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Hello friends, I'm new in forum and started writing my first ever fanfic on my one of favourite couple. I hope you all will like this, please do read and share your feedback. 

~ Maaneet Short Story ~

~ Love After Marriage ~


Geet was sitting in the hall room in tension about her result. "Oh God, please pass me out this year. I promise, I'll study well for my next semester, but please save me this time. She prayed to God and biting her nails in nervous. 

"Every year, you chant the same thing before your result. Now, even God knows you won't change yourself. Her mother reminded her while walking in. "How many times I told you to concentrate on your studies but you kept busy in your phone and now asking God to help you.

"Oh mumma..! Please don't give me lecture, i'm already in tension.

"Don't worry my girl, I know you'll pass out with good marks. Mr Handa pacified his daughter. 

"See..! Only papa has some faith on me. She made faces looking at her mother. 

As the clock strikes at 11am, Geet gets nervous as her result goes out on the internet. "Don't worry dear. Mr Handa said. 

"Papa, you please check my result. Geet requested. 

Accepting her request, Mr Handa checked her result. "Oh my God.. He hissed which made her panic. 

"What's wrong? I failed right? I knew it.. She started crying. "I am sorry papa.. She apologized when Mr Handa turned the laptop towards her saying, "Check it..

"No.. Without giving a look she shut it down. "I don't want to see..

"Oh..! Geet.. You passed with 60% marks. He exclaimed opening the laptop and showed her. 

"60%..? Geet checked excitedly and gets happy. "You are my lucky charm papa, whenever you check my result, I got good marks. She gave a hug to her father. 

"No, it's you, who gave a good exam and so you got good marks. He blessed her. 

"Now I'll take a leave, I have to inform this to my friends. Saying this Geet gets up when Mr Handa stopped her saying, "Geet.. Keep yourself idle for tonight, we have a dinner party.

"Okay. She left. 

"Ahhh..! At the dinner party Mr Khurana and his family will join us, there at least they can get introduce to each other. He said relaxed. 

"Don't you think we are taking this in hurry..? Mrs Handa said in worry. 

"No.. Some or the other day we have to do this right? And they are very good family, if our Geet will go there, she will be happy forever.

"But we should inform this to her before going there. Mrs Handa hesitated to take Geet at the party without her consent. 

"It's okay.. It's just a dinner party. Let her meet with them, after that we will proceed and at the end the decision will be her only. He assured her. 

Khurana industry, 

"Aditya, go and make the conference room ready. I'll join you after a while. He said while entering in his cabin when he heard his father called him. "Yes dad..?

"Meet me at my cabin.

Giving a nod to his father, he excused from Aditya who said, "Best of luck..! Confused Maan proceed to Mr Khurana's cabin. "Come Maan, have a seat. He showed him the way towards the sofa. They settled there comfortably. "What's wrong dad..?

"Maan, we have dinner party tonight with our business association.

"Okay, I'll be ready. Anything else? He asked. 

"Umm.. Maan.. Patel uncle visited us yesterday and he brought a rishta for you. Mr Khurana very calmly said which stunned Maan. "You mean marriage.

"Yeah.. You almost settled in your career now its time to get married. Maan had nothing to say, he heard his dad. "Patel uncle suggested a girl for you, Geet, her name.. Her father is well known business tycoon, though they are very rich but still very down to earth person, they are.. Patel was saying Geet is very simple and nice girl. If you say yes then we can proceed with this alliance.

"Dad I..

"... If you have any other girl in your life then you can tell me. Mr Khurana said. 

"No, its not like that. But I recently built my career and now taking another responsibility..

"Why are you taking it as responsibility? She will be your life partner who will complete you, She will share all the moments of your life with you, will reduce the misery and will give double happiness. Your mom always says, in a marriage, trust and honesty for each other is mandatory. And nowadays this is lacking from the relationship. Maan, I am like your friend and I always wants your happiness, that's why I wants you to meet the girl tonight, talk with her, if you both understand each other, then we will proceed further. Maan didn't say anything but he had a shy smile at the corner of his lip. ".. And now this is her photo. He passed an envelope. "Take your own time. And he left the cabin. Maan received the envelope and took out her photo, he was mesmerized seeing her. 


Hoping to get positive reviews. Fingers crossed.. 

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Nice update
Geet pass
And other side maan k liye rishta
Posted: 2018-11-16T17:39:22Z
Nice prologue
Both families wants their marriage
Maan knowing abt proposal n geet without knowing going go attend dinner party
Now waiging to knos how story goes on
Posted: 2018-11-16T18:55:32Z
prologue is good. Waiting for next 
Posted: 2018-11-16T21:44:33Z
Awesome prolougue
I just love arranged marriage concept where both fall in love in the process so looking forward to this story...
Posted: 2018-11-16T23:06:12Z
Too good.pls update soon.
Posted: 2018-11-16T23:23:04Z
congrats for new story
continue soon

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