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Promt 12(Mythology.)

Time to re - write the explanation of each chapters of Bhagawadgita ,with reference to Mahabharata.

Disclaimer. I have chosen Prompt 12.  Bhagavadgita With Reference to Mahabharata. An interesting and thought provoking topic that  throws a challenge to the writer in me. Mahabharat is an ocean and Gita  is the hidden treasure inside ..It is definitely a complicated but fulfilling experience to dig the minutest part of that treasure.I confess I hate distortions. I stick to Vyasa's Epic regarding characterisation and story though I adopt my own way of storytelling..I hope I will be able to present the magnificence of the most revered spiritual treatise Gita and its means of the story I narrate...Here is the teaser.

  • Introduction

 Kurukshetra is on the threshold of the great battle that never happened before.

Both the armies gathered there for a fight to finish the other side...

But before the commencement of the battle another event took place that helped the third Pandav realise the  reason why he should raise his bow against his  grandfather,preceptor and others. 

Yes. Gita which is hailed as The Song Devine..was born..

The story traces down the incidents of Mahabharat, that paved way to the great battle to take place between the cousins who belonged to the same clan..Kuruvamsh.

The protagonist of this story Arjun. stands unique in every aspect. as..he is a rare combination of Unparalelled valour and unimaginable compassion . 

This is an attempt to travel with him to the day he listened to the discourse that explains the ultimate mystery of life.

Truth is supreme..the ultimate.

Take resort to will never fall from dharma..

Arjuna walked by the river..Hiranwati...Vedavyasa's words to his Eldest Indraprasth..he could hear the soothening voice of the Sage as if he said it just before

Arjuna gazed at the river flowing with rythym unperturbed by the sudden rush of people who camped there ...with a hope of victory?

The water is green, darker in the shadows and more pale in the light, but still green. Against the noise of the birds that are returning to their nests,the gentle murmur of the water can only be heard, sounding like a  backdrop to the musical notes coming from the twittering Of birds.

A nature lover at heart but Arjun seemed immersed in his own thoughts or rather doubts.


Is truth that much powerful ? Why should then his Eldest suffer all these years in forest and now forced to fight for his right over the kingdom?

Arjun  was in confusion. There is only one night left before the great battle to commence. Thirteen years he never felt this kind of disturbance in his heart and mind.

Fighting battles is like childplay for him. He never hesitated to fight any battle he fought...begining with his first battle with his Father in law Drupad!

Arjun  waved at Krishna Who is smiling at him..walking towards him...

Why are you roaming here Parth...Drishtadyumna is waiting for discuss the vyuha for tomorrow's battle. Your Eldest is tensed up not seeing you there in time.

Arjun nodded his head...he knew so much is to be done...the soldiers should be motivated ..they should be thorough with the rules of the war..

Sahadev approached them and said...I checked the medical wing. There is still deficiency of aushadhis ..We need more..I asked Nakula to send someone to Upaplavya and get them ...

Krishna held Arjuna's hand and looked deep into his eyes...Why are you looking lost? Parth..What is the matter?

Before Arjuna  could reply Daruka came and bowed before Krishna..I arranged the chariot of Prince Arjuna as per your instruction. May the lord have a look and tell if anything more is to be done? ..he asked .

Krishna turned to Arjun ...I will check the chariot and come to Drishtadyumna's tent. You go straight without delay...keep your never ending dilemmas and good shots for tomorrow... We will have a separate Question answer session...he patted on Arjun's back and left.

 Arjjun  closed his eyes and tried to feel what is going to happen the next day.He is reluctant to think what will happen if he and his grand father come face to face.He then got up and walked towards the tent of Drishtadyumna .

Arjun  could not help but  reminisce his child hood at Satasrunga mountain when his father was alive.Pandu used to teach him how to hold the bow when he was four years old

.After that Kripacharya instructed him the basics of Archery but more theoretical than practical .Then came into his life Dronacharya who extracted the best from him 

. He learnt ,he practiced,he excelled,he achieved.He owes his identity of an archer par excellence to Dronacharya in particular.

 Then he had the good fortune of learning from Siva himself 

. The Pasupat mantra only once he recited. but he is able to grasp that thanks to his memory power.

Then he learnt the fourth and fifth vidhis of   Archery which no one knows apart from Siva himself. 

Then he was taught by his father Indra and other gods..He learnt every astra with utmost devotion and dedication.

But what is the end result? His whole knowledge is meant to be utilised against his grand father ,his Guru and his kith and kin.Will he be able to do it?

 ' Arjun,You are here?" Panchali's voice brought him back to present.Arjun looked into her lotus eyes which always uplifted his spirits and encouraged him in his every step.He smiled at her and said.' Krishnaa ,your Arjun will never fail in his purpose. Don't worry. I am fine." 

Panchali bent her head down and said.' Did I ask you anything? Please don't think you are answerable to me. I feel guilty to see you in dilemma Arjun. I blame myself for instigating you all for war." 

Arjun stopped her.' Don't ever say that. We all are equally responsible for war. More than all of us,Jyesht Pita Dhritarashtr is responsible. Don't blame yourself.My dilemma has nothing to do with you at all

.My concerns are my weaknesses.I will try and overcome my soft corner for Pitamah."

 Panchali looked into his eyes and assured.' You will..Govind is there with you.

As Arjun  passed by the place where chariots and horses were getting arranged,Krishna is still there conversing with Daruka.

Daruka knew how to set the chariot and horses ..Why are you still here? Arjun asked with a bit of surprise in his eyes.His white horses are looking beautiful gearing up for the war ahead. 

His Devadutta and Krishna's Panchajanya are hanging on the right side of the wall. The celestial ape banner is fixed straight on top of the chariot.

Arjun caressed the horses and bent down to say...let us begin our most crucial journey together. 

Krishna added with a strange expression on his face...Yes..the chariot Of Dharma is waiting since a long time.. Finally the preparation is done with. We two also waited for this moment since ages to be in the Chariot Of Dharma. fulfill the urge of destiny.

Arjun gazed into his face that appeared Devine..You won't stop speaking in riddles. If it is the Chariot Of Dharma, Eldest has to ascend it not me..he tried to correct his Madhav.

Krishna laughed heartfully...Parth..the day you solve the riddle you will attain the purpose of your life...His words sounded different..thought Arjun.

The first day of the Great War dawned at Kurukshetr,with both the armies gathering momentum by their chief commanders who got themselves into the task of infusing energy and enthusiasm among them

.The chief commander of Kaurava army  Bhishma  went to the river Hiranvati in the early hours of the day.He stood in knee deep waters and offered arghya to Surya Narayan

.As he opened his eyes he saw his Ganga Mata walk towards him in the water flow with a smile that is pale and a bit sad.

 He did Pranam and folded his hands.Ganga placed her hand on his head and said.' Blessings my son.May your wish be fulfilled." 

Bheeshma  had an understanding smile on his face. She didn't wish him victory.He knew the reason. She is aware of the outcome of war.

But still he couldn't help but ask.' You didn't wish me victory?" Ganga looked deep into his eyes.' My son,you really want to win the battle for Duryothan?"

Bheeshma replied tongue in cheek.' But I am fighting for him Mata?"

 Ganga said with reluctance.' I know and you know who is going to win war.What is the use of my blessing? All blessings are meant for your dearest grandson the third Pandav. Swayam Narayan is with him." 

Gangaputr had a glow on his face hearing the mention of Arjun.He said softly.' My Arjun deserves victory Mata. He is Vijaya the invincible. He will surely redeem me from my tiresome journey of life." 

Ganga had tears in her eyes.' You don't know how painful it is to see you fallen. My heart breaks at the that the way you should end your life? "

 Bheeshma looked detached. He confessed.' Justice should be done to Amba who took the form of Sikhandi.I owe her my life." 

Ganga blessed him and smirked.' Your Arjun is coming Bheeshm.I will go.May god bless you my son." 

Bheeshma looked back and found Arjun entering into the river. He is in trance immersed in thoughts. He wore a white dhoti without uttariya. 

His curly hair is  touching his shoulders enhancing the beauty of his face.

 Bheeshma looked proudly at the bow marks on his shoulders that highlight the triumphs of the warrior Extraordinaire.

Arjun slipped in the water just to be caught by his grand father in time

.Gangaputr hugged him tight and scolded.' Why are you so absent minded? A warrior should always be alert and careful. Ofcourse you can come out on your own unless another damsel in distress abducts you again. 

Arjun 's face became red at the hint of Ulupi.He gazed into his eyes and said.' Pitamah how could you be so calm and cheerful?The war starts now. You look so charged up to wipe us out." 

Arjun's sarcastic comment made Bheeshma  smile.He patted him and said.' I am waiting for the arrows released from Gandiv to caress me all over. Don't deprive that bliss of me."  

Arjun remarked.' It is easy to say that. But too difficult for me to accomplish."

 Duryothan came to the shore with Karn and called up.' Pitamah GuruDron waits for you to arrange the vyuha. I hope you remember that you are our chief commander. If you finish your interaction with your favourite grandson,come over now." 

Bheeshm's face became pale and he followed Duryothan. Arjun looked at his disappearing form with concern and heard his friend's voice.' Parth,come out now. Eldest waits for us.Panchali is ready with Aarti. Let us go." 

Arjuna's mind is still clouded with apprehensions. He knew his Pitamah is fighting a lost battle. He definitely believe in his Eldest's confession.

Yato dharmah Tato Krishnah

Yatah Krishnah tato jayah.

Where there is Dharma,Krishna is there. Where Krishna is,there victory happens.

But what is Dharma? 


 Link for chapter one..149418849

                      Chapter two149420067 149427234   149436167   

                              Chapter Three               149463953  

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Excellent post, clearly depicting the agitation Arjun is facing at that juncture. This is a nice topic for selection, which would require lot of understanding to get through all the nuances of Dharma.
The doubts and the turbulence in Arjun's mind resulted in getting for us, the immortal gift in the form of 'Bhagvad Gita'. Only a sensible and intelligent individual would have the acumen to pose such questions.

Have always had few questions regarding 'Truth' and 'Dharma', which is the ultimate? Is there a subtle difference between them? Is Truth, a mere form of speaking facts? But, Dharma is much more than and which encompasses everything?

Can " 'Chariot of Dharma' at times during its journey not be inline with 'Truth', even though at its ultimate destination merges with 'Truth'?", so in such cases, which holds the ultimate?

Looking forward to reading more on the topic of 'The Chariot of Dharma'...

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Chapter. One

Kurukshetr and River Hiranvati always had the kind of peace and tranquility that made the sages establish their hermitages there and pursue spiritualism.But the whole scene got changed with the advent of Kuru Pandav soldiers.

Every where activity,enthusiasm and apprehension.History is waiting with bated breath for the destruction and bloodshed that will happen due to the animosity between the Pandavas and Kauravas.

The Rules Of war..Bheeshma takes charge

Krishna addressed the gathering that met to discuss the rules.' I request Pitamah Bheeshm  to decide the rules of war."

 Bheeshm  got up,looked at all those waiting for him to speak and addressed.' I welcome every one who gathered here. The war that will start day after tomorrow marks the clash of ideologies,I won't blame any one side for this. Both are equally responsible for such an unwanted war that may lead to total loss and destruction.But let us move forward and prepare ourselves for day after tomorrow's battle.

The war will start one hour after Sunrise and continue till sunset.

Atirathi should fight with Atirathi, Maharathi should fight with Maharathi and so on.

Multiple warriors should not attack a single warrior. Night battle should not be allowed.

Wounded soldiers should be taken care of with utmost attention. Remember we all are honourable citizens first and then we are acclaimed warriors. Let us keep our reputation intact."

Yudhishtir bowed before Bheeshm humbly. He said..Your word is the ultimate Pitamah.

Bhishm blessed him heartfully.

Bhim  and Duryodhan approached  Bhishm  together by co incidence to touch his feet . Both of them sideglanced each other with menace.

Bhishm sighed and thought. Kuruvamsh would have flourished if at all these two coexisted with affection.. " He embraced them and blessed.

Arjun looked at the white beard of Bhishm which he used to pull playfully in his childhood.

Now destiny made him stand up against his dearest Pitamah. Will he be able to shoot an arrow at him? Kunti Mata used to be fed up of him as he always throw tantrums to eat food. Then Pitamah will make him sit on his lap and make him eat by telling stories of Kuru warriors.He used to say.' My son,you should excell all our ancestors including me in valour." But he never said that he should prove his valour by striking at him only.

Duryothan arranged snacks and drinks to all of them.

Krishna brought Parth out of his thoughts ' Are you sleeping Parth? Enjoy the hospitality of Hastinapur." He handed over the drink to Arjun.Grand Father took Badami milk and looked at his dearest grandson . Destiny brought them against each other.Arjun is dearer to him than anyone in this world.Now if at all he has to move to the other world he would like to do it at Arjun's hands.

Suddenly the Badami struck in his throat and he started coughing.Every one panicked. Arjun ran to him , clasped him and tapped on his head by bending his head down. The Badami piece came out of his mouth and then Arjun offered him water.' Duryothan's face became red. He scolded his attendants.' Why did you leave pieces of Badame? Can't you put powder in Pitamah's bowl?Dussasan,Don't let them repeat it again."

Bhishm looked at Arjun and whispered.' Don't worry. I am alright.I won't leave until you help me leave this world."

Arjun sulked.He looked deep in to his eyes expressing his hurt feelings.

Duryothan became impatient seeing the bonding of GRANDFATHER AND PARTH.

Krishna observed that and approached Arjun .' Santanav Bheeshm,We are grateful to you for your guidance and blessings. We take leave as of now. Parth,let us leave. "

Arjun touched the feet of his grandfather tightly and whispered.' Pranam ." ..


Panchali asked Krishna and Arjun curiously.' What happened there? Is everything fine? " Krishna smiled .' Panchali !I have to drag Arjun literally from his grandfather. He wanted to re experience his childhood by sitting on his lap. "

Arjun desparately pointed out.' That Duryothan boasts he is taking care of him properly. But he can not even make him drink proper Badami milk.And he wants Pitamah to fight the war at the risk  of his life."

Krishna. Warned him.' Parth,Don't be that sentimental. It happened by mistake. Now think more about how to face The Great warrior Bheeshma .No one except you can tackle him." 

Arjuna quipped..Sikhandi will do the job. Why should I ?

Krishna nodded his head and remarked. Impossible.

After Krishna left Panchali asked Arjun.' Are you fine?" Arjun replied matter of factly.' I hope I am . " 

Durga's blessings

Five thousand years ago on the first day of war Arjun dropped his Gandiv. That lead to Bhagawan coming down in all his glory to the level of Nar who lost his sense of duty.Arjun stood on the bank of river Hiranvati

. The sun is about to rise and illuminate the universe with his bright Rays.He slowly walked into the waters and stood facing the Rising sun. Tomorrow's sunrise will see the war begin and decide the lives of Eighteen Akshouhinis including Kauravas and Pandavas.Hey Lord of The Universe,Save the lives." He prayed.'

Provided they had their life span left to live on this earth." The familiar friendly voice made him look back.

Krishna is standing on the shore with a serene smile on his face.

Arjun walked up to him and said.' Surely all those who participate in war may not have the same destiny to lose their lives together.Madhav,I wish some miracle should happen and change the mind of that stubborn cousin of us , Duryodhan,"

Krishna smiled ' Parth Come into your element.Your Eldest will get tensed up if you look aloof and detached.Dhrishtdyumn is waiting for you to discuss the vyuha for tomorrow.The boys want you to address them and give them tips.Your Wife wants you to be present at the Durga Puja she is holding for the welfare of our side. So my dear Parth,hurry up." 

As they walked together suddenly Krishna stopped and turned to him and said..' Panchali did a good thing by holding Durga puja. Now listen to me carefully.Before going on your work worship Durga and praise her. She is Siva's Sakti.Siva already graced you. Now you need the grace of Sakti.She is the Deity of power,energy,good luck and success. She is the Mata Sakti who saves her children and destroys Evil.Praise her with devotion. "

Krishna took Arjun to the place where Panchali arranged everything for Durga Puja.On seeing them come over she smiled and welcomed them by giving them flowers to worship.Arjun moved forward and folded his hands before the Goddess.

Arjun prayed with great devotion. He Maa Jagadamba,Durga,Katyayani,

You are the cause of creation,sustenance and destruction. You are the Sakti that instigates Brahma,Vishnu and Maheswar to fulfill their duties. You are the half of Siva. Siva Sakti holds the creation. We are all your progeny.Shower your grace on us and remove our troubles. Guide me Maa in this crucial hour."

Arjun closed his eyes . Durga Bhavani smilingly stood before him with Trishul in hand.She extended her right hand and touched his head.'Arjun,my son,Narayan is your Soulmate. My lord Mahadev blessed you with Pasupat.What more do you want? You are the symbol of victory. You will win your rivals. My blessings are always with you. Vijayi Bhava"

After she disappeared Arjun looked back and found Krishna and Krishnaa benevolently looking at him with smiling faces.He felt rejuvenated and energetic.Swayam Durga Mata appeared before him and blessed him.

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Chapter..two..I will throw him down...

The Pandava side had a surprise visitor from Kaurava side.Uluka,the son of Sakuni.He was sent by Duryothana. 

Yudhishtir politely invited him and offered him hospitality. Then he said.' Uluka say whatever that arrogant Duryothan asked you to convey. Don't hesitate."

Uluka started with apprehension side glancing Bheema who is glaring at him. ' Yudhishtir.Dont expect to be the king again.You better live in the forest . And Bheem! you have selected a suitable job at Virat. Your obsession for eating made you a cook shamelessly.You took many oaths in Kurusabha. We are ready here. If you have guts keep your promise. "

Bheem rolled his eyes.He is about to get on to Uluka but was stopped by Yudhishtir who raised his hand

. Uluka continued.' Arjun, You became a eunuch and danced without shame. What happened to your virility? You brought shame to Kurus.You boast of being the greatest warrior of Aryavarth. Show your prowess by defeating Bheeshm,Dron and Karn. We would like to see your prowess."

Arjun's face became red. Krishna said in a cool voice.'' Uluka !Tell that Duryothan . Parth will come after him wherever he goes.Dont waste your time in words. Be ready for action."

Arjun said.' Uluka ! tell Duryodhana not to fly high thinking of Pitamah. I will throw him down.. This is my promise to him. And then having removed Drona I will proceed to kill Karn. Two days left for war to commence. It is not far away. Madhav is with us, Remember it." 

There is pindrop silence all around. Every one had the same expression. Arjun to throw his Pitamah down?

Nonethless Bhim proudly clapped his hands while Nakula joined him.

But the man who uttered the words stood up,signalled Yudhishtira by bowing down and walked out. He is confused. What did he say? How could he do that?

Parth was desperate. He wiped off the sweat on his forehead.

Uma Parvati looked at Mahadev Who was in his yogic trance. She placed her hand on his softly and questioned "Swami Arjun is in confusion. He looks like he is on the verge of renouncing everything. He may not fight the war. He is too deeply attached to his Pitamah.What will my brother do now? Would he wield his weapons?

Mahadev opened his eyes and smiled.. "Parvati..Narayan will make him fight the war. Before that the universe will be blessed with Gita.

Parvati could not suppress her excitement. Gita? She questioned instantly.

Mahadev's Devine voice spelled the words... to his eternal spouse. "Yes. Bhagavadgita...

The sun rose  in the morning dispelling the darkness around and brightening up the energy levels with warmth and vitality.Draupadi did worship to Katyayani and prayed for the welfare of Pandavas. 

After much discussion,it was decided that Draupadi also will have a shibir in their war camp.She would look after the food matters and physicians.

 Subhadra mostly should stay with Uttara at Upaplavya and occasionally if she wants she can visit the camp.

A very spacious kitchen hall was built already with every facility to cook for the Royal people and the army.

Kurukshetr is a sacred place where so many sages have ashramas. Yudhishtir asked Arjun to take care and see that their camp will maintain a safe distance from the sages not disturbing their peaceful routine. 

Balram who is miffed with Krishna for not stopping the war of cousins visited the Pandava camp..He is welcomed heartfully and  a private meeting is arranged to know Balram's purpose of visit. 

Balram addressed the gathering that comprises of all the prominent members of Pandava side. ' I really feel bad seeing all the kings of Aryavarth participate either on this side or Kaurava side. What is there that can not be stopped by amicable talks? Kanha went to Hastinapur but returned without making peace. Both Kauravas and Pandavas are our relatives. Still Krishna is blinded by his love for Arjun' 

Balaram shopped to take breath and continued. ' If Kanha decided to be with Pandavas they only will,win, Yato Krishnastato Jayah.Where Krishna is,there victory will be. 

I am the one who trained Bheem and Duryothan in mace fight. How can I watch one kill the other? So I decided not to participate in war. I will visit Duryothan also and bless him.I can not oppose Krishna's decision. So I will go to Saraswati Tirth and  wait there till the end of the war." 

Arjun looked at Krishna who smiled assuringly. 

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Both the chapters were awesome. This is a very good topic, as this gives a good background on why the Gita had to be told by the Lord. Looking forward for the future chapters, where Lord Krishna will explain on what is Dharma(Sense of Duty) and so on.
Posted: 1 years ago
Thanks Paartha for your thoughtful feedback. Thanks a lot. Edited by ltelidevara - 1 years ago
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The farewell song of a soldier

After Balram went off Krishna and Arjun walked by the shores of Hiranvati seeing the army camps lit up by torches. Some soldiers gathered around the campfire and started singing folk songs accompanied by the beat of drums played by bards.

Arjun concentrated on the song grasping the meaning of the song.

Krishna observed him and asked.' Liked the song Parth? You are unique. Even at the moment of the forth coming battle you enjoy such things. You know I am also like that. That is why we connected so well."

Arjun seriously looked into Krishna's eyes.' You heard the song well? The meaning of the lyrics?"

Krishna nodded.' No ,not quite well. What does the song mean?"

Arjun stopped and gazed into the serene waters of Hiranvati and murmured.' O my Beloved! Forgive me for leaving you and joining the war. I know you never let me part with you even for a minute. But now I left you not knowing when I meet you again.Or If I meet you again or not. But my love. Let us not be unhappy at this moment of pain. Let us reminisce the beautiful moments together .The moon lit nites,The passionate kisses and the breathless embraces. Let us hope for a reunion but if we can't meet,let us meet in heaven." Arjun 's voice broke as he finished the last line.

Krishna turned him in his direction and said in his magnetic voice.' Parth,why do you feel sad? You should see the spirit of boldness the soldier displayed.He is confident of meeting his beloved if not in this world atleast in other world."

Arjun questioned.' Why should he be denied the company of his wife? Isn't it injustice on our part to make him fight war to fulfill our purpose? "

Krishna smiled' Because he is a soldier and his duty is to fight battles.Life or death he should do his duty. And he is doing it. Now don't think too much."

Arjun and Krishna had tents side by side. Arjun silently walked into his tent after hugging his Madhav.Krishna entered his tent and saw Draupadi waiting for him.He raised his eyebrows on seeing her at such odd hour.Panchali asked him.' Did he reach his tent?" Krishna nodded.

She said in a low voice.' Govind! since the war is decided,I observed him disturbed and ill at ease with himself.You know he is bearing maximum responsibility of the battle proceedings.I never found him so vulnerable.I saw him going for battles just like he is attending a celebration.But now he looks dazed,disturbed..."

Krishna approached her and placed his hand on her head.' Parth is my responsibility. I care for him. I love him and you know I compete with you in that aspect and win hands down."

Panchali looked up and smiled.' I know. But can't you remove his dilemmas and prepare him for war?"She questioned earnestly.

Krishna promised.' I do. I will remove his mental trauma and if necessary I will manifest..

Draupadi stared at him,confused.

.Krishna avoided her gaze and warned.' But Yajnaseni,you also have the responsibility to do your bit. "

Draupadi is bewildered.' What can I do in this regard?"

"You can infuse faith in him in your own way. Motivate him.

The morning brought the news of an unwanted visitor seeking entrance into the Pandava camp.

He was Rukmi,the Vidarbha prince and brother of Rukmini.

After politely offering him hospitality,Yudhishtir enquired his welfare. 

Rukmi is arrogant. He nodded his head indicating everything fine and turned towards Arjun and boasted.' Arjun,It is your good luck if I fight  on your side.Dont be afraid of the Kaurava army with so many Maharathis. They are nothing before me.You just relax and watch . I will finish of your rivals."

 Every one who listened his words got hurt at his boastfulness. 

Arjun looked at Krishna who looked calm and composed. He thought of Rukmi's shamelessness as Krishna who defeated Rukmi at the time of Rukmini's abduction is sitting there

.Arjun looked at Rukmi with his natural attitude and said.' When Duryothan was imprisoned by Gandharvas You were nowhere to help me. When I fought with Kaurava army at Virat singlehandedly I didn't seek your help.Now you think I need your help? I don't need your services. You can go somewhere and help those in need. I don't need you in my camp."

 Rukmi fumed at Pandavas but went off and met Duryothan. There also he was rejected. He returned back to Vidarbha disappointed. Only two persons did not participate in war. They are Balram and Rukmi.

Arjun walked by the river..Hiranwati...Vedavyasa's words to his Eldest Indraprasth..he could hear the soothening voice of the Sage as if he said it just before

Arjun gazed at the river flowing with rythym unperturbed by the sudden rush of people who camped there ...with a hope of victory?

The water is green, darker in the shadows and more pale in the light, but still green. Against the noise of the birds that are returning to their nests,the gentle murmur of the water can only be heard, sounding like a  backdrop to the musical notes coming from the twittering Of birds.

A nature lover at heart but Arjun seemed immersed in his own thoughts or rather doubts.

Truth is supreme. Truth is Dharma.

Truth is the ultimate.

Is truth that much powerful ? Why should then his Eldest suffer all these years in forest and now forced to fight for his right over the kingdom?

Arjun was in confusion. There is only one night left before the great battle to commence. Thirteen years he never felt this kind of disturbance in his heart and mind

Arjun closed his eyes trying to get control over his wavering thoughts..

He is reluctant to think what will happen if he and his grand father come face to face.He then got up and walked towards the tent of Drishtadyumna .

                             2nd milestone 3000 words

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Awesome, capturing the situation of the soldiers as well with that lovely song. Of the Kurukshetra war, we usually talk about all the great warriors, but very rarely dwell about the immense contribution and sacrifices of these soldiers, which was no less. 
As Lord Krishna said, they were doing their sense of duty and with conviction. 

Nice work, please continue!

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