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Waqt kisikeleye ruktha nahi, gam ya kushi ho...waqt chalta 

rahata hai...

She is standing at the gates ...seeing it for the last time ,..the

 changing  name board from the Handa Haveli to Khurana 

Mansion...she tried every possible way to stop this auction

n and save this haveli..but no she was not able to stop this...she

 left the place before the security  guard could make any

 possible action...


Geet beta where were you, I was searching for you...I am here only papa..

Come here...she went and sat near the bed ...

When did you start telling lies to your papa...


Look into my eyes and tell me...

Papa I tried  a lot , but could not save it ...she went into his 

arms and poured out her heart ...

Papa you are having fever...it is not good , did you take that 

medicine ...her hand went on the side drawer . she gave the 

last medicine which is left in the strip...how can she forgot 

she has to buy the medicines, and arrange the money for the

e next session of treatment ...babaji ...muje  itna majboot 

banadena ki ye asoon ki bhoond bhi nahi ana chahiye.

Geet, yash had come ...you were not there ..

She immediately tried to call him...but the balance in the 

phone was taunting her...she tried to suppress the tears 

coming from her eyes..

Geet ...geet...

Where are you lost ..hearing yash's voice ..kuch nahi yash..just

 thinking about you..see..think about the devil..devil had come..

Geet...how could you compare your friend to a devil...

Sorry...how could I compare you to that devil..bechare devil

 will feel so bad.

Seeing their conversation mohinder ...too felt happy , seeing 

her smile after so many days.

Geet  I have done your work... i found a job for you...but..

What happened ..yash is there any prob...

Geet ...I know , this job is under qualification for you...

It is okay yash..i just need that..you know how much I needed

 a job at present , and even  for treatment I needed 

immediately you know that, but geet will you able to do this ...

this is governess job ...the family just returned from states,

 and settled here, you have to take care of the kids...

Yash it is okay...I just need one job...nowadays it is difficult to 

get a job even with qualification, And  even I did not complete 

my studies .

And you helped me a lot ,you stood for me , when everyone left me,

It is truly said that ..we can know the truly said...when we are 

in need, then we can know the real nature of the people...

Geet ...why you are feeling sad, see everything will be okay,...

see my friend brother suggested this job...you are best for 

this...you are very good at handling kids, tomorrow you have to

 be in this address...see I heard the Maan singh Khurana is 

very strict on time...make sure you are on time..you have take

 care of the his nephews ..

Khurana ...geet  was just thinking about the name

What happened geet what you are thinking...vo kuch nahi...just 

thinking where I heard this name..

It is not possible they just returned from states expanding

 their business,


Ha make sure you are there on time. Why you will not there 

for me..no geet I am going out of station. Some emergency had

 come, so  this is the  office address. They will take interview.


Kisa ye waqt hai...is waqt ne is ghar se door kardiya..ab vahi

 waqt ne phir se is ghar ke samne ne khada kardiya hai...

When she went to office they redirected to this address. Now

 she remembered  where she saw the Khurana name, yes it is

 the same name she saw in the name plate ...

At one second her heart beats started to beat fast, gathering

 all her lost energy she knocked her fav bell...which is her fav 

 she laughed at her thinking ..not only this bell..there are so 

many things in his house which are her favorite her child ho

od days she has spent here...each thing she remembered her

 mother has decorated this house. She is   ...yes it is unique 

one...it is just like temple bell.

pari beta...she came out her thoughts with her kaka voice..

Nakul was so much happy seeing her pari before him..geet is

 just like a pari to him...

Kaka you have not left the house. But what is this stupid 

question...when they themselves told them to stay here...when 

kaka wants come along with them...she was afraid to take the

 responsibility of his. When they themselves do not have the

 proper shelter .

Pari  beta tum idhar..sab kuch teekh haina..papaji teekh hai na..

Sab kuch teekh hai...vo idhar kuch interview hai...

Pari tum job karuagi...why kaka...situation are not same

 before...waqt ne sab kuch badal diya  hai kaka...nakul could

d see her pain in her eyes their talks came to break with 

interruption of a female voice.

Nakul who is there ...

Geet saw a   elegant lady coming from the stairs ,you are 

geet ..my brother -in-law told that you will be coming

 here..please take your seat.though she is not a foreigner she 

is just looking like that her accent is more like that ...looking 

like she is carrying ...hai iam nainatara..she called her 

kids ..introducing them Kabir ,karan..they are in 5 th 

grade..now I am not able to concentrate on them because

 of my health issues. So want governess for them, who can 

take care just like me. 

Sure .., iam not be take care like you, but will try my level best

 to come to your expectations .

Their talks came to break with nakul bringing her fav vanilla

 milk shake..

It is good you brought nakul..i forgot to ask her ...by the way 

how you know she likes  this...

He could not able to answer this simple question. How could he

 tell...she was once princess of the house...she was apple of

 everyone brought up just like a princess... how does this 

times changes every thing , that was the time when she was

 living in this palace just like a princess, now with the time 

change, she is working here ...

Madam brought milk for the kids, thought she too will drink. 

At request of geet he kept quiet about her identity.


 one second geet felt very happy coming back like this to this

 house...at least she is able to stay in the house, and connect 

the memories of her mother.  

Geet simple and sober nature   instantly loved by everyone...

especially Savitri devi who is grand mother of the dev and


geet i saw you somewhere. But not able to relate...geet laughed

 at her words. After so many days I am feeling very happy. Yes

 what more I can ask..i could able to start treatment for 

papa..the only thing  which is troubling here is maan singh 

Khurana...yes from the day one he is after me..do not know

 how he got doubt in my behavior. But in my knowledge, I never

 did anything which may make suspicious. ha I forgot I know 

that day i could not hold myself and went into room now his 

room he was just coming from the washroom.

He smiled at me and started coming towards me..at one second

 I was lost in his smile,

Pari beta ..hearing nakul voice  I came to my sense..o god kaka

 how could he  call with this name ...she immediately pushed 

him and rushed outside...

Pari...how could nakul call geet like that..does he knows 

before ..from that day on wards  I started notice her 

behavior ..

Nakul kaka how could you call  with this name..you know that 

they will get doubt  and I do not want to know  papa about  all 

these things , he will get upset...which is not good for his health..

Sorry beta from the next time I will make sure .. but maan 

doubts increased with the next incident.

Di..di..hearing Kabir and karan voice I rushed to their room..

What happened why  you are shouting like this..

Di ..they have given one school project there a exhibition in 

the school , and our teacher has given the concept of 

different types of houses..we have to present different 

models of houses...

Why you are so worried by that I am there, and I will..now do

not make like these faces..di sach me you are going to help 

us..ha baba ..now  but now this finish this milk..with out any 

fuss they finished.


Maan was surprised seeing the live models of different 

houses  and the material used and instruments used for

 making them. These are used by architect students .and when

 he came to know that geet  did all this..shaq yakken me 

badalchuki hai ...ki geet kuch chupa rahi hai..

Now at any cost he wants to know about this geet..

Geet was in helpless position when Savitri devi requested to 

organize birthday party for kids...even she could not deny 

 naintara who has requested her lot ,


 Party was going in full swing...what happned kaka..are you not 

well..kuch nahi beta..just  old age..kaka you wait .. I will see th

e preparations...going into the hall. Oh iam sorry ...but she was 

rooted seeing him before her...

Rahul  ...oh god what can I do now even I cannot run from here...

So Miss Geetanjali handa. handa princess..how come I am 

surprised...you are here...wearing like these normal clothes...

   are .you are working here ..if you would have married me, you

 would have not have seen days..see now once the princess 

of this haveli..now working here like a servant .

Geet stood rooted ,her head down, eyes filled with tears 

threated to  fall   ..she closed her eyes ..as if not face this 

situation. Want to go far away from this place.

Seeing the chaos maan reached there...he was shocked hearing

 geet past,  his hands automatically raised to take that tear 

drop into his hands...his other hand went around her , as if

 giving her support...

Mr. Rahul...how dare you come into my party and Insult our 

family members...

Family member...oh ya I understand ...nice geet you catched a 

big fish to retain your haveli...before he could continue his

 talks, he cheeks echoed with the sound ..

Even maan was  surprised when savitri devi slapped rahul...

How dare you  touch Rahul...old women..

Hearing against his grandmother even maan raised his hands 

against rahul.maan beta ..why you are wasting your energy on 

these people see

Mr.Rahul..till now you are talking so much about geet  

character, do you know about your family background...till now

 you are taunting about geet background...you know she is truly

 princess , and was brought up just like a princess their

 forefather are kings to this region. May be they lost their 

wealth ..but still you cannot stand against her you know who 

are you.. and what your parents are...they are normal worker

s working in her  haveli.. I still remembered that  day she was 

just small girl ...may be she do not remember all these..when

 your parents requested money to start business, geet 

grandfather has given the money ...you know what ..till now 

whom you are insulting the same girl has given the money to

 your parent s because she was considered as lucky charm...

Hearing all these things .rahul was rooted in his place..he just 

simply left the place..

Dadima   how you know all these things ..and till  now why you 

did not tell us..

Maan beta even I did not recognize her..when Rahul called with

 the geentajali handa I started recollecting the name..your 

grandfather and her grandfather were close friends...even he 

helped us in  starting  our business. He did not take money 

which he had given at that time.  Maan beta   every time you

 aks who is this geetnajali handa  who hold 25 percent shares

 in our company ..she is same geet .when your grandfather

 wants to return the money they did not take so  the same

 money we have invested back in the company as her 

share..your father started expanding business in the 

states...after that we lost contact  with that family. After 

coming  here I tried to enquire about them but could not ab

le to find them..even I did not know that this the same haveli

 once they owned  it ...

Geet  beta. Hearing dadima voice she came out of the trance...

Sorry beta for all these...

Nahi dadima ..please ise math kahiyi..is me apki kya galiti 

hai..ye to mera waqt hi kharab hai, isme apka kya kassor...  

dadima  I want to leave now..bahut raat ho chuka hai..papa will 

be waiting for me..

Geet just wait one min..seeing her going maan could not hold 

himself..he rushed towards the door..

He kneeled down before her.. taking her hand  geet I know 

this is not time  and place ..but I could not hold myself see

ing  you going like this... First time I saw you..i   fallen  in  love 

you.. ...I just want my spend rest of life with you, wants to 

start the day with you, and night in your arms. Winking at 

her...will you please marry me.

Dadima is it true what iam seeing..ha dev beta..finally your 

brother has fallen in love..

The man who runs away hearing the word love..does not believe

 in this word..now proposing that too before everyone ...

Ha dev beta ..this is called love ...and what more I can 

ask..when your brother has found his true love..

Geet  just lost in his smile. What more  she can ask..what she 

fascinated about is coming true. His prince charming

  proposing  like this...she felt as if time has  stopped at one

 second.lekin ye waqt hai..gam ye kushi ho waqt chalta rahta hai... ..




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lovely n amazing story
Posted: 2018-12-01T09:50:07Z
Congrats on the OS!! 

superb fab OS! well written! 

Liked how Maan proposed! 

awesome end! 
Posted: 2018-12-01T20:05:30Z
Nice story.. short sweet and emotional. Although I would have liked if Maan was shown to be attracted to Geet right from the beginning.. 
Posted: 2018-12-01T20:21:05Z
Originally posted by khwaishfan

Congrats on the OS!! 

superb fab OS! well written! 

Liked how Maan proposed! 

awesome end! 
Thank you dear
Posted: 2018-12-01T20:23:25Z
Originally posted by babelicious

Nice story.. short sweet and emotional. Although I would have liked if Maan was shown to be attracted to Geet right from the beginning.. [/QU
I know we would like to read lot of mannet romance but it us Short story so cannot add more
Posted: 2018-12-02T05:00:18Z
sahi mein...waqt sab kuch hai...wohi bigadta hai...wohi sabadta hai...chalo geet ki babaji ne maan ko la diye uske zindagi mein...

lovely os...

loved it very much...

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