Trials Of Fire!! IPKKND3 The Untold Saga of Adni_Chapter 19 to 50(Page 3)

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Nice update I love so many things in the update but I don't know how to put in words. First i love how Chandini is there in all memories of Advay. With out being together also you made me feel they are together in one place while reading.I didn't miss Advay and Chandini momentsTongue. I love protective Advay. Poor PP.LOL I love how you post exact expressions of Advay in between. You took the story to other level with your imagination. Totally worth waiting update dear. Thanks for postingClap

My genuine heartfelt thanks for your appreciation.

Regarding Advay being protective, he is! Right from the first shot in the series when he saved that cute puppy...even when the story went haywire, he was shown to be protective with Naani, pooja and aadi... It's his nature, he takes responsibility.

In next chapters you'll see how he takes and acts on his responsibility as Mahant.

I feel it's about Barun. Once he gets into a character, he maintains the characater nuances throughout even when stories get haywire...He did it for Arnav and then he did it for Advay.
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Thanks Neha for update Heart
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IPK3 untold saga...Lingering moments...Chapter 26

Shikha felt ecstatic as she came out of the college...Her professor had applauded her for perfect timely completion of her assignment and also the quality of her work...He had offered to recommend her for a renown scholarship as well as a reputed sponsorship...All her friends including Mihir had clapped for her and suggested a celebration...

She loved the feeling of friends and relatives pampering her...and as she came out, her lips widened in a happy smile seeing Veer waiting for her next to his SUV.

Even from a distance, his masculinity reached her like a crackling energy...He looked handsome wearing white shirt keeping his top buttons open that revealed the solid mass of muscle on his chest and tantalising glimpse of dark hair...

Veer walked towards her with his assured gait; she felt the air between them thicken with passion. His mesmerising eyes looking at her always far too closely. She could feel her skin heat under his regard. Feel the temptation build.

As he put his possessive arm around her waist, a grip firm but gentle, his mouth quirked on one side, making him look even sexier with a mouth sculpted to sin. 

It brought her feelings to the surface, reducing her ability to fight off her attraction to the man whose strong arms were draped around her waist. He was always in control of his actions around her, showing the passion and possession but never crossing the thin line of decorum. While she appreciated him being such a gentleman, now she craved physical connection with him. Looking up into his dazzling eyes, she turned to close the distance between them, pressing her chest against his and wrapping her arms around his neck. It was a stretch, due to the height difference. But as their bodies met, she knew it was worth the effort. Flush with him now, she could feel every muscled inch of his body, even through the layers of fabric that separated them. Feeling the hard lines of him pressed so close against the softness of her own body did something to her. It made her feel bold, reckless. She craved for more from him.

A surprised smile graced his handsome face. She was so tiny, so passionate, so tender, so vulnerable, and so utterly different from any other woman he'd ever known. Veer had no doubt he would fantasize about this very moment later tonight... 

His nights were nowadays filled with fantasies of their wedding night. The night when she would finally stand before him, ready for him to command her movements and coax out her every emotion. I know she'll be receptive, she looks submissive and beautiful; ready for every bit of pleasure I'd allow her to feel and always asking for more.' With his smile very much intact rather wider, he gently pushed her away, back in the limit of decorum.


She tried hugging him back but he kept the distance, his voice a gentle whisper, "Not here, my love!  Not in a public place with all eyes on us."

He was brought up in a conservative Muslim family. His Abbu absolutely loved his Ammy but the way of showing love was different in their case. More than outward gestures, it came from deep within the heart. He was modern and progressive to the core, yet he truly believed in his parental values.

Gazing heavenward, Shikha huffed out a breath and shook her head. "Oh god! These restrictions! Everybody does it in college and nobody watches anybody."

"Might be Ok for them; but not for us! We are different! We are special! Anyway, how was your day?"

Her face lighted up with bright smile. "It was great. The professor praised my assignment. Everyone wants to go to the pub and celebrate. Come, let us both go. I was just waiting for you to join me."

"Not today, Shikha! Sorry, but the timing is not right. Please tell your friends some other day, my lunch treat in five star restaurant."

Shikha creased her eyebrows in whining, "Why not today itself?"

Veer gently maneuvered her around the SUV and opened the passenger door, gently pushing her in. He closed the door after she was securely in and got into driving seat himself.

Shikha knew he was very much like his brother, a decision once made was non-negotiable for both brothers. Advay jiju was angrier version, while Veer was jovial yet both elementally same. She fretted in silence. Veer looked at her and smiled in his heart at her innocence.

"You haven't noticed perhaps; but Bhaiyya is gone to Allahabad. Bhabhi is not in one of her best moods."

"Oh God! This Jiju again! Why he had to suddenly go to Allahabad? Sometimes I genuinely wonder... There are surely more colours to his personality than the number of his passports."

Advay's multiple passports were still a mystery disturbing her mind. Veer understood the depth of his brother's work; some things he had got clarified from Pooja Di. Yet, now was not the time to discuss Bhaiyya's passports.

"Yes! My bhaiyya is unique! Nobody in this world like him... And Bhabhi is special. Their love is a stuff of legends!" Veer's eyes had lit up in adoration.

"Bulllshittt!" Shikha barked with angry defiance, "Stuff of Legends? My foot! Jiji was a happy chirpy girl. I have seen her crying only when she thought of Dev! That was before marriage. Now, even after being married, I still see her crying and it's always related to him. Who wants such tragic legend?"

Veer threw his head back and his laughter filled the car space. It lightened up Shikha's mood.

"My professor said he would recommend me for scholarship; but I am not sure whether I'll get it."

"Of course! You will! I have full confidence. The only part to work out will perhaps be how to manage after going to Allahabad. Bhaiyya is announcing me as the acting Mahant tomorrow in his meeting in Allahabad."

Veer braked as they reached home and came over to Shikha's side to open her door.

"Let me first get the scholarship before putting any conditions from my side. It's Allahabad and Allahabad all the time. You and Jiju are obsessed."

Veer creased his brows, "Aren't you fascinated about Allahabad? We are both born and brought up there!"

"I wish I was never born in Allahabad!" Shikha was irked as she turned and walked away.

Veer silently watched her go. Shikha fired him up like no other woman before her. He'd never met a woman so dismissive, so provocative, or so challenging. His natural male desire to master, tame, and pleasure was eating him alive. And every inch of the way, she threw up a challenge. He liked that.


Chandni had literally forced herself to the dining table to pull herself away from her own problems. However, maasi's words kept ringing in her mind pulling her back into her maudlin state...She remembered how fascinated she had been with Dev's mother... her simple love, her exasperation with kids refusal to eat and then the way Dev's father consoled her happily...Chandni had found that kind of honest love amiss in her home...As a little girl, the dream she had was to create a family of her own. To ease the ache in her heart that her own father didn't remember her most of the times and her mother hadn't genuinely wanted her...

Even when she had given Meghu's baby her name, she had silently wished for her child someday with Dev...and yesterday she had genuinely believed that the baby was already inside her. The thought had thrilled her, made her feel suddenly alive from if the light of Dev was glowing inside her as a new life.

And then she knew, it was not just her who craved for child. Even when she didn't know he was Dev, he had called her Acchu ki mummy... The dream taking root in his heart... She remembered his words a few days earlier,...

 "When I am in love, that means I want to have you always as my wife that I want to sleep by your side, to make love with you every night, to share your hopes and fears, to hear you laugh, to hold you when you cry, to have children and grow old together..."

The words lingered on her mind, echoing over and over on a never-ending loop...his dream entails having could she expect him to give up this one dream he had for his own self... He had already lost enough!

Yet, as naani said, her approach had gone wrong and that had angered Dev into leaving...Fear streaked through her mind... none of his actions are never just empty meaningless gestures...he was truly Rudra Shiva-once angry, impossible to control.

The push and pull of wishes and fears tearing apart her confidence...I wish he was here, he would have all answers as he always has...silently she waited at the window her eyes searching the darkness for her Dev!

Dev jolted awake from a fitful sleep, with a desperate sense of loss believing he will lose his Chandni. Sleep evaded him completely. Frustrated, he got up from bed and sat in a chair pondering on events of the day with his eyes closed.


'What made me lose my control in anger when PP took just Chandni's name. And in that anger, I acted harsh to Maamaji. I could be a very hard man, but not to those I cared about, not to those I loved...if it hadn't been about Chandni, I wouldn't act this way regarding the baby and Meghna. All my equations change when it comes to Chandni. She does this to me. She bewitches me, blood and flesh.'

He remembered how he had felt his chest constrict when her marriage to PP was announced by Indrani... ... And now, he ached for her every minute she was not in front of him ...he was in complete dilemma over the impending issue of baby...he could not force Chandni in a childless marriage with him, neither could he bear the thought of her with anyone else. He felt a suffocating emptiness inside him.

Unable to bear it, he got up and stood by window. ...A deafening silence in the night ripped his heart to shreds ...he had lost his parents here, soon he would lose Chandni... a death almost of breath!...

He had come alone from London here, he would complete his duty to his parents and go back to London alone...! 

"I shall wait for you, Chandni. It will be your decision. I just know, I cannot breathe without you."

Nahi jeena tere baaju
Nahi jeena, nahi jeena

I don't want to live without you,
don't want to live, don't want to live..

The winds of his angry love blew across the wide expanse to sear through her heart... a howling, hot, merciless dread swarming around and entering her heart, reaching her mind, her soul, her being...,

Nahi jeena tere baaju
Nahi jeena, nahi jeena

Main tenu samjhawan ki

Na tere bina lagda jee

Tu ki jaane pyaar mera
Main karoon intezar tera

I want to explain and convince you,
without you, my heart isn't into anything(nothing feels good),
what do you know about my love,
I wait for you..

For sixteen frustrating years, I have waited for you, Dev. Every single night...and even tonight, I wait for you.'

Yes,Dev knew it. And that's why he had come for share life with her.

Mere dil ne chun laiyaa ne
Tere dil diyaan raahan
Tu jo mere naal tu rehta
Turpe meriyaan saaha

Jeena mera.. hoye
Hun hai tera, ki main karaan
Tu kar aitbaar mera

My heart has chosen
the path of your heart..
Had you been with me,
my life would have been much easier..
My life.. is now your belonging.
what do I have to do..
You've got to believe me..

Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tui-yon jaan meri

Main tenu samjhawan kee
Na tere bina lagda jee

My wait for you continues

You're my heart, and you're my life too..

I want to explain and convince you,
without you my heart isn't into anything(nothing feels good),

Tenu chadd ke kitthe jawan
Tu mera parchhanvaa

Where could he go leaving her when she was his shadow itself?

And Chandni? She worshipped the grounds he walked on.

Tere mukhde vich hi main taan
Rab nu apne pawaan

She could find her true God only in his face.

Two connected souls ...absolutely in love yet facing opposite ends of the spectrum... Two heartbeats synchronized , but the hearts conflicted, troubled... a complete clusterf**k !

Tu dil tui-yon jaan meri

Main tainu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee


Huge congregation had amassed in the temple hall. The place looked congested as people flocked in tight clusters. The crowd was throbbing with excitement. Some older groups were alarmed because there was always the possibility of the new foreign returned Mahantji revoking the age old religious procedures cherished till date. The youngsters were thrilled with expectation knowing that some changes were long due...One thing was for sure...Each and everyone was in awe of him as he single handedly had supported the great Shiva idol in the temple. People discussed in groups lost in themselves.

Suddenly, the energy in the temple hall changed. It was as if every free electron in the air was being drawn to a positive force. People from the crowd didn't even have to turn. They just knew he arrived'. A hush descended over the crowd and their instincts confirmed as Advay entered with a confident stride flanked by Mamaji in front and his men behind. Power seemed to cling to him and the air around throbbed with it.

Whatever happened to his heart, yet Advay was man of action. In the wee hours of the morning, he had brainstormed his ideas with his Management team and had few key people flown in for preliminary planning for village development. The crowd parted like the Red Sea to allow the group to pass.

He greeted the crowd with folded hands and genuine warm smile. Mamaji introduced him to village Sarpanch and other aged seniors respected in the society. The seniors were impressed by Advay's humility in bowing respectfully to them.

He eschewed the dais and stood amongst them, his aura immediately binding all, pulling all to him. He spoke direct from the heart; and to the heart of the matter.

"My loving people, I am humbled to stand before you where my father stood sixteen years ago. This temple thrives in glory because of you people's belief and devotion. We are all God's children here and I am one among you."

A huge enthusiastic applause resounded in the air as Advay's words brought the memory of his father back. He had been a respected and loved leader among the villagers. Now his son was taking his place in their heart.  

"I am lucky to have the endowment of values from my father and the enabling of knowledge of western scientific progress. My strength will multiply exponentially with your trust and love. Let us all open our hearts and join hands to flourish our glorifying traditions and simultaneously bringing in renaissance."

 Every person in the crowd was engulfed in the surge of Advay's boundless youthful energy. The worry of disregard for traditional values due to his western upbringing was alleviated from people's mind. Young crowd looking forward to progressive development felt hopeful for change.

"Seniors amongst you know that my father had dreams for betterment of people here. I and my younger brother Veer are both responsible for fulfilling those dreams. We are adopting this village formally. But all of us have to work together because it's going to be our dream from now on. Veer will be your point of contact for day to day purposes. He'll be the acting Mahant here. Along with doing all the temple rituals, he will also be open to listen to and act on your issues."


This is why Advay was a successful entrepreneur! He could have kept grudge against the villagers. Yet he rose above any grudges and captured the hearts of the crowd motivating and inspiring them. He knew that the same villagers would now help him to find the culprits in his father's assassination. At the start of his mission, he ensured his success. In one meeting, with his words, he reinstated his father's glory and also set the modus operandi for the temple.

The village Sarpanch was growing more and more uncomfortable with the power exuded by Advay. He was supposed to be the head of the village, the decision maker, but Advay's aura was making his constitutional power seem miniscule and nominal. Advay was a force of nature like a storm threatening.

Advay was shrewd enough to know that his discomfort could play a risk in his mission.  "Sarpanchji, my official team will work in tandem with you. We are going to need your wholehearted support with your wisdom and your powers in administrative matters for development."

Sarpanchji was bowled over by Advay's humility. He had not expected Advay to acknowledge his powers. He also had the wisdom to understand that if he went against Advay, he would be left alone. People were all going to follow Advay from now on. It was best for him to stay with Advay.

The winds of change had begun to blow and Advay was at the helm!

What's happening between Veer and Shikha? Shikha is outspoken with her desires. Is her frustration the beginning of an end?

When people love the most but don't communicate openly, distances increase. How will Advay and Chandni meet now?

Advay has taken initial steps. What happens further in his revenge mission?


Hope you gals like the chapter! Next coming soon. Do hit like button. Thanks to all who hit like for last chapter.

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lovely update.
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I will wait for meeting of Advay and Chandni Embarrassed
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IPK3 untold saga...Lingering moments...Chapter 27

Chandni stirred from her fitful slumber... The night had left her restless and perturbed...desperately waiting for Dev to return... to have Dev around her... with her!...

Her world reeled...her heart ached... her breath stopped... she couldn't focus... just couldn't... a state of complete lassitude and then suddenly, she saw Dev, in bed next to her.

"Dev, you have come back!"

She screamed in ecstatic joy...reluctant to dismiss the sight in front of her as a mere imagination...her inner desire materializing into a lucid dream...

The same loving soft, so tender...the faint rays of early morning sun reflecting off his smoky brown irises rimmed with dark chocolate dark as his possessive morning desire!

The same absurdly sensual smile...drenched in his hot blooded wickedness...yet tender with love...and filled with a promise...a promise that made her mind go in directions it definitely, definitely shouldn't...

She knew, in a moment, he would draw her close, flush against his hard contours... until she could feel every hot and hard inch of him...

And then the unhurried, languorous almost- kisses would start to tease her... His mouth so warm and persuasive...

And playful indulgent whispered words of love to seal the spell...and electricity crackling in the air...

And then the inevitable!... kissing her senseless...his taste so good, so warm, so familiar...Chandni could feel it...

Yet not feel it...because nothing happened, no response came ... A faraway mirage turning into a soul soaking elixir... She clutched her chest, her eyes squeezed shut in unbearable anguish.

But then, the morning wind carried his voice... Suddenly pulling her heart to him ...He touched her with that trance, she stood up to his his calling... 

He hugged her close to his the most precious gem in his life's treasure...with tender smile...with open heart... his breath so warm so near putting her breath in a tremble... all fights, all accusations forgotten in that moment...

Just him and her and an active absolute feeling called love!...


This delirium was life! "Dev" She whispered her call... in this one dream, all her hope, her entire life, her reality!




Advay had mesmerized people of his village. A poor man, Sukhiya, came forward...a smiling courage on his face encouraged by Advay's speech.

"Mahantji, we are the poor community here. We will feel grateful if you would have food with us."

Sarpanch chastised immediately trying to stop him, "Arre! How can the great Mahantji eat your rukhi sukhi daal roti (minimal food)?"

"I will!" Advay declared, "I'll have lunch with you, if it's not too much trouble for your wife."

A warm kind smile on his face...his voice gentle with humility. The faces of the poor community lighted up with Advay's acceptance of them.

"Beta, these are really poor people. Will you have food with them? Mamaji intervened with genuine concern.

Advay shrugged lightly, as though it was nothing really out of the ordinary.

"Mamaji, Raamji went to Shabari and had her ber(fruits); you and I are mere mortals. Why should we keep ego?"

Advay smiled. This was his shrewd leadership style. He knew these people from poor community roamed to every house in the village asking for alms or for work. He could tap their potential to help him someday find the man with the golden tooth, the man with the axe and then man with the keychain, his targets!

Encouraged by his words, another very old woman came forward. "Beta, my home is mortgaged to the Gangaram sunaar(Goldsmith). My entire life and my son's life went in paying the interest on the loan. Soon we will lose our home. Could you help us, beta?"

At the mention of the goldsmith name, Advay's brain smoked with hatred... The memory of him putting the false blame of cheating on his father burning his soul. 

The Goldsmith walked towards him with hands folded and face composed into humble contrition. 

"Namashkaar Mahantji! Don't pay much heed to this old lady. She has been taking loan from me for every occasion in her family. Naturally, the interest goes on. What can I do?"

Advay's face remained cold with majestic contempt...Eyes formidable beneath the impressively creased brow...

"You know what you can do. I am sure you will do that."

 "My dues must get paid." Gangaram insisted.


Eyes trained on the older man, not a muscle on his face moving, Advay came close deliberately and leaned toward the older man, towering over him,

"I will pay each due. Be sure of that!"

Ganagaram's eyes sparkled with greed. He did not realize which dues Advay was speaking about. "You'll pay?"

Advay shot him a sardonic look, "My company will have your records audited and then whatever is due from the old lady, my company will pay."

Gangaram's face fell with bated trepidation. He knew all his records were manipulated. If official audit happened he would not just lose all his claims but also go to jail. He didn't want to give in yet.

"Are you threatening me?"

"Advay singh Raizada does not threaten, he announces!"

Advay's growl matched the scowl on his rugged face. His arrogance and his hatred for the man all wrapped in him, he gave the final blow with superb economy of words and action.

Gangaram realized it was a lost battle for him in this case. He wanted to avoid the audit at all costs. 

"I'll check how much is due. The records are old. Maybe I have forgotten now. It's possible that her dues are paid and she can take the house back. I will do best possible from my end."

With shrewdness of successful businessman, Advay had made the deal favorable for old lady. He straightened up with a satisfied air, wore his shades in one smooth movement and walked away. People followed in flocks behind him.

Meghna stood alone silent in a far corner getting an eyeful of Advay's interaction with the villagers. He is the man who alone can make these people accept me with my baby', she discerned. She had witnessed his integrity before when he had brought her Jiji safely back from the pub. Now she saw the power in his persona. My baby is most important to me. I have to trust him completely, abide by his words and he will bring me the baby, he will bring me my respect in the world.'



Chandni hesitated at Naani's door. Through the whole night and then through the morning, she had been listless and wistful... waiting for Dev's call...waiting for any news of him. She knew naani had been angry with her and it was right, too. She also knew that Dev would ensure to update Naani about his whereabouts. She conjured up courage and called out, "Naani..."

"Oh, Chandni! Come inside. Could you get any sleep, child?"

"Naani, I am sorry, I did wrong. But believe me, naani. I did it in good faith... Just so that Dev finds his inner peace." Chandni was earnest.  

"I don't doubt you, Chandni!... I know you can only have best intentions about Chiku. But beta, you fail to understand one point.

Inner peace is not a commodity, child! Had it been so, it could be bought off! Can it be?...No!...It's a journey...a very long churns out entirely and somewhere near the end, one suddenly realizes someday that there has been an equilibrium and somewhere, inner peace has found you.

It will happen for Chiku, also. But not just with a readymade baby as you believed..."


"But Naani, he's awake so many nights crying his silent tears, the screaming suffocation of his tormented heart! "

She had been witness to his stifling turmoil with memories swirling in his heart...the pain, the injustice...all part of her now...because she was a part of his, his ardhangini...

She sobbed, finally giving in to the overwhelming guilt that's been looming deep inside of her for days.


"I wish things had been different that day in Allahabad. I should not have said what I had's all because of me!"

"No Chandni. It's not you. You were just the media...It's destiny ...Destiny that formulates events... from uncountable centuries in the entirety of universe...and then, it's this love between the two of potent that at times, poisonous! ...The dark, brutal magic of that fatal pushes you to behave erratically and unreasonably, both of you!... This love shapes your destiny...Unfortunately, toxic and lethal!...time and again!"


Chandni remembered that night when she had innocently told him she saw his mother flying...he left without any explanation, any discussion, any counseling of her was because she loved him so very much that she trusted him with all her thoughts and it was because he loved her beyond limits that he could not bear to hear such thought from her...their love had pushed them apart then and it was love pushing them apart again!      




Mamaji took Advay a little aside from the crowd following him. There was awe and pride in his smile.

"Beta, you have won the hearts of these people. They literally worship you now.


Advay's return smile was bitter, laced with whispers from his past. 

"Mamaji, that's actually the worry. People worship everything but value nothing. These same people had once worshipped my father and you are aware of what happened." 

Advay closed his eyes to contain the riling emotion within.


Yes! Mamaji was well aware that many of these villagers had not valued Advay's father enough to stand up against that angry mob who had killed both his parents. He could see the storm in Advay's whole being. In a moment, Mamaji determined, He would stand with this man, be his soldier!

"What do you want me to do now?"

Advay's eyes opened, and Mamaji saw a strange and dangerous calmness, an almost opaque shutdown in their brown depths... deep and still with something lurking right could feel their sear. Here was the dragon in his den. And his enemies were unarmed.

"Mamaji, Gangaram started it first with the public blame of cheating on my father. He'll be my first target."

 "He is easy to manage. As you said, one audit of his manipulated records and he'll be wiped out."

 "No mamaji! Too easy for him!"

 Advay paused. He wanted Gangaram to burn in living hell. He would pay back double of what his father had suffered with the public defamation...his name becoming a gaali (swearword)...


Mamaji couldn't discern the plans going on in Advay's head. Advay's pause had the patience of a hunter, the quiet stillness of a man in control of his body and his emotions. 

"Mamaji, these temple ritual priests... Is anyone close or regular with Gangaram?"

"Yes! Pandeyji... the man who came to give you the Mahant Shawl... he visits him sometimes... he has four daughters, in the wedding of two, he has taken huge loan from Gangaram."

"That's it, Mamaji! We'll satisfy the financial needs of Pandeyji and then make him get us all inside information on Gangaram and be our first rook when the game starts."

"But why Pandeyji for that? I can get you all the information. I will be your rook." Mamaji was charged.

"No Mamaji, you are my Vazeer! (vizier), You must counsel me on my master plan...and sometimes be my hatchet man."

Advay held the shoulders of Mamaji like a king holding his knight, "I won't waste you on this task. And also, your connection with me is well known to everybody. Gangaram is cunning enough to know that you are my man and be cautious. I want him unguarded like how my father was."

Advay's teeth clenched in his deadly wrath...his lips a tight line... the fire from the dragon in his hissing voice  , "He will not know what hit him!"

Mamaji listened agape...The fire creating a fear in him to speak.

"Mamaji, the sun is getting hotter. Please, go ahead to the haveli and have your lunch. I'll be having lunch with Sukhiya and then meeting up some other people. I also need to go to my guest house. I'll be late perhaps in the evening. Don't wait up for me."

For a moment, Advay couldn't fathom why he wanted to go to the guest house... as if, Chandni was going to be there under the bed!...her memory never lagging behind in his heart... bringing a throb in his body, a wistful desire in his mind...I wish she was there, I would pull her out and then hold her close!...she's the solace to my heart!

Mamaji reached haveli. Meghna had served his lunch and was waiting for him.

"Mamaji, Jijaji must have spoken to you after meeting Prathamji yesterday. Did he say anything?

"Meghna beta, I am not sure why; but he doesn't want you to meet PP till he decides further.

Meghna's face fell immediately her heart sinking...she had banked on that first meeting between the two going right...everything else would have fallen in place then...

She steeled herself. If, now Jijaji had decided so, she would abide by it. After all, he was family.

"ok mamaji. Whatever Jijaji says.


Before the duo finished their meal, there was knock on the door. Mamaji opened the door to a hopeful yet worried PP. Seeing him, Meghna went inside... Very uncharacteristic of her usual self...PP noticed immediately.

 "Arre, Pratahm beta, you?" Sudden dilemma gripped Mamaji as to how to send him away. The lad had proved good at heart all these days but now, Advay's verdict had gone against him. 

 "Yes Mamaji! Actually, I came to meet Meghna."

"Sorry beta! But she won't meet you. Her jijaji has instructed so. You'll need to wait for some days."

In a moment, PP got agitated, "But why so? I did not do anything. He just got angry by his own yesterday. And how can he stop me and Meghna from meeting? Does Meghna agree to that."

"Yes Prataham beta, it's now her decision, too! You will just have to be patient... things will sort out soon...maybe he is testing something in you." Mamaji tried pacifying PP but in vain.



After his lunch and meetings, Advay's feet turned towards the guest house...

how she reacted to all his mess...always! Out of their own volition, his lips curled in a lopsided smile. "Katto!" His heart whispered to her. 

Their childhood picture was there in the drawer. He just couldn't resist seeing it... touching her innocent face...he wanted to do right by her, he just wasn't sure what was right!... The dilemma in his heart giving a sense of abandonment... He clutched his guitar...his escape instrument...taking him to his known trusted space...hell!


His heart cried out

Tu jo nazron ke saamne kal 
hoga nahi
tujhko dekhe bin main
mar na jaaun kaheen

now that you'll not be there 
in front of me tomorrow
I hope I don't die 
without seeing you...

tujhko bhool jaaun kaise
maanein na, manaaun kaise?
tu bata...

roke na ruke naina
teri ore hai inhe to rehna
roke na ruke naina...

how do I forget you,
heart don't listen to me, how do I make it listen?
tell me.

My eyes won't just stop, they want to stay towards you, they won't listen to me.


haathon ki lakeerein do 
milti jahaan hain
jisko pata hai bata de
jagah wo kahaan hai

where two lines of the palm (defining the fate) meet
whoever knows, tell me where that place is.

ishq mein jaane kaisi 
ye bebasi hai
dhaRkano se milkar bhi 
dil tanha hai

what kind of powerlessness 
is this, in love...
even after meeting the heartbeats,
the heart is lonely.

doori main miTaaun kaise?
maane na, manaaun kaise?
tu bata...

how do I end this distance,
these eyes don't listen to me, 
how do I make them listen, tell me.

Advay and chandni just can't live without each other. But as Naani wisely said, their love is so potent that it's almost toxic. Had Advay ever imagined, that Chandni would take him to hell? 

Same as Naani let us stay hopeful that both will meet together very soon. Their love is their heaven.  Embarrassed

PPghna are at odd standstill with Meghna standing with Advay's decision.

What happens with Gangaram, the culprit goldsmith, with Advay's game plan?

The revenge was such an integral part of the original story...our dark hero was here for revenge... somehow with the show getting closed, the story was left untold...
Do share your thoughts, your comments, your suggestions on how should the revenge go on real culprits! 

And yes! Please do hit like button when you read this chapter.

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Posted: 1 years ago
Wow he started his revenge. Now the story takes new interesting turn. Missing Advay and Chandni moments little bit but the story should be like this Clap. Otherwise it become daily soap. For trp, we can change the entire storyLOL. You did great job as writer Neha. I hope more people read your story. Thanks for PM dear.Smile
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Posted: 1 years ago
Originally posted by binc0802

Wow he started his revenge. Now the story takes new interesting turn. Missing Advay and Chandni moments little bit but the story should be like this Clap. Otherwise it become daily soap. For trp, we can change the entire storyLOL. You did great job as writer Neha. I hope more people read your story. Thanks for PM dear.Smile

Thanks so much Hima for your open appreciationHug. It means a lot to me because you yourself are a genuine-hearted person. And I cherish your comments a lot because it motivates me to write...

I truly hope more people read the story... it's not about's about that original show we had all loved and felt bereft on its closure... it's about fans visiting this forum with a spirit like the 3 idiots song Jaane nahi denge tujhe...(we won't let you go away).

Chandni Advay will meet soon, they cannot remain separated...but you must be knowing how married life is...fights are the pickle in the plate of marriage, isn't it?LOL
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