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Posted: 3 months ago

Dmg × Mght crossover would be a like boomsmiley3smiley27.

Just loved this part..

Pls update soon

Posted: 3 months ago

wow mindblowing part.part ki liye bohot the part.dia is armaan cousin.ridzy r anji bhi dia ko janta hai.dia hospital mei armaan se milne aya hai.dia armaan ridzy ki liye bohot khush hai.armaan dia se gussa thi isliye dia pehle apni fiance se milana nahi chata tha.beautiful story.pls post the next .eagerly waiting for next partsmiley27😍

Posted: 3 months ago

It's s

Awesome and mind blowing part irrespective of short...

Finally AR marriage is around the corner.

Arman cousin his friend of ridding and anji...

Now update super soon with more AR moments...

Thanks for this...

Posted: 3 months ago

Oh my God , this was such an entertaining chapter with the right mix of sweetness, happiness and deep thoughts.

I could just imagine armaan and riddhima's expressions.

Totally agree with armaan regarding this being their wedding and their decision should be final. Can't wait for the convo where they tell their friends that :P

Continue soon

Posted: 3 months ago

Loved the chapter.... 

Posted: 3 months ago

Amazing it was  ..

Posted: 2 months ago

Amazing FanFic eagerly waiting for the next update 

Posted: 1 months ago

Previously On...

Diya, Armaan's cousin, visits the hospital. She's friends with Riddhima as well and reveals that she'd wanted to set the two of them up when they were in med school.

Chapter 106

“I think blue best hai,” Muskaan stated.

“Blue is boring, Muski!” Anjali replied. 

“Plus, we already did blue at the engagement,” Nikki pointed out. “Baar - baar same colour nahi karna.”

Muskaan whined. She was very clearly outnumbered here. The gang had all met over the weekend to discuss more details about the wedding, and as expected, the discussion was one step away from a brawl with everyone having a different opinion on everything. In all this, Armaan & Riddhima’s wishes had somehow been forgotten as their friends put out one outrageous idea after the other.

“We should go with purple,” Anjali said. “Kitna zyada gorgeous lagega! It’s such a beautiful colour.”

“Purple is nice,” Nikki agreed. “Lekin what about wine? Itna zyada rich colour hai!”

“Purple!” Anjali reiterated.

“Wine,” Nikki pressed.

“Blue!!” Muskaan cried.

As they started arguing again, Armaan, finally fed up with their tiff, abandoned his seat next to Riddhima on the far end of the couch and walked up to them.

“Okay, that’s it!” He shouted. “Ab sangeet ke colour scheme ke liye koi ladaayi nahi hogi,” he ordered.

“Oyye, Armaan!” Muskaan said. “Kya bakwaas kar raha hai?! Aise hum decide kaise karenge ki kaunsi colour scheme leni hai?”

“Tum nahi, hum karenge. Main aur Riddhima. Humaari hi shaadi haina? Ya tum log bhool gaye?” He asked them. 

“Of course humein yaad hai,” Anjali replied. 

“Oh, I thought tum sab bhool gaye kyuki ab tak kisine bhi Riddhima se toh poocha hi nahi ki usse kya chahiye,” he accused them.

The three of them at least had the decency to look sheepish.

“Sorry, Ridzy!” They all mumbled in unison. Riddhima waved them off, knowing this was inevitable. She’d known the moment the dates had been decided that she would have to put up with her friends going Bridezilla on her, more than she would do it herself. It was the way they were. Hadn’t she been the same while planning Nikki’s engagement ceremony? 

They all loved each other a little too much and tended to get a little too overexcited. She was prepared to deal with it all. Losing her temper so quickly in the game would only result in more problems for her. She’d tried to explain to Armaan that they needed to be a little more understanding and give their friends room to talk before jumping in with their own thoughts. But, of course, he didn’t have the patience to sit and watch them bicker over this stuff when the two of them had already decided on some basics like colour schemes.

“Ridzy, tu hi bata na! Kya colour scheme honi chahiye sangeet pe?” Muskaan asked her.

“Black and white,” she replied promptly. They would obviously be going with yellow and green for the haldi and mehendi ceremonies respectively, but for the sangeet, Riddhima had decided that she wanted something more classy and elegant. Armaan was all too happy to oblige her whims and agreed to her suggestion instantly.

The girls sat on it for a few moments, but Riddhima could see that they loved the idea and were only keeping quiet because they didn’t want to be too easy in their acceptance of her idea. She let them pretend to mull it over, even as the three huddled together and talked in whispers, waiting patiently for them to tell her that they agreed.

“I like it,” Nikki was the first to say. “Bohot zyada beautiful lagega, Riddhima!”

“Haan,” Muskaan agreed. “Aur hum sab color coordinate karenge! It’ll be so much fun!!”

The discussion was fairly tame after that, thankfully. Once the girls allowed Riddhima to talk, everything fell in line, and they all agreed with her choices, making it easier for everyone. 

In the evening they all went out for dinner and wedding prep talk was strictly forbidden at the table lest they all make a scene in the middle of a restaurant so the attention diverted to Abhi & Nikki’s upcoming baby. Apart from the wedding, the baby was the only thing they were all excited about. The first baby in their little circle of friends and all of them had big plans of spoiling the kid rotten. Armaan & Riddhima took their godparent duties very seriously and had already started buying stuff for the baby whenever the whim struck them.

“Tum dono ne baby ke liye koi naam socha kya?” Atul asked, as always eager to give out suggestions for names that were inevitably turned down.

“Abhi tak nahi,” Nikki replied. “But hum soch rahe hain.”

“Isme sochna kya pada hai,” Muskaan interrupted. “Ladka hua toh Rahul aur ladki hui toh Anjali!”

“Awww, Muski! So cute!” Anjali cried, hugging her sideways. “I knew ki main hi teri favourite hoon!”

Rahul smiled bashfully, scratching the back of his head. “Th -- Thanks, Muskaan!” He stuttered.

“Oyye, tum dono itna khush kyu ho rahe ho?” Muskaan asked. “Main tum dono ki nahi, Shahrukh aur Kajol wale Rahul aur Anjali ki baat kar rahi hoon!”

“Of course,” Rahul muttered, disappointed. Everyone at the table started laughing with the exception of him and Anjali, while the two of them made faces at the rest of the group.

“I can’t believe ki tumne socha that she could’ve meant anything else,” Nikki teased. “Yeh Muskaan hai, Muskaan."

"Yaar, ek baat batao? Tum sab itni discussion kis baat ki kar rahe ho? Nikki ke baby ka naam already decide ho chuka hai," Armaan announced to the group. 

"What? Lekin kab??? Nikki! Tune humein bataya bhi nahi?" Muskaan cribbed. "Aise kaise, yaar? Tere mein thode se bhi manners hai ki nahi?"

"Yaar, Nikki main har roz tujhe itne name suggest karta hoon lekin tune mujhe bhi nahi bataya?" Atul whined. "Yeh galat baat hai."

"Guys, tum log usse bolne doge toh woh kuch bolegi na," Riddhima stopped them. 

"Thank you," Abhi muttered. "But seriously, mujhe bhi nahi pata tha ki Nikki ne naam decide kar liye hain."

"Abhiiiii," Nikki cried. "Maine naam decide hi nahi kiya toh tumhe kaise batati?" She asked. 

On hearing her, the group turned back to Armaan. 

"Kya tu bhi kuch bhi bakwaas karta rehta hai poora din?" Rahul asked. "Zabardasti sabko itna hyper kar diya."

"Maine?" Armaan questioned. 

"Haan, tune," Anjali answered. "Tujhe pata haina har cheez mein yeh dono kitna overexcite ho jaate hain? Kyu yeh stupid mazaak karta hai?"

"Yaar, maine kuch nahi kiya!" Armaan whined. "Yeh Nikki ki yaadhasht itni kamzor hai toh main kya karu?"

"Maine? Maine kya kiya?" Nikki asked Armaan. 

"Promise," Armaan replied. "Promise kiya tha na tune mujhe ki apne first baby ka naam tu mujhpe rakhegi? Bhool gayi?"

"What?!?!" Abhi cried. "Armaan bakwaas na kar."

"Bak… bakwaas? Meri feelings tujhe bakwaas lagti hai, Abhi?" Armaan asked dramtically. 

“Nikki aisa kyu promise karegi tujhe, Armaan? Kuch bhi bolta hai!” Anjali said.

“Arre, main uska best friend hoon. Kyu nahi karegi?” Armaan questioned. “Aur ab se nahi, jab hum college mein the tab se promise kiya hai usne mujhe. Haina, Nikki?”

Nikki looked at Armaan, absolutely bewildered. When had she ever promised Armaan that? She genuinely couldn’t remember. But, it would be just like Armaan to have extracted this promise from her when she was drunk and wouldn’t remember properly later. Had he done that? He’d joked about it once at college, but had never mentioned it later so she’d let it go as well. But maybe, she shouldn’t have. 

“Uh…” she fumbled, not knowing what to say.

“Kiya… kiya tha na?” Armaan pressed. “Yaad hai… Rakesh ke dorm mein party ki thi humne… pizza and beer. Tere 18th birthday se thode time pehle.”

“I remember,” Nikki replied, because she did. That had been one of the last few times she’d hung out with Armaan before she’d left college without a word.

“Haan… toh party ke baad, tune promise kiya tha na?” He asked, nodding his head to indicate that she had. Nikki was still confused and couldn’t be sure if she had but saw Armaan shoot her a subtle wink and couldn’t help but laugh. So, Mr. Supercool wanted to prank their friends? Well, it had been a while. She’d indulge him just this once.

“Oh…” she drew out. “Haan! Yes. Yaad aaya. Maine… maine kiya tha… Haan, kiya tha tumse promise.”

“See!” Armaan cried triumphantly. “She promised me! Toh ab baby ka naam toh mere naam se hi hoga. Tum sab rehne do.”

“Kya… kya naam hoga?” Riddhima asked, absolutely scared. She didn’t even want to think what weird name these two would have come up with, especially if they were drunk when the conversation had happened.

“Basket! It’s so simple. Ladka hua toh meri tarah… Armaan. Aur ladki hui… toh Armaani,” Armaan explained.

“Armaan aur Armaani? Really?” Abhi asked.

“Yes, Abhi!” Nikki and Armaan chorussed.

“Yeh… aisa naam… is it necessary? I mean… mere bachche ka naam aisa hoga?” Abhi wondered out loud.

“Oyye, Modi!!” Nikki thundered. “What do you mean by mera bachcha? Mera kuch nahi hai kya? Tum 9 mahine usse carry kar rahe ho? Itni problems tumhe ho rahi hain? Morning sickness, stupid cravings, hormonal changes, body ache… yeh sab toh tumhe ho raha hai, haina?”

“Nikki… aisa nahi hai,” Abhi replied, but Nikki cut him off.

“Nahi… tum toh bilkul rehne hi do! Baby ke liye sab main kar rahi hoon lekin naam tumhe rakhna hai. Maine apne best friend se promise kar bhi diya toh kya ho gaya? Itna bhi haq nahi hai kya mera apne khudke baby pe?” Nikki cried. “Sab na… meri galti hai. Tum jaise aadmi se mujhe pyaar hi nahi karna chahiye tha. Ab bhugatna pageda zindagi bhar!”

Saying so, she started sobbing. Armaan hugged her and she hid her face in his shoulder. He rubbed her back and tried to soothe her, along with the rest of the gang while Abhi just sat there stumped. When Riddhima pushed him, he sprung into action.

“Sorry… Sorry, Nikki! I’m really, really, really sorry, baby! Jaise… jaise tum bologi waise hi hoga. Jo naam tum baby ke liye choose karogi, hum wohi rakhenge. Rahul, Anjali, Armaan, Armaani… jo bhi… main tumse kuch nahi kahunga,” Abhi promised.

“Pakka?” She asked, still crying.

“Haan, pakka!” Abhi replied.

Nikki immediately let go off Armaan and hugged Abhi. “Thank you, Abhi! Mujhe pata tha tum meri baat maan loge,” she said, kissing his cheek, her tears all but forgotten.

“Nikki?” Abhi asked, confused. Her mood swings were giving him whiplash these days. She would laugh and cry at the drop of a hat.

Armaan started laughing at that, followed quickly by Nikki. “Woh kya haina… Moody! Itna serious mat raha karo, yaar. Nikki ne mujhe koi promise nahi kiya tha. Woh toh main bas aise hi… prank kar raha tha tumhe.”

“Armaan, yaar! Jaan nikaal di thi tune,” Abhi replied, glaring at him while Nikki just laughed in his embrace. “And you,” he added, turning to Nikki, “Tum kya iss idiot ki side lene lagi?”

“It was just a prank, Abhi! Itna mat socho. But yes, baby ka naam toh main hi rakhungi,” she announced.

“Okay, ma’am! Jaise aap bolengi waisa hi hoga,” Abhi reiterated.

“Good! Waisa hi hona chahiye,” Nikki replied.

The entire table cracked up at that. No baby names were discussed for the rest of the dinner, thankfully, and they all enjoyed a meal together.


“Armaan… tum na, bilkul paagal ho,” Riddhima told him as Armaan drove her home later that night. While the rest of the gang had said their goodbyes to each other and gone home after dinner, Armaan had asked Riddhima to stay back to help him choose some bedsheets for their house.

“Ab maine kya kiya?” He whined.

“Tum kya kar rahe the dinner pe? Kuch bhi prank karte ho,” she said.

Armaan laughed. “Arre, Basket! Woh Moody ko pareshaan karna mujhe bada achcha lagta hai. That man should remember ki uski shaadi kiski best friend se hui hai,” he explained.

Riddhima just shook her head. "But, it was a good day, nahi? I really like spending time with everyone. Aajkal humein mauka hi nahi milta na."

"I really like spending time with you," Armaan countered. "Lekin tumhe toh unn kabab mein haddiyon ko bulana zyada achcha lagta hai."

"Armaan!" Riddhima whacked his arm. "Tumse itni baar kaha hai. Humaare friends ko kabab mein haddi mat bulaya karo."

"Nahi, nahi. Woh sab toh bohot hi amazing log hain. Kabab mein haddi kaise ho sakte hain?" Armaan asked sarcastically, making her laugh. 

"But, seriously, Basket," he added a couple moments later. "I really like spending time with you. Aajkal hum hospital mein bhi itna time saath nahi rehte jaise pehle rehte the. Aur phir workload bhi badh gaya hai toh hospital ke bahar bhi itna time nahi milta. I miss you," he admitted softly. 

Riddhima couldn't help herself and moved to plant a kiss on his cheek. "I miss you, too," she told him. "But ab kaam toh kaam haina. We can't do anything about it."

"Ek kaam karte hain… Papa aur Dad se kehke shaadi prepone karwa lete hain. Itne time tak tumhaare bina toh nahi rehna padega," Armaan suggested. 

"Tum na, bilkul paagal ho," Riddhima laughed. "Itni jaldi sab tayyaari kaise hogi?"

"Yaar, yeh itni taam - jhaam waali shaadi koi itni bhi zaroori nahi hai. Tum kahogi toh kal hi tumhe court le chalta hoon. Wahin kar lenge," he said. 

"Armaan! Hum aisa kuch nahi karenge. Tumhe chalegi aisi shaadi but mujhe nahi. Mujhe toh taam - jhaam waali shaadi hi chahiye. Aur uska har moment, main tumhaare saath share karna chaahti hoon. Tum nahi chaahte?" She asked. 

Armaan nodded, defeated. Of course he wanted that too. It was just taking too much time. He wanted her home now. 

"Tum na… Sach mein bilkul paagal ho. Itne time se sab keh rahe the shaadi karlo shaadi karlo, tab toh tumne sabko mana kar diya. Aur ab tumse wait nahi ho raha," Riddhima teased. 

"Haan, toh theek haina," Armaan shrugged. "Nahi ho raha toh nahi ho raha."

"Mujhse bhi nahi ho raha," she admitted. "But hum dono saath haina? Aur dekhna… yeh sab preparations mein time itna jaldi nikal jaayega tumhe pata bhi nahi chalega kab shaadi ki date aa jaayegi."

"I hope aisa hi ho," he murmured. 

"Aisa hi hoga," she assured him. 

They'd reached Gupta Mansion by then, and so Armaan got down from the car and helped Riddhima out as well. She hugged him tightly before pressing a quick kiss to his lips. 

"I love you," she murmured. "Good night."

"Good night," he answered, pulling her into another hug. "I love you."

A few moments later, she pulled back and went inside the house while he stood there, making sure she went in before leaving. Riddhima waved at him and blew him a kiss before shutting the door behind her and he grinned. 

Just a few more weeks, he told himself. And then, he'd never have to say goodbye to her. He couldn't wait. 


New chapter alert! Hope y'all liked it!

I've been super busy with exams and then to unwind I ended up watching a new itv show so haven't had much writing time yet, but I've already started working on the next TDBU chapter as well, so hopefully that will be finished soon - ish. 

Getting closer to the wedding and I'm thinking of ways to incorporate some Gupta and Mallik relatives, so let me know if y'all have any ideas. I do have a few too! It's gonna be so epic! I can't wait!

Drop me a line to lemme know how you liked this one! :D

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