RoSid FF: Hate Or Love UPD PG 16

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Hi Friends,
I wish to write on the Prompt 6 as below...

Prompt 6


My mom's new boyfriend's son is a total asshole. Initially we hated each other. But that kiss on the new's years eve changed everything between us. He has his own demons and guess what they are related to me...who is he and how does he know me since childhood?

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Round 1


Beautiful!!! Beautiful!!! Beautiful!!!


This is the word pop up in my mind whenever I see and admire this sky.  No other thought can even enter in my mind when I look at this dark night sky.  How even can I???  The beautiful moon is showing its face floating in the middle of the twinkling stars.  Let it be a full moon day or the days where we see only part of the moon, the beauty of it is not at all diminishing.  It's very difficult to take my eyes from the moon and when I does, it falls on the beauty of the stars.  What to tell about the starts!!! Oh My God!!!  It always fascinate me since my childhood.  I always like to make different shapes out of group of stars and admire it.  When eyes are entertained with the beauty of the sky, the cool breeze gently touch our body and make us feel Goosebumps.  I sometimes feel we don't have enough words in the dictionary to exactly describe the beauty of the nature.

I gently closed my eyes to feel the moment standing on the terrace of our building while I felt a strong hand holding my hand.  Before I can understand what is happening I was pulled from where I was standing.  I tried to lift my face and see who is pulling me while he swiftly cup my face and his lips captured my quivering lips.

My blood started flowing fast and rushed towards my head.  I felt like I can feel my own heartbeat.  My body started trembling and my knees are going weak.  

What the hell is happening now???   Why is he doing this to me???  

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Round 2 3000 words

'Look at me Shailu.  I know you are upset with me. But please try to understand, I told you the reasons.' I was trying to please her while she ignored all my words and fly away in anger.

Yes.  I am telling about the pigeon friend Shailu only.  We are friends for years now and she is residing in our balcony only.  I never miss to spend time with her in any busy schedule.  But now the situation is different.  I am going away from her vacating this house itself. 

If this is the case of Shailu, then what to tell about my other friends Pinky, Megna, Swetha,  Anandhi, Kavitha, Sinduja and many other friends.  Wait.. Wait.. They are not other pigeon friends.  They are my neighborhood friends since my childhood.

I told them about our shifting last week and since then they stopped talking to me in anger.  I know this anger of my friends is out of love.  They all love me so much that they are unable to digest the fact that I won't be residing with them anymore.  I feel good to have such true friends who always shared my joy and sorrow, who always stood beside in every situation, who always gave their support. 

I still remember the moment we become friends and started playing together in the garden area of our building.  Since then our journey as friends started and we spent almost every evening together in the garden playing together, we celebrated festivals together, we participated in the functions and competitions conducted in the building, we supported each other even during natural calamities like rain, flood. 

I know it's difficult to get away from each other.  Not only my pigeon friend and other friends, it's me too who feel the same pain of separation.  But know the fact that we need to go through this as my mother got transferred from this Mumbai city to Chennai.  Packers and movers are already on their job of packing our things and by tomorrow early morning we are catching the flight to Chennai.  This evening is the time i got to spend with my friends and wave them good bye.

Shailu is not going to come back so quick.  In the meantime, I will meet my other friends and come back.  I rushed towards our garden area.  Yes.  I know we crossed the age of playing in the garden.  So what!!! Though we don't play anymore in the garden, still we spend time chatting in the garden only.

Yes.  My friends are here only with upset faces.  I went near them while they slightly lift their eyelids to look at who is coming towards them and down it again knowing it's me.

'Girls!!! I know you are all upset with me.  But please try to understand that I am not vacating purposefully.  I am not interested to be away from you all.' I tried to explain them.

'If so then why you are leaving us???' One of my friend Anandhi asked.

'It's because my mother got transferred to Chennai.  What can I do???' I replied.

'You might have told your mother to reject the offer of transfer.' My other friend Swetha.

'Do you think I might have not done that???  I told her.  But she explained that she avoided multiple times in past years and now they are not ready to accept her excuses for refusal.  If she still refuses for accepting the transfer then she need to lose her job itself.  You all know she can't afford to lose her job.' I said with almost tears frightening to escape from my eyes when talking about my mother.

Yes.  I love my mother so much.  She is single parent as we lost my father in an accident when I was kid.  Since then it's my mother who is taking care of me. 

As soon as tears escaped from my eyes, my friends rushed to hug me.  They can't afford to see me in pain or tears.

'We are sorry Roli.  We didn't mean to hurt you.  But you know, we can't take the fact that we won't be together.  That is why we were upset and angry with you.   We all know your family situation and understand your mother can't afford to lose her job.' Kavitha said.

'I know dears.  Its same here.  But don't worry.  Distance is not going to separate our friendship.  We will be together in our Whatsapp group sharing and caring.  We will talk then and there.  I will try to come here whenever possible and you are all welcome to Chennai too.'  I expressed.

'Yes Roli.  Surely we will try to come to Chennai and as you said we will be together through social media and will talk in the mobile.' Anandhi accepted.

I saw other friends nod their head and gave their acceptance too.  I took the breath of relief.

'Thanks for all your understanding friends.  This is the evening we are spending together before we leave Mumbai and I wanted to spend it happily with you all.  Here we got our favorite to make it special.' i said and took out the 'hot samosa' from the bag I was holding.

We all had snacks and did chatting together enjoying every minute of that evening.  In some time, I found my Shailu flying towards me and sat on my shoulder.  It seems the anger of Shailu too got offset and she too understood like my other friends.

I finally gave hug to my friends and waved 'Bye' to them and returned home.





Flying on the sky above the clouds giving the feeling of a bird.  Yes.  I am in the flight now travelling towards Chennai. 

My heart was heavy when I left Mumbai remembering my friends and the place where I have been living since my childhood.   I was unable to even enjoy the first time experience of travelling in the flight while I entered the flight and when it took off from Mumbai airport. I was sitting near the window and casually my eyes turned towards the window. 

Wow!!! The word pop up in my mind with the beauty my eyes were admiring.  My heart started filling with joy and slowly I felt light hearted.  I realised this is the power of nature.

After travelling couple of hours, we finally landed at Chennai.  We engaged a call taxi and started from the airport.

Its Sunday morning.  May be because of this reason, the traffic on the roads are less.  Shops are yet to open. 

As the taxi travel forward, my thoughts too went forward towards what is awaiting for me.  I don't know how this new place will be.  I don't know how the neighbors will be.  Nothing is known to me.  But I am someone who make friendship quickly, who get accustom to the new environment easily.  This quality of mine gives me confidence that I can handle these new experiences.

The car entered into a gated community.  We made the required entries for security checking and entered into the place.  After making few turns, the car stopped in front of an apartment.

I opened the door and got down from the car.  I took my bag on my shoulder and looked around the place.

'Roli.  Let's go.' My mother, Meena Diwedi said.

'Yes Mom.' I replied her with a smile.

I kept the first step and suddenly a shuttlecock hit my forehead badly.

'Ooch!!!' I shouted and hold my forehead in pain.

I was wondering from where the shuttlecock might have come to hit my forehead.  My mother rushed towards me.

'Roli, What happened???' she enquired.  Her face was filled with tension and I can feel it on her tone itself.

'Nothing mom.  Just this shuttlecock.  Nothing to worry.'  I replied her to relax her tension.

I took the shuttlecock on my hand and looked around to see from where it came.  I found the place was between the two buildings.  But it was on good distance.  It's not too near to come all the way to hit my forehead. 

I looked at the two men who were on the playing area with the bat on their hand.  One was looking little tensed on what has happened and other was giving a weird look at me.  I think the one who is tensed might have hit the shuttlecock.  But he is standing on the side where I am and even if he hit, the cock should go forward the other side and not towards me.  If the other person did it, then why he was not feeling bad or guilty about hitting me and what is that look is all about!!!

'Siddhant, What you did!!!  How you hit the shuttlecock there???' the person who was looking tensed asked the other.

'I just hit normally and I don't know how it went there.' the other replied casually.

'It hit that girl.  You didn't even ask 'sorry'.' he puzzled.

'What is there to feel sorry!!!  It all happens if someone cross the place where someone play.' the other replied.

What!!!  I crossed their place!!!   What sort of crap is it???  I was just going towards the building entrance and the playing area is of good distance too.  It doesn't even seems normal to hit the shuttlecock from there to where I was.  He is talking as if I crossed their playing area while he was hitting it normally.  I felt irritated and really want to teach that guy good lesson.  But we just landed in the new place and I don't wish to fight on the very moment of entering the place.

'Roli, Come.' my mom was calling me.

I gave a sharp look at the person who was still looking at me like he will swallow me alive.  I throw the shuttlecock towards the play area and started walking towards the entrance again.

We entered into the lift and press '3'.  The lift landed in the floor 3 and we came out of the lift.  We went near the house number 303 and my mom press the calling bell.  In couple of minute the door was opened and I can see a couple welcome us with a smile.

'Welcome Meena & Roli.  Come in.'

We entered into house and sat on the sofa in the hall. 

'How was the journey???  We were just waiting for you. Did you found difficult to locate the place???'  The man asked.

'We had wonderful journey.  The flight was on time and we located the place easily as you shared the location in the Whatsapp.' my mom replied.

'Roli.  This is Mr. Rajender Bharatwaj & this is Mrs. Sujatha Bharatwaj.  Mr. Rajender is working with me.  He only helped us to book the house in this apartment itself.' My mom introduced the couple.

'Oh ok. Thanks Uncle.' i replied with a smile and thanked for the help.

'There is nothing to thank Roli.  Won't I do this much also for my friend.  Your mother is good friend of mine.' Uncle said with a smile.

Aunty offered us water and in a while a cup of tea too.   Not only tea, but the couples were good too.  They were talking nicely and friendly.  I started forgetting the bitter happening of getting the hit while entering the building and mingle in the general conversations we were making.

'Roli.  I will tell my son to help you to select right course and college for your post graduation.' Uncle said.

'Ok Uncle.' I replied with a smile.  That is when someone press the calling bell.

'It should be my son' Uncle said and tried to get up to open the door.

'I will open the door.' I said as I was sitting closer to the door and went near the door.

I opened the door while my eyes widened.





I can't believe my own eyes that the same person who hit shuttlecock is standing in front of my eyes.

Is he the son of this lovely couple???  I was surprised.

He entered into the house giving sharp look at me and I really don't know the meaning of that look. 

'Siddhant, This is Mrs. Meena and this is her daughter Ms. Roli.' Uncle introduced us to his son.

'Hi..' he said just for the sake of telling without any expression and sat on the sofa next to his father.

I sat next to my mother where I was already sitting.

'Siddhant, Roli wants to do her post graduation.  Please help her in selecting the course & college.' Uncle said to his son.

'Why not!!! I will do that.' he replied with a weird smile.  I don't see real interest in helping me.

'What is your graduation and what do you wish to do???' he asked me.  Really!!! I am surprised.  Is he really interesting in knowing what I did and what I am interested in doing???

'I did my graduation in Fine arts and wish to do my post graduation relating to that only.' I replied collecting my words as I was yet to come out of the surprise.

'Oh!!!' is the single word reply I got from him.  But really this man is a mystery.  I really can't read his expression whether it is in positive note or negative.  Anyways I didn't came here to read his expressions.

'I have cleaned the house and it's ready to occupy.  You both can take bath and some rest. Then come here to have food as I will prepare the food for you both too till you get your things shifted and settle down.' Aunty said.  How sweet she is!!!

'Why are you taking this much pain???  We will order from outside.' My mother said.

'No way.  We are just the next door neighbors and We are not going to let you to eat outside.' she replied.

'She is right Meena.  You can't eat outside when we are here.' Uncle said and looked at his son.

'Siddhant, take the key and show them the house.  Help them if they require anything.' Uncle said.

'Sure.' he replied and took the key from the key holder.

He started walking towards the entrance and we followed him.  He went to the next door on the same floor and opened the door.

Oh!!! we are very next door neighbors.  I really don't know how to feel this.

'Do you require anything???' he asked in general not specific to me or my mother.

'Nothing as of now.  Thanks.' my mom replied.

He again gave a sharp look at me and started moving towards the door.

I went to the door so that I can close it once he goes out.  After he went out of the door, he turned towards me with the same sharp look and I was really confused what does it mean now.

He hold the door and closed it himself in front of my face.

Oh my God!!! I felt as if I was standing outside his house and he closed the door in front of my face. 





Myself & my mom got ready to have food at Uncle's house.  Though I am going there as we were unable to deny their offering to have food at their house, I still feel odd to meet that Siddhant again.

We are meeting for the first time, then why he is seeing me like he hates me a lot or may be his nature itself is like that with others. I really don't know and I wish to avoid that man for sure.

We entered into their house while Uncle & Aunty gave warm welcome with a smile. 

"Siddhant, place the plates on the table.' Aunty told her son and went inside kitchen.

Uncle took us to the dining while I saw him placing the plates on the table. 

I went to wash my hand in the washbasin near the dining table and when I turned, I found him standing near a plate and then he started serving the Vegetable kurma in all the plates. All occupied the seats while I was left with the plate near which he was standing a while ago. Aunty served chapati.  All started having food and I too took a bite.

Oh God!!! its salty. I looked at the others who were eating without expressing anything about salt. 

'It's tasty!!!' my mom expressed.

Tasty!!!  I wonder as its salty for me.  I looked around wondering what to do now.

That is when I noticed evil grin on his face.  He was looking at me through corner of his eyes.  What does that mean???

I remembered him standing near the plate and serving the kurma.  Then it should be that devil who put salt on my plate and served the kurma above that.

'Roli, Why are you sitting without having chapati???' My mom asked without knowing that I am wondering how to handle this.

'Aunty, Can I have curd instead of this kurma???' I asked

'Why Roli??? You like vegetable kurma a lot.  Then why are you asking curd instead.' my mom puzzled

'Actually mom.  I am feeling little stomach upset and I feel like having curd instead of spicy side dish now.' I tried to manage.

'Let her have whatever she want.' Aunty said and served curd on my plate.

I took a breath of relief and started having chapati with curd.

I looked at the expression of him now.  He seems to be irritated that I handled the situation nice.  He might have expected that I will express to others that its salty and other will deny my words.  This may create a bad impression about me in the eyes of Uncle & Aunty.  Elders finished eating and went to the hall while myself & that guy alone was in the dining. 

In a while he finished eating and went towards washbasin behind me. 

'Tasty lunch' he said which clarified what does he mean.

///// (3000 words)
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Round 3
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Round 4
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Round 5
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Super duper awesome di so interesting banner is so beautiful waiting for updates eagerly
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Superb teaser Di. Beautiful banner. Eagerly waiting for next updates. 

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