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Posted: 1 years ago

Hello world! This is Wonder Woman on the other side. Well it has come to my notice that you creatures of Earth are not enjoying your youth enough. Thus, I have come from Amazon all the way to Earth to entertain you people. So lay back enjoy as I bring to you, series of funniest relatable topics, life hacks you can totally try out, tips and tutorials for your daily problems on and off India Forums and juiciest gossips to mess with.  

This is the official IF channel and I shall be flying you off to the land of entertainment. 

So hop on and enjoy! 

Before the New Year kicks in and starts screwing with us lets take a goodbye from 2018 with a laugh. 

Scroll ahead for

  • How to move on without carrying any baggages (pun intended) 
  • You can make to Vogue with these beauty tips (I lie) 
  • Stuffs you can spend your precious money on for not so special people expecting to get something back! 


"Tssskkk", the brown tape came noisily off the roll. With a heavy heart, I packed off the last box. The home that once was warm and cosy - was now utterly cold and dark.

"Mom, I've not even finished counting all the jodis that got married in 2018. How can we shift on so soon?", My sister asked irritably.
"What has to be done, has to be done sweetie", she answered warmly.

"But Mom, this seriously ain't done", I spoke up firmly. It was only sometime ago, to be precise, 12 months, that I'd begun to adjust into the new frame and huullaaa! It was time to shift again.

Are you stranded away in a similar situation? Do you've a grave difficulty in moving on too, like me? Then read on, for 10 quick things to keep in mind while shifting to a new house (read: year)

"It won't even be the same", I said sadly.

"And why is that?", She asked ever patiently. 

"We won't... Have my same old bed", I struck a tear off my cheek. 

"But you'll have everything brand new", my sister jumped off, excitedly. 

"That's not true. We shall certainly be carrying some old sweet chunks of furniture and memories. Be careful to preserve the good old ones and yet, keep enough space for the new too".

"The second key to the new house lies in acceptance. Accept the changes, for they're inevitable".

"Yeah and accept that you'll have to do all my work too", my sister giggled. I shot her a glance but Mom had something else to speak.

"Be sure that you arrange your own room and no one else. Make decisions and choices and don't depend on anyone else for work, neither let anyone else take charge of your room".

"Avoid things like Movers and Packers to shift the furniture. Instead just sell your furniture from the old address on Quickr and then you buy it again, at your new address and they'll shift it for free   LOLLOL"


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A new year marks a fresh start for all that I must do it in style!

Just as the rest of the womenfolk around the world, we Amazons too don't get that glow all for free!  Wink


Here are nine pearl-strings of wisdom from me to remember as you step into the coming year of 2019:

-> All eye-makeup experiments will inadvertently turn into smokey eyes. Sleepy <-

-> The lines of mascara will never match. Deal with it. Ouch <-

-> Never mess with your parlour-didi. Never. Forget not-
Relationship status: Emotionally dependent on the brow lady. <-

-> Never ask a girl with winger eyeliner why she's late for she hath toiled worse than thou thinketh. <-

-> There's no such thing as too many lipsticks. Clown <-

-> Inner beauty is great but a little mascara never goes amiss. Wink <-

-> You're not wearing enough highlighter if you can't see it from space. Blushing <-

-> Don't ask why girls put on so much make-up. Was the Mona Lisa painted with one brush, eh? Cool <-

And last but not the least,

-> It'll grow back. Approve <-


May the foundation
Match your neck,
Concealer be crease-less,
& winged eyeliner be
Sharp enough to kill.

- Rebel Circus.

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I remember a time I used to get a shit load of new year greetings from my friends and that would bring a smile on my face as broad as probably Texas. Whoo. 
Do you remember that time too when people were easy to please and without so much efforts and money. Good old days. Yes that time existed once upon a new year.
But now things are different , I don't get why people get so hard to please when we start growing up.
So have you met those people who are really hard to please but you have to give them a present anyway but it's hard to pick because they are really really hard-to-please?

So how about a thoughtful one or something that goes with how they spend the year ?

1) A Soft fluffy pillow set / phone holder/ a blanket : Yes we are talking about those lazy ass people who spend most of the time scrolling through Facebook and sleeping unless they have to pee and eat okay not at the same time. Don't forget to add a perfume because they don't even bother taking a shower    LOL

2) Subscription to the Netflix/ Zee5 for one year or ten years :Yeah here comes the my kinda people. The only excitement or thrill of their lives are what happens in the next episode of Sasural simar kaa or Bepanah or YMH or what ever those episodes are.

3) A self-made ticket for massage :
Actually I am planning to give my maa one of these, she will be touched and so happy. It's just a free ticket to  back massage or head that I am going to offer her in form of a handmade ticket for a year.

4) Treats: There are people in this world who don't let any chance go to a waste to ask for a treat or a party or should I say they always find a chance to celebrate so a free supply of treats would do it ! No just kidding, I would never do that . don't dig your own graves LOL but if you want to just to make them happy it's up to youLOL

5) Decoration: A new year means leaving that negative behind and walking forward with all the positivity. A newly decorated rooms fits the metaphor,  unless you have a Monica in your homeLOL

6) The surprise trip: Well I don't really like surprises all the time but but but I always like a surprise when it involves a trip or a small vacation. So it will make someone happy I can already feel the excitement.

7)Follow their knack: Is your loved one wants to be a Picasso or loves playing guitar or fiddles too well or is a great cook or loves cooking ? It's time to find out and it won't be really hard to make them happy. A new year is perfect filled with the ambition of following your dreams.

Well well well there are a loads of people who are hard to please and doesn't get happy easy but it's their problems , all we can do is try. We won't go Haad se zayda behad for them. Like my grandpa, all he want in his life is seeing his son-in-law but here's the thing, I won't just get married just to make him happy.  Well if you want to it's your call but I haven't found my Lois lane yetLOL okay I did this just to write a conclusion. 
Cut cut cutLOL

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Posted: 1 years ago

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Posted: 3 months ago

I loved reading this! I hope you will continue to post more 😕

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