Vish Ya Vishvaas - Great Episode

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Posted: 2019-01-09T23:08:01Z
Viraaj surprised to see the Vishkanya's wondering who they were and how they existed
Vrinda fuming that her daughter Sitaara is killed by Raja Ratan's command and before Viraaj who knows Sitaara tell the trith she shuts him not to take her name .
Revenge and Anger makes one fume and Vrinda was using her & the sisters powers to outthrow Viraaj and have him finished, the pole was interesting which sent powers to safe gaurd Viraaj as Sitaara touched it.

The Vishkanya's were astonished at these extrnal power which could challenge them.
RajGuru uses his mantra's to push Vrinda & her sisters but it is always hard to challenge their power but this 5th element Sitaara was actually fisting with their 4 powers.

RajGuru finally knew where Viraaj was, he also was unable to fight the Vishkanya's but the external powers did help him get Viraaj to safetly outside the last door.

Vishkanaya's have their mystical powers to get to Viraaj when Sitara was not around so that's the easiest way to get him, But sitaara's vibes on the pole saved him & RajGuru once again thought she has saved him.

Now Vrinda is thinking whether RajGuru duped her abt sitaara & when he chalenges abt vish ya Vishwaas like before she send herself as an ultimatium with rajguru to get the truth.

Her life is in danger as the precap whether the vayoo shadow will get to the truth.

The precap also showed that Sitaara will drop her pendent but not so easily will Vrinda know abt Sitaara maybe some clue or not at all will be interesting to see.

So Ratan and RajGuru want to keep this vishkanya dakshun dwaar as a secret and never disclose. They obviously will do that there may be more to what is the reality and they have done something wrong or unjustified in the past and the new gen Sitaara or Viraaj shud'nt know..

Mystery is always the dark side of the tunnel & the light on the otherside will be explored by the protagnists Viraaj & Sitaara especially Sitaara in due time.

They may have killed Vrinda and put her in the Stone image and the minute Sitaara stepped into the Mahal thro the dakshin dwaar will searching for chanda she opened her eyes

Thats a way the CV's leave a clue.

Nursing Viraaj & giving him water Sitaara keeps secrets well & twlling him that he too feel in the store & lost his balance

Netra now has a new task to get Sitaara out of her sight to Viraaj.

So it will be interesting to see some plans of Netra but fizzled out by Sitaara or Netra s foolishness

So RajGuru wipped out the tome Viraaj was with the Vishkanya's but a time will come when he wud be again face 2 face with them later.

The story pace is really good,

They are showing the mystical side of real reasons of how in the world can mystical side exist when real people normal people are there and leaving a thought are Vishkanya's for real, why r they there what is their purpose.

Many things will unfold, RajGuru will narrate himself
Ratan has had hands on experince with Vishkanya and so also kuldeep
Will they ever disclose

Who is Sitaara to herself her own identity ?

Will she want to know her mother as she was told by RajGuru that the lady is not her mother the one in the pic.

Her duty is just to follow the Kings command who has asked her to protect Viraaj.

She has to sacrifice herself for protecting the Heir of Ratan.

Will she know who she actually is

Lots of inyeresting line up and will vish takeover vishwaas

The crafting of the story is very good more that drama it is why belief of such powers thro these Vishkanya's exist or whether vish or amrit are a single entity in every individual & you take the right path when obstructions hit you.

This is exactly what the characters posses to buld a storyline.
Posted: 2019-01-11T10:20:44Z
i too feel vishkanyas have some gud reason for revenge...
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