IF's 1st Novelette Contest **Announcement**:[email protected]

Posted: 2019-01-01T01:56:25Z

Calling for talented writers of India-forum.
Fan-Fiction Section and Writers Corner brings you the biggest contest ever.
Do you love writing?
Do you have the skill to mold a story in any given topic?
Here is a chance to participate in the India-Forums' first
N o v e l e t t e  C o n t e s t

This contest will be held from 3rd January and tentative completion date would be 15th March.
This is not only a Fan Fiction Contest. This is a contest where you can create your own characters as well.
There will be m u l t i p l e  w i n n e r s and lots of goodies to flaunt. A special surprise will be disclosed at the end of the contest.

So what are you wait for. Bookmark this thread and keep an eye on new announcements.

For Further queries you can post directly in this thread or you can pm me.


Your story will be judged by a panel of judges.
Criteria on which your story will be judged are
Grammar | Narrative | StoryTelling | Dialogues | Creativity

Idea Credit : Wattpad (opennovellacontest)

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- You have to enter the contest by creating a post either post it in Fan-Fiction Forum or Writer's Corner or in a particular forum depending upon the characters you are writing. (eg. Anurag-Prerna (KZK2 Forum) Arnav-Khushi (IPK1 Forum).

- Send the link to me so that I can post your story link in the Main Announcement Thread in FF Forum.

- Apart from the Story Name, you have to add [IF-NC_Entry] along with it. Please note that if it is not mentioned then your entry won't be considered.

- You are free to share your stories with your readers and they are allowed to vote as well.

This contest will have 4 rounds. Each round will start exactly on the given date.

1st Round | 5th January - Teaser and Banner (You have to give a powerful teaser/blurb/Intro of your upcoming story)

2nd Round | 15th January - 3000 words (No restriction on the number of chapters) 1st Milestone.

3rd Round | 30th January - 8000 words (No restriction on the number of chapters) 2nd Milestone.

4th Round | 15th February - 15000 words (No restriction on the number of chapters) 3rd Milestone.

5th Round | 28th February - 17000 words with Epilogue (No restriction in the number of chapters) Last Milestone.

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Posted: 2019-01-01T02:41:08Z

- Since this is your story there is no restriction in the genre that you would like to choose.
However, we are going to post prompts @ Pg 3 (>Link> 149383868 ) out of which you have to choose on which you would like to write. You are free to mould the story your way.

- Prompts will be posted on the 5th of January.
- Explicit and Adult content is not allowed.
- RPF (Real Person Fiction) is not allowed.

Each round will have a specific deadline. Winners will be announced after each round. Every Milestone will be judged on the number of words mentioned. However, you may continue to write even after you have achieved your milestones. But the judging will be done exactly till the mentioned milestone.

You are free to do spell-check/grammar correction in your script anytime even after you have crossed a particular milestone. Note that changes will be accounted only for the next milestone.


1st Round | Ends on 15th January
2nd Round | Ends on 30th January
3rd Round | Ends on 15th February
4th Round | Ends on 28th February
5th Round | Ends on 15th March

- You have to submit your story by PMing me after each round (milestones). If you forget to do so, you will be out of this contest. So make sure you send us the pm on time.

- Mention exact word count in brackets after you complete your milestone so that we know till where to read.

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Posted: 2019-01-01T04:08:36Z

Where are the PROMPTS?

It's listed in Page 3 of this thread.

Can I co-write with another author?

Yes, you can. Make sure anyone of you sends me the link after every milestone.

Can my readers give suggestions?

Yes, your readers are free to give you suggestions and you are free to incorporate those.

Can I post my story apart from FF Forum?

Yes, you may definitely post your story wherever you want to in India-forums' website. Just make sure you send me the link.

Can I write in chapters?

Yes, you can write in chapters.

Do I send a complete chapter while submitting?

As far as you are achieving milestone words status of the chapter is irrelevant.

The story can be based on any character/couple of television or any of our fictional characters?

It can any television characters/couples or you can create your own characters as well. It is totally up to you. Only real people or real couples are not allowed.

Are the words is limit for each round cumulative count of all previous rounds?

Yes. It means to say you have competed for round two which is 3000 words and for the next submission you have to submit a total of 8000 words that includes 3000 words you wrote previously.

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Posted: 2019-01-02T07:22:28Z
Ohh this seems interesting. Bookmarked LOL
I have some query thou,
1) are we supposed to post the thread after 5th January? And are we supposed to mention it in the story title "IF NL entry" ? And each round has a winner? So like round 1 winner can be different and round 2 winner can be different? 

2)Regarding the words milestone, is the number of words mentioned the limit or is it necessary requirement? Like for round 2 its 3000 words so is it like the words used should be exactly 3000 or is it like the limit is 3000? 

3) The story can be based on any character/couple of television or any of our fictional characters? 
The contest is judged by panel of judges but readers can vote too right? So is readers votes also a factor considered for determining the winner? 

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Posted: 2019-01-02T07:43:25Z

1) yes it has to be posted after 5 jan not necessarily on that day... once you post the thread you have to send me the link to enter the contest. Yes you have to mention IFNC-Entry in the title. And yes there will be different winners each round.

2) you will be judged on the milestones. However you can have more word count than the milestone but it cannot be less than that. The judges will judge till the exact word count.

3) it can be any character. Your own or television like anything as far as you are not writing on any real person (using real name). Public votes are allowed but that has got nothing to with the judgement or winning of a particular fiction.
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Posted: 2019-01-02T08:10:12Z
The word count is too much that's why...
God luck to participants!!!

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Posted: 2019-01-02T08:11:25Z

 We would PM the link after completing each round right? We have to write milestone in bracket after 3000th word in second round and so on?
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