Viraaj Sitaara Cute Conversation

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Posted: 2019-01-08T17:16:48Z
The very fact that Sitaara needs to shadow Viraaj all the time she draws a linw of being the Peotective Solder vs that Netra is his fiance. Viraaj trying to crack the clie as what was weing in the map of the bathroom structure & sitaara twlling him to leave it alone and then realizing that she was bugging him was sweet.

Viraaj's character is well drawn & simple mature & he is the nice guy who is well understanding & respects the elders.
Sitaara sees her fathers talk qualities in him whixh was again a nice touch to the whole situation.

The Face to Face of Vrinda and Viraaj( not that he will recall this vishkanya & his incident with chabili Albeli & surli too) but Vrinda being furious that ahe lost her child due to these Rajvanah Parivaar will be a flag of thought for Viraaj later if he recalls anything.

As Rajguru will put some spell on viraaj to block this incident for the time being.

Most likely Viraaj will find out Sitaara is Vrinda's daughter and somehwere sig into these unknown territories of the Mahal where Vishkanaya's are trapped.

Sitaara will also make an attempt to protect Viraaj always & land up meeting her mother maybe.

Right now the Vishkanaya's cannot see Sitara even on their magical screen maybe due to the pendent on Sitaara.

Netra will now be questioned abt how Viraaj disappered if Maharani asks her or she blurts it out.

Samrat & Aryan are funny at times they are villans too but they make the situation like dude we messed up types whixh is also that the enemines of the house are also not that smart and get trapped in their own trail.

The rajguru Kuldeep quick side is always firing up, They known everything with situation & consequences is not in their control unless Sitaara uses her powers so such twist turns will be intwresting to see
Posted: 2019-01-09T06:38:55Z
They should just have told Viraj already about the existence of these Vishkanya and their imprisonment in the Southern part of the palace. Why should they hide this fact. Viraj was supposed to be Raja Hukum's successor. Sooner or later he will take his place as the Raja Hukum himself. He should know these things. Rather than asking Sitara to be 24/7 bodyguards and all. It's really unfair to Sitara. 
Posted: 2019-01-09T08:53:00Z
Viraaj doesn't beleieve in Vishkanya theory so he will experience the blow from them and RajGuru will rescue him.

Again sometime when Sitaara is even with him he will see she can do some things way beyond his imagination & then somewhere he will know what the external wlements power have and Vishkanya exists

Experiences are important for humans to see and relaize danger is existing so right now Viraaj is not told but being protected a time will come when he will stand against all odds and maybe protect sitaara.

The story is evolving in phases and mystical & real world are blending and coming face to face
Posted: 2019-01-09T09:13:47Z
Yeah, but the story is really unfolding at a very slow place. They really need to chop up with the pace of the story. 

If they are showing this yelling and threatening only. People will definitely get disinterested really soon. 

They really need to do something to engage the viewers and move on with the story. 

I hope this is a finite story or else they are going to drag this to no end. 

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