War between VishKanya & RajGuru

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Posted: 2019-01-01T11:41:52Z
Happy New Year to all!
Awesome Episode Jan 1st. The RajGuru has again made Vrinda & her sisters in a amrit caged situation where their powers are not getting to destroy the existance of the Mahal & he has trapped Sitaara onky to later know that she is indeed the right pure elements to safegaurd the Mahal & their entities.
Viraaj will be her savior again this time as he will find her out from the clousre ..
Netra ia so heartless & Samrat & Aryan don't care

RajGuru has to now mend things as he will find that Sitaara will be the amrit than vish but to take revenge from RajGuru Vrinda may be usung some Vish against Him

Kuldeep a worried father and RajGuru was so cunning heartless to see his plight.

Somewhere RajGuru will be in a fix when Sitaara strikes back. Albele said Karma will strike back so it cud be sitaara will be showing her vish sode but maybe not tp harm the people whom she knows her close but the ones who harm Rajmahal and the real enemies

Very interesting line up of events and great show.

A powerful set of artists all making great impact. ClapEdited by telecritic - 2019-01-01T11:52:08Z
Posted: 2019-01-01T18:58:30Z
How can someone be so cruel that for him killing anyone for the sake of so called royals is so easy ...
I hated Rajguru ... He looks sick man... May Vishkanyas are not wrong ... 

Wat Poor Sitara did wrong that he was killing her by digging her alive in  the wall ... It was shameful act I didn't liked it 
Posted: 2019-01-01T22:24:58Z
Yes RajGuru has been so cruel.
Even as Kuldeep asked him he sounded so ignorant when he saw him at Dakshin Dwaar.

Now why wud he dig into Sitaara's kundali, In the following episode Looks like Viraaj will save her & somewhere Vrinda will guide him as she cannot do anything caged so all the four will chant thwir mantras which will move Viraaj to saving Sitaara.

RajGuru will wonder how the times when Viraaj ia in danger she is there & now he and implies that she is not athreat.

It will be interesting what explanation sitaara will give abt being captive or what RajGuru will say in his defense but none will know he did it all maybe Kuldeep will know as only RajGuru has instructed those guys who did captivity and closure attempt.

If RajGuru sees that Sitaara is not a threat but a need for Viraaj's protection & the mahal from Vishkanya's then Netra will be so mad wonder what she will do next
Will the marraige happen as there are more enemies in the real world Mahal for Ratan Raja & his wife & Viraaj than vishkanya

RajGuru will have to mend a lot after the damage he has just done and will he turn negative being a god follower who knows

The show has so many things showing up each time if watched carefully it revolves around true human characters including what Vishkanya's face as they r amrit vish & reality
Posted: 2019-01-02T08:06:18Z
i am yet to watch
seems it was so intresting... but sad to know she s captured...

hope she will be rescued soon
Posted: 2019-01-02T22:56:25Z
 Kuldeep should just leave the Raj Mahal and live a peaceful life with Sitara. He should prioritize his own family before serving the Rajvansh. Otherwise Sitara's life will be in danger. 
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