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Hi Ash

Amazing updates Clap.

I can't believe that Mahir would lie like that to Bella. She was in so much pain all this time and he played with her feelings. I hope she teaches him a lesson!

I'm happy that Polo and Sumi are helping Bella here. The girls need to team up against Mahir

Anu is being very annoying Angry. I am worried she will create more trouble D'oh

Can't wait for the next update LOL
Posted: 2019-03-13T04:57:57Z
Claireji, your review is too short LOL
Posted: 2019-03-13T13:04:16Z
Originally posted by behirlover




Bas just a few more hours. Big smile

Anu told him that half truth and he is no more having memory lossLOLLOLLOL seriously this girl is gone for forever matlabLOL I cannot stop laughing at the scenario of she telling all this nonsense and now mahir knowing about her true nature matlab had hai. he is having really difficult time in controlling himself although if they had celebrated this achievements as  a couple it would have been a more passionate celebration. he waiting to share sofa also par ab to bechare ko kcuh na mil raha.

He never trusted Anu and on top of that she has lied to him. Ab toh yeh gayi. But Bella has a few more deadly plans for him. LOL

And of course, he is having a difficult time controlling himself. Ab toh bohot sehna hain. Wink

WHAT insecurity he had in his mind I mean even after all this time all the adventures if he is thinking about yula then to he is going to get thrashed left right centre although he deserves to know much detail about YULA relation and also a nice thrashing from bella, I mean he needs what conformation about this. planning to spend special night well she will tempt you so much k sari special night ka bhoot utar jayega.

Your wish has been fulfilled. Although not in current situation, he will know about YuLa. And MAhir's insecurity is not related to Bella but related to himself. He has a valid reason for behaving the way he did. You will know about it soon. 

mahir in towel and bella flirty wow more such things please but wait it wont be possible now but now mahir will also try to tempt and bella also wow har Tarah se humari chandi. mahirji indeed looks hot in just a towel and then bathroom romance is still remaining to be explored in your FF matlab behir ka adda how come you can leave that. he is happy that she is taking charge after knowing everything he wont be matlab he will be like kyun hi liya charge. 

My BeHor are very shareef. Jo cheez jaha honi chahiye wahi karate hai. Wink Not but on a serious note I will try to include those things. N promises though. Smile

what was he thinking that he will be strange mahir and also hug her matlab he just cannot resist touching her and seriously anu should have came when he was either kissing her or hugging her that would have been such a relief. But who the hell barges like that in behir ka room their room is so dangers that you cannot afford to stand outside when its closed her she is barging in matalb what is she had done this when they were couple jal k bhasm ho jati.

Just for you, I will try to write a scene where she walks in on them making out. Nothing more, warna Mahir ka nanga badan dekh, kahi Anu ki bigadi hui niyat aur na bigad jaye. Confused

bella you go girl the way she tackled anu I mean she was already pissed then anu bad timing or should I say perfect timing. take your legs to far away from her room LOLLOLLOL here she already pissed of k he is giving gifts to anu and then here she is I wonder how bella controlled herself from practically kicking her out of the roomLOLLOL. mahir is playing with fire despite knowing about Khushi wala behaviour he is praising anu oh boy how much he is going to payback for this and also gifting her as mentor I guess he never heard of something like HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE A WOMAN SCORNED he is gone for good now.

The guy has never been around girls. He will learn his lessons slowly. And they say some lessons are better learnt the hard way. LOL

decorating the room for what I mean what he thought that he will piss her off and then decorate the room and everything will be back to normal like seriously have he lost completely he had memory loss not brain loss I hope. 

As I said, he is still learning. Wink

Never talk your secrets on loudspeaker mahir to pyar me sach me pagal ho gaya I mean why the hell he thought that all this will be a good hearted prank and bella will come running to him and also pushing her to so much limit. He should have listened to doc he is talking with experience mahir is new player and he is in this marriage game from years never underestimate the advice of docLOLLOL what he thought and why he thought of doing this nautanki few days of restraining will increase sexual tension or whatWinkWink 

Wait for it. Mahir's reason will end up surprising even you, I think. Embarrassed

He heard that she is doubting about his memory and that's why he decided to end this fake ML but now his little prank is exposed and I guess all that cake eating and he trying to respond but pulling back was because of this only bella know him so well more than he knows himself she was not wrong  and now he wont ever be trusted with his injuries.

He knew very well that Bella would know immediately. that before marriage Mahir would have never let her unbutton his shirt. Nor would he have changed his shirt in front of her. That was what tipped her off. 

oh ash i don't what it is but I cannot stop laughing in this update what a chapter. cute when angry then enjoy the free show you are going to have from now on 


doc and his every word was like pure gold I mean he predicted his future he will be begging for sure and even more than that. ahem volcanic eruption okay what kind of volcano the anger one or sexual one I mean she is best in both and he enjoys that one or is it anger eruption which leads to sexual eruption and much more than that.

Mahir enjoys the tantrums that Bella throws every now and then, especially when she is jealous. He was talking about that volcanic eruption. LOL

bella is no enigma open book LOLLOLLOL look now what happens when people are overconfident and specially about women they are possible of turning around anything. don't worry uncle your sympathy as well as counselling will be needed soon nowWinkWink

Overconfidence has led to the downfall of many great men. Toh Mahir kya cheej hai? Wink

OH BOY WHOLE HOUSE KNOWS ABOUT THIS NOW mahir is trapped so badly I wonder how everyone will react now and what all plan they have I am hell excited about it yar. he will be thrashed by bella and everyone at home koi chance hi nahi bachne ka bedroom nahi lawn me sulayenge ise

Kill them with love and kindness, they say. Bella will kill Mahir with love and kindness. Under the guise of being helpful and co-operative, she is going to torture him a lot. Big smile

andy is painter ShockedShocked kya paint karta hai woOuchOuch everyone ready to eat him live with eyes.

Abstract paintings... LOL

I said na inka seduction game humari chandi bella in hot shorts and tempting him by acting all innocent and then MAHIR regretting it the very next moment how he will survive the upcoming torture I mean bella should pakka seduce him turn him on and then leave him high and dry many times he deserve that. 

This time the strategy will be slightly different. 

he is itching to touch her feel her and bella coming in short and extra short clothes oops so so bad but her move is totally badass she can resist mahir but you cannot resist her touch or resist yourself from touching her.LOLLOL


oh wow Ash that glimpse of behir office life she cared for him took care of everything about him and all stuff they had been in a mental relationship even before anything happened and idiots were ready to let go all of these. 

You are right, tehy already had a mental relationship. Smile

how did she hurt herself or this is just her act of rattling him up he will pakka do some blunder she not letting him touch her and acting so distant and stranger type its like she is having memory loss and she forgot what all they have done WinkWink 

She didn't. It is just to make him uncomfortable and to let him know how one feels when your partner starts to act like a complete stranger all of a sudden. I said na, she will kill hm with kindness. 

beta nautanki hoga hi na ma ko dekho smjhega. sumi and her act supporting her DIL all the way and now whole house is on her side I wonder what else they have planned and will end up doing with him. 

Dekhate jao... Wink

ash I really like the way you keep on giving glimpses of their past and their equation you write so well every word every emotion all those modulation and then everything is written so beautifully that I feel it is happening right infront of me. what an excellent execution of this track I was dreading it about the pain behir will go through but now pain is really on mahir for doing this he is caught up big time.

I really wanted to give a humorous twist to this depressing track and I am glad that I was able to make you all laugh. MAhir will suffer but we all get a good laugh out of it. 

I am big big fan of your writing ash what a masterpiece you have come up with this track is really interesting I am so excited to read it more specially when bella have a plan she beats mahir so easily in that. 

cannot wait for next update 

Thankd dear.. Big smile

this review looks super lame to me but I cannot help but admire the beauty of this track and how well you have executed this excellent work there loved it so so much

You really need to stop saying this. Your revies are NOT LAME. They are great... GET THAT???? Angry

Posted: 2019-03-13T13:05:40Z
Originally posted by _nakshi_

Sorry for so late comments 
But must say how much efforts you put in to bring such beautiful concepts and explore each thing in detail Star
Anu trying to woo mahir taking advantage of his situation and turn against Bela 
And mahir is also playing with Bela's feelings
Now belaji knew the truth she would show him stars in morning sky LOL
Eagerly waiting for her revenge 
Do update soon Thumbs Up

Thanks Pranu. You are right, Bella will teach him a lesson that he will not forget for his whole life... LOL
Posted: 2019-03-13T13:06:59Z
Originally posted by ImaJain

Hiii...I just joined two days back and soon became a fan of your stories...By reading earlier posts,I came to know that everyone calls you Ash,Can I call you Ash 'chechi'  plzzz...That's the word we use for sister in malayalam...By the way,the story was awesome...Loved itThumbs Up

Thanks Ima. Smile You ca call me Ash chechi. It is such a cute word... Big smile I hope you like rest of my stories as well. Smile
Posted: 2019-03-13T13:09:34Z
Originally posted by fortitudeoth

Hi Ash

Amazing updates Clap.

Thanks dear... Big smile

I can't believe that Mahir would lie like that to Bella. She was in so much pain all this time and he played with her feelings. I hope she teaches him a lesson!

She will and in a way that you guys will enjoy. LOL

I'm happy that Polo and Sumi are helping Bella here. The girls need to team up against Mahir

Girl power... Cry Too bad they cut it short in the show. Cry

Anu is being very annoying Angry. I am worried she will create more trouble D'oh

She will but Bella knows how to deal with her. 

Can't wait for the next update LOL

Will post one tomorrow. 

Posted: 2019-03-14T02:46:40Z


Once he was safely out of the room, she turned to Sumitra with a smile.

Sumitra: Well done Bella. Now that will show him what it feels like when someone you love treats you like a stranger.

Bella: I don't know Ma. I know I said that I will make him suffer but he looked so hurt when I called him a stranger. He is not a stranger. He is my husband. The love of my life...

Sumitra: Bella! Be firm.

Bella: But ma...

Sumitra: Listen dear, I know you can't see him hurt but I think I know what this is all about. And if I am correct, this is something you will have to deal with quite often. Bella Mahir is extremely possessive when it comes to his loved ones. You saw how jealous he was when I cared for you. He is doing this for your attention. You have been quite busy lately. He will have to understand that this is not how things work. This is a life lesson that only you can teach him.

Bella: But Ma, why hurt him? I can go and tell him and explain it to him right?

Sumitra: No dear. Some lessons are better learnt the hard way. Now go and get him in. And remember treat him exactly the way you treated him when you joined the Sehgal Industries. Friendly but distant and professional.

Bella went outside and called Mahir in. Sumitra had buttoned up her top by then. Mahir was awkwardly leaning against the wall waiting to be called in. They did not have a single meeting that day so on Sumitra's orders they were going to stay at home that day. Bella spent the day in bed complaining of sore back.  Mahir was forced to sit on the reading chair as whenever he tried to sit on the bed, Bella would get up to go and he would feel guilty for making her sit on the chair when her back was hurting her. The whole day went in an awkward silence, side long glances and uneasy sighs.

Next day same thing happened. Bella came out wearing a bathrobe and then acted awkward in front of Mahir. She shooed him to take a bath and then leisurely put on her clothes. When he stepped out in a towel, Bella acted all awkward and Mahir was forced to retreat inside the bathroom as he did not have the heart to tell her to leave the room. Post breakfast, Mahir was made to stand outside the room while Sumitra applied balm to Bella's back. Actually they both were having a good laugh at Mahir and his situation. Once they were done, Mahir was allowed back inside. BeHir had an important meeting post lunch that day. So after lunch, Bella decided to torture Mahir some more. She decided to wear a saree that day. After she was done wearing the saree, she went and lied down on the bed, face down. When Mahir knocked she told him to come in. He saw her lying face down on the bed. First of all Bella in a saree was Mahir's weakness and top of that she was lying down on the bed in a very suggestive manner. When she saw him, she told him to call Sumitra.

Once Sumitra came there, she applied balm to Bella's back. After that they went to the office. Mahir was very uncomfortable when Bella continued to call him Mahir sir even in the office. Their subordinates were surprised to see this sudden change. When Mahir told her to stop calling him sir, she very innocently replied that she was just trying to make things go back to how he remembered them. She did not want him to stress because of unnecessary changes. Mahir, knowing that he was wrong, could not even tell her to stop it after that. He continued to suffer in silence.

The walls were up. He could feel it. Her demeanour, her behaviour was extremely friendly but oh so professional. She would do no wrong. Post marriage Bella had the habit of coming in Mahir's cabin to eat lunch or afternoon tea. That day she didn't come. Instead she went to the canteen with Tanvi for tea. Mahir kept waiting for her to turn up but she didn't. Finally he went to her cabin and was told that she was in the canteen. He came back disappointed. He remembered that before their marriage Bella never joined him in his cabin. It was an unspoken rule. They did not want their subordinates gossiping about them unnecessarily so they were never alone in the cabin without leaving the door open.

Post marriage Bella would flop down on the sofa in his cabin while talking to him. Or they both would end up cuddling on the sofa while discussing business related stuff. That day when he summoned Bella to his cabin after tea break, he was sitting on the sofa but she went straight to the chair and sat there like a prim and proper girl. Back straight, attentive like she used to be. It was so horrible to see her all stiff and professional with him.

Mahir spent the rest of the day feeling miserable. When they reached home, Bella was on the verge of giving up her revenge mission. She had seen Mahir roaming around with a thoroughly miserable expression on his face and was feeling bad. But Sumitra and Polo convinced her to continue the drama for some more time. Bella agreed reluctantly. That night again, Bella built a pillow wall between them and Mahir tried not to look too upset.

Next day was quite a hectic one for them all they were having a party that night to celebrate Mahir's recovery and after lunch the decorators arrived to prepare the house for the party. Mahir tried to keep Bella in bed but Bella declared that her back was much better now she was perfectly fit to supervise the decorators. Mahir was a bit reluctant to let her do it but she somehow managed to convince him. She was in an unexpectedly chirpy mode that day. No one could get her to tell them why. Only Sumitra and Bella knew the reason. They had made a devious plan to make Mahir regret ever entertaining Anu in the last few weeks.

It was in a way the first party that they were having in the Sehgal House after a long time. The media people were coming and so were their business associates. As usual Bella had the responsibitlity to look at the decorations and the arrangements. Previously whenever Bella saw to these things, it would be because she was an employee but that day for the first time she was going to be hosting the party as THE Mrs. Bella Mahir Sehgal. Bella had purposely chosen a lemon yellow coloured full length gown. Plain and simple but it was accentuated with blue accessories and blue stilettos. It was similar to one which she had worn to a Sehgal Party some years ago. She wanted to remind Mahir of a certain party where they had shared their first dance together. It had happened so organically that they had not even realised that it was their first dance. It was only after Suhani pointed it out to her that she realised that she had shared her first dance with Mahir. Bella, at that time had felt that maybe Mahir had not realised that but now that she knew him better, she knew he definitely knew that it was their first dance. So that was a party that he would never forget.

She called Pratham and Yuvi to her and told them her plan. Pratham was slightly alarmed but Yuvi was up for it. So with the whole plan in place, she got down to instructing the decorators. She wanted to ensure that everything was just perfect for the party. Sumitra saw her shouting at the florist for bringing small flowers and was amused. She knew if she did not remind Bella to get ready, Bella would still be in her shorts and a tank top when the guests arrived. About an hour before the guests came, Sumitra instructed Pratham and Yuvi to carry/drag (whatever worked) Bella to her room and Suhani to get her ready. Suhani giggled as this had happened once before.

Exactly forty-five minute before the guests were supposed to arrive, Pratham and Yuvi went up to Bella and unceremoniously lifted her and carried her to BeHir's room. Mahir saw that, and laughed out loud when he remembered the last time he had witnessed this scene. Bella was as kicking and screaming like the previous time. Once inside her room, they placed her on her bed.

Bella: I told you to recreate that party. But you guys took it quite literally. I did not mean recreate it action by action.

Sumitra: Well that day it would have been fine if you were not ready to welcome the guests. But today? You are the hostess, you need to be there to welcome each and every guest. So, Suhani? Get her ready.

Polo: I will help you look sexiest best... I was not there for the party...

Sumitra: That was because you were at your parent's place, remember? You sister's daughter was getting married...

Polo: That does not mean that I did not miss this party... Anyways Suhani is boring. I can teach you a thing or two about attracting men.. I mean Mahir.

Bella: Fine...

As soon as the boys exited the room, Suhani pushed her inside the bathroom and told her to get dressed. When Bella stepped out in the figure hugging gown, Suhani and Polo made her sit in front of the full length mirror and began to do up her hair and her face. Within thirty minutes Bella was all set for the party. When she stepped out of the room, she saw that Mahir was already in the living room waiting for her, looking miserable. When he saw her, he perked up a little. He rushed to her and tried to hug her but she pushed him away.

Bella: Sir, my dress will get spoilt.

That was when he noticed the dress that she was wearing was similar to the one she had worn some years ago. He looked at her suspiciously. What was she up to now? First that scene, then this dress... What was she trying to indicate? Had something happened at that party that he was supposed to remember? He was very sure she was trying to recreate the party where they had shared their first dance together. He puzzled his brains for some time but then dropped it.

Mahir: Bella, please don't call me sir in front of the guests. That will be so...

Bella: Don't worry I care about our reputation. Whatever is happening between us will remain between us. The media will not know.

When the guests arrived, Bella and Mahir greeted them with a smile. Finally the whole of the Mittal family came. Rehan complimented Bella on her dress and looks while Anu gazed at her wearily. She had still not forgotten the insult. But Bella surprised her by hugging her tightly. Not wanting to create a scene in front of the media, Anu also smiled and hugged her back. Mahir and Rehan were left staring at the girls. Now what was Bella up to?

Soon the party was going on in full swing. BeHir played the perfect hosts, attending to the guests and talking to them. At one point Bella went to where Anu was standing all alone.

Bella: Anu, I am sorry about the other day. I was rude to you when you simply wanted to enquire about Mahir's health. I am really sorry. I don't know why I keep forgetting that you guys have known each other since you were kids. And anyways, he doesn't remember our marriage at all. He is not very happy these days. Maybe being around his childhood friend will cheer him up? Will you do that for him? Will you keep him company?

Mahir had followed Bella and when he heard this, he was alarmed. To spend an entire evening with Anu and that too with Bella's permission was just too much. Now he will not be able to escape by saying that Bella will feel bad as Bella herself had told Anu to spend time with Mahir. Just then Sumitra came there. Mahir hoped that Sumitra will stop Bella but...

Sumitra: Bella did you talk with Anu?

Bella: Yes ma.

Sumitra: Anu dear, please help Mahir. We really think your company will help him remember what he needs to remember.

Anu was looking at them both thoroughly confused. But Bella and Sumitra's genuine expressions convinced her and she smiled.

Anu: Of course Bella. I know Mahir since we were kids. I can get him to remember anything you want...

Bella: See I need your help. I feel if he is around people he is most comfortable with, he will be able to remember stuff easily. Luckily ma also agrees. So will you help him regain his memory?

Anu: Yes. Although you have always been jealous of my and Mahir's friendship, I will do it for my friend.

Bella: You are so right. I should have come to you sooner. But you know how it is... My ego was not allowing me to let someone else treat my husband. But now I realised my ego is not greater than my love. So I am begging..

Anu: No need.

Just then she spotted Mahir slinking away. Mahir had pinned his hopes on Sumitra. But when he heard that even Sumitra wanted him to spend time with Anu, he decided that the time had come make himself scarce. No one was going to save him now. He stopped in his tracks when he heard Anu's sickly sweet voice call out to him...

Anu: Mahir...Where are you going? Come with me...

She went to him and grabbed him arm and held on tightly and began to lead him away from Bella. Mahir looked at Bella trying to plead through his eyes but she looked back at him with unflinching victorious gaze.

He suddenly remembered her promising him that she would save him anytime till his wife came along. Then his wife would save him. But when he had questioned her as to who will save him from his wife... She had replied that he would have to do it himself... So this was her revenge. This was how she would get back at him for troubling her. He was almost certain that she knew that he had remembered everything. 

Posted: 2019-03-14T03:35:42Z
poor mahir
rest awesome

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