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The scenes with Aadi was very funny. Big smile Thanks, Neha)

"It was your CM who called me. He always takes away my playtime." She smugly pointed to Advay.

Advay raised an eyebrow, a ghost of a smile on his lips as he found her comment humorous, a tinge of a sly double meaning in her words."
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And I like Veer's relationship with his foster parents. It's very emotional. Embarrassed

My pleasure Ann. Thanks for your comment.Thumbs Up. and yes! Veer in his transitioned avatar with his foster parents would have been a great watch in the show.Embarrassed We all would have loved it.Wink
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My pleasure Ann. Thanks for your comment.Thumbs Up. and yes! Veer in his transitioned avatar with his foster parents would have been a great watch in the show.Embarrassed We all would have loved it.Wink

Yes) For some reason I liked few actors in IPK 1. And in IPK 3 there was a very worthy acting team.Edited by AnnDan - 9 months ago
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My Regular length of next chapter is ready... but I am including everything that I had originally planned so the length of 49th chapter will be long... accordingly taking time! please bare with me...stay connected!
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Originally posted by Loving2Missing2

<font size="3">My Regular length of next chapter is ready... but I am including everything that I had originally planned so the length of 49th chapter will be long... accordingly taking time! please bare with me...stay connected!</font>

I am waiting Embarrassed
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Trials Of Fire Adni Untold Saga Chapter 49

IPK3 Season 2 Episode 119


Chandni was in happy swag mood as she closed bedroom door and turned.

"Whether you agree or not, I do have sharp brains!" She tapped her head with her finger with a smug confidence; making Advay raise his eyebrows quizzically.

"Saving your health secret from Naani yesterday, my credit!... Sending away Aadi smartly now, my credit!I can count you many more! I suppose I deserve some gift for all this smartness of mine!"

His grin was slow and feral. His honey cognac eyes lit with raw, savage hunger. His look made Chandni blush with the thought that his lovemaking was the best gift for her every night.

She squealed as Advay leaped and picked her up in his arms keeping her tight against his chest, "Yes!You deserve a gift!"

Advay placed his lips softly on her forehead with a reverence making her feel very special. He slowly carried her to bed and gently put her down; while she looked at him with adoration. As he was gently taking her hair away and pulling his hand from under her, in spite of all his care, their special, their own thing did happen!

"aahh!" she yelped in pain.

He reflexively tsked "Ou!"

Her hair had tangled in his watch band. Slowly, he adjusted himself beside her and smiled, "Why does this always happen?"

"Yeh hamaare pyaar kikachchi dor hai! (This the tender binding of our love)" Chandni smiled back.

Advay shook his head in mock derision, "Filmy!"

She laughed heartily at his teasing and his heart beamed. He loved this girl! His mouth closed over hers, and he kissed her deep hard and long... making her feel adored,shaking her to her core. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back.

Blood rushed in his veins and her brain was foggy with hormones...Her mounds invited him...


The hair had got pulled again. He focused on removing each tangle delicately from his wrist. She watched him, an adoring fond look in her eyes...his caress on her hair, so soothing! His palm under her head, so assuring!

When he finished, his gaze went to her... she was fast asleep!

He sat by her side,slowly caressing her head. He loved it that his touch made her feel secure and let sleep take over her.


It was late in the night, the moon had risen high in the east window of their bedroom as Advay stood there. He was used to putting the AC on and keeping windows closed; but Chandni preferred it the other way, keeping windows open and letting natural breeze flow in.

His mood grew serious as the memory of her, standing there in the rain, her feet injured by the falling tree came to his mind. She was always ready to weather any calamity coming onto her; just to be with him, to do right by him! He hadn't so much realised it earlier; though she had confessed it to him once. Somehow the thought came strongly in his mind making him wonder and ponder. Wasn't her situation much worse than his?

Her words in his office had not left his mind. Her point was right! He was overlooking the fact that he did have a good life now; though his parents would never come back.Death had taken away his parents; but  he was not disillusioned while she was and disillusion hurt deep. 

Chandni's parents, whom she had adored all her life, were in jail now. The bitter truth of her parents had shattered the pious image she worshipped as her ideal and so strongly believed that she had first defied him and then married him, just to protect them. Her secure world had also withered away; all her memories tarnished.

She loved him,Yes!...But what was he able to give her?... Bearing his violent temper...sharing of his pain... living constantly under the fear of risk to his health...that was all that she was getting... And yet, she took everything with a smile specially meant for him.

He couldn't believe his luck to have her in his life... His very own Chandni, his moonlight to brighten his dark core...a blessing of life! She touched his soul with her melody. A strong urge to do right by her, to give her some happy moments took root in his heart and grew strong. He would devote his time to give her happy memories; of the two of them.


Consciousness nuzzled at her face as Chandni roused from delirium. She squinted her eyes in half sleep as a bereft feeling nudged at her. His familiar weight, his warmth, she was so accustomed to, was missing;making her feel suddenly lonely.

Her heart complained immediately,' Uff yeh Ladka! Where is he?'and sat up on the bed.

As she saw him by the window, she knew he was in torment again. She walked towards him and snuggled close, letting him swamp her in his arms.Her touch and her smell invaded all his senses, settling his mind immediately...

The inevitable happened, as it always did when they united with each other... It was just them in their own little sphere of contentment, soothing each other, settling each other...The rest of the world with all its issues...causing them turmoil, seemed inconsequential and of no importance.

"What happened?" She asked against his chest as she rubbed her face on it to regain her familiar warmth.

"Nothing!... You wanted a gift, right?" he back questioned her.

She pushed her head back and looked up at him, a crease appearing on her temples in a puzzled look.

He smiled, "Wait here!"

He walked to the cupboard. His hands were behind him as he walked back towards her.

She wanted to reach out behind him and find what he was holding...But the look on his face made her halt...He held onto it tight, like it was a precious thing for him. She couldn't put a finger on what was happening in his heart...she had never seen him like this.

"You remember, you gifted me the Globe back; which I gave you in childhood?..."

"That globe was a symbol of our happy life in childhood...our own special world... You cherished it for sixteen years while life separated us harshly... And when you gifted it, it was your most cherished thing,with a pure hearted wish for my continued spite of all my wrong doings for you...

I was so blinded by my hatred that I shattered it to the ground in tiny pieces, right in front of your proclivity to destruction, especially anything that reminded of you as my innocent love...How you must have felt at that moment?... The pain of my claimed marriage to Sasha and then further the pain of my complete rejection of your innocent, pure self...I gave you so much pain, didn't I?"

A sheen of tears sprung to his eyes; but he continued with a smile brightened by hope, "But you know what? I couldn't break the couple, they stayed intact! ... As you say, pyaar ki kachchi dor, it always ties me to you; even through all my hatred!..."

"I wanted to do right by my parent's memories; so my hatred was completely justified for me earlier...It was my safe zone where I was comfortable...

But then you came knocking on the gates of my hatred domain,my fort holding the budding Dev in its confinement...

Making me wonder whether whatever I was doing was right or not? And believe me Chandu, I hate that feeling!" He shook his head and shrugged in disdain. 

She knew it so well. He was her Bhola Saamb'(Shiva). He always wanted to do right by all. That's why he had gone and donated his kidney to Aadi without anybody's knowledge. He had accepted not just her but also her now homeless sisters in his household wholeheartedly.

His one hand came out from behind holding the cracked globe. Her eyes grew wide in wonder; how come she hadn't seen this?

"Something about you, always tugged at my heart. I crashed it;but I couldn't throw it away...I rejoined each small piece...My broken world! A symbol of the way our world had cracked around us with my hatred for you, every day, each event; but your love, you innocence still kept the pieces together!

Something made me keep it with me though I continued to fight with you. When Maasi goaded me, god knows what gripped my heart... I packed all your things and I put the globe if, my heart defied me and wanted my soul to go with you...You had left that bag on the road when I came for you. Kaka brought it back. I was so worried of losing you then, I didn't want you to be reminded of my actions. So I retrieved it from the bag and kept it with me; as a memory of your pure heart. " There was fondness on his face.

The moonlight had trickled through the window and drenched him in a silvery glow. She thought with a smile, 

 'Dev apni Chandni mein ghul gayahai.'(Dev has been drenched in his moonlight)

Slowly, he took the other hand out and opened the gift. It was a new globe, "Katto, this will be our new world, from now on! Your point today afternoon about me was right. Chandu, let us both start living life happily,twirling around each other."

Her heart stopped!...The couple in the globe was happily dancing together. Suddenly overwhelmed by his gift, she pulled him to her, desperate for his mouth and lips and tongue...wanting to convey her emotion she couldn't give words to!

He didn't make her wait, lifting her up to crush her to him, a low groan rumbling from his chest. He kissed her with full purpose and laser-like intention, his tongue thrusting through the seam of her lips and diving in, sweeping around in a hungry hunt for everything she had.

He wrapped his arms around her, cupped her backside, and lifted her up, pressing her against him. Desperate for more, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and kissed him back, arching into his hardness without apology, wanting it all.

Her mouth was soft and warm and inviting. He was ravenous for more. When he finally lifted his head, her face was flushed and she was breathless. God, she was beautiful! She tried to move back into his arms, but he put his hands on her waist and wouldn't let her move.

He turned and set her on the granite window sill so he could step between her legs. Thighs splayed open, she grew wet in an instant, and the crazed need for him took over, pushing away any logical thoughts except to be close.

His teeth bit into her lower lip. She gasped, and he swallowed the sound, his tongue licking away the hurt. "Dev...Not here. I am scared of heights!"

"Don't be scared, I'm here. Look in my eyes, trust me! "He assured her as he started undressing her.

Despite her phobia, she smiled. He always assured her this way and as he said, he was always there for her. But her smile faded away and all her swag retorts evaporated from her fogged mind, as his hand slid up her bare thigh.

She twisted for more even as she struggled for sanity. Her fingernails bit into his shoulders as he traced erotic patterns over her core.His eyes burned amber flame as she cried out his name and tugged hard at his hair. Nothing mattered but the mastery of his lovemaking, he worshipped her body and then she was on her Mount Everest, a storm seizing both and tossing them from waves to the shore.



It was a beautiful morning! Chandni felt at the top of the world as the water from the hot shower danced on her tired but pleasured, totally sated body! It was quite late and surprisingly, Dev had slept on... perhaps still exhausted from the long night of lovemaking...

Chandni smiled as she saw him after stepping out from the shower. An old memory of her fresh from Shower lovemaking with him came back,making her blush at her naughty thoughts. He had called her seductress then; as she had managed to break his resolve to restrain himself and allow her rest after her fast.

Her gaze fell on the globe as the couple continued to twirl even now. 'Yes! I will be like that happy girl in the globe from now on. What should I wear? He likes me in western clothes; and has bought me those.' 

Unconsciously, she tapped her finger on her lips, playing with them. The shower had relieved the pleasurable pain in her body; but her lips were still sensitive from his deep kissing, 

'But he knows those already! I Wanna do something really, really bold...something not done before!... Yes!'

She felt thrilled as an idea struck her mind like a thunderbolt.



Advay was in deep sleep when a wet line tickled on his cheek. He shook his head in deep slumber trying to shake away the tickle. The silky feel of a tumble of waves followed. Even in his delirium, he recognised the feel.His Chandu's hair falling on his face; when she leaned on him. He smiled, his eyes still closed. Now, the wetness got bold and tickled in his ear. 

He caught her hands and squinted at her. She looked different. What was it? He opened his eyes wider as they got adjusted to the light. She looked like a perfect katto gilheri with his shirt on, a cute smile on her face. His heart beamed.

She strangled a squeal of fright as he tugged her hands and dragged her down onto the bed with him. 

"Dev!" She yelled, as he rolled her onto her back. And then he did his worst!

He started to tickle her.She squealed like a girl, wriggling and laughing as she tried to evade his attack. "Stop it!" He was copying what Aadi had done earlier.

His grin was wicked and determined, and he was fast and strong, dodging her kicking legs and still managing to pin her to the bed and tickle her.

"Dev, stop!" She could barely breathe from laughing hard and from exerting so much energy to get away from him.

"Will I be spared of stealth attacks while I'm sleeping?" he asked loudly over the noise her breathless half-choking, half-giggling self was making.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" She squealed! "Ouch!" She yelped in pain as her ribs hurt. He stilled immediately.She took the chance and slipped out from under him.

"Why my shirt today?"

"Because it carries your smell!"

"Filmy!" He jeered at her; and then looked out from the open window, "Why is it so bright? What time it is?"

"Just half past eight!"

"Holy Shit!" He jolted up in the bed.

"Yes I know that! Cow dung is used in the temple so shit is holy!" She ridiculed him.

"Very funny!" He made a face at her. "Call up Soniya and tell her, I am reaching for the hold the fort till I come." He instructed as he flew to the bathroom.

"And what about breakfast? She protested.

"No time! He yelled as he closed the door behind him.


It was two minutes to nine and Advay was near the office when his cell rang.

"Bhaiyya, please return back home's urgent!" Pooja sounded worried.

First thought flashing in Advay's mind was of Chandni, "Pooja, is everything ok? Chandni?"

"Bhaiyya, just comeback. I can't explain on phone. But Chandni is OK. She's in the kitchen."


Pooja was waiting at the door as Advay flew from the car leaving the door open. She put a finger on her lips to keep him from saying anything and took him to her room.

"You never tell us anything, right?" Pooja was rueful.

"Unless I know what it is that you are talking about, how can i say anything?"

"Bhaiyya, there is news on TV. Gangaram has committed suicide last night. The news says you instigated him." She switched TV on.

Advay watched the news flashing on all channels stating him to be the reason why Gangaram committed suicide. He dialled the police commissioner in Allahabad who was his childhood friend to assess situation there.

Next he dialled Miku. "Miku, take the chopper immediately and return! No comments, no chats whatsoever to anybody. Ensure to have security with you till you reach here."

"Bhai, what's the matter?" But the only reply Miku got was dead ring of disconnection; making him wonder what was the serious matter?

Advay was already calling Mamaji to alert him to not leave the haveli and also protect Meghna.

"Beta, Pratham should not have started that procession yesterday, right? It's going to be difficult with this turn of events."

"Mamaji, it's a war!Things like this do happen. It would have happened one way or the other, PP was just a medium. But yes! PP needs to be told that there's not to be any change whatsoever once Advay Singh Raizada makes a plan. He has to understand that! "Advay was neutral yet stern.

In a moment he mellowed, "Mamaji, I am arranging lawyer for you. I spoke to police there. Nobody will trouble you, yet if you are questioned, my lawyer will accompany you."

Mamaji smiled. He had known for long that Advay was a man of huge responsibility sense. That was the reason he had come forward to have the two married. Now he was assured that his banno was in safe hands.


Miku had woken up only with Bhai's call but now he hurried up knowing Bhai wanted him back urgent.

"Ammi, I'll be leaving immediately now. Bhai wants me back."

"But you were going to stay till evening. You people are flying only tomorrow you said." Ammi protested,"At least, you tell him." She turned to her husband entering the house with a worried face.

"No. Let him go..... It's good that Advayji has immediately called him back..... I am happy." Abbu replied, a bit lost in some thoughts.

Miku cupped his shoulders fondly, "Abbu, what's the matter?"

"Ganagaram committed suicide."

"Oh!" Miku's face turned serious yet there was a ghost of a smile on his face. Justice was done!



"What happened? Why are you back? You said you had conference!" 

Chandni was wide eyed and alert seeing her husband and sis-in-law in some deep conversation.

Advay gestured immediately to Pooja.

"Nothing Chandni! It's just that Soniya reminded me that I am flying tomorrow; so I need to pack. I cancelled the conference and here I am! At your complete disposal!" Advay opened his arms wide with a wider smile on his face.

Chandni knew her husband too well and couldn't get fooled easily. "Oh Please! I wonder, if I'll ever see the day when that happens... "

She shook her head in derision,"Anyway, your packing I already finished. Now that you have come; have that breakfast you missed."

Pooja smiled at her.She was the best wife, her bhaiyya could have...Never complaining about his absence; rather making his life easier all the time. "Chandni, even Miku will arrive soon."

"Miku is coming early?I had thought he's coming only late evening." Chandni was puzzled.

"Plan change!" Advay cupped her shoulders and turned her around though she wasn't yielding, "Feed me that breakfast of yours."

Chandni beamed and hurried to kitchen. Advay was lost in deep thoughts.

'Ma-Baba,...I can't bring you back ever... but you are there in the skies watching over me and Miku, right?...The culprit who blackened your name has been punished!...Our first homage to you!'



With Miku's arrival,there was a wave of happiness in Raizada mansion. Naani, Maasi, Pooja all praised him for his success. Just then Chandni and Advay arrived from dining area. Miku walked forth to Bhai and Advay hugged him tight. Miku's face brightened up with a smile.

"Miku, Mere Bhai! You have gone ahead of me and made me so proud!"

"No Bhai! It's not my credit. You are running the whole show. I am happy just being your younger brother...Bhai you called me because of..."

Miku could not complete his sentence; Advay cut him short, "For your packing and stuff. You must be hungry, right? I have made reservation for you and Shikha. Enjoy your time and your lunch!" Advay smiled broad at him. Shikha beamed at Advay's declaration. Advay was happy that he managed to divert chandni's queries about Miku's early return.

"Why, reservation? I have cooked such a lot at home and that too, all his favourite dishes! There's so muchfood and we are leaving tomorrow. Why are you sending them out now?" Chandni protested vehemently, her brow creasing in annoyance.

Advay cupped her shoulders lovingly, "Meri Amma, feed me all that food, OK? Spare him a day out."

Everybody laughed. Chandni hated being ridiculed.

"Main aapki Amma hoon???(Am I your mother?)"

"Filhaal toh Dadi amma ho... Come, let's go! (for now, you are acting like a grandma!)"

Advay pushed her towards the bedroom; but she jerked and proceeded to kitchen angrily. Advay shook his head in resignation. His wife was naive but Advay had not forgotten Shikha's anger against Miku for not having time to take her to five star restaurant for treat. Accordingly, he had made the booking for the two to spend time together and smooth out any rough edges to their relation.


Advay turned around with a jerk as Chandni entered the room. His face looked like he was caught doing something. Chandni was angry with him but the sherwani in his hand made her curious.

"Why sherwani? I have packed your clothes already." She questioned, the scowl lingering on her face as a sign of her residual anger.

Advay covered up fast."One never knows! There could be a sudden requirement," 

There was a smile on his lips, "As such, I need few more things so I am packing a separate bag."

Chandni was baffled by her husband's strange behaviour since morning. There was something or other hewas hiding all the time. Somehow she couldn't put a finger on what it was;since his mood was totally different than earlier now.

Anyways, now that he had said it, she would also pack some traditional clothes of hers. Her smile broadened with her thoughts, Pooja di advised me to take all western clothes;but while I am packing few traditionals, may as well pack few Indian dresses.After all I am more comfortable in those.'



Advay discussed deep and long with his lawyer in his office. He did not have any risk himself as he was not present there and neither had he instigated anything directly. But the media noise against him was strong and that could cause harmful defamation. 

The lawyer advised him to avoid press, proceed abroad for his planned trip and the noise would die down soon. He would take complete care if any inquiry was directed to Advay or his family.

As Advay stepped out,he was mobbed by the press charged with mikes and cameras. Everybody bombarded questions about the entire plan being his. 

He missed his not having security as he had to push through the pressing crowd. 

'Disadvantages of not having security and Chandni thinks security is pain in her ass.' He thought as he got into his car and sped away.


As he returned home,legal and PR team from his office was waiting for him.

"Sir, we have checked with the channels as per your earlier instruction. No more news flash will be allowed. All this gossip is created by our rival group with a jealous streak for us. They instigated the media. 

Your earlier announcement for diversification and Veer sir joining in business was already making a market impression. After your press conference and the constant news flash given by us for fund raising for our new project, there was strong vibe for us in stock market. Additionally, Veer Sir's speech was broadcast-ed in news. 

The stock prices rose to highest in this year owing to social charity cause and goodwill. Everybody wants SkyTel; so rival company is taking revenge."


Advay was angry and was going to make some remark when he saw Pooja and Chandni entering the hall with staff carrying trays of eatables. He suddenly realised, Chandni heard them.

"It's nothing,Chandni. Just office work!" He was fearing her reaction to the whole issue and tried to cover up to prevent her from panicking.

Chandni's face was serene and confident as she spoke, "I have spoken to them already. I know it all. The whole issue is around Gangaram. He has died his own death from his own deeds. His wife knows it, villagers know it. Let the media go and ask them. You must not worry yourself over such trivial stuff."

Everybody was dumbfounded in amazement. There was wonder and respect on the face of the staff.  Pooja and Advay smiled with pride. A problem that Advay was worrying over since the morning, she had given him solution in a minute.....stopping the poison to affect him. She was truly his Shakti!

Advay called up Mamaji and instructed to speak to Malati and sarpanchji. The next worry was how to get media connected to them.

"Why worry? Use the video conferencing system you have installed here as well as in Allahabad. Have a press statement released from there to here through conferencing." Chandni spoke easily.

Advay watched her in amazement. His wife was giving him surprise after surprise. 'Every time, I feel I know her, she shows me a new colour of hers,' he smiled as he remembered his statement in their very first meet in Allahabad.


Shikha had just returned with Miku and was looking forward to spending the entire evening with him. 

He had been very understanding; when she had spoken out her discomfort with not having him around. She had not particularly liked his enthusiastic talk about the achievement in Allahabad; but she knew it was his passion and she was happy that he enjoyed it. She intended on making full use of time from now on to mend their relationship. Both were going to do final packing together in his room.

As Shikha was lost in her thoughts, Murli arrived telling Miku that Bhai wanted him for press video conference. Miku bolted immediately leaving Shikha with the packing stuff. Shikha's mood boiled up immediately making her forget her earlier resolution.

"He just walks away!Bhai na hua, Bhagwan Hua jaise!( As if he's not brother but his God!)"



Lots happened in this chapter...a little heavy?LOL It's the milestone episodeWink

Chandni is doing her best to keep Dev from stress but that's his habit.

Yet, I am totally in love with this Advay. I have yet to see a husband who thinks all the time from the wife's perspective.

The globe was too precious to miss. The way Advay had stuck it back and then packed it in second last episode, it remained in my memory and now became the tool for the transition of their relationship.

Yes! A marriage relationship continuously changes. As Soumya had once wisely called it couple dynamics. The relation will now stabilise better. As Naani said, only then others can be focused on.

Advay was so thrilled by Aadi's incident that he couldn't let go the chance himself. As such, he's always physical with herLOLWink

Repercussions were bound to happen but with the trinity (Dev-Chandu-Miku) together they came out of it.

Advay shows at every instance that he takes his responsibilities real serious. He acts fast and comprehensive. Chandni is not just a dumb wife, she's truly his shakti, a positive contributor.

Shikha's moods are worrying me. She's been impulsive and hot headed. Where will this lead?

Do read chapter 7(English dialogues updated) to get the reference of Chandni fresh from bath as seductress. 

An old memory of her fresh from Shower lovemaking

Read Chapters 17-18 for the video conferencing reference coming in. 

Advay installs facilities for Video Conference between Miku and Chandni

Advay's diverification strategy reference in chapter 19

Finance head alerts ASR about market risk with Allahabad Project

Advay turns risk into opportunity with his shrewd business talent

And watch the  episode of IPK3 on hotstar to know what Advay is remembering.Big smile

The next will be 50th Chapter.Clap I had never ever imagined, the story to move this far. A genuine thanks to all you new readers of this thread to keep tracking the story and keeping me motivated.

A sincere request! this story is like a web, past references will continue come in even as a new era starts in Adni life. Please do read all previous chapters and hit "like" there; for me to know you have tracked the whole story.

I don't need to mention. You're wise to guess, 50th Chapter starts with honeymoon of our lovable AdNiEmbarrassed... lots of fun and love in the air!Wink

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Thanks Neha Hug So many things, I got scared for Advay and his honeymoon   Embarrassed
Love it: "...The rest of the world with all its issues...causing them turmoil, seemed inconsequential and of no importance. "
And it's sooo cute: "He started to tickle her. He was copying what Aadi had done earlier." I liked the scene with Aadi in the last chapter
Thumbs Up
Posted: 9 months ago
Originally posted by AnnDan

Thanks Neha Hug So many things, I got scared for Advay and his honeymoon   Embarrassed
Love it: "...The rest of the world with all its issues...causing them turmoil, seemed inconsequential and of no importance. "
And it's sooo cute: "He started to tickle her. He was copying what Aadi had done earlier." I liked the scene with Aadi in the last chapter
Thumbs Up

thanks Ann, love you for giving time to commentHug... love you!

regarding the tickling scene... Dev must have tickled her in childhood, too! That's why he had laughed so much when Aadi tickled her cutely... yupp! now it's a cute comfort between the loving duoEmbarrassed

N yupp! It was a scare for Advay's much awaited honeymoon! Like he was himself stressed up and went to the lawyer to discuss... but chandu sorted out and made road clear for ding-dong!Blushing
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Originally posted by Loving2Missing2

regarding the tickling scene... Dev must have tickled her in childhood, too! That's why he had laughed so much when Aadi tickled her cutely... yupp! now it's a cute comfort between the loving duo:$

Yes, that's right! I hadn't thought of that. Now this scene seems even cuter to me Heart

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