Rajma idli daily rantingz(Page 6)

Posted: 2019-01-12T09:58:39Z
Maha episode kab hoga?
I m eagerly waiting for it
Posted: 2019-01-12T10:01:25Z
Originally posted by Faria.

Maha episode kab hoga?
I m eagerly waiting for it
Today already done and dusted...you missed it..
Posted: 2019-01-12T10:02:09Z
Originally posted by bscorp13

Yeah sadly..if only she tried turning her overactive romantic imaginations into real..her husband for one would surely be the happiest man around  LOL..and the bhoookhad delusional fandom will also get something to cheer about LOL...

Waise legally she has every right to 'do' everything and more than what she dreams of...LOL...she just chooses to not do LOL...and CVs don'tlet het break that jagatmata mould too often...OuchLOL

Haha true

She will never do it 

Happy being jagat mata 
Posted: 2019-01-12T10:09:57Z
Watched YHM on TV for the first time after time change.

Nothing much happened .

 - Raman did a great move by planting Simmi with Param as it restricted both Param and Sudha's movements.

 - CV's are simply trying to push Rohan's positivity , now that they have got look alike Adi back.

 - If Aaliyah starts having soft corner for Rohan from tomorrow  after he gets Ishita's address then I can say she is a confirmed Robot of Bhalla family as even Ruhi was shown to be soft towards Karan after he was admitted in hospital but no such emotions of Aaliyah was shown even during Rohan's dengue period forget about normal times.

 - Don't want Rohan , Karan , Ruhi and Aaliyah to get together as they have no respect for each other . The way girls speak to the boys and the family to these people are literally as if they speak to some beggars.

 - Have noticed that Bhalla family is extremely crude in their language while except for Shagun other villains had been soft spoken.

 - Wonder how many goons is Param In contact with. The last one was quite burly. And when he had to kill Ishita why not simply murder her as the goon did with the other 2 rather than slow gas leak. Unhappy

 - I expected Param to kill Simmi off after he found out about her double cross. But she reached BH safely. Thumbs Down

 - CCTV footage is a full proof of kidnap and kidnappers. How would Param escape ?

 - Raman's plead to Simmi to help him was superb. His love, care for Ishita was superb.

Posted: 2019-01-12T10:17:23Z
Ishra hug is so similar to that post earthquake hospital hug .
Posted: 2019-01-12T10:23:37Z
Originally posted by sreeu12345

Today already done and dusted...you missed it..
What? But when?
Oh no,
Posted: 2019-01-12T10:28:23Z
Yug is ShaRam's son and Adi's twin brother
Posted: 2019-01-12T10:37:26Z
Sorry Taklu no matter how much u try to get sympathy for Simmi/Chimmy no one really cares for her nor will feel any sympathy for her Sleepy

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