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Today,I'm starting a new short story "Ardhangini". The story of "Ardhangini" is based on childhood love. Love which is innocent, pure and selfless. Story of two people who fell in love before they even knew what love means! But both completed one another. She knew more about his likes and dislikes than he did whereas he knew whenever she was in trouble. They were true definition of "do jism ek jaan" (two bodies one soul)!  But the time and circumstances (which maybe due to family or society) made them stay apart. Inspired by Saratchandra Chattopadhyay's story "Parineeta".

Read the story and give your precious feed back! Updates will be irregular until "Makar Sankranti" or "Pongal".

Thank you,


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ALL THE NAMES & PLACES ARE FICTITIOUS (if any resemblance to persons & places is purely coincidental). Any royal titles, Punjabi terms, architectural terms, IT terms & programs, office hierachy, wedding rituals, etc. are from my imagination hence THEY ARE NOT TRUE. I'M NEITHER ENDORSING NOR ENCOURAGING ANY NEGATIVE BEHAVIOUR & CRIME TOWARDS CHILDREN. Its just a fictional story for entertainment purposes!PLEASE READ KEEPING IN MIND THAT THIS THE STORY IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT  & DRAMA IS PART OF IT !!!!! If you don't agree with the concept of the story as well as my point of view (POV) of story presentation, kindly DO NOT READ THIS STORY!




75yr. old Chairman of Khurana Industries i.e. Khurana Constructions, Khurana Hospitals, Khurana Hotels etc. but has now given day to day resposibilities to his son, Ramnath Singh Khurana but he still had the final say in all the major decisions as he is still the Chairman Of Khurana Industries.  He is a man of strong believes,character and tradition. He belongs to Amritsar but has lived all his life in Delhi. He loves his wife, Savitri maximum in this world and can never say "no" to her whether he agrees with her or not. Although he is modern & moving with times in his business i.e. learning to use now-a-days techonology but at heart he is still traditional i.e. wearing traditional kurta pajama at home and having his traditional Pind's cuisine at home, expecting women in the family to eat after men etc. Maan is apple of his eye. The only person who is higher in his affections than Maan is Geetali. But the way he has been brought up in the earlier years of his life, he is very hesitant to show affections openly to a girl child. Hence, everyone assumes that Thakur Harshvardhan Singh Khurana doesn't like or love Geetali! But in reality, Thakur Harshvardhan Singh wants to make Geetali "Khurana Khandaan ki badi bahu". He is highly impressed with Geetali's knowledge of scriptures (shastra gyaan), values (sanskaar), culture (sanskriti) and unspoken mode of conduct (maryaada). As he still believes in caste system he is elated at thought of getting a "brahamin kanya" (brahamin girl) as a prospective daughter-in-law (bahu). But he is hesitant to broach the topic of Maan and Geet;s marital alliance, seeing Thakur Vidyasagar and Thakurain Sushma Rani's traditional, orthodox and conservatives views as well as the age difference between Maan and Geetali (Geet).


70yr. old. She is head of Charitable Institutions and Trusts. She is also Chairperson of newly inaugrated Khurana Foundation (KF). She is a firm believer of women's rights. She has often disagreed with her husband's old fashioned and sometimes obsolete views about women. She was against Vaidehi's covering her head in front of Thakur Harshvardhan Singh and Savitri Devi. She appears an extremely modern toughnut but actually she is extremely traditional however she is not orthodox, conservative and superstitious. She has a heart of gold. Her ultimate wish is to make Geet "Khurana Khandaan ki badi bahu" (daughter-in-law of Khuranas) i.e. Maan's wife.


52 yrs. old. One and only child of Thakur Harshvardhan & Savitri Devi. He is CEO of Khurana Industries & Head of Board of Directors of Khurana Industries i.e. Khurana Constructions, Khurana Hospitals, Khurana Hotels etc.  He has two sons i.e. Maan & Vicky but no daughter! He is a man of principles. He believes that every individual demands respect. He feels a person is known by his or her merit not by financial status, looks, race, caste and creed. He doesn't agree with his father's old fashioned values but accepts them quitely out of his respect for his father, Thakur Harshvardhan Singh. Ram had immediately developed affection for Geet when he had seen her for the first time as he had no daughter as well as nieces.


50yr. old. She is predominantly a housewife but in spare time is involved in Housekeeping and Food Preparation Departments of Khurana Hotels. Like Harshvardhan Singh, Maan is also an apple of her eye. She is a graduate in Hotel Management with specialisation in Culinary Arts from Switzerland. Although Savitri Devi had encouraged Vaidehi to pursue her career but she refused saying that currently her children are young but maybe later.


28yr. old. Future heir of Khuranas. He has a degree in Bachelors of Architecture as well as MBA degree. He is MD of Khurana Constructions world wide. He is the future whole and sole owner of Khurana Industries. As Vicky is not responsible and immature thereby showing no interest in managing of a construction company or hotel business. Maan is a extremely reserved, sensitive and an introvert person. He rarely gets angry at home but he is extremely impatient and short-tempered person which can primarily be seen in KC. He loves his family a lot. Maan is favourite of his Daarji among all his grandchildren. 

Maan has always felt that Geet belongs to him and only him since he met her for the first time but he has never confessed his feelings to her. Maan was only 14yrs. when he first met Geet and Geet was just 5yrs. Both were too young to understand what love meant but felt an unexplainable connection between them! Although Maan and Geet rarely use words but manage to communicate their feelings. Maan could always sense Geet's fear, anxiety and insecurity even if they were not in the same room.

Maan is tall, handsome youngman with chiselled jaw line having sexy stubble & well toned body with 8pack abs. He is very professional, strict and tough boss in Khurana Construction resulting in frequent fireworks and high decible levels in KC. As Maan cannot tolerate lack of work ethics, inefficiency and non professionalism. Maan's volatile temper can only be calmed down by one person and that is Geet!


25yrs old. Fun-loving, jovial & a prankstar. He reluctantly works in Khurana Hotels as the head of Food and Beverage (F&B) department. He loves to party and have a nice time. He is a big flirt but soft hearted! He can even flirt with his Maa and Dadimaa. He has lot of friends who are girls and women but "no girl-friend"! But he is extremely over protective about Geet as he considers Geet as his younger sister. He is the only other person besides Nakul who knows that Maan and Geet have a special relationship with one another.


28yrs. old. General Manager of Accounts department. He is very loyal to Thakur Harshvardhan Singh Khurana and Khurana industries. Adi can do anything for Khuranas especially, Maan. Maan trusts him the most professionally & personally. Adi is very impressed with Geet since she joined KC. He has an extreme feeling of protection for her like a brother does.


25yrs. old. Receptionist at KC.  Very jovial, full of life & loves eating. Likes Adi but Adi considers her immature and irresponsible.


24yrs. Old. She is Khurana's old and loyal Munishi Prem Chand Garg's daughter. She works as a Junior architect. She is very selfish and lazy in her work. Loves to boss her juniors! Her main aim is to marry one of the Khurana brothers and be the Queen and rule Khurana Industries & KC. She hates Geet's closeness with Khuranas especially Maan and Vicky.

Rest office staff same as GHSP.


75yr. old. Geet's grandfather. He belongs to a caste 'bhumikar brahamins' i.e. despite of being brahamin they are extremely rich.He is well known Industrialist of Delhi. He owns Vidyasagar Textile Industries which has many factories in North India that manufactures textiles. His family has similar financial status as Khuranas. But unlike Khuranas, Vidyasagar Industries is primarily focused on textiles! Pandeys are an orthodox, traditional and conservative family. Pandeys are next door neighbours of Khuranas. Thakur Vidyasagar had one and only daughter, Radhika who had eloped with a poor Rajput youngman from Rajasthan. His son-in-law's name was Madhav Singhania. Vidyasagar was against this marriage as Madhav Singhania was not only from a different caste (kshatriye) but also not of same financial status as Thakur Vidyasagar Pandey. Vidyasagar had disowned his daughter, Radhika, her husband and her children due to her cowardly act of eloping as well as Madhav Singhania's not being upto Thakur Vidyasagar's status. But after Radhika and Madhav Singhania's death, Vidyasagar could not stand to see his grandchildren being  homeless hence adopted them.


70yr. old. Geet's grandmother. She is a housewife and extremely conservative with Geet. She is very loving, soft hearted and gentle trying to make her expired daughter, Radhika's children Veer, Rudra and Geet forget their harsh reality of life i.e. loosing their parents at young age. She has brought up Geet from her birth till 8years of her life with all values inculcated in a good "brahamin kanya" (brahamin girl).


30yrs. old. Veer is the eldest son of Radhika (eldest brother of Geet). Veer is a very hard working young man and extremely religious in temperament. He is a true devotee of Lord Shiva and fasts every Monday! He has an aversion for girls as he considers women to deviate him from path of spirituality i.e. "True Brahmchari"! He is extremely handsome with well developed muscles. Veer is the CEO of Vidyasagar textiles. He is extremely protective about his little sister Geet. He has a rare but extremely violent temper. If he makes any rule (which is very rare) for Geet no one i.e. not even Thakur Vidyasagar or Thakurain Sushma Rani can change!


27yr. old. He is the second son of Radhika (second brother of Geet). He is in army but his family is unaware of it! Nanaji and Naniji want him to get married but he refused saying that he will only marry when his elder brother, Veer marries! He has a strong a muscular body and masculinity making girls fall over him like ninepins.


19yr. Old. Being the only girl in the family she is thoroughly pampered but not spoilt! She has been quite often said "NO" to and hence knows how to accept 'no'. Her brothers are extremely over protective about her and don't let her go any where alone. She is apple of her brothers' eyes! Geet has done Bachelors of Architecture. Thakur Vidyasagar was a little disappointed with Geet choosing Architecture as her specialisation as she would not be able to work in Vidyasagar textiles but Thakurain Savitri Devi convinced him by saying that Geet will work in Khurana Constructions. However Geet was not happy with this arrangement and made Khuranas promise that no one will know about her true identity in KC i.e. she is Thakur Vidyasagar's grand daughter. Also that she will get job only on her merit and through regular channels i.e. call letter, interview etc. 

She is true definition of beauty & grace. She has a milky white complexion with doe-like hazel coloured eyes and an hourglass figure. Geet is an excellent cook and always cooks Maan's meals unknown to Khurana as well as Pandey family. Nakul is the only person aware of it. Geet can always sense Maan's emotional state i.e. restlessness, insecurity, anger, frustration and disgust even if they were not in the same room. Geet is passionate about dance, hence she has been training in Bharatnatyam from age of 6yrs.


25yr old unmarried daughter of Geet's ex-class teacher, Mrs. Madhumita Dass. Although she M.Sc. in Physics as a well as has a B.Ed. degree. Thereby making her an extremely qualified Physics teacher and has a great potential to be working in big cities. But as she is unable to leave her old, widowed and sick mother alone in Mussoorie, she is currently working in same residential school as her mother. She has no need for men in her life. She considers men as chauvanist, egoist and selfish creatures whose only wish in life is to trample upon a girl/woman's happiness be it their mother, sister, girlfriend or wife! She is extremely close to Geet and treats her like a younger sister and doesn't hold herself back in expressing her love as well as anger towards Geet. Charulata is extremely possessive and overprotective about Geet. She is daggers drawn with Rajveer whenever Rajveer crosses her path.

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CHARACTER  SKETCH                       Pg. 01  

Prologue                                                  Pg. 01

Chapter  1                                                Pg. 03

Chapter  2                                                Pg. 07

Chapter  3                                                Pg. 09

Chapter  4(a)                                           Pg. 12

Chapter  4(b)                                           Pg. 15

Chapter  5                                                Pg. 17

Chapter  6                                                Pg. 20

Chapter  7                                                Pg. 21

Chapter  8 & 9                                        Pg. 24

Chapter  10                                             Pg. 29

Chapter  11                                             Pg. 32

Chapter  12                                             Pg. 36

Chapter  13                                             Pg. 39

Chapter  14                                             Pg. 41

Chapter  15                                             Pg. 44

Chapter  16(a)                                        Pg. 46

Chapter  16(b)                                        Pg. 49

Chapter  17                                              Pg. 51

Chapter  18                                              Pg. 53

Chapter  19                                              Pg. 55


Chapter  20                                             Pg. 57

Chapter  21                                             Pg. 60

Chapter  22                                             Pg. 62


Chapter  23                                             Pg. 63


Chapter  24(a)                                        Pg. 67    

Chapter  24(b)                                        Pg. 70    

Chapter  25                                             Pg. 72        

Chapter  26                                             Pg. 75     

Chapter  27                                             Pg. 77     

Chapter  28(a)                                        Pg. 79    

Chapter  28(b)                                        Pg.  82  

Chapter  29                                             Pg. 86

Chapter  30                                             Pg. 87     

Chapter  31                                             Pg. 89     


Chapter  32                                             Pg. 92     

Chapter  33                                             Pg. 95  

Chapter  34                                             Pg. 98

Chapter  35                                             Pg. 100


Chapter  36(a)                                        Pg. 102  

Chapter  36(b)                                        Pg. 104   

Chapter  37                                             Pg. 107

Chapter  38                                             Pg. 108

Chapter  39                                             Pg. 111

Chapter  40(a)                                        Pg. 114  

Chapter  40(b)                                        Pg. 115  

Chapter  40(c)                                        Pg. 117  

Chapter  41                                            Pg. 121




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Location: Temple in Gurgaon, outskirts of Delhi, 11:00a.m.
Two figures walked in temple premises holding hands. The priest was busy removing the God and Goddess' old clothes and flowers so that he could adorn the idols with new clothes and fresh flowers. The priest turned and  was surprised to see them. "Bacchon tum yahaan. Tumhein to vidhyalye (school) mein hona chahiye." (Children, how come you are here? Why aren't you at school?)

"Hum shaadi karna chahte hain." (We want to get married.) Fourteen year old boy answered in a slightly gruff voice indicating his approaching maturity.

"Beta, abhi tum dono bahut chote ho aur naabalik ho. Aur tumhare maata-pitah bhi tumhare saath nahi." (My children you are very young and a minor. Besides your parents aren't here.)

"Pan...dit...ji, shaadi...kaise...hoti...hai?" (O...rever...end...priest, The little girl dressed in lengha and wearing lot of jewellery asked.

"Pehle dulhan ka sar 'ghughat' mein dhakka hota hai. Phir dulha-dulhan ek dusare ko mala pehnate hain jisse "jaimaal" kehte hain. Phir dulhe ka angvastr (priest pointed to boy's stole aound his neck), dulhan ke dupatte (priest pointed to girl's veil matching to her lengha) ke saath bandhte hain jisse 'gatbandhan' kehte hain aur phir 'phere' hote hain. Dulha-dulhan ek dusare ka haath pakadh kar agni ke chaaron ore saath (7) parikram karte hain jisse "phere" kehte hain. Har phere ke saath dulha-dulhan ek dusare ko vachan dete hain. Pheron ke baad, dulha dulhan ki "maang sindoor se bharta" hai (priest pointed towards the red powder). Aur anth mein dulha dulhan ko"mangalsutra" pehnata hai (priest pointed towards the string of black beads)." (First bride's head in covered in a long veil (ghughat). Then both bride and bridegroom put garland around each other's necks which is called "jaimaal". Then bridegroom's stole (angvastr) priest said pointing to boy's stole around his neck is tied to bride's veil (dupatta) priest said pointing to girl's veil matching to her lengha is tied together and which is called "gatbandhan". Then both bride and bridegroom go around fire seven (7) times holding each other's hand which is called "pheras". With each round around fire a promise is given to each other. After pheras, bridegroom fills bride's hair parting with vermilion which is called "maang sindoor se bharna", priest said pointing to the red powder in a small box. Finally, bridegroom makes bride wear "mangalsutra" priest said pointing to the the string of black beads)

"Uske baad?" (After that?) Boy asked

"Uske pashchaat dulha-dulhan, "pati-patni" bann jaate hain." (Then bride and bridegroom become husband and wife.) Priest answered patiently, then looking at new clothes and flowers to be used for adorning the idols, priest gasped, "Shiv, Shiv, 'ganga-jaal' toh reh hi gaya!" (Shiv, Shiv, I forgot holy water of Ganga for prayers!)

Half an hour later, when priest returned he found both boy & girl had garland around their necks and girl had her hair parting smeared with vermilion and string of black beads around her neck. Boy's thumb and forefinger had traces of vermilion on it making priest stunned when he comprehended at what had happened!!

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Congrats on new storyy 
Nice prologue & CH 
Update soon
Posted: 2018-11-10T05:06:14Z

Posted: 2018-11-10T05:09:46Z
Nice concept and cs
Posted: 2018-11-10T05:11:15Z
Loved it.
And very excited to read.
Update soon dear.
Take care.

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