Why don't Vishkanyas have consistent powers?

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Posted: 2019-01-09T08:42:09Z
This is the problem with Indian fantasy shows. The Vishkanyas are powerful but how exactly? What exactly is their power? What exactly is Rajguru's power? What can they do and what can they not? Because right now it seems Vishkanyas can do whatever they want as per convenience and then they are suddenly powerless as per convenience of makers. It is frustrating and feels like I'm watching a stupid show. Naagin had the same problem. Their powers were never defined properly. Just when I thought okay they can do this, this and this, Naagins were shown blowing fire! Like what?

Anyway, I hope they put some more effort into the logic of things. Instead of just making an ordinary story full of twists. I mean Sitaara has fallen so many times into Viraj's arms that if she were a real life character, she would probably be in hospital by now. Nobody is there to catch someone those many times. There's more to romance than just falling into the guy's arms. For example, that thank you hankie thing was sweet. 
Posted: 2019-01-09T09:17:51Z
Yeah, they are being inconsistent in how powerful they are. If they are so powerful like they have been shown how come they are still imprisoned in the Southern part of the palace for more than 20 years. They really need to move forward with the story and introduce the backstory. How and what did happen 20 years back that these Vishkanya was trapped by Rajguru and Kuldeep. How come Vrinda got married with Kuldeep. What happened between them that Kuldeep betrayed Vrinda and took their daughter away from her. These things should be addressed and fast. People are getting tired of waiting their story to unfold. The pace is just too slow. 
Posted: 2019-01-09T10:06:32Z
Patience is needed to see how the story evolves
Firstly Vishkanya have a lot of powers but they are in the dakshin dwaar trapped in the area where only Ratan RajGuru & Kuldeep know.
There are seven doors they have to cross and come out the last door is very powerful which cannot be opened other than the vand RajGuru has and a mantra or the blood from the palm of RajGuru or Sitaara who attempted to do but failed as RajGuru stopped her.

The clock ticking in Rajguru's room shows that The Vishkanya have powers which wud be ticking for destruction for the rest so being trapped they can use limited powers.

They are pretty much using whatever resources they have & get to Viraaj at present as they have no clue that Sitaara is alive even though Surili the Vishkanya in red earth has some feeling that Sitaara is alive and rajguru tricked them.

Now the backgorund of Kuldeep & vrinda inly Sitaara has to dig in to her idenity and know and she will narrate it to the viewers that way,

Look at various ways the story gets narrated

Ans abt sitaara falling viraaj holding its a cute way to tease each other
All looks interesting

Climax and perk points makes shows needed points
Posted: 2019-01-09T10:10:59Z
Also Vishkanya's have power to get the man to woo them & spread poison and destroy the ones who have more amrit in them and give peace is what was narrated in the promos.
Nature ways of Wind Fire water & earth have the ability to cause destructions these elements reside in the vishkanya and if things do not go their way for some reason they are means of causing harm.

Here the words have deeper meaning and naration in story need not have too much of detailing since story fiction have their own bases of narrating & limited need to give the viewers that sode drama holds a bigger criteria and fiction is giving prominence.
Posted: 2019-01-09T20:30:07Z
Also what is the purpose of Vishkanya in life? What is the purpose of their existence. They really should explore on that. The plot is right and they are building the story as it is. It's just that the story building is really slow. Hopefully the cvs will do something to address this. The storyline is getting boring as it is. 
Posted: 2019-01-09T22:41:24Z
Vishkanya's are mentioned as ageless beauty's who lure and attract Kings & high power men & they fall for them & they poison them to keep them in their charm.
In that way also they are the other woman superior to the woman whom these Kings wud have married.

But here they are showing the qualities of Vish to destroy the kingdom with the Vishkanya who are still trapped to the Amrit and Protector Sitaara is valued by her father.

The story will only open up more when secrets are out which Raja Ratan or RajGuru will spill out.

That is how the whole story works.

Each episode is getting interesting with these aspects and very carefully crafted
Posted: 2019-01-10T17:27:16Z
Vishkanya is an assassin no?
Posted: 2019-01-13T15:50:36Z
Originally posted by nuomi.riceball

Vishkanya is an assassin no?

Exactly! this show, and zee's vishkanya show both make vishkanya's into supernatural beings, but they weren't. Vishkanya's were like that benzir who they showed in jodha akbar, who were human women whom were immune to poison as they were fed it in small amounts since they were young, and eventually their own blood was riddled with poison that affected others. In jodha akbar they even showed the vishkanya to even be in a way addicted to poison and having to top up with extra venom here and there when necessary. Because of these factors these vishkanya's were used as assassins to be sent to the enemies of their master and killed the enemy via seduction and physical intimacy. 
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