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Posted: 2018-12-05T06:32:58Z
Thank you Vijay ji to you & your team for all the hard work and dedication for this site.

Don't know if you have this already, but when we transition to the new site it might initially take time navigating around since we are so used to this version. So it would be nice if initially we could have a support center where we can get almost instantaneous replies if possible.
Posted: 2018-12-05T06:34:24Z
Although I am able to login but  I'm unable to see settings , my recent profile views and "My Posts " Tab .

Apni famous hai raat wali yaariyan Jaane saare jahan Pethal purma sun le oh chhoriya Jhoome nagariya jab jab yeh ghoome
Posted: 2018-12-05T06:39:40Z
new layout is beautiful
but it is showing my details wrong & i can't edit my profile

BTW congrats to u & ur team. u guys hv done a great job in designing the new look
Posted: 2018-12-05T06:41:33Z
A couple of things that I noticed so far:

  1. The My Posts page has disappeared.
  2. There is no Watched Topics page.
  3. If I try to quote a member's post to reply to them, it just takes me to quick reply, not a quoted post.
  4. I'm getting an error when I try to view PMs, so I can't tell you if anything in that works.
  5. Why am I suddenly showing up as a Male in profile?
  6. The scrapbook "view conversation" button is still not working properly. I'm being shown scraps that are unrelated or that were sent to me but are showing as if I sent them.
  7. None of the codes are working like IMG or B or SIZE, so everything is showing up as text.
  8. There needs to be an easier way to jump to favourited forums, like there is currently. I had to go into my profile and then I saw it on the side.
  9. The Like button isn't working (I'm guessing you've got it disabled right now).
  10. Umm grammar check needed on new site. I just reported a post and it read Reportred Successfully. The Development Team link at the bottom of the page goes to a page that reads Developement Team.
  11. What is the difference between Abusive vs Communal Content and where will these reports go?
  12. When I click on Settings on Friends or PMs it takes me to a 404 error. What is that button for?
  13. Why can't I see my avatar or signature? Is that no longer going to be in use?
  14. I can't edit my profile so I can't see what the options are.
  15. Will we be able to change our UN still? And if yes, from where? I'm guessing profile page, but given I can't see it, it would be nice to know.
  16. On articles, the thumbnail and buttons leading to FB, Google, etc. that are at the top of the page are scrolling as I am scrolling up and down so it covers the article.
  17. Where can we post the general Discussion Topics? Is there like a forum for them?
  18. The New Topic and New Poll buttons aren't working. They just redirect me back to the forum.
  19. On the Celebrities page, if I am supposed to be able to click on the Celeb profiles in the Top Bollywood - Celebrities, then it's not working. I tried clicking on SRK's pic, his name, and his rank so I could go to his page, but it didn't work. I had to scroll down and find him in the list.
  20. Where is the DT list on each forum? So that people know which moderator to go to?
  21. Where can I see a list of all the members on IF? That is very helpful especially from a DT perspective.
  22. Where is the option to favourite a forum now?
  23. How do you favourite or bookmark a topic?
  24. The forum banners aren't there. Where will they be added?

I'll keep adding as I continue testing the site as a member.

UPDATE: I tried logging in with FB and I'm pleased to see that it linked to my actual account instead of opening a new account. That is great!
Edited by Metis - 2018-12-05T08:28:18Z
Posted: 2018-12-05T06:43:26Z
The new IF site is just user friendly and so awesome 

Posted: 2018-12-05T06:43:36Z
Please don't remove celebrities comments,  we have lots of memories from that
Posted: 2018-12-05T06:45:57Z
Layout is nice. But couldn't find the section "MY Forums" anywhere.
Posted: 2018-12-05T06:47:24Z
Cool layout.
Much needed revamp.

Also , i would suggest to have an app also.

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