted: 2019-01-28T17:58:13Z

Namaste. Read. Enjoy. Leave your thoughts!

Note: Chapter 1 & 2 => 3195 words

Based on Prompt 7

Chapter 1 - Word count 1193

She drove under the waning moonlight with the windows pulled down. The occasional gusts of wind soothed her nerves. She increased the volume on her playlist and breathed in, settling the petrichor in her senses as she steered through the almost empty streets. Khushi was going to pick Payal from the office party. Her mom was against Payal driving to the party alone. Khushi decided to drop and pick her up from the party.

Driving through the empty roads was fun, but as soon as the traffic hits, it feels as if she was sucked back into another planet. She sighed as she finally moved through the traffic and parked her vehicle in the visitor's parking. Picking up her mobile, she ringed Payal's phone. The number you are dialing is currently switched off! What?

She tried again but no use.

What was she supposed to do? Khushi was in her palazzo and a full-sleeved black T-shirt. It would be odd if she walked into a fashion industry's renowned party in that attire. She doubted Payal would be wasted and would need her. God! She groaned as she locked her car and walked to the front yard. There were guards everywhere. How in the world would she go and search for Payal?

She dialed Payal's number again but in vain. She looked around her and felt out of place. From long flowing gowns to short length dresses, to weird looking ones, this place was full of glamour. She could sense the amount of stress these people take to appear in the news. She could only wonder. Well, the concern is her sister dearest now. To try her luck, she walked till the gates, and the guards as expected asked her for an invitation.

"Hey, my sister is inside," the tall man looked appalled, he rose his eyebrows questioning her.

"Sorry, mam, no invite no entry," the guard said.

"My sister's name is Payal, and she called me to pick her up, and now her mobile is switched off. Can you tell her that I'm here?" she requested with her huge hazel eyes, and the guard listened carefully, "Trust me, I don't want to go in there either," she added, he looked at her for a whole minute and conceded later.

"Wait here, mam!"

"Thank you," she tapped her feet impatiently when she saw the same guard walk out with a tab in his hands. She looked around him to see if Payal was coming, but there wasn't any sign of her.

"Mam, yes, there are two people with the same name. Can you tell her full name, and designation?"

"Yes, Payal Gupta, Junior Fashion Designer, and Knitwear Manager," she said, anxiously.

"Mam, you can go in! Here's your id. Please show it in the front," although reluctant, she walked inside.

The inside looked magnificent. With pearl white drapes and fairy lights dangling all sides, she felt like as if she was in another world altogether. The chandelier looked royal as it lit the whole of the room, adding flamboyance and royalty. It was almost covering half of the hall. Some, people danced, some were gregariously chatting but no one seemed amicable to her. Everyone had this weird glint in their eyes that was nothing close to friendship. It felt as though they were all trying to prove who was better. Flamboyance. Power. Ego. That was all of it. 

The lights almost blinded her. It took her some time to adjust her vision. She walked through the glitters and glamor. Where are you, Payal? She thought as she searched. So, she decided to ask someone and looked around! Whom to ask? She turned to her left and saw an elderly lady and enquired but all she got is a ridiculous look and no answer. How rude?

Her gaze settled on a couple, the man stood in what looked like a tailored suit and the lady in a red designer saree. She walked towards them, skeptical somewhere that the attempt would be futile but what's wrong in trying, right?

"Hi," she tried to gain their attention, and both turned. That's when she admired how stunning they looked. Suddenly, she felt very intimidated. Taking in a breath, she spoke, "My name is Khushi. I am looking for my sister, Payal. She called me to pick her up, but her mobile is switched off,". She watched the couple exchange looks. The man looked like he was in his 40s, and his rugged looks spread strong aura. Khushi couldn't guess the woman's age though, but all she noticed was her beautiful eyes twinkling in the lights.

"Hi," she greeted Khushi.

"I'm Anjali, and this is my brother, Advait,"

"Hi," she greeted both. A weird silence encompassed, and no one spoke.  

"I'll let someone announce," Advait told, and Khushi realized how husky his voice sounded, when he was about to call someone, Khushi's eyes settled on a lone figure in the corner. She recognized it was Payal.

"I guess she is there," she pointed in the direction of Payal. "Thanks a lot," Khushi said, her eyes still focused on Payal and walked towards her sister.

Anger rose in her when she saw Payal. She was sleeping on one of the chairs head bent behind and tilted to one side.

"Payal, wake up," she was completely drunk. She brought some lemon soda and tried to wake her, but no use. Payal slept like a baby. Will calling her dad help? Payal would be grounded forever. No, bad option. Who else? Akash, or NK? She called them, but no answer.

"Need some help?" she heard a voice. Turning around, she was quite impressed. A handsome young man stepped in his three-piece suit, his hands casually tucked inside, his dark eyes and sharp features did quite a justice to his broad shoulders.

"Arnav," he extended his hand.

"Khushi," she took his hand for a quick handshake and was taken aback by his firm grip. She couldn't deny his help because she couldn't come up with a better plan.

"She is like, super drunk," Khushi told him, and he nodded. Effortlessly, he picked Payal in his arms as they walked outside, and she walked ahead to lead him to her car.

Arnav placed her in the backseat carefully before standing up.

"Thank you so much," she looked at him. "Not a problem. Do you want me to drive behind you, till your home?" she denied.

"I'll manage. Dad will take care from there!" she said, lips twitched in a frown. He chuckled. "So, she is not your roommate or friend?" he asked surprised.

"I'm her younger sister," Khushi grinned. "Oh!" he said.

"Why do you look so surprised?" she asked him rather curiously. "Generally, in these parties, I see friends and not sisters," he laughed. She smiled, as she sat in the car.

"Here, this is my card, call me if you need any help, with drunk cases," handing her his card, a toe-curling smirk settled on his face. She took the card and looked in wonder. Arnav Singh Raizada, Architect. "Sure, bye. Thanks again!" Khushi said as she drove away to her home.



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