Ishra TS: Aapke Aa Jaane Se (Pt 6 on 24 on 18/03/2020)

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Hlo everyone. 
Here is a new story on Ishra.
This is my friend's story. This story is about how Raman will bring happiness in Ishita's lonely life and how they will fall in love.
Hope you will like it too...

Scroll down for first part...
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Part-1 scroll down 





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Here is the first part.

Aalok Iyer, son of Mr Vishvanathan Iyer who has a big business empire in Asia, entered in his big mansion along with Bhallas, biggest competitor of Iyers but Mr Iyer and Mr Bhalla had a good friendship also. Aalok called the servants to serve snacks to them and take their luggage to the guest rooms. That's when Aalok's sister, Dr Ishita Iyer came out of her room there. She greeted Bhallas as she knows them. Aalok informed her that  Bhallas (Mr and Mrs Bhalla, Raman) are going to stay with them till Bhalla house is under renovation and Mr and Mrs Iyer went out of city due to some work making Ishita uncomfortable and nervous. She left to hospital saying it's an emergency. After that, Ishita started avoiding them, mostly stayed in her room. Raman first used to think that she is a introvert type of girl as he had never seen her in any party saying she is least interested, may be true as she is a doctor and not related to business and all but one evening when he came little early before Mr Bhalla and Aalok, he saw Ishita talking with Mrs Bhalla freely and the moment he went to them, she immediately left to her room giving some excuse. That day he realized may be she is trying to stay away from him only but couldn't understand the reason.

Two weeks passed like this, one evening Mr and Mrs Bhalla went to some anniversary party of their friends while Aalok went to a birthday party of his friend, only Ishra were left in house. As usual Ishita didn't came out of her room, she even denied to come out for dinner that day making Raman confused as well as angry as he was not able to understand why she is avoiding him like this but he stayed calm and sent the servant to call her saying that he had his dinner and went to sleep, only she is left. Servant did same while Ishita denied first then came out after sometime and saw Raman's room closed and lights off. She had her dinner quickly and left to her room while Raman was noticing everything, she is strong but scared of something. He got sure that she is just avoiding him and he was scared thinking of her reaction on what their parents had decided for them.

Next day, senior Iyers and Simmi also came back and after two days, Ishita got shocked when her parents declared that they want her to get married to Raman. As Raman thought, Ishita denied straightforward but she couldn't give any valid reason so her parents were stick to their decision and asked her to accept it as Raman is very good person, they told her calmly but it was rude as per Bhallas as they thought Iyers should give sometime to Ishita at least. After half an hour of their discussion only, Raman went to talk to Ishita and saw which he never thought or expected. All got shock of their life knowing that Ishita was trying to cut her wrist but Raman stopped her at right time and slapped her hard when she tried to take back the knife again. Ishita fall on floor and started crying at her helplessness. Mr and Mrs Iyer were also about to slap her but Raman stopped them. He assured Ishita first that no one will force her for anything and sent back all leaving her alone for sometime asking her not to try to do it again. 

Aalok called Payal, Ishita's childhood friend plus a psychiatrist and told her everything making her shocked. Next Bhallas got shocked knowing that it's second time, Ishita tried to attempt suicide. Finally Raman couldn't stop himself and asked the reason behind Ishita's strange behaviour towards him and her attempts of suicide to which Iyers were clueless making Raman more angry as he was noticing that senior Iyers don't have much time for their own children and now knowing that they, being the parents don't know why their daughter is trying to end her life, his temper raised. Payal, being bestie of Ishita, could see Raman's concern for Ishita as a human which Ishita needs most, interrupted and said that she knows everything. First she went to Ishita and somehow made her sleep then came down and talked to Raman alone making him shocked, guilty, angry but concerned at top...

Here I'm ending this part. Waiting first reviews.

Precap - Ishra will get married or not??
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Updated first part. Have a look. Hope you will like it... Edited by Kadianvi - 1 years ago
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awesome update
loved it 
pls update soon its a request 
Posted: 1 years ago
Interesting update 
Plz continue soon 
Posted: 1 years ago
Interesting update
Waiting to know what happened to her
Update soon
Thnx for the pm
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Awesome start
Ishita was avoiding raman
She was free with everyone but couldn't talk to raman
Raman got shocked seeing her cutting her wrist
Raman got to know Ishita's problem
Lets see what happens next
What has happened that ishita is behaving like this
Eagerly waiting to know
Ty 4 d pm too

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