IMP: Note on Plagiarism

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Posted: 2018-11-22T07:48:38Z
Hello everyone,

You might have seen the issues that were happening in this forum for the past few days. Given everything that has transpired, please read this note on plagiarism.

First the difference between plagiarism and inspiration:
  • Inspiration - This is taking certain ideas from someone else's work, but making your own story off that. For example, if I watched the movie Dil Dhadakne Do and I liked a scene, but then I went ahead and made my own whole story around it, that's inspiration. I was inspired from that scene. Or if I read Harry Potter and I liked the concept of a magical world, but made my own story based on it, that's inspiration.
  • Plagiarism - Copying the entire plot or paragraphs or words from what someone else wrote. For example, if I read Harry Potter and I wrote my own story, but I just renamed my characters to Barry Totter or something, that's plagiarism. Or if I took the first chapter and made it my own, even if I just translated it into Hindi, that's plagiarism.

Now you need to understand that we do not publicize the plagiarism issues. We will close a story that is plagiarized, but we will not publicize the investigation or the proofs. Additionally, if the plagiarism issue dealt with an old story, then sometimes it won't be publicized that a story from 6 months ago has plagiarized portions. There are reasons for this, the main being it inevitably led to the author being bashed, readers being bashed, and the reporters being bashed.

Also note that you do not publicize your own evidence for this reason as well.

Additionally, do not publicly accuse someone of plagiarism. It has happened in the past where the person accused of plagiarism was actually "copying" their own story. How does one do that even? Or the person has permission from the original author. By accusing someone publicly, it's like you're playing judge and jury. That is for us moderators to do. Let us deal with plagiarism issues. Finally, publicizing the accusations leads to the reporters being bashed as well, especially if the author is cleared.

Finally, do not discuss a plagiarism issue in the author's other threads or in any other threads for that matter. Once a matter has been dealt with by the moderators, it is considered closed. DO NOT keep bringing it up or accusing an author of being a plagiarizer only.

Consider this both an educating moment as well as a warning. From this point forward, if anyone breaks any of the rules above (even if you're the reporter or a reader or a third party), you will be dealt with harshly, ranging from a strong warning to a WL.


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