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Posted: 2018-12-24T20:51:49Z
I don't know why I got the sudden urge to rewatch the show and usually I ignore the after leap bits but for some reason I decided to watch some of the scenes after Paro's death and it was a big mistake. I'm so sad. It all makes me sad and how Rudra and Dhruv missed Paro and yearned for her makes me sad too. Especially since Rudra spent his childhood missing his mum and now he had to miss his wife and so did his son. 

I just watched the scene where Dhruv realises that Myrah isn't Paro after Rudra goes off at her for dressing like Paro and says that Paro is the woman he loves and will love till his death and that even if she lived 100 lifetimes that she couldn't be an inch like Paro. 

Side note: I have no idea how Myrah and Rudra got together after it was so clear that Myrah will never match up to Paro and its only Paro's face that drew Rudra to Myrah. If she didn't have Paro's face or if he had met Myrah before Paro he wouldn't have looked twice since she didn't match his personality. There's a reason he didn't move on for years and only did when a woman with his wife's face turned up. And despite the show trying to show differently afterwards it was clear. 

Anyway that shouting scene was sad  because his undying love for Paro was clear (and it was clear even in the last ep where he's hearing Paro's voice when he needs strength tjat Paro his is true soulmate yet still the crappy end?) but then I watched the scene where Dhruv is crying about how Myrah isn't Paro and that Paro's left him and Rudra is holding him and crying too and Dhruv falls asleep crying on Rudra's chest. It's so heartbreaking and real. These are two boys yearning for the woman they both love and it breaks my heart. They didn't deserve that. They deserved to have Paro there. Four years on and I'm still so angry about it all. 

I honestly don't get what the writers were thinking with such a heartbreaking end to the show. 

If they wanted to do the Myrah track then why not have Rudra think Paro is dead and have Paro has memory loss and go to London and come back thinking she's Myrah and then at the end have her memory come back? That way they'd be able to have this Myrah track and have Paro come back too. Or if they truly wanted to do a modern love story then they could have had Parud end up together and then do a leap for a few generations and do this story.

It didn't make sense for them to portray Rudra and Paro as soulmates and then separate them like this and then have Myrah turn up. It wasn't the story they'd been telling so far and it felt cheap.

What feels worse is that Rangrasiya was so different and unique and their intensity was wonderful and they had to ruin the end. I just hope that I can forget and once again pretend that the show ended with Paro and Rudra and their son. I regret refreshing the leap in my head. I'm heartbroken.

Ignore my rant. I had nowhere else to share my feelings. 
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Posted: 2018-12-25T11:10:14Z
Nice to read your rant   LOLbecause we did all this four years ago...all the fans went through a major heart break with this pathetic ending ...took me a long time to move on ...and so did to others too 
Posted: 2018-12-30T08:33:26Z
Originally posted by NavyaKavya30

Nice to read your rant    LOLbecause we did all this four years ago...all the fans went through a major heart break with this pathetic ending ...took me a long time to move on ...and so did to others too 

What's worse is that so did I. I went through this four years ago when it happened. It broke my heart. I didn't watch the show again for years and moved on but I recently decided to rewatch and fell in love with it all over again and I made the mistake of watching some scenes from the leap and it broke my heart.

How could this show do this? I still feel so betrayed. They wrote such a magical show with amazing characters and then you remember that this amazing show thought it was a good idea to make that crappy ending canon. I find it hard to enjoy the show without reflecting on the ending and it sucks. 

They wrote Parud as soulmates and then decided to do that crappy ending. They wrote Rudra as someone who was Paro's protector who never failed in that and then decided to destroy that very thing. They wrote Rudra as someone who's terrified to lose Paro and even got on the railway line at the idea of her leaving him and made her promise she never would and then decided that it was ok to do that, make him and his son suffer for years and then hand him the consolation prize. Nooo Rudra only deserved Paro. The woman who knew his struggles and was there for him and changed him. 

They wrote Paro as someone who fought for their happy ending and tolerated so much and then when she got it they snatched it away and made her swallow her pain and hand it to someone else.

They wrote a long development for Parud and they overcame so many struggles yet thought it was OK that another couple got the happy ending they deserved? How could it ever be a happy ending when the couple we loved and who the show had been telling us were meant to be weren't together? And they had the nerve to try to use Paro to make the ending seem ok and try to change their own symbolism to suit the ending. 

Rudra and Paro did not deserve what they did to them. Paro deserved her happy ending. She's the one who fought for it yet she didn't get the rewards of it. She didn't deserve to be used by the show to push her husband with someone else. Rudra deserved to have Paro with him always and not suffer the pain of someone leaving him once again and their son didn't deserve this. 

How did they write such amazing characters and such an amazing journey and not even feel despair at what they're doing to them? What's worse is I didn't need to be feeling this four years on. They could have found a way to make Parud endgame. We wouldn't have complained. There were so many ways to do it. 

Sorry for the rant again. Again ignore. I'm just emotional because it's so fresh in my mind again. It honestly hurts so much. 

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Posted: 2018-12-30T08:39:55Z
Originally posted by NavyaKavya30

Nice to read your rant    LOLbecause we did all this four years ago...all the fans went through a major heart break with this pathetic ending ...took me a long time to move on ...and so did to others too 

I don't know how I will move on again. I can't remember how I did before. Do you rewatch the show? How do you watch it without feeling the pain of what happened or feeling like it makes the moments feel cheaper because of what they did with Rudra later on. It's like by doing that they took away from the magic of parud but I think I probably feel like that because I made the leap fresh in my mind. 

Lol I sound so dramatic but I'm feeling some of that heartbreak rn and I just needed somewhere to share my feelings so thank you. Next time I think if I ever rewatch ill avoid the leap completely because it clearly breaks me apart and only try to focus on the good bits. We all know what happened after the leap was ooc anyway and didn't fit the story we'd been seeing. 
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Posted: 2019-01-05T00:26:25Z
You are not alone!! It was brutal! I still haven't watched the remaining episodes of her death and the leap! I just couldn't! Disapprove

Posted: 2019-02-10T07:22:01Z
Oh my the heartbreak!! I gotta agree with you since I m watching it again too... However even few years back I stopped after the leap. For me the show ended after Dhruv's birth... Parud lives happily ever after with their son... That's it.. The End. 
Posted: 2019-03-15T08:14:47Z
I totally feel you. It was such a waste of talent. In addition, it was actually a "masterstroke" in ruining a flawless and strong script. 
Posted: 2019-03-24T06:22:36Z
Well, it was really an abrupt end to a beautifully written story. 
Post leap, I missed the intense Major Saab because Rudra's character seems to have mellowed down due to Paro's death or any other reason I am not aware of.
I liked the boldness in Myrah's character but as most of us feel, the story should have been about #parud all the way Cry
Rudra changed alot for Paro and I could still not figure out whether Rudra loves Myrah for Myrah or because she resembles Paro, physically.
Although in the post leap episodes, Rudra justified why he loves Myrah but something seems to be missing.
Pre or post leap, my eyes were always on Ashish LOL
Rudra is LOVE Embarrassed

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