Vish Ya Amrit Sitara: 7th December

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The episode starts with a creepy shadow creeping towards sleeping Kuldeep who is sleeping ghora bech ke! And wait for it wait for it- tadaaa! It's none other than our beloved Sitara who have decided to play luka chupi at midnight. She steals Kuldeep's knife. Then she goes near Kuldeep's photo and poses as wonder woman holding the knife. But from whom Kuldeep stole the pose. Well I know!!!


                              John Cennaaa...



Anywho Sitara then enters the mahal passing through the lal, nil, pila flags and saw a guard sleeping. She then takes a selfie with the guard who knows why.  Mean really? Chori kadte waqt selfie koun leta hai vai?

As she enters the palace the moti mang tika wali aunty aka Chabile hears the sound of her anklet. She informs the leader aunty aka Vrinda who has three sammohan chakrya (hypnotism circle) drawn on her left chest. Is this the new fashion? Anyways back to the episode, the sammohan chakra wali aunty then calls other duo, the safed aunty aka Allbeli and the orange aunty aka Surili. They join their power and as Sitara gets drawn towards the magic door they steal her anklet. Before Sitara could touch the door Kuldeep comes their and stops her. It seems that he is better at playing luka chupi. Ahem waqt pe bacchi ko pakad liya. Then he drags her to the house and warns her not to go near that door again.

Sand, camel, few people and there you go! It's daytime! Sitara wakes and finds Kuldeep gone but left a cup of tea for her. Hile enjoying the tea she notices her anklet missing. She searches but in vain. Areyh milegi kaise? Vish aunties ne chori nehi kiya pichli rat ko? Vulakkar ladki.

Sammohan chakra wali aunty keeps playing with Sitara's anklet and says this sond is their only hope. Then moti mang tika wali aunty, safed aunty and orange aunty come out from their hiding place. They join their hands and voila! Their hands turned into flashlight and creates Sitara's outline in the air. Sammohan chakra wali aunty then places th anklet in the leg and Sitara's picture takes place. What a technology!  Must learn from them.

Next we see the guards with Sitara holding a flashlight and claiming it as a camera brought to them by Kumar Brij who has instructed it to be placed everywhere for better security. What I didn't understand is how on earth a single flashlight oops camera going to cover the whole palace? Unless the palace contains only one room.

By blackmailing the guards by showing them the photo of sleeping guard Sitara takes the camera from them and go up to place the camera herself. Sitara being herself can barely contain her mouth. She stats badmouthing the Prince but ALAS! Brij sees all the drama through his phone as the camera has already been connection with his phone. How on earth they did it before even placing it? Lord knows! Anywho seeing Brij she twist her words and starts getting down. But she slips at the last step.hoda aur upar rehte fisalna chahye tha. SHayed bhul gyi thi. Anyhow as usual Brij catches him and they have eye lock. Annnddd cut!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry guys for all the bakwas... Thanks for reading though.


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Posted: 2018-12-09T03:55:22Z
Thanks. It is only a show like all the other shows. It is foolishness demanding for  real life stories .Just watch and enjoy. 
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Posted: 2018-12-09T04:02:24Z
Originally posted by manissha

Thanks. It is only a show like all the other shows. It is foolishness demanding for  real life stories .Just watch and enjoy. 

I know buddy and like this show too much. This was only for fun.No offence please. 
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Posted: 2018-12-09T04:11:30Z
I liked your way of narrating storyTongue. Keep posting. 
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Posted: 2018-12-09T04:34:19Z
Originally posted by manissha

I liked your way of narrating story Tongue. Keep posting. 
Really! And I thought that I offended you. I was telling myself - Eshu! Bhagle iss forum se asap! 
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Posted: 2018-12-10T01:57:20Z
I never expect that Sitara's Vishkanya mother will make a progress that fast in knowing what Sitara looks like. 

I wonder what will happen between Sitara and her father when she found out the truth that she is half human and half Vishkanya. That the photo of her mother whom she thought to be her mother is not her mother. That her mother is actually still alive and not dead. That revelation will definitely broke the trust that Sitara has for her father. He hides such a big thing from her for years and years and did not trust her with the truth. 
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Posted: 2018-12-10T02:19:59Z
Sitara herself  is a vishkanya. I am curious to know the romantic story of sitara and viraj. How she will romance a human? ?
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Posted: 2018-12-10T03:06:20Z
I don't think that the love between humans and supernatural beings will ever work. Usually, a supernatural beings have a long life. They live for hundreds and even thousands of years. While humans have finite life. One of them must either give up the status of the supernatural or the humans have to be supernatural. Otherwise, they have to accept the fact that their time of togetherness will just be a short time. 
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