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Awesome update

Bela acting drunk

Poor mahir. This man has great self control LOL

Can't wait to read about their morning interaction

Bela will have to explain her behavior to Mahir. It's going to be fun to watch

Thanks Komlika!!! Big smile
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TS means two shots...
I hope it was ten...
Then I hope it was thirteen...
Then I hope it was thirty two...
Then I hope it was thousands shotsLOL

Said remind you that we are greedy when it comes to Behir! You fan! Me fan! Let's do a deal...keep on writing it till eternity and I will keep on readingLOLWink

Jokes apart! Awesome! Beautiful! Simply wow!
Commenting first time on a ff...but I read each of them.
Just do one thing, you can post your stories on Wattpad too... that's a good here!
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Bella,s prank was quite surprising for us too
And it was sweetest to no bounds
Eagerly waiting for a mischievous behir
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Originally posted by vk1nonly

TS means two shots...
I hope it was ten...
Then I hope it was thirteen...
Then I hope it was thirty two...
Then I hope it was thousands shots LOL

Said remind you that we are greedy when it comes to Behir! You fan! Me fan! Let's do a deal...keep on writing it till eternity and I will keep on readingLOLWink

Jokes apart! Awesome! Beautiful! Simply wow!
Commenting first time on a ff...but I read each of them.
Just do one thing, you can post your stories on Wattpad too... that's a good here!

Thanks a lot! Your deal is not a bad one. I might take you up on that one. Big smile

I had a account on Wattpad I have forgotten the login info.LOL I might just create a new one. Let's see. Thanks for the suggestion. Smile
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Originally posted by Mahi114

Bella,s prank was quite surprising for us too
And it was sweetest to no bounds
Eagerly waiting for a mischievous behir

Thamk you Mahi!!! 
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This needs to be a FF! It is amazing writing. Please continue writing this and update soon!
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Originally posted by fortitudeoth

This needs to be a FF! It is amazing writing. Please continue writing this and update soon!

Thanks Claire!!!! I am definitely considering the idea of turning this into a FF, but not immediately. Maybe after I finish my current FF. But thanks for the suggestion and showing such enthusiasm. Big smile
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Part 3


Next morning Bella woke up with a massive headache. The sun was streaming directly in her eyes making her headache all the more worse. She blinked a little and soon her eyes adjusted to the light. She saw that Mahir was sitting at the foot of her bed on the floor with his head resting on the bed. She suddenly felt very bad for.


Bella: Poor guy. What a way to spend the wedding night!


Just then someone knocked on the door and Mahir woke with a jump. He sat there rubbing his fists in his eyes like a small child. When he moved his hand away from his face, Bella suppressed a smile. His shirt's collar was stained with lipstick marks and right across his lips was a perfect imprint of her lips. He was unaware of that and before she could stop him, he had opened the door.


Sumitra: Good morning Mahir. I am just here to remind Bella that it's her first rasoi today so come down quick...

 Her voice trailed away when she saw Mahir's condition. She stifled a giggle that threatened to escape her lips.

Mahir: What were you saying ma?

Sumitra: Ummm... Nothing. Take your time. We will complete the ritual in the afternoon.


Mahir turned to look at Bella, puzzled by his mother's behaviour. When he looked at Bella he saw her looking at him accusingly. Now what, he thought. Her eyes slowly filled with tears as he looked at her.


Mahir: What happened Bella? I know you head must be hurting a lot. I will ask Bhushan to make lemonade for you.


Bella simply shook her head.


Mahir: Then what happened?

Bella: I never thought you would do something like this with me Sir.

Mahir: Huh? What did I do?

Bella: As if you don't know.

Mahir: Listen, I should be saying these lines to you. I had never thought you would do something like that to me.

Bella: Wow Sir, now you are blaming me for whatever happened?

Mahir: What happened? Nothing happened Bella. I stopped you at the right time.

Bella: Really? Then what are those marks?

Mahir: What marks?

Bella: These marks.


She pulled him to stand in front of the mirror and showed him the lipstick marks on his shirt and lips. He was embarrassed to see them. How was he going to explain them to her? She was drunk and probably did not remember anything from the previous night. Looking at the marks it seemed as though the wedding night had actually happened but that was far from the reality.


Mahir: No. Bella you are getting me wrong. I didn't even touch you last night.

Bella: Then how come I reached the bed Sir?

Mahir: Well I lifted you...

Bella: Wow sir, how did you lift me without touching me? Are you Harry Potter that you cast a levitating spell, Wingardium Leviosa and then lifted me to the bed?

Mahir: No. I did lift you... And t...took you to the b.. b.. bathroom...

Bella: What Sir? The bathroom? What did you do with me there?

Mahir: Nothing...

Bella: Don't lie to me sir. I know something happened... That lipstick mark on your lips is a dead giveaway that something happened...

Mahir: Trust me Bella, nothing happened. I did nothing to you.

Bella: That means you were with someone else. Oh God!!! My destiny!!! My husband spent our wedding night in someone else's arms... Oh no...


She had begun wailing loudly; actually she was enjoying his discomfort but at the same time she was also feeling rather sorry for him. Mahir was helpless.


Mahir: (To himself) Oh god! What do I do now? If I tell her the truth, she will not believe me but lying to her will confirm her doubts that I had spent the night with someone else.


Out loud he said,


Mahir: Bella no, I was not with anyone else...

Bella: Then from where did the lipstick marks come? Did they materialize out of thin air?

Mahir: No. They are from your lipstick only but...

Bella: Don't worry about it sir, I am your wife now. Even the law gives you the right to... But sir at least you could have been a little honest with me. I trusted you but...


Bella gave a very fake sounding sob. Mahir looked at her in surprise. He wondered why had she made such a weird sound. The truth was she trying hard not to laugh. The look on Mahir's face at her accusations was too priceless. She hoped that Mahir would turn around soon but he was already suspicious of the sound that sounded cross between a squeal and a laugh. He continued to stare at her. So she continued to give fake sobs and lamenting that he had ruined her life. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder and Mahir forced her to look up. He was surprised to see her eyes completely dry. The look of utter surprise on his face was too much for her, and she burst out laughing. Mahir was even more puzzled to see her laughing.


Mahir: What's so funny?

Bella: Your expressions, Mahir. Too funny...

Mahir: What did you say?

Bella: Too funny...

Mahir: No before that.

Bella: (Suddenly shy) Mahir...

Mahir: What no suffix?

Bella: Well if you want me to I can call you Mahir Sir for the rest of our lives but...

Mahir: No just Mahir is fine... So, you remember last night's events?

Bella: Of course I do! Last night was my plan.

Mahir: Plan?

Bella: Yes plan. It was a prank as well as a plan.

Mahir: That means you were not drunk?

Bella: No I was drunk but not as much as I made out to be. I was fully aware of what was happening around me. It was simply a test for you initially, which you passed. Then it was a prank.

Mahir: And what was the test?

Bella: I wanted to see if you took the bait. The kiss when you fell on top of me was not planned but the song, the dance the seduction.. it was all to see if you went ahead without having a proper talk with me first. My heart knew, that was not why you married me, but my brain was being doubtful. After Yuvi's betrayal, I just wanted to be sure of where I stood in your life. But last night, you didn't even look at me that way. I am convinced that you are what you make yourself out to be. There are no hidden facets to your personality. I hope you can forgive me for testing you like this.

Mahir: Of course, Bella. I proposed marriage to you out of the blue. Of course you wanted to be sure. I am not at all offended.

Bella: (After a brief pause) Can I ask you something? Will you answer honestly?

Mahir: Yes..

Bella: You have always loved me right? Even when I was your secretary.

Mahir: Bella I...

Bella: Be honest Mahir, I won't judge you.

Mahir: Yes. But trust me when I say none of your promotions were because of my feelings for you. You earned them. If anything, it was difficult to keep tongues from wagging given the nature of our jobs. You know how people perceive women who rise up the corporate ladder. I had to ensure that none of my actions affected you in any way and most importantly my actions did not come across as I was doing you a favour. On top of that I was the one mentoring you, and in a corporate set up even that relationship is looked upon with doubt. I did not want anyone to think that you had been doing me sexual favours to rise up the ladder. I simply wanted you to be happy.

Bella: And now? With our marriage the tongues will wag.

Mahir: I don't care. You are my wife now. Now if anyone says that you were doing me sexual favours right from the beginning it will not tarnish your reputation in any way as I don't intend to let go of you. Ever.

Bella: Thanks Mahir, for everything.

Mahir: Anytime Bella. And yes I love you. I have always loved you and will continue to do so.

Bella: Mahir I ...

Mahir: I don't expect you to love me back. Take your time Bella. Now go and get ready, I will meet you downstairs.


Bella hurriedly got ready and then Mahir went for a bath. By the time Mahir came out of the bathroom, Bella had already gone downstairs. Sumitra was waiting for her to show up. Seeing Mahir's state that morning, Sumitra was super happy that her son was happy and most importantly finally married. By the time Mahir joined her, everyone was already at the breakfast table. After breakfast, Sumitra announced that both the couples will make food together. So Pratham and Suhani were cooking together and Bella and Mahir were cooking together. They were supposed to prepare lunch for everyone.


Mahir, Bella, Pratham and Suhani divided the dishes between them and got down to work. Everyone liked the lunch that they had prepared and in the form of shagun that the elders gifted them; each couple received a romantic weekend at a spa in Lonavala. Mahir was embarrassed by it and was on the verge of refusing but Bella quickly said yes and he couldn't say anything.


That evening Andy had called a press conference where he announced his retirement plans and also declared Bella as the chairman of the Sehgal Industries and Mahir as the VP. This announcement came as a shock to the media. Mahir was well aware that the next day's headlines were going to speculate the nature of the relationship that he and Bella shared over the past seven years. Tongues would wag and people were going to call him a sleazy boss and Bella an opportunist. But neither of them cared. They were both happy with each other.


After a really hectic day when Mahir came back to his room, he found Bhushan in their room with one other servant pushing the sofa from his room out. Bella was standing over them, giving instructions.


Bella: Careful now, I don't any of you to hurt yourself... Yes that's it. Thank you very much. You may take this to the guest room.


When they both went outside, Mahir turned to Bella.


Mahir: What was that?

Bella: What?

Mahir: Why did you move the sofa?

Bella: Because it was taking up a lot of space. I need a lot of room to move around. Anything wrong?

Mahir: No. I will ask Bhushan to prepare the guest room for me.

Bella: Why?


Just then there was knock on the door and the servants brought in a couple of reading chairs and a coffee table, which they placed exactly where the sofa was. Bella told them to go. She went and sprawled on the bed and looked mischievously at Mahir. Mahir was looking at the chair worriedly and trying to see if he could sleep there. Finally he decided that he could sleep if he sat in one chair and kept his feet on the other. Having ascertained that, he went to get the blanket and pillow from the bed. Bella had been observing him and had guessed what was going on in his mind. She immediately picked up the second pillow and placed it on her own and kept her head on both the pillows.


Bella: I hope you don't mind Mahir. I have to habit of using two pillows.

Mahir: (Very confused) No, of course not.


He turned towards the blanket but again Bella snatched it from his fingers.


Bella: God it's so cold. I need the blanket now.


She looked at Mahir and saw to her satisfaction that he had his drenched puppy expressions on. She loved him when he made such faces; he looked so cute and hot at the same time. She felt like kissing him there and then. Making a sad face he went to the chairs and tried to settle in them comfortably. But those chairs were made to sit and not sleep and very soon when Mahir tried to turn around, he found himself rolling on the floor. Bella laughed his surprised expression.


Mahir: Bella.

Bella: What? Even you will laugh at your own stupidity. Who tries to sleep in the chair, you tell me?

Mahir: Where can I sleep then?

Bella: Here.

And she lifted up one end of the blanket and invited him to the single bed.


Bella: Come. You can sleep here.

Mahir: Okay.


He could not understand where this was headed but he went there. Bella had spread out considerably on the bed and had occupied most of the bed. He tried to make himself as small as possible to adjust in the little space that was remaining; careful to not touch Bella in any way. Seeing his efforts to avoid touching her, Bella shook her head.


Bella: (To herself) There is limit of decency. The girl herself is inviting this guy to share a single bed with her and even then he is not getting the hint? The intention is loud and clear, but... And not just any random girl; his lawfully wedded wife.


She decided to teach him a lesson. She stretched herself a little and as soon as Mahir felt her hand touching his back he tried to move away and for the second time that night found himself on the floor. As he sat up he heard Bella speak.


Bella: Mahir, there is limit to being decent. You deserve this.

Mahir: What?

Bella: What? You dare to ask me what? A girl herself is inviting you to share her bed with her and what are you doing? Trying not to touch her. You are my husband, you have the right. Legally as well as morally. The signals were loud and clear. Unless you are not ready for this step right now, come closer you idiot. I need you.


Mahir kept staring at her.


Bella: What? Are you not ready for this? Tell me. I will wait but don't behave in such an idiotic manner.

Mahir: No.

Bella: You are not ready...

Mahir: No, I am ready but it's just that... You don't have to rush... I mean..

Bella: I know perfectly well what you mean. You are the one who is not getting me. I want you. No I need you right now. Get it?

Mahir: So even you love me?

Bella: No. I am simply using you for pleasure. I am doing what you could never do when you had the power.

Mahir: Huh?


Bella got down from the bed and helped Mahir to his feet. She slowly guided him back to the bed and helped him lie down on it. Then she climbed on top of him.


Bella: You were my boss for seven long years but even then you did not take advantage of me even once. But now the tables have turned, I am your boss now and I plan to take advantage of my position whenever and wherever I can. So Mr. Mahir Sehgal, you are my trophy husband now. You will have to please me no matter what. Got it?

Mahir: Huh?


Mahir, it seemed as though had lost the ability to speak anything beyond huh. He kept staring at Bella in awe. He had seen her taking control in the boardroom multiple times since she became the CEO, but seeing her take control like this was not something he expected to see. Ever. He suddenly found his voice. He put his hand on her waist and pulled her in for a passionate kiss.


Mahir: Does this please you, ma'am?

Bella: Yes, but can do better.


He pulled her in for another kiss, their hands exploring each other's bodies as they kissed. Soon their clothes were on the floor and they were making love to each other. After some time as they lay there in each other's arms, Bella turned to Mahir.


Bella: By the way, even I have always loved you.



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