Barun Appreciation Thread....Join all....Anything and everything of BS

Posted: 1 years ago
Hiya Girls!
How's your Barunrog? Getting worse with missing his regular show on TV or feeling better with recent TGIDF releaseBig smile.

Karne ko kuchh nahi, chalo kare kuchh kaam

Ek ek lamha Barun ke acting ka, likho leke Barun ka naam.

I am starting first

Barun's super Comic act in TGDIF... this guy can make us laughLOL

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Posted: 1 years ago
Have you girls ever seen an erupted volcano... and then the same volcano sucking back every stream of lava coming out and exploding within inside...It was Arnav...the man who did not believe in human relations...having fallen in love the first time in life...and then taken the biggest blow as perceived betrayal!

He's not a man of too many words, he's not a man to open out his heart, first time he's told his love how he hates her, first time he can't help... he can't stop loving her...his frustration for his sister, his frustration for his wife, his frustration for destiny!

It was only Barun who could make justice to that character... that particular moment... his whole body frame so taught as seen from behind in that shot in Guptaji's house veranda...and then his expressions... not a single word, no BG, just Barun on screen with the expressions... The Perfect Arnav


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You said very beatiful about Arnav
Posted: 1 years ago
Barun has a very good comic talent. I understood it when I saw him in MAMR
Posted: 1 years ago
Originally posted by AnnDan

You said very beatiful about Arnav

Thanks dear! Barun played Arnav so beautifully with all the nuances that it's become a phenomenon... so naturally we all write beautiful about Arnav... it's actually Barun who's Arnav for us.Big smile
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Originally posted by AnnDan

Barun has a very good comic talent. I understood it when I saw him in MAMR

Yes! I saw MAMR too and enjoyed only Barun in the filmLOL. It was impossible to believe that he was working in two shifts, one side Sukhi and on the other side Arnav... mind boggling...

will write soon about itBig smile. Keep watching the thread.
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Yeh us episode ki baat hai.. ..down the memory lane for IPK3!

TRPs were not up, remote played magnetic chappals did'nt click, the CGI of tea spilling got on our nerves.

But hold on! What was that kitchen scene? Rewind n pause!! There! That''s it!! Oh boy!!!

Image result for advay chandani ipkknd 3

Chandani tricked into making tea and Advay coming from behind...Embarrassed his bending so manly against her petite short  feminine statureEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

 his nuzzling against her hairEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed 

his lazy Sexy HONEYED drawl, " koi aayega...AANE DO! Aag lag jaayegi, LAGNE DO"Embarrassed and then the cherry on top, his finger on her lips; was it silencing her or was it the caressing foreplay( GM GM ! control control!!WinkWink) Haye! Haye!! Maar daala; ...Allah... Maar daala!

What did you do Barun??
 Till date:
Every morning while making tea in the kitchen, our romance was benchmarked to "" Tere sang... Ek simple si chaay bhi kick deti hain. .. Tere sang!""

And now??
Socho kabhi aisa ho to kya ho... Socho kabhi aisa ho to kya ho...
Hum  hum... subah chaay banaa rahe ho; aur peechese 'Advay' aa jaayeHug! !Censored

Our hubbies are gonna bash you, Barun! " Achhi bhali wife thee itne saalonse, dimaag bigaad ke rakh diya! Smile"

Aur hum?? We are just gonna sing...

Oh Gulji,,...tere Barun ne bada dukh deena ... bada dukh deena!!
Meri neend churaayee,  Meri sudh bisarayee, mera mushkeel kar diya jeena!!... tere Baun ne...

Advay hota to kahata.. "whatever! ". Kya kare Advay ji? Dev ki katto gilheri ko dekhate dekhate humne uski cute cuter cutest aadate le Lee!  Uspe bhi to puraane gaano ka swag sawaar hainWink!
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It's storytime!...

Ek  Barunrogi Deewani thee! Uska Poora naam tha Meera Kapoor. Barun ke Haider Avataar mein voh Haider ki premika thee. Haider ke prem mein voh ussee ke poetic ways mein rang gayee thee.

 (Translation: There was once a girl gone insane with Barunrog. Her full name was Meera Kapoor. During Barun's incarnation as haider, she was the love of Haider's life. In Haider's love, she was colored in Haider's poetic ways)

Image result for tanhaiyan serial

She was a girl with a dazzling heart. Once she opened her heart to Haider and precious gems fell out. "Haider,... Happiness is like a butterfly... Aapki hatheli pe sirf ek pal ke liye rahata hai... lekin agar aap uss pal ko achchhese jeete hain... to voh rang hamesha aapki hatheli par rahata hai( It stays on your palm just for a moment; but if you live this moment to fullest, then it stays with you forever.)

Whether Haider understood it or not; but Barun surely imbibed it. Acting is his happiness, right? So whether a show is for 300 episodes or just 10 Episodes, he always gives his best to his role.


In Tanhaiyaan, this man transformed himself in his role. Firstly, if anyone had thought nothing could look more handsome than the 3 piece suited Arnav, then he outdid his own record in terms of looks... and further claimed happily;   " My wife loves my bearded look!"EmbarrassedEmbarrassed. Not that we expect you to give a damn, Barun; but we love it, too!Wink

Related image

To Be continued...keep watching / commenting your opinions.

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