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Posted: 2019-01-05T08:07:59Z
dmegha's birthday preparation thread.


GA date: 9th Jan
Due Date: 12th Jan


Work Division

Main WU & 
Birthday Message:  CreativeByBirth


Finalized theme:
Maybe we could setup a crime scene. She ends up in such place and we really scare her with death setups and all that.  Only to later reveal that it was a very elaborate prank by the CCs  for her as a bday gift.  Bday turned Halloween kinda one.


Let's get started!

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Posted: 2019-01-05T08:09:31Z
 Name: Megha
 Birth Date:12th of January 1995
 Sections you are currently moderating: None
Close Friends on IF: ...Jes... , ISensedYou, Mages, Black_Maniac, ColorDreams, annikaa, ShirishaTeddy, CrzyPulviophile, Ayuzawa, Felicity1234, Pickachu, ManoMaham, TheSexyDevil, Soju., Niki
Favorite Shows: Ishqbaaaz, Kundali Bhagya, Jessie, Once Upon A Time, Badi Door Se Aaye Hain, Treehouse Masters, A Crime to Remember, Betrayed, Beauty Queen Murders, Evil Kin,  Blood Relatives, Disappeared, Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?, Wives with Knives (OMG!!LOL Most shows I like are real crime shows ROFL Evil Smile)

Posted: 2019-01-05T09:20:56Z
We can do a mystery hunt related to her fav shows history...or questions based on them
Posted: 2019-01-09T07:00:20Z
Graphics List:

1. Main Tag : Happy Birthday Megha! 
2. Messages and Gifts
3. CC Birthday Subteam
4. Divider
5. Birthday Sig: Happy Birthday Megha! [Pics: Kundali Bhagya ]

Any CC. 

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Megha parked up in the car park besides the other cars and switched off the engine. "Phew! Finally here" she thought after being stuck in traffic for nearly two hours. She along with her friends had decided to book a weekend away at a cottage and get involved in some outdoor activities. It was their "escape" plan from their usual tedious jobs. 

Megha hurriedly walked towards the cottage, she knew her friends would be cursing her for being late so she was mentally hatching some "believable" excuses she could come up with but was failing miserably. As she reached the door, she found it open slightly so helped herself into the cottage. The light was out and she couldn't hear a sound. 

"Hello? Anyone here?" She called out. NO response. She continued to walk around in hope of finding a candle to generate some light in this pitch black cottage. After a few minutes, she stumbled across a table and felt a candle on the table "Phew! thank god!" she moved her hand around the table to see if there was a match box nearby, and thankfully there was. She lit the candle and there was now some visibility to see where she was going. As she turned around, her phone dropped on the floor, she bend down to pick it up when she noticed some form of red liquid on the floor, as she shone the candle's light near it she realised it was blood. Her eyes widened in shock and blood rose to her cheeks. "Was everything ok?" "Where was everyone?" "Were her friends ok?" All these unanswered questions ran through her mind. 

Regaining her composure, she used the candle light to follow where the blood led. It was leading her up the stairs into a room. Throughout her walk, she repeatedly called out hoping someone would hear her and respond. But again there was NO response whatsoever. She entered the room and found the blood trail had abruptly ended after the entrance. 

"Whoever is hurt, must be in this room.. but why did the blood trail stop?" she wondered.. As she observed the room through the candle light, she saw it was empty, hardly any furniture was present except for an old cupboard. She gulped and sighed before hesitantly proceeding towards the cupboard. She was never one to fear the dark or being alone in an unknown deserted place, in fact, she loved thriller, suspense and crime. Among all her friends, she was always the fearless one. But today was different. She was scared. She feared the worse had happened. She felt she arrived alone and would leave alone too. 

She stood before the cupboard and hesitantly opened it when suddenly a corpse fell out from the cupboard onto her, making her lose her balance and fall to the floor. 

"AAAGGGHHH!" She screamed. "HELP! HELP! HELP" she cried as she failed to move the corpse off her petite frame. Suddenly, she heard a familiar sound of laughter. It was her friends. 

"SURPRISE!" They yelled simultaneously as they jumped out from their hiding places. Arthy quickly ran towards Megha, removing the fake corpse from her and helping Megha onto her feet. Megha was shaking and had tears in her eyes. She looked at them in disbelief. 

One by one her friends came and hugged her and laughed at how scared she was. "Are you guys serious? You all scared the be-jesus out of me." Simmy hugged her tightly before reassuring her she had nothing to fear as the corpse was simply Yuvika. Megha looked back at the corpse and realised it was indeed Yuvika covered in fake blood. 

"You too Yuvi?" asked Megha..."Yeah sorry hun! But you always mock and taunt us for being so fearful so we thought we had to get back at you! And what better day than your birthday" Yuvika said whilst giving Megha a reassuring side hug. 

It took a while before Megha got over the shock and they spend the weekend laughing over how Yuvika was so big that Megha couldn't even move her off when she fell on her.
"Hey! not fair...its Xmas weight...I'll get rid of it soon" Yuvika said whilst taking a piece of Megha's birthday cake. "Not at this rate you won't" replied Megha taking the piece from Yuvika and eating it up before winking at the others. LOL  The girls laughed and spent the weekend partying and celebrating Megha's birthday. 

Posted: 2019-01-12T14:47:07Z
Originally posted by Koeli_Appy

Wishing you a very happy birthday Megha! 
We hope you have a lovely day! 
Best wishes from all your friends in CC. 

On behalf of the CC team, here is a small token of appreciation for your hard work:

| Koeli_Appy | Strikhedonia |

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