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Chapter 1

PS: This is a story based on prompt 4 
You must have read a lot of stories about a bad boy and a good girl. This time it's role reversal. I am a spoiled brat and the only daughter of my family. Parties, Drinks, boys are my pastime until I fail in my math exam and Mr. Nerd takes charge of me. He is the topper and he doesn't speak at all. He is all serious and no non-sense. What happens when a bet goes wrong?

Milestone 2 3000 words completed in Chapter 3 on page 9
Milestone 3 8000 words completed in Chapter 6 on page 18
Milestone 4 15000 words completed in Chapter 13 on page 44
Milestone 5 17000 words complete in Epilogue on page 45
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She was the perfect bad girl, someone who drank, who smoked, and someone who had had more boyfriends than the fingers of both her hands and feet combined. Born to the yesteryear star Janvi Sharma, Bella Sharma was a result of a particularly wild success party that had landed a heavily intoxicated twenty five year old Janvi in the bed of a forty year old Omkar Kapoor, a rich and successful producer. Janvi was not exactly maternal and had chosen to sort out her messed up career instead of bringing up her daughter. The result was that Bella hated her mother to the core and Janvi was not exactly fond of her daughter either who reminded her of the one mistake that had almost cost her entire career to her.

Unlimited money coupled with limited time and almost no affection or attention from her mother had made Bella extremely insensitive towards others. At eighteen, Bella separated from her mother and began living in a lavish flat all by herself. Now at twenty, she was heavily addicted to drinking, smoking and boys. Beautiful and charming (only when it suited her purpose, otherwise she was terror to be around) she did not have any trouble in getting any guy she wished for.


He was the perfect good boy, someone who never drank or smoked, who was always a topper and someone who enjoyed quiet things in life like violin and old Bollywood songs. Born to Sumitra Sehgal, a house wife and Andy Sehgal, the owner of the gigantic Sehgal Empire, Mahir Sehgal was nothing like his father. Loud, out spoken and complete bully, Andy Sehgal was a ruthless man who had built the Sehgal Empire from ground up. Shy, quiet, nerdy and soft spoken, Mahir was his father's exact opposite. The father-son duo shared a bitter relationship as Andy did not have much of an opinion regarding his much grounded and stable headed son. The only thing that Mahir had inherited from his father apart from the Sehgal Empire, were his good looks. Andy was a handsome man and Mahir took after his father in this department.

But his good looks were kept well hidden by his nerdy thick rimmed spectacles and over sized shirts just like his identity of being Andy Sehgal's only son was well hidden from his classmates. He did not like to flaunt the fact that he came from an influential family preferring to go ahead in life on his own merit. An introvert who hated social interactions of any sort, girls scared him to death and he would generally stay away from them. Run away from them would better describe his reaction to any girl.


Despite studying in the same college, their paths had never crossed. And one fine day, in the second year of their college, their paths did cross. Quite accidently like most accidents happen in life, they met. And once they met, there was no turning back for either of them.

What happens when two starkly opposite people meet in life? What happens when they are forced to work together? Will it be a case of opposites attract? Or will it end up messing their life for good? Edited by The.Wanderer - 2019-01-09T21:42:14Z
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Nice intro dear
Interesting concept
Loved to read it
Bad girl & good boy.
Continue soon please
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Update soon plz. 
Posted: 2019-01-09T22:48:22Z
waiting for update
Posted: 2019-01-09T23:14:09Z
Originally posted by asifiqbalsh

Nice intro dear
Interesting concept
Loved to read it
Bad girl & good boy.
Continue soon please

Thanks dear. I will update the chapter now. 
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Originally posted by humtumsalman

waiting for update

Chapter 1 coming right up!! Hope you will enjoy it. 

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