This show is very strongly Written

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Posted: 2019-01-07T12:03:54Z
Characters have good foundation be it the Vishkanya's Sitaara Viraaj RajGuru & the Raja Ratan Netra & Samrat Aryan & the rest of the Real side Vilaans
So the weaving of story is well balanaced with Protectors and Predator

The show has a good balance of Protagonists & the Antoginists

Sitaara is gearing up wigh real and mystical side in good way Clap

Posted: 2019-01-07T15:12:23Z
I agree ... But they really need to work on pace level ... Most times it feels scenes are dragged too much n slow. 

Rest all good.

Just like Bela in Naagin 3 has a gorgeous look of white outfit n jewelry ... nose jewelery the crown she has been given a really good look.

M excited to see Sitara's look as Vishkanya... The CVs hopefully will work on giving her amazing look ... 

How Sitara will gain powers ... 

One idea for CVs team make this a most dramatic I mean Sitara dies saving Viraj ... N eventually comes back to life gaining her powers of Vishkanya ... This will be amazing to watch n will gain good trps too if promoted well.

All the best.
Posted: 2019-01-07T22:59:55Z
Yeah, it seems like all they are doing are just yelling and threatening the other parties. 

They really have to carry on with the pace of the story. They are going too slow for the story to unfold. It seems a little boring sometimes. 

Btw, how is the show faring in terms of TRP? I heard they are going to put Tantra off air soon? 
Posted: 2019-01-08T00:22:24Z
Trp is at 1.0 at present it increased by 0.1
Right now they had to gather the reasons why Sitaara is who she is mainly by Kuldeep who hid her identity RajGuru who found out who she was thro the wrong lady s picture & Vrinda who saw her palm lines matching Sitaara. dakshin Dwaar has its story of Vishkanya captivity
The well has the story of the villagers kbowing Myth of Vishkanya there who take away young girls & then you have Samrat & Aryan who use the myth to play with young girls innocence or pleasure or juat to scare.
All these are human nature aspects and belief which have been depected
Then you have Netra who is obsessed with the shaan & Shukat of Raj parivaar her parents who are gold diggers & Raja Ratan's own brother who sees himself as a paupper infront of his wealthy Ratan Raja Brother and here hw is shown as a greedy brother than a family loving brother who is waiting for the assets.

Vishkanya's they pour Vish only or they have aheart of amrit were they always like this are they put into this cage like situation by Ratan maybe they also know sowm weakness if Ratan & is he pure amrit himself.

Kuldeep again he is a father who wants his daughter to have all good values amrit
But is Amrit enuf to fight evil or Vish is mecessary to do that andwill her mothers instinct give her that strenght to make Vish also Amrit.

And above All Viraaj the sole heir of the Ratan Parivaar he is falling in love with a Vish wll history repeat

So the Pace of the show is dealing with all these aspects and that is where the creative team& writers are slowly building momentum

They balance the mystical side with the real aspect of reality world

The Vishkanya's are using their powers limited but showing thro VFX their side of what they can extract in captive state

While there are other wnemies of Ratan playing plots & also Sitaara is toen between her identity and the reason she is in the palace

Promos slowly evolve the true story telling of the show in thw right pace with viewers to analyse the structire how these characters are deployed.

And the narrator here is also the RajGuru whos poqera are ticking with the Vishkanya & the day Sitaara forms the 5th enity to make a strong fist and punch him-away.

So looking at these dynamics the story has covered a vast portion.

Now many new angles will evolve the creative team is working very hard to keep the two worlds in realstic way which is amazing Clap
Posted: 2019-01-08T01:30:37Z
I don't really understand why people want to envy another people's wealth. I mean if it's the parents wealth and the parents die. It is natural for the remaining surviving children to try and get their hands on the wealth.

But if it's hard earned by your siblings what is there to envy from? Why do people like to try to get another person's properties. Work hard and maybe you will also get there. If you cannot get there then be content with what you have. 

There must be something wrong with what you are doing if you are not as rich as your siblings. Or not as successful as your siblings. 
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