AnuPre SS [Dark/16+] : Her Saviour

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Posted: 1 years ago

Hi everyone! This is Sam here. Naam toh sunna hi hoga. LOL So this plot has been revolving around my mind since umm I think 24 hours. LOL So I thought lets jot it down as long as the story and my determination to start it is still fresh. This is AU and not related to show in anyway. 

Disclaimer : As the title suggest this story is dark and contains mature content. This deals with marital abuse and violence against woman and human trafficking kinda of stuff so if you are sensitive towards such stuff this is not the story for you. The female lead (Prerna) is rather a weak character as she represents thousands of innocent and weak women who suffer such fate due to various reasons. However she will mature into a strong character but it will take time. 


She broke down in his arms and he swayed her back and forth, all while whispering words of empathy in her ears. Relaxing in his warmth, she realised that never in her life of 22 years had she felt so safe as she felt with him in his embrace. She felt as though nothing would harm her, she felt empowered. 

He slowly and very gently wiped her tears and cupped her face as though she was a broken porcelain doll he was trying to fix. And she was. She was broken in so many ways and he was the only person who could mend her.

His eyes fell on her limp petite body. Each part was smeared with a scar, each leading to a dreadful event she had suffered. There were so many of them, it felt as though it was a part of her body. As if she was born with them. But she wasn't. She was made to bear them, she was made to endure them, and the person who was cruel enough to make her suffer, Anurag silently promised to himself that he would make him suffer.  

She shuddered as he gently kissed her forehead. As she experienced this small intimate gesture, memories of forced onership upon her body jerked her to the reality. 

"Please help me. Help me wipe those awful scarred memories of mine." a small frightened voice called out to him. 

As Anurag looked at her, he couldn't help but feel proud. She wasn't weak cause she was asking his help, in fact she was strong enough. And he knew she would fight her battles and it wouldn't be long before she would punish her sinner. And he would be there when she would need him. Always. 

He bent down to her face and as his warm breath fanned her face, she lent in and kissed him. He took her lips in his and treated them the way it was supposed to be. 

His hands slowly travelled to her arms as he caressed them with love. His lips left hers to kiss her scars. She left out a gasp as he kissed each of her scar. Her hands dug into his thick mass of hair. 

The night grew with passion and they both flowed with their emotions. He kissed her, she melted in his worshipping. He claimed her as his and she gave him the right to. And as time and again they became one, they knew this was how it was supposed to be. They were parts of the same soul separated into two equal halves. Nothing would separate them now. 

This was her battle and he was her saviour. 

This is my first time writing a story on such a heavy content so any kind of suggestions, advices or criticism is welcomed. I wouldn't continue this if people aren't comfortable with it. Embarrassed
For a light hearted romantic and kinda cheesy and chicklit kinda stuff, check out my other story 

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Posted: 1 years ago
Beautifully written!:) Loving the story line, absolutely. It's like you have managed to express so much with less words.
Continue soon Tongue Edited by HARSHTA - 1 years ago
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Posted: 1 years ago
its a treat to read your work
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Posted: 1 years ago
This beautiful! Do write more
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Posted: 1 years ago

"Admit it, you want this as much as I do and you can not deny it." Her lips seductively mouthed the words as her hands did his shirt's buttons. 

She was right. He wanted her as much as she wanted him. If a year earlier someone would suggested that they would be in this compromising position, he would have declared that person insane. But, as her arms curled around his neck, he took her lips passionately not denying the feeling of lust that overcame him every time he set his eyes on her. 

A lot had changed within a year, they had turned out from being people who hated each other to people who started resorting each other anf finally to developing mutual feelings towards to each other. 

But this wasn't how it was supposed to be. 

With a lot of effort he opened his mouth, the same mouth that had been devouring hers a minute earlier, to speak out the words he somewhere didn't want to say, 

"I divorce you." 

He pushed her againts the wall taking her lips once again. She helped him out of his shirt and then gripped his hair with the same hands, tugging it as the kiss deepened. 

His hands worked their way on her dress pulling her out of it. He carried her to their bedroom. Laying her on the bed, she looked up at him and smiled.

"I never imagined I would be saying this, but I really like you now. In fact the feelings I harbour for you, can be classified more than mere liking. Maybe I love you." 

She confessed out. He smiled out at her confession. That was unlike of him but he couldn't control it. 

As she pulled him close, he whsipered in her ears, 

"I divorce you." 

He smiled as she kissed his cheeks. He could feel his heart thumping out loud agreeing to her each word. 

He never thought he would feel this but he did. He felt for her. He probably fell for her too.  
10 years ago when they had first met, they had sweared never to cross each other's path again but fate  had tied them in the most surprisingly way ever. And thou he hated it at first, he didn't regret it and neither did she. 

He was happy being with her, somewhere in those numerous conflicts, they had special moments, moments he was going to treasure forever. 

He did love her and he wanted to say it out loud too. 

"Say it. Say it out loud, if you have started it, go ahead and finish" she gave out the words of encouragement. 

She was right, he had to finish this. And he would, once and forever. 

Kissing her for the last time, he said those words out loud. 

"I divorce you!" 

Gulping down the last few sips left in the bottle, he took a left turn in his car. His vision blurred and suddenly the next he realised was that he had hit a tree. He tumbled out of the car and slowly walked away from it. 

He started walking mindlessly in the empty road trying to catch up with his breath. He heard some noise at the back of his head he ignored it. He could even hear someone screaming, he ignored that too. But what he could not ignore was the bump he felt on his back as thou something had touched him or rather pushed him forward. 

It didn't time for him to react and thus he fell on the ground and smiled a little before closing his eyes. The liquid had done the magic. 

And as Ruhaan lay on the ground all he wished for was a long sleep he would never wake up from before falling unconcious. 


Pari cursed as she hit someone with her scooty and he fell. 

"Its not your fault Pari. Not your fault." She kept whispering to herself as she went to have a look at the man. 

She had played the horn but the man didn't move away from the road. As she tried to apply break, it didn't work either so she shouted at him but he didn't respond. She hadn't hit him but just touched him with her scooty as she applied break right on time. However a little push from her side ended up making him fall on the ground. 

As Pari moved towards the man who lay on the ground, she kept wondering, had she killed somebody? 

Pari pulled the man towards  her making him face upwards. Her breath caught up on her throat as she had a look at him. She couldn't believe that she was here on the middle of the road with Ruhaan on her arms. The famous rockstar Ruhaan! Her all time favourite singer and of course her celebrity crush. 

It took sometime for Pari to register the fact that Ruhaan was in her arms. A strong smell of alcohol coming from him made her senses alert. She checked on his pulses and concluded he was still alive so no jail for her. 

She tried waking him up and when he didn't, she ended up calling the ambulance. 

All while praying he would be fine. 


The same night, seven seas across lay a woman on her bathroom floor. She had held her five year old close to her heart and she kept running her hands in his hair trying to calm him down. 

Fear crept up on her spine as she heard footsteps. 

"Mishti?" A voice called out to her and and she wanted to puke when she heard it.

"Where are you sweetheart?" The voice called out again as Mishti tried to calm her breath. 

"Don't make me come for you. You know what will happen if I do."

Holding the metal close to her, Mishti decided it was now or never. She would kill him or herself. Either way she will end this tonight. 

 The door clicked indicating someone was coming in and she took a deep breath. 

And as her husband entered the bathroom, she greeted him with the sight of her pointing a gun towards him.

It was now or never. 

That night gun shots were heard followed by the wail of a child. And seconds later Mishti's bathroom was filled with blood. 


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Posted: 1 years ago
Originally posted by MsChanadlerBong

Originally posted by AdyaXoxo

its a treat to read your work
Thank you so much. Embarrassed so nice to hear such words. Hug

Simply stating the truth , love both your works till now StarStar
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Posted: 1 years ago
beautifully written
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Posted: 1 years ago
Really nice! 
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