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So I have decided to go with Prompt number 5

"What happens when you fall for a mysterious neighbor and then one fine day he goes missing? When I start digging in deep I find something fishy. He was not what I thought him to be and then when he comes back in my life he is a changed person. Will I be able to have the same feelings for him? Will I be able to confess my love or will there be an entry of another person that will alter everything?

As this one was close to the idea that I had for this story.


I haven't been sleeping well he told his childhood best friend.

Since the day I came back from that trip we took to the mountains all my nights have been plagued by nightmares sometimes they are not really scary or bad it's just that I can't make anything out of them , he added.

Want to share what they are about? Aryaan asked his friend.

It's the same nightmare Every night it's just that I see more of it every other night, like someone is telling me a story in bits and pieces progressing with each night. I see myself in a place which is unknown to me, darkness covers it like a blanket as if protecting it from something. And then when I walk towards the only source of light I am suddenly pulled back into some sort of vacuum and I see destruction everywhere , people getting killed, buildings brought down by forces unknown and then a man in Black robe with staff in his hand the moment he turns towards me I am pulled back and thrown into a place so bright and Golden that I am blinded momentarily and then appears the women in white , a Golden glow surrounds her as if she's Devine and she says " You are their salvation and destruction, you are what there is and what there will be and then I wake up, every night I see variations of this dream it's horrifying yet comforting at the same time. I don't know what to make of it, Vivaan told his friend.

"Have you thought of seeing a psychiatrist or seek professional help because you look like shit and we need you be the same as you were before all this started , Aryaan said.

"I don't know if I want that or not but I'll think about it answered Vivaan.

But little did he knew that he was watched by an entity whose ultimate task is to protect him from any harm, the nightmares were merely a way to prepare him for what's coming.

Aryaan's life was going to be changed , for good or for bad no one knows yet but only him.

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I sounds so interesting Hri!
Waiting :)
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Sounds mysterious hri...
Posted: 2019-01-07T02:33:00Z
Res Embarrassed
Posted: 2019-01-09T09:16:30Z
Intriguing start Hrideyy 
Pls carry on 
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