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Posted: 13 years ago

HI Frends…

M Back with ma Updates but before I continue with today's update I would like to thank Natasha for doing the updates in ma absent. From the bottom of ma heart Thank you very very Much.HugHugHug


I think today's episode was the last one of akela and it was one of the best, the last part where savio comes n the part in the hospital is very emotional

If u don't understand anything plz feel free to ask.

Lets starts the story..


We are shown some drawings in the room n in the middle a round tarot table or a table to call ghost n two men, one of the men is a bit older n is talking to the younger guy asking tht do u knw abt this window?? N the guy says tht no baba I don't knw n baba tells him tht this is the window wch differentiate as from the other world. The other guy says tht baba I dnt knw anything abt it but I knw tht its very important for me to talk to priya n baba says Alkesh u knw this will be dangerous but I will try to help you.

Baba n Alkesh sits on the chair near the round table n baba closes his eyes n calls priya, priya come to me, priya priya if you hear ma voice come to me, priya come to me alkesh wants to talk to you n suddenly the window opens n something attacts baba n he is not okey n alkesh goes to him but baba says go talk to priya. When the window Opens we see a orange light n a circle in the middle n the edges are rotating. Alkesh calls priya, priya I want to talk to you but we see only the writing inside the circle written RANVIR, baba n alkesh are confused, n alkesh asks who is ranvir?  after few sec another writing comes up in the same circle saying tht if u want to talk to me go to ranvir.

Ranvir is having breakfast when savio pops out n ranvir says a very tasty breakfast n teases him, when savio goes a bit far from the table ranvir takes the plate of bhajia n teases ranvir with a chilli bhajiya, while the teasing is going on there is a knock at the door n ranvir opens to find alkesh there. Alkesh introduces himself n tells ranvir tht his girlfriend send me to you n savio ask ranvir to ask so where is ur galfriend? Alkesh says tht she has left me forever n tells the story of what happened when he went to baba to talk to priya. Ranvir ask him how she died n he tells the me n priya used to knw each other for 10 years, she was ma best friend I ever had n we loved each other very much but we never told each other, ma frends used to tell me tht I confess ma love for her but I didn't have enough courage but after 10 yrs the day come n I was taking her to the dinner, on the way to dinner I stoped the car to buy some flowers for her n when she asked tht where I m going I said m coming just  now. While alkesh was purchasing some flowers priya come out of the car unaware tht there is a truck coming behind her n she tried to cross the road n got hit by it n passed away. Alkesh begs ranvir to help him as he needs to talk to priya, after some thoughts ranvir say ok I will help.

Ranvir, Savio n alkesh goes to the baba house n tells the baba to help them open the window again but baba says tht I m already weakened n don't have enough power to open the window again n ranvir tells the baba tht let me try n savio ask him are u sure n he says tht priya ghost will help me coz she must be finding me. Ranvir closes the eyes and concentrates but nothing happens for a few sec, after tht we can see sparks like thing n the windows opens n the same circle is there but no writing but suddenly alkesh notice tht the candle wch were in the room where lit by itself n tells ranvir abt it, baba says tht it means tht the soul of priya is present in the room n ranvir ask her what do u want from me? N she ans again in writing in the circle tht I want to kill n every one in the room was shocked? Ranvir asks whom do u want to kill n she writes Alkesh n goes away. Alkesh goes in the conner n is sad n ranvir comes to him n says tht u said tht u loved each other very much so why does she wants to kill u?? Alkesh says tht I too m shocked belive me we loved each other, baba says tht did u do something n he says no, I loved her.

Ranvir telling savio tht Dal mein kuch Kalla hain n savio says tht don't belive him as there is a saying Hati ked ant dikhane ke kuch ur hote hai or khane ke kuch aur so don't go with his innocent face. Ranvir says tht we have to find something more abt alkesh.

Ranvir goes to priya's house to talk to her parents abt her death n her mom says tht it was an accident but his father doesn't agree with it, he says tht she went with her friend out n never come back again, her friend killed her n took her away from us, ranvir asks the name of the friend n her father replies Alkesh n we see a confussed looked in ranvir face.

Ranvir tells priya's parents tht u will find odd but belive me tht I can talk to the death people n to talk to priya n knw the real reason why she was killed I need to go to her room, plz show me her room?

Ranvir is in the room n calls priya n tells her if u r in the room give me any indication tht u r over here, we can see the mirror in the room gets foggy n then normal. Ranvir says tht why do I feel tht u r in a very big trouble? Talk to me priya... Suddenly the mirror turns icy or foggy n on it she writes tht I need a body to talk to you. Ranvir ask whose body do u need n she says tht I need alkesh body.

Ranvir is back home n is thinking abt what priya told him n talking to himself tht he cant do it as by doing it he will put alkesh life at risk but after some more thinking he comes to the conclusion tht I have to take this risk.

We see Ranvir, baba n alkesh in the front of the window near the round table n ranvir explaining to Alkesh tht when a soul takes a body it gives great harm to tht body but alkesh replies tht if priya's soul will get happiness by my dieing thn its ok, m ready.

Baba tries to call priya n open the window n ranvir says tht priya u told me tht u want alkesh body, here he is, I brought him with me. Alkesh is sitting with his eyes closed when the window opens n something like wind comes to alkesh n then the window closes it self, ranvir calls alkesh are u alright, alkesh, alkesh n then he calls priya n we see some light in alkesh eyes n in a mans voice hits ranvir n tells him tht I want to kill you, ranvir is surprised to hear the man voice but is not able to think as alkesh was attacting him n they both have a fight n alkesh faints.


Ranvir n savio thinking why does priya wants to kill him n then savio says tht it wasn't priya, it was somebody else as the voice is of male n thy think how can they find out n decides to go n ask alkesh in the hospital. They reach the hospital n ask the receptionist for the room no n the nurse says its room no 13 n we hear the voices saying where is the patient n ranvir n savio runs n sees tht the room n there is a ward boy in the bed, killed by tubes rolling in his neck n they realize tht the room was room no 13, savio ask where is alkesh n ranvir says tht I knw where he must have gone, savio ask where n he replies he has gone home.

When he reaches alkesh's house he finds the door open with the mud step in the steps n all over the house. He follows the footstep n reaches the cupboard in the bedroom n opens the door to find another body wch was hanged by the rope n he is thinking to himself y did alkesh give him fasi? Then he says tht savio has to help me over here.


We see savio in the jungle type of setting n in the sky some sort of thunder storm n he talking to himself tht how will I find priya over here, should I call her name? no no if I call priya many priya will come over here. At the same time ranvir is thinking tht who is tht bad athma who wants to kill me..

Back to savio, still thinking how to find priya when suddenly a boy comes out of nowhere n he calls savio n savio says tht what u doing over here n the boy replies tht I stay over here n the boy ask savio can I help u anything n savio says yes u r the only one who can help me n tells him tht I m finding a girl called priya, do u knw where she is? The boy says yes I knw but the place is very dangerous, I cant take u over there.. savio tells the boy its okey just show me where it is..

Back to Ranvir, he is still thinking abt bad guys n suddenly it strikes the patterns of the fasi n he realizes n remembers tht he told him tht he will come back…

Savio in the mean time goes to the place n tht place is a very strange place, the entrance itself has big big teeths, he enters the place n its surprised  asking himself what place it this, he see tht there are cages n in every cages there are ghost n the cages are on fire n every one is afraid, savio goes to the end n says tht how can I find priya among all these people, a girl replies tht u looking for priya n savio asks do u knw her? N then savio says alkesh name n the gal asks u knw alkesh too n savio realize tht he is talking to priya n ask her how did she come over here n she tells tht I heard alkesh calling me n whn I was going towards the voice someone captured me n put me over here. Savio realized tht someone is behind ranvir n goes from there to inform him.


Ranvir is still sitting in the sam position while he was thinking n savio comes n tells the story of priya capture n …before finishing the sentence ranvir finishes for him tht he is ma enemy n wants to kill me, savio ask him tht how did he knw it, n he says tht they have to find who tht ghost is n ranvir says tht its none other then his fasi walla friends n savio is shocked, ranvir says yes its true vikram is back.

Ranvir goes to vikram house n over there is alkesh aka vikram ghost n he says tht welcome ranvir I was waiting for u, ranvir says tht u have come again to get defeated by me n vikram says tht I m more stronger thn the last time n this time I will capture ur body n rule the word.

Vikram leaves alkesh body n they have a fight n when he sees tht ranvir is wining he again comes in the form of alkesh n says now fight me, beat me n ranvir says I cant n vikram says yes I knw u cant, if u heat alkesh u will get fasi n thn he start beating ranvir n was just trying to give him fasi when savio comes there n takes vikram ghost out of alkesh body n fight with him n trap him n tells ranvir to go to the baba or he will be killed n its important for him to be alive,  after some persuasion ranvir leaves n goes to the baba, meanwhile vikram n savio has a fight n vikram tells savio tht I will send u to a very dark place where u will never be able to come back n sends him to where priya was caged, now he too is caged next to priya n priya says to him tht he didn't leave u too..


While vikram n savio where fighting ranvir was telling baba story abt vikram n what he wants n ask him for his help but baba says tht he don't have enough power to hel him but will try. Baba was doing something while closing his eyes n ranvir tried to call savio, savio.. no ans, savio where are u? savio n then the window opens n savio voice comes tht I am sorry my friend I cant help you even if I want as he has send me to where priya is n thn the window closes..

By the time baba finishes his prayers n takes the bowl drinks some n put some around ranvir n says tht now vikram wont be able to harm u as the suraksha cover is working n baba leaves the room.

Vikram come to where ranvir is n ranvir says tht y r u using innocent people, if u can fight with me or are u afraid to loose thts y u using innocent people? Vikram gets angry n says tht now I will see who saves u from me taking ur body as ur friend savio is not over here this time, I have send him far away. He tries to get in ranvir's body but the suraksha cover doesn't let him in, meanwhile baba sees this n comes n takes alkesh body away so vikram wont be able to capture his body again.

For the second tme vikram tries to get in ranvirs body but fails to get in, for the third time he breaks the suraksha chaker n baba sees these n says tht I have to help ranvir in this matter n he sits down closes his eyes n concentrate..

Ranvir n vikram have a fight n vikram is loosing the fight but he says tht even if I die I wont let vikram get successful n keeps on fighting, at a point he decides to take vikram to the window n is successful n at tht very moment baba too is successful in opening the window with all his power, when the window opens up ranvir is pulled inside the window n the window get closed at the same time baba n ranvir falls down n on the other side savio n priya are free of the cage.

Savio n priya comes to baba place n sees ranvir n baba fallen down n shouts tht plz someone help to take ma friend to the hospital but there is nobody n he tells God, why you have made me like this, when ma friend needs me I m not able to do anything..

The next part is in the hospital where we see ranvir in the patien bed covered his head with a bandage n two doctors talking n savio at the far side listening to what the doctors says n the doctor says tht he has went into comma n how long will it be till he comes back, doctors leave the bedside n savio comes to sit on the bed n says tht this is because of me, when u needed me most I wasn't there for u but I knw u will come back again n I will wait for u.


The show ends in the face of ranvir


The End

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Posted: 13 years ago
This was a very challenging episode for any updaters, some point u get confused how to express the situation..
i tried ma level best n hope hve done justice to it..
if any complaints feel free to tell me
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Posted: 13 years ago
yes natasha its a very sad ending
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