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Posted: 2 years ago

"Could I be more lazy?"

So creativity probably jumped out of the window when I was coming up with a name and banner for the gallery.  Ermm btw answer to the above question, Yes I can be lazy, a lot lazy than needed. Thats one of the skill I was born with. Cool  One of the best example of my laziness is my poor old gallery, long forgotten and dejected by its own owner. I had one then I forgot to update it *cough cough. No judgements please. Nuke  Then it got closed down when one fine day I suddenly remembered about it but when I got back it had moved on, basically got closed down, and most of my work out there just got disappeared from the face of Earth thanks to the image uploading sites that deleted them. Talk about the betrayal.  Geek 

Anyways so this is me, up with a new one though I always thought I would only open one once I got better but guess life doesn't always give lemons especially when you are ready for a lemonade, sometimes it can give you oranges. Did that even make sense? Long story short, I am a shameless being taking your previous time to browse over my crap. 

This gallery is dedicated my one and only love, my mishti doi, my Moumita. The person who was always there, supporting and my "I don't know how to PS but I love to and wouldn't stop making more and more even though I suck". I don't know what she sees in me or my work but if it weren't for her I wouldn't be here. So all the chappals can be directed to her please. ROFL 

TBH, most of you probably stopped reading till this point and are simply scrolling down, trying to figure out if this was worth it. Well if that's the case then you missed my name, you would be like yeah yeah its Sam we know it and all but well its not. My real name is Saminder. Sleepy jk it's SamrajyaLaxmiWati. Got you. 

I make

Except for fools? Well non animated stuffs like icons, siggies, tags, picspams everything and anything. Have you ever seen anything so horrifying, you have lost your sleep for nights? Give me some animated stuffs to make I will tell you what I'm talking about. LOL


. ArjunDraupadi . Shaheer Pooja . 
. Siddharth Malhotra Blushing . 
. Friends . Mahabharat 2013 .  Sara Ali + Janhvi 
. Kajal Aggarwal . Mahira Khan Neymar Jr . 


This make take a while, you may wanna grab some food or tissues, just in case you get emotional. 

Sanskruti : First one to inspire me into making stuffs. Remember we used to pm each other stuff we made when we were so amateur. I am still there btw. LOL

Aisha Di :  My animation queen. Gosh I used to drool over her tags and gifs so much. We were so close to getting married. We as in me and her PS stuffs. 

Pro : Do I need to say anything more? Her name itself explains it all. Will never be able to make those pretty divine pieces you create. 

Husna : Meri Husn ki dukaan! You work is phenomenal. I don't even try to make something keeping your work as a milestone. Cause well you know? I am going to get lost somewhere in between. 

And then Visha Di's non animated stuffs, Aheli's animated and Appy Di's everything. 


I really don't have any so I am just going to copy paste from some other gallery, cool? 

Rule #1 The C Rule : Do not crop, cut, copy, or claim my work as your own. 
Le me : ROFL you wanna crop and copy my work. Seriously man how bad are you? Sleepy

Rule #2 Request Rule : If you somewhat gather courage and do request me something then reuqest anything non animated, unless you want to treat your eyes something horrifying than ghosts. Evil Smile

Rule #3 Do not request me to make something you don't need or don't want to use. I can understand that sometimes your request may not turn out as good as expected but that doesn't mean you Le go of my hard work and the precious time I have contributed rather than simply sleeping, down in drain. Stern Smile

Rule #4 PM routine : Will pm my buddies from my account and my pm account so delete both of them if you don't want a pm. LOL Unbuddy me or whatever it is but do not block me. I am the least interested in you or your profile and activities to block me but once you do I have a trouble sending pms out and really sending out pms to 300+ buddies is like difficult than solving a trigonometric problem. 

Will add more when I get time I guess? Forget it, I am never going to edit this post again. LOL

I do not have any. No kidding. I can spend hours and hours making a siggy but I can not give my bloody sec to add a simple copyright. 

So this it. Chalo zaraa mohabbat barsao mujh pe. Silly
And to summarise the whole post or the whole shop in one single phrase, 
Shit happens. 

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Posted: 2 years ago

Salim Anarkali 2.0 aka my version  LOL

ShaJa in Thailand 
Became too ambitious while making the last one and it turned out become crap.  Stern Smile


Hubby Blushing



Bepannaah + Kasauti Zindagi Kay 




Siyah Beyaz Ask 

Like every other Turkish drama, I started it, got hooked for days, lost my sleep and then couldn't follow it. Geek

Kedarnath + Dhadak 



Pooja Sharma 

Mahira Khan 

Her interviews are so animated and full of life. And thanks to this one, I am ready to leave everything and go and become an actress. ROFL


Like, comment kardio jaane se phele. RES Kar k bhul ne walo jaakar apne bhais chadao. Clown

Kar k dekho accha lagta hai. Approve

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Posted: 2 years ago
*me excited as a kid* !!!!!


Oye I res-ed this spot last year... first to res and last to unres lol! I need an award for that lol! ROFL

Sam before anything else, wishing you a very happy new year filled with love and happiness and may all your wishes come true! Hug

Girl congrats on your 1st creations gallery and thank you Moumita for pushing our amazing soul to open a gallery.CoolLOL
Oh girl! Look at how fabulicious your creations are! Your style is so different yet simply exquisite and eye catchy! Like everything is so stunning! and oh your blendings and colourings too are just love! Day Dreaming

I will sound kinda biased love the Adiya icons a lot and *coughs coughs* A LOT! Embarrassed
I might attack your gallery once you are open for requests lol! LOL

Oh gosh this is such incredible! Embarrassed

hugs Hug

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Posted: 2 years ago

Reswaa  Hug
I wondered when will I again get a pm about your gallery update !! After what it seems like forever ,  After my endless nagging and waiting for you to get over your laziness and update; looks like you finally seem to get a brain or should I say finally seem to use it LOL and I am really surprised , trust me I din even smell your update this time. And this is one of the best things happening in this weekEmbarrassed

But I always knew you were going to come back with your beautiful creations Wink 

Okay so right now I am bone tired like 1...2 and I will be asleep 
, so you have to wait till tomorrow for my big fat comment.

Res Res Res Wink


First of all I do owe you a big apology for making you wait so long if you have been waiting of course, I had my 1'st semester exam and with a big arse syllabus, and yesterday it's was over and the first thing in the morning I am here to drop you a comment, okay I brushed my teeth first and then uploaded a pic in F.B LOL so the third thing in the morning (okay I went to pee , of course I can't comment with a calm mind if I had to pee l ike a son of a bitchROFL)  I'm here, if 11'o clock is still considered a morning. 
Oh right I didn't apologize
I am so sorry , I really am. Your gallery is really important to me, and it's one of my favourite places in I.F. I really hate C.U for scheduling the exam in this part of the month. Angry

And I can't tell you how much it means to me, you dedicated your gallery to me, I love you a looot. But if half portion of chappal will be mine, which I am sure you won't get any but then half portion of all the praises and laddoos and is MINE which I am sure this gallery will be filled with. Like seriously what I see in you ? wait lemme tell you , I see in you a lazy idiot who won't ever admit her goddamn talent. This is the best introduction written in the history of I.F galleries , but one thing I really hate about this introduction is you underestimating yourself.Stern Smile You make beautiful creations, sometimes when I visit the FFG I am keep looking at them, the one you made with disney princess and with a girl in the middle , it is pure genius ! Approve 
Okay let me fetch the link
^^ it is my favouriteEmbarrassed and will be for a long time Embarrassed

You are talented and own up to it and if you don't at least don't underestimate yourself , come on haven't I teach you anything?
You know your creations had been copied before in Instagram and then I commented 'nice cropping'  
So I'm gonna give you a very short comment if you underestimate your hard works. 

So let's go straight down to your creations, okay so I name this update a hotshot update with a little bit of cuteness mingled in it okay a lot cuteEmbarrassed 
Your update is g-g-g-gorgeous.
I really love the opening banner , I really like the colouring and the bookey effect created , but the one with the Sid steals the show, I am really in love with it the texture is killing it hot like can I get a textless version of it ? 
Talking about classy with a royal temperment mixed with elegance...f**k it... since when words became so powerful to describe a sheer piece of beauty?!
Of course I am talking about this one
It's my favourite, I love everything about it for the first thing is it's colouring and effects , I din know how such an uncommon colouring like that rock the show?
Then the blurring and the texture , everything is perfect , not to forget the small details to put that look on pooja , talking about perseverance !
I don't even know what words to put into it as in to describe it ! Except it's a sheer piece of art? It could be hanging in an art gallery , I would not be surprised ! I really love what you call it the paper cut pattern ? It's beautiful . I I love how it mingles with the background! The colouring for the first thing is splendid. It's hot for another thing . Talking about hotness,
It's burning in here, it's sexy , love the colouring and the manner, like the half portion is totally red and the figures are almost shadows contributing to the hotness.
Like this one on Shaja
This effect is hot and giving it a mysterious look. I love the text you put in them.
But unlike the Shaja and the previous hot one I commented about, 
One is not hot and mysterious but with a slight difference in the effects on the figure it looks romantic. 
I love your siggys with total red and  with the figures inside almost like shadow.
Girl this one speaks the story, it speaks the whole life of draupadi.
The look you gave it is drop dead gorgeous. The effect in the first one totally reflects her dreams and then it's sheer terror. I just love the colouring, the manner and the adjustment. 
Let me be honest, there are very few black and white creations I like the way you play with back and white.
The one on mahira khan is so beautiful. I always like your black and white creations and red and black wala effect. And the new effect on that I commented about. 
I amsureyou Stopped reading my comment long time ago, but anyway I am still going on with it 
The one on Sid really stole my heart, I really loved the creation , the colouring Is really good but the texture and the background killing it.
Especially this icon is my favourite
Gonna use it.
The icons on kedarnath and dhadak are really beautiful
Are my favourite , the textures girl 
And the text is put beautifully.
So I am going to list all my favourite icons in here , except for those I Already commented about.

Alll the Shaja one, and one I am still using

^^ they stole my heart 
So for now I am going to say bye bye and that you better update soon and if you make me wait and abandon this gallery I am going to make you wait to and be very angry with you.
And if you underestimate yourself again I am going to put a very tiny comment. 
I am going to come back with a request soon Embarrassed And you better put your copyright. You remember, you always forget when I send you request and then I would put them for you LOL 
So you better update soon , I can't wait. 
And pS: I really love the gallery nameEmbarrassed
That o in the last is not deleting , sorry about that.LOL
And sorry for lack of emojis in the comment Ouch ndd I think I am a robot , I don't know why i.f keep telling me to prove it. Am I not human enough??

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Posted: 2 years ago
Awesome work
Posted: 2 years ago
congrats on ur new gallery and keep the great work going sam!
Posted: 2 years ago
Samrajya di congo shongoEmbarrassed
Sare bohot achche hay...aap bare talented ho jiLOL

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